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Inmate profile not posted

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Inmate profile not posted

So I posted an inmate's profile on 2/3. Says the profile is new and posted on 2/4. However, when I checked new  inmate listings(both logged in and out), the inmate profile I posted isn't listed. It's not under the state(Idaho)or first name search either. 

So it should have posted by now over 10 days later. I paid $50/yr. for the profile, so it should be posted. WAP didn't respond to my email and FB message. Are they scammers? Can't afford to be, cuz there's other inmate penpal sites(cheaper to list), both paid and free. 

Transaction ID 42487207021 Dustin Rhoades #77308 Pen Pal Profile |


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Hey ericlewis83, the one-year clock begins on the day a profile goes live, not the day you uploaded it. Between those two dates, the WAP staff vets the information you sent in. This doesn’t take place instantly. Having posted several profiles and updates for friends in prison, I can tell you this interval is not unusual. Nor is waiting for an email reply from WAP staff. This isn’t a scam. It’s called due diligence and waiting in line. Chillax.

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Did you find a resolution to this because i'm in the same boat. Paid the $50, set up the profile and can't find it. I've never received any email confirmations or anything but the money was debited from my account. Can't reach by email so, not sure what to do.

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On December 1st my credit card was booked with the $ for a profile renewal. By mid Feb it wasn't up again. So I emailed WAP and two days later it WAS updated with an apology AND two additional months because it clearly was their mistake. I just emailed them at g e n e r a l - i n f o r m a t i o n @ w r i t e a p r i s o n e r .c o m with the subject line :Paid inmate profile not showing up.


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If you click on the link you provided if takes you to a profile that's up and live. Write a prisoner isn't a scam website though, things just take time sometimes.