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Nikki Thomas #17007-043 - Primary Picture
Tallahassee, Florida43Bi-sexual
African American


My name is Nikki and I am looking to meet new people and establish new friendships hoping to stay in contact with those that I do meet.

My hobbies are fishing, softball and handball. I like mature and established people with goals. While incarcerated I have stayed busy and applied myself with multiple programs offered. I am looking to meet nice, outgoing people with a...

John Bartolomeo  #21270-038 - Primary Picture
Lisbon, Ohio50Straight

Greetings from one of Uncle Sam's brick jungles.

My name is John Bartolomeo, but everyone knows me as "Johnny Bart." As a kid, I raised all kinds of hell at the local hockey rinks. Then, as I got older, I became a Hells Angel and started raising hell everywhere else. If you're a "Sons of Anarchy" fan, just think of my life as the deleted scenes.

Since I came to prison in 1996,...

Niketa  Floyd  #01668222 - Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas32Straight

I am a very outgoing person and painfully honest. Everyone tells me I am a very sweet and loving person.

I enjoy learning and doing new things. I don't receive much mail and would love having someone to correspond with. I have an awesome mother but she is getting up in age and doesn't write often.

So if you'd like to be my pen pal and get to know each other it'd be awesome.

Mansfield, Ohio22Straight

I could go on and on telling you about myself, but that would defeat the purpose of you writing me and getting to know wouldn't it?

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Jeremy  Glispie #B86083 - Primary Picture
Ina, Illinois32Straight

Hey everyone! My name is Jeremy. I am looking to correspond and become friends with some positive individuals. I love to meet new people and learn their stories.

Obviously, I am no angel, but at my core, I really am a good person. I am intelligent, funny, compassionate, and open-minded. I’m really big on humor. I have a unique personality that is sincere and easy to like. I am big on...

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Ezequiel Gonzalez #AK2966 - Primary Picture
Chino, California26Straight


My name is Ezequiel.  I’m looking to build new friendships as I prepare for an early parole date.  Last year my sentence was commuted, making me eligible for parole by July 18, 2020.  So I hope you are interested in becoming someone I can share my new journey with.

Since my incarceration, I finished high school, obtained a Paralegal certificate, and took a...

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Katharine Elllington #02149981 - Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas33Straight

Hi! I’m Katie but you might recognize me as Tatum Bailey from my wilder days! I moved to Austin for school and stayed for the music. Since space and freedom are limited in here, so are my hobbies right now. I love playing chess and I’m pretty good, or everyone else is really bad! I love reading and definitely have plenty of time to do it. I dabble in creative writing, doodling and water colors...

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Bonny Wyers #25853-017 - Primary Picture
Alderson, West Virginia35Straight

Hey y’all! My name is Bonny Bleu and I’m coming to y’all L-I-V-E from the sleepy State of West Virginia. I’m a Southern belle from South Georgia. I’m 35 years young, 5’5”, blonde hair and bright green eyes – a juicy Georgia peach!

I am fun, loyal and honest. I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Georgia Southern University. I love helping people and rescuing dawgs. I enjoy...

David Garcia #01330415 - Primary Picture
Abilene, Texas35Straight

Ok, I’m just gonna come out and say it: I love nerdy girls. Smart chicks are attractive and any guy who disagrees is probably too insecure to satisfy one anyway. Sorry, I’m just saying. If you are a smart, strong female who has ever felt intellectually under-stimulated or like you left a guy intellectually intimidated, I really, really want to get to know you. Don’t hide your inner goddess....

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Eric Durand #W88636 - Primary Picture
Gardner, Massachusetts38Straight

Whether we wind up as friends, more than that, or nothing at all, I only hope that after reading my profile, you and I have the opportunity to get to know one another.

This is my first time on any type of pen pal site and I hope to meet a wonderful woman that is serious and sincere. I am a self-driven individual who is caring, loyal and respectful to all people; especially women. I...

Manuel Cardoza #10359-280 - Primary Picture
Florence, Colorado56Straight


I would like to write to anybody that’s interested in building up a respectable friendship. It doesn’t matter if they want to write to me in English or Spanish – any female from any age or race. I like to exercise and take good care of myself. Like to see any kind of sports and to play chess and draw to pass the time. Plus, write and talk to my family and send them pictures...

Anthony Jamerson #02044530 - Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas22Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

Hi, as you can see I’m looking forward to meeting new friends, especially the beautiful, down to earth, unique women we have around this world. Sorry, excuse my manners, how are you doing? Hope you are feeling as blessed and thankful as I am for waking up this morning. I left the world at age 17 so there’s a lot of lifestyles and cultures I would love to learn from around the world. I was born...

Leonard Fox #AU2320 - Primary Picture
Represa, California25Straight

My name is Leonard. I am seeking to find a friend that I can create an undeniable bond of trust, loyalty, and humor. I want somebody that can correct me when I’m wrong and motivate me to accomplish my life goals and vice versa.

