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Brandon Hudson #608453
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Fox Lake, Wisconsin20Straight

Hey, I'm on this website with high hopes of meeting somebody special that I can build a friendship with.  Some qualities I would like to see in that special somebody is kindness, sincerity, dedication, and maturity.

Some things to know about me are I smile and laugh a lot.  I've had a hard life so far in my short...

Mark Lashinsky #04583-095
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Bruceton MIlls, West Virginia41Straight

First let me thank you for checking out my profile! I see myself as an inspirational, outgoing and open minded person. I always do my best to be loyal, honest and respectful. I’m close to my family and they will always be an important part of my life. I enjoy all types of music, artists like Jason Aldean, Enigma, Ginuwine, Amy Whinehouse, Grateful Dead,...

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Israel Hernandez #F-39803
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Blythe, California30Straight
Native AmericanNative American

Thank you for your time to check out my intro and for allowing me the chance to share some details about myself.

I am using this time to improve everything about me.  Currently I am training service dogs to help those in need and am on a positive path.  I am hoping to correspond with someone who is willing to share some...

Sheila Gonzales #203386
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Goodyear, Arizona33Straight

Hi, my name is Sheila Gonzales.  I am 32 years old, 5’8” tall, and weigh about 155-160 pounds.  I am Mexican and Korean with no children and have never been married.  I am looking forward to starting new friendships with the help of this site and if fate comes into play, maybe something more.

It gets...

Jimmy Tigar #P-26517
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Corcoran, California44Straight

 Hello there!

In an age of electronic communications, my present situation makes it difficult to find refuge in the thing I deeply enjoy “letter writing”.

Even so, here I am cause the possibility of forming a friendship from scratch is intriguing to me.

I have no theatrical presentation that would draw someone towards me, but I will say, “One...

Melissa Osburn #428620-044
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Waseca, Minnesota37Bi-sexual

Hello there, my name is Melissa.  I’m a loving mother of four.  My hobbies are camping, riding four wheelers, and anything outdoors.  While being incarcerated I’ve taken up softball, crocheting, and also beading.  I have a great personality, very outgoing, and love meeting new people.  If you would like to get to know me, here I...

Edward Grubb #204908
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LaGrange, Kentucky42Straight

Hello…Thanks for pausing to read my profile. I’m excited to meet new people. Being at the end of this long road of incarceration, I am looking to make some positive and lasting friendships; share and engage in stories of life and laughter.

We inmates are sometimes limited by what we can experience but I have a great passion for movies, music and good books. I also have...

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Pierre Solomon #M38548
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Sumner, Illinois24Straight


To all the beautiful ladies out there, I’m Pierre but everyone calls me Dre. I’m new to this whole pen pal stuff, so I’m really not sure what to expect. I’m hoping to connect with people who are down to earth, funny, driven, and all around sincere and loyal. Most people say that I’m: loyal,...

Gordon Perry #JN-9133
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Labelle, Pennsylvania35Straight

I am a Christian looking for friends, or more, to laugh with. I'm an entrepreneur focusing on futures and progressive breakthroughs to better mankind. I've been studying for my pilot's license forever, but will get it soon.

I work out, meditate, pray, and stretch multiple times a day and am serious about personal health...

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Joseph Eagen #BA2308
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Blythe, California25Straight

Hello, my name is Joseph and I am a 25 year old white male looking for a pen-pal; someone to write to while I finish my sentence.  I have taken self-help classes, vocational classes, work-out, and am currently in a computer Lit. Class.

Before I came here I worked Monday-Friday for a vending company and on the weekends I...

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Tyler Tagle #AY7771
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Soledad, California22Straight

My name is Tyler Tagle and I'm 21 years young.  I'm a white boy that stands at 6’2” tall and weigh 190 pounds.  I have brown hair with hazel eyes and am currently single looking for potential friends/ possible relationships!

Although I'm in prison I'm a man who sees the beauty in...

Andrea Rose #311458
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Goodyear, Arizona43Straight
African AmericanChristian

I invite you to become a friend to a very intellectual, classy, yet jazzy woman who is sure of herself despite her current circumstance. I am seeking a friendly, kind-hearted and unique gentleman. I am a very diverse lady with a medical background, high morals and a great sense of humor; changing the dynamic of any room with my personality alone. I strongly believe...

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Annabell Romero #24305-031
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Ft. Worth, Texas41Straight

Hi, here I am.  My name is Annabell.  I'm just a small-town girl from New Mexico looking to find friendship.  Write me if you would like to get to know me. 

