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Hector Hernandez #01339187 - Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas34Straight


I hope you are all blessed as you find this epistle.  I am on this site to find a piece of inspiration, with a dash of tranquility, that ultimately can resort to a prosperous friendship.

I am anticipating that you are reading this with the intention of meeting new, exciting, ecstatic, people that may have the same hopes, dreams and desires as yourself, and I hope to...

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Robert Babcock #01787639 - Primary Picture
New Boston, Texas47Straight

Greetings and Salutations,

My name is Robert Babcock, I’m a 47 year old male looking for a pen pal. Religion is a very strong point in my life. I’m 6’0” with hazel eyes, black hair and athletic build. I’m originally from Clarendon, Texas and graduated from Tascossa High in Amarillo, Texas. I’m also a college graduate from Clarendon Jr. College. My profession after school was a...

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Donte Booker #58625-060 - Primary Picture
Ashland, Kentucky52Straight
African AmericanChristian

Age 50, height 6’2”, weight 200 solid, eyes brown, hair clean bald, race African American.

I am 100%: gentlemen, honest, single, spiritual, respectful, athletic, humorous, romantic, caring, professional, family, focused on life and success.

Hobbies: working out, weight lifting, watch and play all sports, picnics, walks in the park, eat healthy, keep appearance and hygiene,...

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Stormie McPeak #27171-078 - Primary Picture
Ft. Worth, Texas29

Hello! My name is Stormie Dawn McPeak. I will be 28 years old on January 1st. I have an 8 year old daughter. I love my family very much. They are my life. It’s really hard being away from them. This is my first time being to prison. It’s very hard for me sometimes. I’ve made mistakes in my life but I am a good person with a heart of gold! I am looking for good people in my life. I...

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Sandra Haro #13202-479Primary Picture
Fort Worth, Texas40Straight

Hi! My name is Sandra. I’m looking forward to meeting people that can help me keep a positive mindset and feel connected with the outside life while I do my time.

About myself, I’m fluent in English and Spanish, even though I’m a Cali girl…I am very proud of my Mexican roots and traditions. I consider myself to be truthful, honest, and optimistic;  A happy person with a good sense...

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David Smart #339090Primary Picture
Pikeville, Tennessee52Straight


It'll warm their hearts or piss ‘em off, either way you win!  Tell me, how might I arouse your interest and motivate you to contact me?  I’d truly enjoy hearing from you.  I promise a unique pen pal experience.  My letters are like no others.  I'll strive to brighten your days and bring a big smile to your face. Hopefully, we'll be friends till we're old...

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Salvador Morales #02090985 - Primary Picture
Lovelady, Texas49Straight

To all you beautiful ladies out there;

Hopefully my ad catches your eye and your attention!   I'm Sal Morales, 49 years old, (Libra) Hispanic, 5 foot 11 inches tall, 205 pounds, brown eyes with lots of tattoos!   From El Paso, Texas born and raised.  I'm currently divorced and single with five grown kids and a bunch of grandkids. 

Currently doing a...

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Daniel Northcutt #02199717Primary Picture
Brazoria, Texas23Straight

Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to look over my profile.  I hope you like what you see!   I’m looking forward to meeting new people and establishing meaningful, lasting relationships.   I also hope that through this site I might be blessed with the opportunity to build strong relationships that will positively impact my incarceration time and I’m...

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Joshua  Brown #12634954Primary Picture
Tillamook, Oregon42Straight

Hello, my name is Josh Brown.

I’m looking for a sweet little Christian lady to write. I go to church on Friday night. I’m at a forest camp in the middle of the woods; no fence. I’m planting trees right now and will go out and fight forest fires in the summer months. I like to hunt, fish, camp and ride my Harley. My dad taught me to respect a lady. Mom and dad were happily married for...

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Gregory Stone #124165GPrimary Picture
Bridgeton, New Jersey32Straight
African AmericanMuslim


My name is Gregory. I am looking for a friend to write me. Most people call me Smiley because I smile a lot. My hobbies are working out and reading. I like to read, listen to music and learn new things. I’m currently taking a Culinary Arts ServSafe class. I’ve taken Building Trades Carpentry, Logout/Tagout Construction Core and Green environment. Trying to better myself.

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Charles  Brooks #661105-D - Primary Picture
Bordentown, New Jersey27Straight
African AmericanChristian

I'm seeking to correspond with any female between the ages of 18 and 60.  It doesn't matter what your race, religion or background is.  I'm open minded and non-judgmental!  I'm just trying to correspond with someone who will be authentic with me no matter what and talk to like-minded individuals who are trying to elevate positively in every aspect of life.

I'm a down to...

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Michael Sanchez #1453468Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas30Straight

Do you believe in coincidences? Or do you believe in everything happens for a reason? I ask this because I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you’re reading my profile. I believe there’s a reason why you are. Maybe it’s because you like a picture of mine or maybe it’s that you see or feel that there’s something different about me. Only you know, but surely I can assure you that I am very...

