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Rashod Brown Sr #424155 - Primary Picture
Muskegon, Michigan37Straight

Hello Beautiful Ladies!!!

I want to let you know I take a great honor that you’re taking time out of your day to read my profile, so if you give me the opportunity to pursue a friendship I’ll cherish your decision and your every moment but before I go any further please allow me to properly introduce myself…

My name is Rashod Brown Sr. but those how know me call me “Shody” so...

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Preston Byerly #01667069 - Primary Picture
Rosharon, Texas31Straight

Hey There!

My name is Preston. I’ve been in prison for 10 years, time I have spent working on and improving myself. I have grown a lot and am happy with the progress I have made, so I decided it was time to reach out with the hope of meeting new people and making some friends.

A little bit about myself: Sometimes I’m a little shy, at first, around new people, but I’m a...

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Damon Matthews #999476 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas34Straight
African American

Hello World,

My name is Damon and it’s a pleasure to meet you.  I’m looking for friends who are open to writing me and enhancing the pleasures of life, laughter and hopefully inspiration.

My hobbies are; working out, reading, listening to music and watching sports.  I’m open minded prone to deep intellectual and stimulating conversation.  I like to meet...

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Aurie Mora #18037875 - Primary Picture
Grand Forks, North Dakota35Straight

Hey, everyone!

I've been kinda down in the dumps lately. Could really use some uplifting photos or comics...or even a simple "hello!"

This too shall pass, right?


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Samuel Taja #V27001 - Primary Picture
Corcoran, California37Straight

Hey There Stranger,

First and always, thanks for your time reading this. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Samuel. I’m 37 years old from Riverside, California.

I currently find myself incarcerated and extremely isolated. It would be really nice to meet some new friends to occupy my time. So, I decided to try my luck with, lol. 

I'm feeling...

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Kiefer Tate #97943 - Primary Picture
Boise, Idaho30Straight

Hey, my name is Kiefer. I’m 30 years young, locked in a box, bored and am totally waiting for you to write me! :) Let’s see, where should I even start? It you’re smart at all you’re probably thinking something like, “What the hell is this guy even in prison for?” Don’t trip, potato chip, I’m just in on some petty drug charges; “Introduction of Contraband”. A really trumped up charge for...

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Daniel Thomas #12242-273 - Primary Picture
Florence, Colorado37Straight
Native AmericanNative American

Shout out from lockdown… What’s up ladies!

Ok, just had to do that. Well, welcome to my profile. If you take the opportunity to view my poems and artwork, I would sincerely appreciate your vote.  My real passion though is writing blogs.

I consider myself Editor N Chief to “Smoke Signals Behind Enemy Lines” a movement dedicated to various Native American causes. Intertribal...

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Jonathan Torres #1161561 - Primary Picture
Ely, Nevada28Straight


You are being invited to a page of a lifetime. You'll enjoy this introduction with style and grace. 

I am not judgmental nor am I the typical inmate with lame requests or manipulating behavior. I am a receptive individual and have a good heart with an abundance of great values and honorable characteristics. Therefore, I expect you to be yourself because I will...

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Joseph Ceretti #6220891 - Primary Picture
Ft Madison, Iowa37Straight

I'm halfway through a 14 year mandatory minimum and honestly I'm bored (not your typical prison board).  I'm not your typical inmate.  I don't blame anyone but myself for my incarceration, I'm not bitter and as many others never accomplish, I have accepted my situation, acknowledged my faults, shortcomings, character flaws and working on them.

Also unlike many others, I have...

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Juan Ramirez Jr. #01959250 - Primary Picture
Amarillo, Texas41


I hope all is well with you as you come upon my profile. I’m posting this in hopes of meeting a friend who enjoys writing and is willing to talk about life on the other side of these walls. Someone willing to bring sunshine where none exits, affection and compassion where it’s frowned upon, and help bring the simple thread of life to a cold and desolate place.


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Reginald Wade #386880Primary Picture
Angie, Louisiana39Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

On all levels I’m trying to connect with someone and be real with. I understand friends come with great benefits we don’t look for in having one…Respect, Trust and Loyalty will come if you’re also true to me.





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Juan Avalos #M38887 - Primary Picture
Dixon, Illinois30Straight


Thanks for taking the time to read about a cool, funny, awesome person :). I’m a person who likes to laugh, have fun and enjoy life. I believe a day without laughter is a day wasted. I wake up every day with a smile and end every night with a laugh.

I’m a proud father to a little boy. He’s the reason I wake up every day and try to be a better man than I was yesterday....

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Paul Chisenhall #A716092 - Primary Picture
London, Ohio41Straight

My name is Paul but my friends call me Matt.

I'm looking for a loyal companion; you will have a fun time and no regrets and you will always have a real friend. I will trudge with you through your bad times I carry you through the best ones. The only thing we will look back on is the day we met. Lots of true love and loyalty to those who want it, and could use all of the above in their...

