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gtl down?

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gtl down?

hey, I've been trying to log onto GTL to add funds to my account but it's not signing me in. It's been going on for the whole day - i tried on both the app and the website and it just won't work. Is it a glitch in the system or is it a problem with my account? thanks!

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No problems here. I just tried.

Desktop: make sure your operating system is up to date and you've cleared your browser cache.

Mobile: make sure your phone software and app software are up to date, or (2) "kill" the app and restart it, or (3) delete the app and reinstall it.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much! I have been trying since yesterday, but it won't let me sign in. I thought they had blocked my account because I'm based in Italy, but I just managed to deposit funds through the phone. So my account is active. it's quite strange.

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Mine rarely works when I'm connected to WiFi for some reason. It works fine on 4g though!

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What are the recent developments with mockaroo? It would be helpful to read in detail the recent changes and updates. Is that available anywhere? If you could leave a link to this information here, it will be much appreciated. I am from, and so far, it looks to me nothing has been modified. Is it so or am I wrong?