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Tennessee Colony, Texas33Straight

She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it; she likes her man to be a man, but still be able to show his emotions.  Balance is important to her; she works hard enough, but her job doesn't consume all her energy...

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King Victorious #70419937 - Primary Picture
Salem, Oregon40Straight

Hello out there and thank you for visiting my page.  I've been incarcerated just a little over 20 years now with only 9 more to go before unreleased.   Entering the prison system at a young age, and for the very first time, I felt it necessary to prove myself and conduct myself in senseless and reckless behavior. ...

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David Bends #12214638 - Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon58Gay


If you are interested in writing a single, selfless, considerate person, then write me.  Age and race do not matter to me.  I am seeking friendship, someone to talk to, confide in, and laugh with.  I especially want to be that person whom you have long for to unload on.

I am wasting a huge, friendly, caring heart; please let me share myself with you....

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Eric Steven Jockers #275184 - Primary Picture
Burgin, Kentucky28Gay

I like to have fun. Life’s too short to be dull. Make the most of it! I figured you should know that we JPay, write me on that via the app or website. It’s like texting, it’s super easy! Plus, I can send and receive pictures and videos.

I’m very active. I work out at 6 days a week. Seeing and feeling your body transform is the ultimate motivation! Plus I like training no matter what...

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Devaughndre Broussard #AI4656Picture 2
Jamestown, California32Straight
African AmericanMuslim

In my life, finding genuine friendship is rare and what's rare is to be treasured.  I would love to meet someone mature, compassionate and open minded, someone willing to take the time to know me and me, the time to understand them.  Life is too short, let’s enjoy this opportunity and become friends by being honest and being real.   Judgment free, all inclusion, no...

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Merrideth Crane-Horton #10971-030 - Primary Picture
Fort Worth, Texas41Straight

Stop, go no further, you found me!

If you’re looking for a great and honest friend, I am it.  I believe in love and second chances.  I am down to earth, easygoing, and open-minded. 

People call me Merri and I’m from Omaha, Nebraska.  I have shoulder length hair, dark brown hair, green eyes, and a great smile.  I've been down for a few years, doing my...

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Timothy Anderson #A642-965 - Primary Picture
Conneaut, Ohio36Straight
African American


I am 5’11” and weigh 180 pounds. I like reading, writing, and working out. I am a vegetarian. I am fun and outgoing. You can write me through the mail or JPay.

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Henning, Tennessee38Straight

: Attention :

Hello, friends and Happy New Year!  I'm a woman with a lot of great qualities, who has great possibilities for 2020 and my upcoming release in February 2021.  (smile)

I've met/written to a lot of people on these sites but the connections weren't there.  Are you tired of the same old lonely lifestyle?  Are you sick of the mind games, lies, and...

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Gerald Marshall #00999489 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas37Straight
African AmericanChristian

I am an innocent prisoner who has been on death row without my family for over 16 years. I have no support from them. I have found great friends, some who are even family, they have supported me through my ordeals on Texas death row.

I am writing this ad in search of support. I have a campaign set up but do not have anyone to help me run my website, making my newsletter, networking...

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Salvador Rodriguez #T-75079 - Primary Picture
Corcoran, California41Straight

To Whom It May Concern,

How do I begin? I guess I’ll start by describing myself. I’m 5’10”, 225 pounds, black hair, brown eyes and a nice smile. I enjoy documentaries, reading and I guess it’s obvious I also like to write.

What am I looking for? I write these words in hopes of finding someone interested in true friendship. I don’t make judgments or criticize people. I believe...

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Henry Levon Mack #B53412 - Primary Picture
Canton, Illinois49Straight
African AmericanChristian


I’m Levon!   I am a 49-year-old Scorpio, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Upon going off to college in 1990, this allowed me to see many other states, road tripping to other colleges after I pledged the Greek fraternity of Phi Beta Sigma.  I fell in love with traveling.   After college I took time off to visit everywhere I had relatives.   ...

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Adam Titus #R-43512Primary Picture
Joliet, Illinois36Straight
African American

Deep Eye Contact

(4 that million dolla woman)

Every time u glance at my profile, u feel there is more about me, “it's voice of vision” and it’s fight.

Let's get to each other's experiences, truest feelings, deepest desires, everyone...

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Lauren Reed #11112-030 - Primary Picture
Rochester, Minnesota36Straight

Hello, my name is Lauren J. Reed. I’m 36 years old, 5’10”, 210 pounds. I have green eyes. I was born in Iowa City, Iowa but grew up in the small town of Ainsworth in the country. I’ve never been married and have no kids. I’ve had horses all my life. I’m looking for friends and pen pals. I’ve been in prison for the last 11 years. I spend my time lifting weights and reading books. I like riding...