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Garrett  Gregory  #02210617 - Primary Picture
Humble, Texas26Straight

My name is Garrett and I was born and raised in Texas! I am 25 years old and have never been married and I have no children. I am an easy-going guy who loves to write songs and play guitar, listen to music, read, and work out. Traveling is something I dream about doing every single day. I want to see the world and all its beauty! Even though I am behind bars, I try to stay positive and make...

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Willie Edwards #191257 - Primary Picture
St. Louis, Michigan50
African AmericanBaptist

I would like to establish a friendship with a woman who has a good sense of humor and nice personality.  I'm an open my open minded man with a nice personality and a good sense of humor who likes to enjoy life.

My goals are to open two businesses and get my Master’s degree in Business Administration.  I want to open a children's clothing store because I love children and a...

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Chiron Prewitt #R-13632 - Primary Picture
Pinckneyville, Illinois36Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

To all the beautiful women out there in hopes of catching your attention.  My name is Chiron and I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  I hope for someone to come into my life and be a good friend to me.  I promise that any and all friends will be treated with the utmost respect.

My focus is on educating myself and keeping myself healthy with exercise.  I'm...

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Napoleon Mbonyunkiza #6707463 - Primary Picture
Newton, Iowa51Straight

My name is Napoleon Mbonyunkiza Ahmed. My address can be found below. I am an educated person with a college degree in business. I speak, read and write 10 languages. I am a hardworking person, generous and self-sufficient. During my spare time I like to clean the places where I live or I work. I like to watch TV sports channel and news. I like to listen to music and dance; Country music,...

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Charles Flores #00999299 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas50Straight

Hello! My name is Charles and I'm a positive, optimistic, joy filled guy
who happens to be on Texas death row for a crime I did not commit!

I'm looking for a friend to share thoughts, likes, interests, experiences
and lots of smiles and laughter with.

INTERESTS: I love animals. Horses,...

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David Revis #45184-424 - Primary Picture
Coleman, Florida39Straight

Hello Future Friend,

Thanks for taking a moment to check out my profile. My friends and family call me Red. As you can see in my pic, I have a light complexion. I'm Puerto Rican/Mexican who’s blessed to be born with red hair (smile).

I was born and raised in Chicago and I'm thinking about relocating when I'm released.

I'm 5' 8", 180 pounds, and athletically built. I...

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Wayne Simmons #1110045 - Primary Picture
Victoria, Virginia35Straight

Hi, my name is Wayne. My story is an interesting one and I would like to share a little bit with you.

I’m 6’3”, 185 pounds with blue/green eyes. I grew up spending my days barefoot along the beaches of Virginia. Since I have been incarcerated I’ve found a love for reading a broad range of literature. My days are also filled with sports and exercise. Over the past few years I’ve held...

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Pierre McDaniel #02038719 - Primary Picture
Childress, Texas31Straight
African AmericanMuslim

*PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: If you choose to write me through, please include your writing address or I will NOT be able to respond. Thanks!

Hello there! If you’re reading this, congratulations! We’ve officially made our first contact LOL. Hopefully we can extend this introduction further. I’m a genuine person with genuine interest in a wide...

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Adolpho Martinez #01881874 - Primary Picture
Huntsville, Texas34Straight

Hi, well I suppose I should start with the basics. I’m 6’ tall, black hair, brown eyes, light skin, Hispanic, heavily tattooed and I’m a greaser very into the Rockabilly/Psychobilly scene. Originally from Orange County, California I have been in Texas since 2010.

Who I’m hoping to meet is someone who can help make my time away from home a bit more bearable and less lonely. I am...

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Joseph Morrill #07751036 - Primary Picture
Thomson, Illinois30Bi-sexual

My main reason for joining Write a Prisoner was in hopes of developing a friendship and someone to correspond with on the outside world.  My life is like a book, and relationships make up a person’s life, so it’s important to have them.  I grew up in Portland, Maine and my style and interests are a reflection of my city and the beautiful waters and islands that surround me.


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Gustavo Vega #18515605 - Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon27Straight

Hey, I’m Gustavo. I’m 27 years old and from Portland, Oregon. I’m 6’, 195 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes and an athletic build. I’m a pretty outgoing and down to earth guy but when it comes to pushing myself whether physically or mentally, I always strive to outdo myself and I keep that one of my standards. I enjoy the outdoors and everything motorsports! But I also enjoy the city. I think they...

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Andrew  Westfall #14731638 - Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon29Straight

Cute, cuddly and free to a good home!

Are you looking to talk to someone who is fun, outgoing, and has a great sense of humor?   Well, you're in luck because here I am.  My name is Andrew and I am currently seeking friends who would like to shine some light and positivity on each other’s day.

As I said, I'm currently seeking friendship, however, I would not be...

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Jesus Rios #Y29535 - Primary Picture
Vienna, Illinois24Straight


My name is Jesus. It’s easy to describe myself. I’m versatile, meaning I’m wild yet peaceful, intelligent but human, persistent but patient, genuine in conduct and character, as well as confident, honest and respectful. I’m understanding and grounded. I was raised on good morals. I would go on but I’d rather you come to your own conclusion.

I’m looking for good chemistry...

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