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WAP, what's happened to the forum?

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WAP, what's happened to the forum?

Is it just me or is the forum a really disappointing platform since the so called update.

There's spam left, right and centre, we can't private message. Most of the helpful and 'older members have disappeared...

The whole user friendly vibe has gone and WAP don't even come on here to explain their actions.

When I first came on here the early part of the year it was such a comfort and help to read and participate.

Sunny x

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I absolutely agree with you.

The amount of spam is crazy, don’t remember it being like this before.

The layout is terrible, all the helpful features are gone, even old posts aren’t in order which makes them incredibly difficult to read.

I miss a lot of the older members too who always had sound advice. 

Don’t know why they needed to change something that was working fine. 


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I'm not sure whether they really "changed" it. I can't help but getting the impression the forum got hacked.

I mean, come on... A planned update usually is sth. that is announced before & doesn't come all of a sudden, out of the blue.

Plus - and that's a real problem - an update usually doesn't mess up a database like that. I had to reregister and every thread I ever started is completely gone, along with any other message that was not quoted by anyone. This - usually- does not happen when you just make an update.

Plus the email feature no longer working, plus ppl being on the needs mail list that definitely do get mail. 

Real joke is: I helped one pp renew his profile, but the day the money went down from my card and it was updated he suddenly appeared on the "needs mail" list again. I just thought it was funny it almost looked like an automatic thing. I did not  tell WAP to put him there & he did not ask me to. Of course, he could write to them about it without telling me, but I don't think he did. It's not his style of communication from all I know since we've been writing. And such a change would be unusual, as he's been steady, consistent and quite straightforward about anything.

And like you said, the communication and explanation from the staff is quite poor, to say the least. I can understand they got a lot to do and probably too few ppl to do it, but asking for help just might help. ;)


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Some time ago WAP announced on their Facebook page they were working on a new website and promised it would be a real improvement. Apparently they used new software and the forum had to change along with this new software. So yes it was intentional, and nope, I also don't see the improvement; I agree with all of you: it's horrible!

I remember reading somewhere that it's possible to become a moderator when a member has posted a certain minimum number of posts on the forum. Anyone feels like becoming a moderator?

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OMG, since the updates, I honestly hate coming on here. People wise, it's fine, I just hate the layout. The old forum was WAY better.

You used to be able to find threads at the bottom of whatever you're looking at with similar topics to be able to further browse, you can't do that anymore. If you saw a member you found whose posts were interesting, you used to be able to look at their profile and see their posts, you can't see that anymore either. The old posts are all jumbled and out of order so you can't even follow them.

It's ridiculous, improvements is not the word I'd use to describe any of the new formatting on here.

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I discovered this website and forum after the so called update and even I find it difficult to use. You can't even edit your post for typos. 

I don't get any spam however ; are you talking about pop ups ? I have added an adblock feature on my browser and that has saved my life ; that's probably why I don't get any spam (if you're talking about pop ups) 

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This forum software reminds me of some terrible stuff I used while at university. You basically can't go back once you're done posting and its hard to even find where you posted in a thread. There's a real need to bring back the VBB forums.

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I don't get any spam however ; are you talking about pop ups ? I have added an adblock feature on my browser and that has saved my life ; that's probably why I don't get any spam (if you're talking about pop ups) 


I think they were referring to all the times where people make multiple posts seeking a pen pal for an incarcerated friend or family member.  Not only are they trying to game the system and rip off honest paying customers, but they do it over and over and over in multiple unrelated topics.  Like that amylang008 woman who posted about 15 times look for a penpal for her niece.  There's also actual spam from spambots selling products.

I wouldn't care so much about the spam problem if they had some sort of "Report to Administrator" function.

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I like that they got rid of the karma thing, or as I used to call them, the pellets. People used to use them in really aggressive ways. It was no fun.

I agree that some place to report spam and/or multiple posts would be good, unless there is one already and I don't know about it.

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I was trying to help things are here until Scot Stuart and KellyKelly got here and now its incredibly dissapointing. There is drama, left, right and centre and I'm getting tired of things. Unfortunately, this forum was dying before the forum was replaced but now it is well and truely dead and I can't get any enjoyment out of this forum anymore without being chased around by overly dramatic people who can't get over themselves.

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So true.

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It seems more chill lately.  Hopefully it stays that way and about pen pal related information!