Snowstorm in the Northwest

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Snowstorm in the Northwest

Today is the build up to Snowpocalypse in Portland, 2019.  Yes, it's going to snow. Maybe 3 times in the coming week.  Maybe 6+ inches, maybe more. It can be a lovely time at home for this if people would just chill out and reschedule and relax. 

They don't plow or salt the residential streets so unless you have a proper vehicle, you're not going anywhere except on foot. What happens is it un-freezes by day then re-freezes by night and turns into an ice rink.

I have a client near the grocery story every Friday and so my grocery shopping works out well with that schedule.  I went to the grocery store like an innocent lamb to the slaughter. My jaw dropped when I saw what was going on. The lines were from the cash register to the back of the store.  Every register.  It was completely unbelievable.  As if the end of the world had happened. I was just doing my Friday shopping, I wasn't even thinking about "snow supplies."  Like these people have no food in the house whatsoever and wait until 12 hours before an impending storm to fill up a basket to the brim of food. 

They say "the big one" is coming to the area someday and if it does, we are SCREWED.  People freak out and panic over a snowstorm that has not even occurred yet and will not be "that" big of a deal when it does.  Food gone off the shelves in a single day.  Yogurt shortage! No avocados! Catastrophe!

I understand that vulnerable people,  disabled and eldery, and homeless folks need to be looked after specially during this time but the rest of us fat arses do not need special ice creams and cookies to make it through!!!  Most of could could walk to a store with a back pack and get food at any time. My god...pray for me in Snow Catastrophe Northwest! 

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There have been ongoing snowstorms in the North West in Minnesota. Nothing much has changed to be honest, its just the usual. Mail is a bit slower than usual as a result and people can't go out most places except by foot. They've cautioned people not to go for a walk outside for no apparent reason because of frostbite related issues. It's not the end of the world, but seeing stores on days like this you would think there was never going to be any bread or milk produced ever again. It always amazes me when there is a natural disaster what happens to people's heads...

Of course these are people who lose their calm and they would be the first people to die if there was an actual catastrophe. The human body needs nothing more than sustenance and water. You can live without bread and milk unlike what most people think.