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Jonathan Glenn #02066798
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Navasota, Texas32Straight

Hi there!  I'm hoping to meet some new friends from all over and learn about as many different cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives as possible, including yours.  That’s why I've posted this profile. 

I'm a poet and songwriter.  My hobbies...

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Antoine Singleton #10-A-2514
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Napanoch, New York35Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Please accept my humblest and most sincere greetings. My name is Antoine but everyone calls me Ant. I’m very much a humble and modest man who appreciates the simple things in life.

I’m into productivity, spiritual/mental upliftment, furthering my education and remaining positive. I work out and read (nonfiction) many books on Social Sciences, philosophy, health,...

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Darrel Stewart #868151
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Walla Walla, Washington41Straight
African AmericanChristian

Full time position available for single female with potential for advancement.

Do you long to have a meaningful connection with the opposite sex?  Are you down to earth? Do you have a kind heart? Can you keep it lady like in the streets but at the drop of a dime turn on that bad girl behind closed doors? Most of all, are you...

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Claude Hutchinson #340721
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Monroe, Washington31Straight
African AmericanOther

How you doing ladies?

I’m looking for real, genuine people to connect with, to build a friendship with. Hopefully it can blossom into something great.

Can’t wait to hear from you.


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Joseph Hauschild #1617860
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Waverly, Virginia34Straight

If you want you can email me by going to and typing in my name, prison ID number and that I’m in Virginia.

Life in prison can be rough. I haven’t had a visit in over 5 years and I barely get any mail. I’m hoping I can find someone to write and help pass time.

The longer you’re in prison the more people forget about you. So, I stay busy to...

Jonathan Birdnecklace #6289530
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Clarina, Iowa26Straight
Native AmericanNative American

Hello my name is Jonathan Birdnecklace, but everyone calls me JJ. I'm an easy-going guy that loves listening to music, playing sports, drawing, and laughing.  I'm always willing to try something new.  I have a great head of hair and a very open heart.

I'm looking to find healthy friendships.  Good friends...

Ross Henderson #01963387
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Beeville, Texas25Straight
African AmericanChristian

To a new found friend,
I would like to start by saying it’s a pleasure to be in your visual.  I'm currently looking for friends I can talk to about any and everything, the good the bad…EVERYTHING!  Don’t prejudge me; don’t assume I'm a certain way.  Take your time to get to know me, I'm open-house to...

Carlos Navarrette #48007-048
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Tucson, Arizona27

Hello Ladies,

My name is JR I’m from Oakland, California looking for pen pals or someone who I can talk to and get to know as friends. I’m Puerto Rican and Salvadorian Hispanic mix, single with no kids and ready for a special loyal and honest woman. I am a friendly guy so please do not be shy to contact me. I love to...

Demarcus Osborn #01910844
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Huntsville, Texas28Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hey, my name is Demarcus.  I’m 28 years old, from Tyler, Texas.  I’ve never been married, don’t have any children and I’m so single.
I’m seeking friends to write and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, all I ask is for you to be open-minded and...

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Tyler Morgan #296227
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Fredonia, Kentucky20


S-W-M, 20 years old.  This is my first time in prison and I thought it would be good for me to place an ad for Pen-Pals so I can meet new people, build strong positive friendships for when I get out.  I was mixed up with the wrong people and I made some really bad mistakes that landed me in prison.

My goals...

Lonnie Smith #B-00708
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Joliet, Illinois52Straight
African AmericanChristian

In Search of Happiness

The world keeps right on spinning; the days go flashing by.   In my heart I seek another, someone searching, such as I.  I reach my hand out to you, though I know not what will be.  You’re a stranger, yet I know you, for you’ve come...

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Miguel Maldonado #R-54155
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Dixon, Illinois31Straight

 Hi :)

Thanks for taking interest in my profile.  Well since you’re already here, I'm Miguel, nice to meet you.  I'm here looking for the love of my life…LOL.  I'm only kidding :)  I'm actually looking for a long-term friendship; someone willing to take...

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Carlos Abadia #222093
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Foxlake, Wisconsin43Straight

Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go, it’s starting over but I'm willing to put in the work and the time for potentially a great and wonderful friendship and or relationship with no games, lies or B.S.  Games and lies are just such a waste of time and energy and so stupid to do. 

