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Visitation priviledges

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Visitation priviledges

I have twice been denied visiting priviledges because I answered a question on the form that had to do with knowing the inmate prior to her incarceration. I did not and answered the question honestly. She and I have become very close through letters, phone calls, etc. I have a strong interaction with her family, and she calls me daily from CGGCI.
What I would like to know is whether there is any appeal process I can go through for visitation. I have been through Alice Mascio's office with the Inspector General's office. She has denied me twice. Would a personal appeal to the Warden directly be advisable, or maybe to Headquarters? do I have any options here, short of asking my penpal to marry me??

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It depends on the state. In Michigan, there is an appeals process, even if it does take some time to go through. And, if you really are determined, you can always contact your state government officials and complain. However, be sure to have all your facts and data in order. It also helps to know the policy. Michigan has most of their policies on-line, and I have read every one of them; especially about the mail. The policy states that they are suppose to recieve mail within one day of the institution receiving it. She wasn't; I complained to several state legislature representatives (in doing so, I gave them a copy of the policy so they could read it themselves)... she gets here mail pretty quick now.