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Umar Salahuddin #W52991 - Primary Picture
Bridgewater, Massachusetts46Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

In life we search constantly for things we feel help us fill a void in our lives.  Whether it’s love or friendship which I view it as the calling card of the human spirit, someone willing to listen and understand ones pain; someone not trying to gain something from you other than a whisper of hope.  If you’re searching is for someone with these qualities don’t click any further....

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Charles Thompson #999306 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas49Straight

Howdy from Texas,

I’m a native Texan who enjoys having fun, laughing, sharing in good clean humor. I like all animals, care about the environment. I have a passion for history, other cultures, especially music. Music is a big part of my day. Prison is a lonely place, a real struggle for beating boredom! All types of music fill my days...

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Timothy Adarna #A-1082119 - Picture 2
Eloy, Arizona32Straight

Hi, my name is Timothy Allen Kealii Adarna. I was born August 3, 1987. I'm currently incarcerated in Arizona, I have been here for 14 years. Just looking for someone interesting with similar hobbies to write to. I love the outdoors and I love to paint. I read a lot to pass the time. I love animals. Now I am in the dog program here. As a dog handler I train greyhounds from race tracks to be...

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Vincent Fernandez #AT8279 - Primary Picture
Chowchilla, California28Straight

Without knowing anything about you, I’d bet that you’d enjoy writing me.  I’m the Dos Equis man of prison, lol.  But seriously, I have lots of interests and I’m a great listener who can find something in common with pretty much anyone.  We’re all human, right?

I speak English and Spanish; my relatives are from Spain, Italy and Argentina.  I’d love to travel all over...

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Ely, Nevada33Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


I appreciate you taking time to view my profile, hopefully, this will be the start of a wonderful friendship. I’m originally from New York City but lived in many other cities, such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, and Las Vegas.

My hobbies consist of reading, working out, and creating art. I try to find ways to better myself while in this situation, perhaps one day I can...

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Cuong Tieu #91019-111Primary Picture
Herlong, California50Straight

Smart, with good sense of humor. Good and positive personality. Looking to meet ladies for friendship.

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Darrien Hasley #1350875 - Primary Picture
Kenedy, Texas36Straight
African American

Ms. Whoever you are (smile)...

To you that’s reading these words…I see you are a very curious woman (lol).  Please allow me to be a gentleman and properly introduce myself while I quench your curiosity.

For starters, my name s Darrien but people usually call me Blaze.  I’m a Black and Creole male that stands 5’10” tall and weigh 175 pounds.  I’m...

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Jason Kurtz #495483 - Primary Picture
Green Bay, Wisconsin43Straight

Hello All Viewers on

Thanks for visiting about me and my profile.  (smile)   I'm hoping for great friendships and some good conversations.  I love meeting new people and I love making crafts for others.  I exclude no one.  I judge no one and I will write or email, anyone who would like to contact me.

I'm also in search of visits...

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Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704Primary Picture
Pontiac, Illinois39Straight


I’m Arturo.

I call the universe, fate and Gods to align the moon and stars in perfect order for me to meet my destiny.

I am a 38 single Mexican Capricorn born in Chicago, father of two daughters ages twenty and twenty-one, a political prisoner convicted of murder and attempted murder.  Isolated in a Max prison and subjected to administrative detention...

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Gerardo Ceballos #AD-5598 - Primary Picture
Corcoran, California35Straight


I’m Jerry, I’ve been away for a while and have missed out on the best years of my life.  The hardest adjustment has been not having someone to turn to and spending every day by myself.   I do my best to enjoy life with a smile on my face and maintain a positive attitude.

Letters and emails mean everything because I have no contact with the outside world....

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Marcus White #01625812 - Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas33Straight

Do you believe things happen for a reason?  Questions you have to ask yourself is why would you choose me out of the many profiles.  Because I believe I'm a one in a million type of special person.

My name is Marcus. I was born and raised in Texas. I've traveled to 32 states since the age of 4. I'm bright skinned because of the many ethnicities in my family tree.  I keep...

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Shawn Bailey #39491-004 - Primary Picture
Coleman, Florida34Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hey, what’s up ladies??? My name is Shawn, aka H.B. I’m looking for a friend, someone I can vibe with and kick it with. My hobbies are reading, working out hard, and writing music 25/8. I’m business minded, all I do all day is think of a way I can over achieve my goals. Hopefully I can find someone that has the same mind set as me. If not, I’ma excellent coach so it shouldn’t’ be a problem. I...

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