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Kenneth Adams #679378/979253-B
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Newark, New Jersey40Straight

I know that sometimes you have things on your mind and just need a friend to talk to without being judged or criticized.  Sometimes when nothing seems to be going right, all you need is a friend to reassure you that things are going to get better.  If you would let me, I could be that friend.

My name is Kenneth but...

Jose Aguilar #80140
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Ely, Nevada37Straight

I hope these few words find you in the best of health and high spirits. I’m searching for someone who'd want to share experiences, have a good laugh, and bring positive vibes to my life. If that’s you, like to be my sponsor? It'll make a big difference to my days.

I’m an upcoming artist. I love to draw and write. I have an art book of portraits in the...

Darron Aldridge #185102
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Sandy Hook, Kentucky35Gay

I'm reaching out because no one was reaching in…

Hey there!  My name is Darron.  I'm 35 years old from Winchester, Kentucky and am looking to meet and correspond with new people.  I'm not going into this with any type of expectations; I would just like to find someone to talk to…

I have many different interests in things that work my...

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Nicholas Alexander #1091938- 238171G
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Rahway, New Jersey27Straight

My name is Nick ad I'm 27 years old.  I'm looking for friends who want to correspond.  As of March, 2018 I have 16 months until release.  Your companionship will make the small time left I have to serve much more sufferable and easy to get through.  The burden of loneliness is among the worst to deal with while leaving here...

Jamari Allen #AY-8986
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Corcoran, California22Straight
African AmericanChristian

Limited Time Offer

Are you tired of not having a shoulder to lean on for support?  Or that person you can talk to about any and everything?  If you read more, that wait will be over!  I'm here to let you know about a limited time offer to meet a sincere, loyal, young man that will be that memory you’ll...

Bernardo Alvarez #01776108
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Hondo, Texas35Straight

My name is Bernardo Alvarez.  I’m a 5’10” Hispanic male from Victoria, Texas.  Born and raised there, I’ve kept that easy going personality that comes with growing up by the ocean.  If I could truly describe myself it would be as a good humored guy who enjoys the lighter side of life.
While in prison I enjoy drawing,...

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Cary Bailey #00605157
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Abilene, Texas54Straight

Hello! I’m looking to correspond with a woman here in the U.S. who shares some of the same interests/passions as I do. I've been locked up between men almost 27 years straight now and I really have no desire to correspond with my own gender. I’m in ad. seg. (Solitary confinement), so my activities to pass time are limited.

I’m a big music fan; I like different...

LuRay Batterton #10018434
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Pendleton, Oregon59Straight

Namaste,  Hi!

I’m an incarcerated adult who is overly honest.  I believe in an alternate power, I can’t put a label on it.

I cry at some movies and books, I love listening, talking and helping others, I love all animals.

I see all things as the same, I mean all things.  “Words are not just...

Martin Betancourt #134331
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Canon City, Colorado32

Dear Reader,

Hey, what’s up? Thank you for taking the time to view my profile! I hope that in it you see something that grabs your attention. I’m looking to meet new people, someone that can help get my mind outside these walls from time to time. Someone that I can be real with and expect the same in...

Natalie Bonner #21119-078
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Tallahassee, Florida35Straight
African AmericanChristian

I am seeking honest and positive pen pals.  I am very outgoing and honest.  I love to laugh and to make people laugh.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  I love to just take things easy and relax, and spend quality time with the people I love.  I love life, regardless of my situation.  I'm God-fearing.

Crystalann Bowers #896672
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Ypsilanti, Michigan24Bi-sexual

Hey, my name is Crystalann but everyone calls me Crystal. I’m 24 years old. I’m very outgoing and love to make people laugh. I went down the wrong road in life but I’m becoming a stronger and better person. I’m looking for someone to write and get to know each other on a deeper level. I have less than two years left and I’m beyond ready to be home.

Al Bradshaw #G-12861
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Imperial, California45Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Well, my name is Al S. Bradshaw, but my loved ones call me Khamar.  I am an open-minded, progressive thinking brother in search of a special woman to build a meaningful and long-lasting friendship with; not just while I'm incarcerated, but long after I'm released.

This is my first time being on a site like this and...