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Photo paper?

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Photo paper?

My pp is a woman in CGGCI in South Carolina. She told me that pictures have to be on "photo paper".

Now, does this mean that I can buy that special glossy paper for printing photographs? Or does it have to be commercially printed?

Can they tell the difference?

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im sure you can buy the glossy photograph paper

Merrill C.
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Probably like Florida, I had to buy gloss 4" x 6" , 48# paper. I do pictures at home with very few rejects...

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omg... I'm such a dork. I've put 2 on normal paper (a4 size) printed wallpapers in my letter to my PP... can only happen to me :D

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The rules about printing photos on plain paper versus photo paper seem to be rather idiotic to me, but they are the rules. I used to send letters with my photo printed on the letterhead and sometimes they were rejected, sometimes not. I suggest just printing as standard size photos, say 3X5 or 4X6 on glossy photo paper and if possible bleed to the edge or cut to leave no white border so they look more like one-hour photo photos. Anything to avoid drawing much attention to them. I have sent in hundreds of photos over the last decade+ printed on my inkjet printers and have not yet had one rejected. But then I keep the content "PG" rated.