How long do replies generally take?

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How long do replies generally take?

So I’ve written about 4 inmates on here and it’s been about 3 weeks and I haven’t received anything back? Does that mean they don’t wanna write me back...Lol. 

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I wondered that? Are you in the us ? I'm outside and wanted to know what's the chance of reply ?

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It takes a long time to get a response so don't lose hope. 

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initial letters just take a bit longer to get a response, depending on where you're writing from. For me, from The Netherlands, it took somewhere between 6 weeks to 3 months (and sometimes even longer!) to get a reply to a first letter. There are so many factors that can cause slow mail: they can be out of stamps and not be able to stock up at the moment, they can be transferred and still be waiting on their property (and if they are transferred there's another factor to consider: if you sent your letter to their old facility, in the midst of their transfer, they will send it to the new facility. this takes longer for obvious reasons), maybe they just want to take some time to reply... there can be a myriad of reasons, really. This whole writing with prisoners thing is just nothing short of a patience game, lol.

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That's a fab reply thank you. I may be a bit naive as to how the whole system works. But everyone has to start somewhere. :-)

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You should pen pal with my brother. He has a Gmail account you can email on. gcjailinmate [at] gmail [dot] com put in the subject line his name: Paul Mathews 223036. It's only one way email but he can write you back with post cards. He is way cool and just needs someone cool to correspond with.

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Hi glittergluemoon, I am from NL as well. You seem experienced and I'm not. Want to chat in Dutch about it? :)