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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18


Hi everyone,
Have any of you experienced issues with JPay e-mail with your friends in WA? It started today - my friend has disappeared, i.e. no access to e-mails anymore, only music? It's not something on my side (I am in Europe) as his mom and friends who live in WA can't seem to send him e-mails anymore either. It is really odd, because everything was working fine yesterday. Not a word from him, nor JPay, that this was about to happen. I hope it's temporary?

Monkey Joe

I think Washington has cracked down on pen pals because I recently got a few Jpay messages rejected as "Third Party". Someone somewhere in the system decided I found the inmate through a pen pal site and that is enough reason to deny communication... Funny thing is, the person I was writing to still saw a notification I wrote them, but with an empty message.

Plus, I can no longer buy Jpay stamps from Washnington State... they used to be the cheapest, $10 for 60 stamps.

Guess they closed that loophole.


Good to know.


Hi I write to someone in Washington as well, and this has happened a few times to me. The email option may disappear temporarily if he is in the process of being moved to another unit or facility, or if he is in the hole and unable to use JPay. Hope this helps!


Did you ever get a reply from JPay about this?
Was it temporary?
I'm writing to someone in Washington as well and, thus far, no issues. I frequently experience long delays (48 hours or so) between sending a mail and him getting it, though - he'll call and ask me if I watched something he suggested, and I'll ask him what he's talking about, then it'll arrive the next day.