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Good evening,


I seem to have a problem adding inmates on corrlink. According to the inmates profile, corrlink is being used and I looked what correctional agency the inmate is at.

But it just says "0 Records Found".

Anyone had a similar problem?

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Hi, I am having the same problem! 
Also, is the option you choose the Federal beauru of prisons? I'm majorly confused here. 
thank you in advance 

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Yes, I chose "Federal bureau of Prisons".

Under Incarceration information, you can see where the person is incarcerated. So I am pretty certain i've gone about the right way. But it's not working, and i've no idea why...

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I just noticed that when choosing "Federal Bureau of Prisons" as Correctional Agency, the number you can enter is a identification code. When I tried someone from Nevada, the number you can enter is the inmate number.

I've no idea why this is the case. Maybe you have to send a letter from this page when starting a conversation.

Anyone else know?

P Amarnath
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Good evening

I  am facing the same issue. The Federal Correctional Institute  located in Aliceville is not listed in the drop down box.

Somebody please help me get in touch through email with my inmate.




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For federal, the inmate first has to add your name and email address on their end (the email address you use to log into CorrLinks). You have to snail-mail this information to your inmate. After they do, CorrLinks sends you an email saying "so and so would like to contact you via CorrLinks". That email will have an identification code. Note that the identification code is NOT the inmate's register number. Log into CorrLinks and enter the code. Your inmate will then show as "pending". After a few hours, usually less than a day, the "pending" status will disappear and you're good to go!

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As ST4s says, you can't add the inmate, they have to add you. Read his explanation  ^^^^^^ tells you all you need to know :-)