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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18


My boyfriend is located at Northwest if anyone has questions on policies or procedures regarding mail, visits, or other. Just let me know! : )


I just wrote to someone who is locked up @ Northwest Correctional Complex. Never done this before and I really cannot say why this particular person peaked my interest but he is doing life and I can only imagine that most of these men would like to have some kind of contact w/ the outside world not so much as something romantic but just a conversation. So I guess my question is how long does mail take to get to an inmate. Like I mailed the letter last Wed (07/27) and I live in SC. He may not even write back in the first place but I just wanted to know. And since I have never done this before what do you say w/out sayin the wrong thing to the person? Should I just wait to see if he responds and just go from there? Thanks for your help I am new at this!


i was asking if anyone kno if the phones at ncwx was workin thank you my phone just fine.


does anyone kno if the phones was working 2 day??

Did you check to see if you had a dial tone?

If you haven't paid your phone bill for two years, it probably isn't working anyway...


does anyone kno if the phones was working 2 day??


If i remember right their allowed packages every 3 months. unless he has NOBODY in his life. I wouldnt send one as a surprise. as their only allowed one package.

yep im thinking its cheaper to call local than long distance.
GTL is a nightmare tho.


How do I go about sending him a package and make sure its received? I found the site Online at: Home - Tennessee Inmate Packages but I thought they could only receive certain items certain times of the year.

Do you know with the Global-Tel system if it's cheaper to call a local number then long distance?

I wanted to call to check the status because I hadn't heard anything from them in a while. Last letter was dated May 5th but wasn't post marked until May 20th. Have you had anything similar happen with your mail recently?