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Undercover Problem Makers

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Undercover Problem Makers

Our forum has had many people on here pretending to be multiple users. Some register multiple emails and assume multiple identities. We are banning users who are caught doing this. They often post negative stories about corresponding with inmates, getting scammed, and so on. They also sometimes pretend to be inmates – perhaps they are in some cases, although this is highly unlikely due to restricted access to the Internet. While we do not offer inmates Internet access in any way, some phones with internet capabilities are making it into the prisons. We also know that we have been targeted by Internet “trolls." We were emailed a link to a lengthy thread from a site that promotes trolling, and it encouraged its users to come to our forum and create problems. We are trying to keep the forum genuine and authentic and a real resource to those of you who participate, but some of these users have been crafty over the years. Many have used public access servers, proxy servers, etc. to carry out their misdeeds. We have tracked some of these people back to competitive websites and previously banned forum users. You may have seen where we have challenged people reporting problems with inmates in the forum to contact us directly at the link provided. None have. It is definitely the intent of some free world citizens to cast this forum and our cause in a negative light. Please keep this in mind when interacting with people on our forum. Getting information from vetted forum users is the safest approach. Everything else should be taken with a grain of salt.