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About JPAY for İnmates

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Annie Gabrielly
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good night i have a friend in prison named Anthony Maury, he is in michigan, i have a question if i can ask on j-pay if he has any social networks so do we keep talking when he leaves or is that kind of question prohibited? I really want to keep talking to him

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Hi I'm new here so not sure if I'm posting in a thread I've already posted in. But I've just used jpay too Florida for the first time. One inmate is on death row. And I was wondering how it works with them getting access too the kiosks too download email /upload too reply. Compared too other inmates in FL DOC who are not death row. I know both have jpay tablets, but when I found out they need too use tablet at kiosk too send /recieve mail, I wasn't sure how long this takes / how often they both have access. I sent emails at weekend, with attachment. So if cos off the attachment or any word flags up for ex, is it likely they'll hold this until Mon at the earliest for mail room too check? I'm just really trying too get an idea off when both death row / non death row will be able too access email & reply if they want too.

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Hi sorry for the long reply. I know this is quite an old post, but thought I'd reply as had a similar issue switching from jpay too securus in the UK. Just in case there's still an issue for you. As jpay np with buying stamps, but for contact in Arizona it's securus which have been a nite mare. I eventually found the bit in FAQ that says you need a US billing address, & if you want to set up an account to use outside the USA, too call the international landline number. I've recently submitted a support request, too say that I can't make international calls & could they help via email. They replied too say call that number lol! Replied again telling them the same thing, via their email support add & support ticket over weeks. Eventually got a reply apologising & asking for my number (as I'd asked if they can contact me if it can't be done online). If I don't hear back soon as I can't make international calls, without going out with my pack & having too pay a massive amount off money. I found away round that I think. You can set up a 1 month trial for calls too US via Skype phone calls ect. As it should only be 1 call will just set up the trial, make the call & cancel lol. But only problem seems to be atm even then, when you can speak too customer services, you still have too use a US payment /billing card. They suggested pre paid us visa ect (which seem too only be available in the US so pointless). And the equivalent pre paid master card fees if you can use it, outside US are huge. So only options to buy stamps are too go to a western union or money gram agent apparently. I'm not even lookin at western union as I know fees there will be ridiculous. But money gram might he an option, fees think aren't much more than securus ridiculous $3 card fee. So yeah hoping I'll be speaking with them soon too set up international account, & then can fund securus account (with details they will give for money gram), with a smallish fee.

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Hello help. I am from Costa Rica and I want to know if my account must be in dollars to be able to buy the stamps. Thank you

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Hi, my issue is I live in Australia, and have added 2 different ppl in US prisons to JPay, the one in Texas works fine, can recieve emails and photos and money transfers, but the one in Arizona shows up but then disappears and it just keeps saying Inmate Already Exists and i can't re-add him. I have contacted their support email address twice and had no response, i tried calling the available phone number but can't call from Australia. I have deleted and re-installed the app numerous times, tried on my laptop instread, created new accounts, went on Securus website, the actual jails website, everything i can think of. I can't find a way to send money to this guy to help with postage and phone calls, I cant send money orders outside Australia, and theres no website anywhere that will let doesnt end up in an error, it's very frustrating. Does anybody have any ideas at all? 

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OK the go around for the UK is;
Full address and post code in the entry field for address.
For state and postcode fields I put the state of one of my penpals say Washingston then the prison postcode.
The only issue here is whether your credit card company will accept the charges. Your entire address needs to be available. It might be as simple as phoning your credit card and asking them to approve transactions from Jpay company. Always use a credit card.
I have used this method for Union Supply quarterly package when I sent a care package to my penpal who struggled last year to make things meet.

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Maybe ur friend cannot receive this kind of call. I’m from Brazil and my credit card was accepted by JPal. But my inmate can only receive email.

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If it doesn't work with a non-US address and credit card, then it just doesn't. These services are often not available when you're overseas, unfortunately... 

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Im from the UK and i am trying to set up a telephone call and video visit for my friend, but having problems as it doesnt seem to facilitate anyone other than if you have a US address and credit card...does anyone know a way to set it up from the UK???

Please help...♥️

Thank you

Kacii xx

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Inmates in Florida do have acces to Jpay. I have 2 people there (one even being on Death Row) and both own a tablet. If they can't afford a tablet then there are Jpay kiosks as well.

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Jpays get printed and distributed. But I hope you didn't mention his ad in writing to him, since Florida doesn't allow ads for penpals.

Other than that: Happy writing.


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If I searched for an inmate on JPay and I was able to click on the link and send an email, will they get a print out of the letter? Inmate is in Florida and I dont belioeve they have access to internet. HELP please!

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I see... Thank you for responding!

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I meant if they don’t have any of those!


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If the inmate you’re corresponding with does have Corrlinks, Jpay or a GTL tablet with messaging enabled then I’m afraid your only option is snail mail.



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About JPAY for İnmates

Snail mail as you know too slow to send a letter.... But my inmate doesn't have Jpay so what should I do for it? Only the first time we are able to send e-mail, so next time i have to use snail mail which is challenging, you know. 

I'd be happy if you give me pieces of information about Jpay. Thank you!