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Duran Wombles #17460-032
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Glenville, West Virginia32Straight


My name is Duran Wombles but close friends and family call me Rango. I’ve put up a profile on Write A Prisoner looking for a loyal pen-pal, friendship or possibly more. I’m currently serving a 17 year sentence in the Federal system. I have about 10 years left to serve so needless to say I have plenty of time for...

David Ragsdale #188405
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Draper, Utah45Straight

Are you seeking someone who has fallen from a shooting star? A daydreamer who loves the sound of laughter? A man with a positive disposition and great sense of humor?  That special friend who is non-judgmental and knows the true meaning of friendship?

I am charming, witty, thoughtful. and considerate. and I have a genuine concern for others.  I passionately love...

Timothy Flores #BB0710
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Corcoran, California22Straight

Whats good! My name is Timothy but I like to go by TJ. I'm 21 years young. I'm from San Jose,California...the Tank!

A few lines about myself: first off I'm a certified Mommas's important that you know that from the top, I ain't lying tho. Don't judge me and I won't judge you. I've been down on this case since Iwas 17 years young so this...

Braheem Allen #LJ3218
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Waynesburg, Pennsylvania35Straight
African AmericanMuslim


My name is Braheem, looking to meet friends to write or email me. I’m 34 years old from Philly. I’m laid back, funny and have a nice personality. My hobbies: I love writing, working out and reading. My goals are to get my books published and to make a TV and movie script. I’m very business minded, love to read books on business. Dislikes? Liars, frauds, that...

Mervin Hughes #V-82016
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San Quentin, California49Straight
African AmericanBaptist

My name is Mervin Hughes.  I’m a 48 year old Black American and from Oakland, California. I’m in San Quentin State Prison as a Death Row inmate. I’ve been incarcerated for 18 years now.

I am seeking correspondence with female pen pals; someone who has a lovely sense of humor.  Your...

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Beeville, Texas28Straight

I have a Sagittarius sun rising sign with a Scorpio mass and Pluto, I have a Capricorn Saturn too; so I rule three placements. I’m very ambitious because of the Capricorn.

An the land I have: my family is in a feud right now because of land. I have 500 acres divided into two. So 250 acres to myself. An acre has 43,560 square feet. A mile has 5,280 square feet, so there...

Ivan Orantes-Pierce #251758
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Eddyville, Kentucky25Gay

Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile.  I’m 5’11” tall and weigh 233 pounds.  I’m healthy; I work out but hey, what can I say, I like to eat, lol.  I have caramel skin complexion, brown eyes, black hair, and tattoos.  I’m Hispanic; Guatemalan to be exact, and yes, I speak fluent Spanish.  ...

Donovan Jamerson #02033311
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Hondo, Texas21Straight
African AmericanChristian

You can all call me Don. I’m 21 years old, 6ft tall and about 190lbs. I like to consider myself down to earth and very intelligent. You rarely catch me not fit for an occasion; I enjoy dressing to impress and having a good time, just enjoying life. I’m a pretty laid back person, who’s easy to get along with, so don’t be shy.

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Gregory Tate #H-68500
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San Quentin, California51Straight
African AmericanChristian

My World Is Cold, And Friends Are Few

Articulate, attentive, nonjudgmental man; fan of writing poetry, novels, essays, thesis and short stories; seeks friendship of caring, compassionate, understanding, down to earth woman for correspondence.

I’m 5’10...

Sharilyn Carmen #WE-9135
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Chowchilla, California30Bi-sexual
Native AmericanSpiritual

I would like you to allow me the pleasure of introducing myself in hopes of getting to know you.  Fist let me tell you just a little about me in hopes to spark your interest.  I appreciate good company, and I love meeting new people from all walks of life.  Age, gender, nationality mean nothing; I value honesty and sincere intentions.

Jason Reardon #R-33613
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Taylorville, Illinois35Straight

Hello! My name is Jason (or Jay if you prefer) and I’m posting this profile hoping to connect with someone to explore ideas, philosophies, spirituality and the arts.

My interests are numerous and varied. Besides delving into the intellectual and spiritual pursuits listed above, I also spend my time gardening...

Keith Anderson #C46948
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Soledad, California59Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational


These are 250 of the most important words that I will ever express.  Not because they are my last, rather, they are the first that I have ever spoken in this new medium.

My name is Keith Frazell, and I am a 58 year old black man who has been incarcerated for the past 20 years.  Everything that I knew, is outdated and everything that I know...

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