I believe people are stronger when we work together and fuel each other with positive energy. I’m not seeking romance, but if it finds me, I’m intrigued in...

Dalin Bair #BF5165 - Primary Picture
Tenachapi, California34Straight


My name is Dalin Bair. I am 34 years old and I am willing to write all walks of life. If you’re a little different, that’s good. Hopefully I can learn from you.

I am up-beat, caring and I love to laugh. I am very positive and I believe this is important in life and my current situation. Laughter heals and being positive is contagious.

I am currently attending...

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Antonio Abrom #54753-056 - Primary Picture
Pollock, Louisiana26Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Antonio. I’m 25 and I’m from Raleigh, NC. First, and foremost I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to peruse my profile. Hopefully you are reading this in high spirits and by the end of this intro I will have piqued your curiosity enough for you to want to delve deeper.

I’m a very easy-going, fun type of individual. I enjoy reading, listening to...

Steven Turner #1200863 - Primary Picture
Carson City, Nevada28Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hi there, hope you are having a great day.

I'll be honest, prison can be lonely at times. So I'm trying to meet someone new. Are you tired of the same old lies? Or people who are lacking honesty, sincerity, and respect? Well, I promise to shower you with attention and appreciation. To always lend a helping hand, deliver a prompt reply to all of your letters, and always be here to...

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Federico Cruz #261275 - Primary Picture
Ionia, Michigan40Straight

Hello, I was sentenced to life in prison for a crime I committed when I was sixteen. I've been incarcerated for over two decades, so I have had to grow and mature through extremely de-humanizing conditions, however, I have been fortunate to maintain a measure of human decency and dignity, which kept me from losing myself in the process.

I like to attribute much of this good fortune to...

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Jesse  Dimmick  #98025 - Primary Picture
Ellsworth, Kansas33Straight

Hi. I am a 33-year old long haired white male with light blue eyes seeking correspondence with a female.

I like to write. I love to share my experience with others and over the years I have become a very good listener. I like to keep it lighthearted. I have no expectations of anyone that would want to write me other than having a pen-pal other than gratitude. I like to joke and play...

Daniel Moreno #154250 - Primary Picture
Sterling, ColoradoStraight

Time is of the essence and if taken for granted we lose out on the many opportunities that we may have to meet new people.

Hello, my name is Danny and I’m trying to use my time on this planet in its proper form. I want to reach out to you, whoever you are, and get to know you. I don’t have much time left in this box so it doesn’t give us much time to waste.

My days consist of...

Daniel Hill #19351780 - Primary Picture
Pendleton, Oregon23Straight

Hey – My name’s Daniel. I’m looking for an adventurous, open minded person to give me a chance at friendship.

I’m an outgoing, positive, happy, sincere man who sees the best in people and strives to better himself with any opportunity.

I have ambitions and goals. Some of my short term goals are to further my education and obtain a tattoo license. Some long term goals are to...

Ashley Adams #18267084 - Primary Picture
Wilsonville, Oregon31Straight

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person”

I’m looking to meet new people and maybe even encounter that special someone along the way. At the very least find good friends who’ll support me through my journey to becoming the woman I was meant to be.

10 things you’ll love about Ashley

  1. The sparkle in my whisky brown eyes....
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Aaron Wallace #BB1983 - Primary Picture
Taft, California29Straight

My name is Aaron. I’ve spent the past few years growing to become the person I am now, someone who is ready for the opportunity like this to develop meaningful friendships, relationships, and networks.

I’m looking to meet other individuals that are open to sharing their perspective and discovering new experiences with me.

I’m 29 years old, 5’9”, and weigh 170 lbs with an...

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Kevin O'Brien #000015082C - Primary Picture
Rahway, New Jersey41Straight

It’s so nice to meet you.  I’m sure there are countless others, desperate for attention and yet you’ve stopped here to check me out.  You obviously have great intuition :) (I like you already.)  There’s no need to look anywhere else- this is where you’re supposed to be.

If curiosity gets the best of you, you’ll find that I do stand out from the rest.  I’m not...

Frederick Villa #01427987 - Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas33Straight

Hi! Hope you are having a great day and a good life as well.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I won't take to much of your time. My name is Frederick,  I'm  33 years old, and I'm from Waco, TX (but currently elsewhere). A little about what I'm searching for is building and exploring a true and honest friendship, something kind of difficult to find these days. I'...

Aamon Smith #AK2638 - Primary Picture
San Diego, California25Straight
African AmericanOther

Boss Back!!

Cake…I get a ton of cake, now I go by A.M.G., self made, big chin. 10/K they didn’t want to listen now.  They follow like a Sinsai GoonTown winning like I went and beat my first case. GoonTown, not too much, real tell them kill Game Boss until I see the fog lights and still at switch lanes, boy!  Down to the mink.  Now was that hard or was it the price...