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Pollock, Louisiana31Straight
African AmericanOther

Hello world!  Let me introduce myself.  Well, my name is on my profile but my friend call me Tim.  I'm a New Orleans native that’s a current resident of FBOP.  I'm serving time for a drug related possession charge.  I've chosen this site to find a friend that’s looking for a loyal, open minded, drama free, entertaining, and mature-minded friendship.

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Tony Haro #T-56588 - Primary Picture
Susanville, California46Straight


My name is Tony, I’m 45 years old, weigh 185 pounds, 5 foot 9 inches tall, and it’s almost been 21 years since I’ve been in prison!  Can someone please write me before I lose my mind?  We can talk about whatever and you don’t have to worry about me ever getting out, and bothering your personal life, because my release date is “2059”....

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Marco Hernandez #01982007Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas26Straight

Hi, I’m 26 years old and I was born in Texas. My reason for being on this site is because I feel that nobody cares. Hopefully you do care.

My best qualities are my honesty and respect for women. Never in my life have I hit a woman or have been unfaithful. I don’t judge anyone because nobody is perfect. I’m seeking friendship from women only. I’m straight. Vent to me your problems,...

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Jonathan Lewis #02035639 - Primary Picture
Abilene, Texas28Straight
African AmericanOther

Pardon my patience,

But there's no time like the moment to establish an electric connection between two unique souls.  Right now is one of those trying times where I find myself in need of some comforting company.  Now just because I'm in prison doesn't mean that I'm too tough to admit that I get lonely sometimes.  We all need a listening ear to understand us and just be...

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David Trujillo #747340Primary Picture
Seward, Alaska30Straight

What’s Up!?


My name is David Trujillo. I’m 30 years old, 5’7’, 165 lbs, a lot of tattoos, very physically fit and stacked in all the right places. :-)

I enjoy exercising, listening to music, drawing, reading, writing, and learning. I’m looking for friendship, people I can come to, to laugh and talk to about...

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Lamadrae Chapman #08460-025 - Primary Picture
Berlin, New Hampshire43Straight
African American


Excuse me beautiful, may I sit here next to you for a few or are you waiting for someone? No? Good.

Hi, my name is Lamadrae. Everyone calls me Drae, but you gorgeous may call me Madrae (My-Drae). My time away is almost over soon. Ready to begin my life in society after 11 years. Maybe you are right...

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Trey Dickensheets #01574421Primary Picture
Dilley, Texas35Straight

In this day and age, new experiences are significant as well as valuable, due to the current state I am in.

My friends tell me I hold great conversations, yet my opinions are something I should be awarded for,  Non judgmental and understanding.   I look at the world as one great enigma. 

Are you searching for a new adventure?   I've...

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Holly Frantzen #54447-177 - Primary Picture
Aliceville, Alabama49Straight

Hi, my name is Holly.  I am seeking friends to correspond with from this lonely place.  I am from Dallas, Texas, but lived in Louisville, Kentucky for the last 5 years.

I am a firecracker. I am very athletic and love to work out.  I was a very competitive gymnast growing up- an Olympic hopeful.  I love sports. My favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys, and favorite...

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Ryan Christopher Zietlow #AW4018 - Primary Picture
Lancaster, California32Straight

If you're interested in taking time to tell me about yourself, then you come to the right place.

I'm curious why you decided to write me? I've been here for a while looking for someone to get to know. Maybe you want to hear about crazy prisons stories or how I got busted almost 10 years ago? Or maybe, like me, you just wanna connect? That's my mission, to connect with you. 

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Terre Haute, Indiana39Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

In all honesty, in all truth, I am seeking to develop an emotional connection with a woman who is willing to transcend the current understanding of what a friendship can possibly be.  I am looking for a woman who has knowledge of self, a woman who is not afraid to step out on faith and take the necessary action to bring her dreams into a very pleasant reality.  I'm not concerned with...

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Smyrna, Delaware31Straight
African AmericanChristian

What’s Up?!

How you doing?  If you're reading this you like something about my profile or me. LOL   Come one, come all, I'm looking to meet new friends, etc.  I can read what you write me, I can't read your thoughts, so write me something when you're done viewing my profile.

I have my GED but I'm furthering my education.  My passion is music, I'm a...

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Luther Casteel #A-70296Primary Picture
Mt. Sterling, Illinois61Straight

My name is Luther Casteel but everyone who knows me calls me “Luke”. I was born on July 4th in Tennessee, but lived in Chicago from age 7. Chicago is my hometown and I love the cultural diversity, the lakefront, the live music in the nightclubs, the restaurants, etc.

I have a great sense of humor and I’m always laughing and joking with my friends. I am basically a down to...

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