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Norlina, North Carolina39Straight

Hello to all,

My name is Dempsey Smith, a 39 year old country bachelor from Danbury, North Carolina.  For those not familiar with Danbury, North Carolina it's about 40 miles from Winston Salem, North Carolina.  I'm currently on in hopes to establish a wonderful new friendship with those who are willing to get to know me by way of being my pen pal as I will...

Clarinda, Iowa25Straight

I'm 6 foot tall, 200 pounds, I have brown hair, blue eyes.  I love making people laugh and bringing the best out of people.  I am a straightforward person who tells you what I am thinking (no sugar coating!)

I believe 100% in respect and loyalty, without those you can't have a good friendship or relationship.

I am a family-oriented person, my family means everything...

Otisville, New York40Straight

To: The Ladies

How are you?  Fine I hope.  I'm seeking a pen pal, friend, someone to write. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?


Dixon, Illinois27Straight

Hello World!!

My name is Luis and I'm here on this website looking for friendship.  I'm an easy guy to get along with and once we start talking you'll feel like you've known me forever.  (smile)  

The facility I'm in has an email program available, you can easily sign up at and add me, it's easy and free. 

All I can say is don...

Angie, Louisiana34Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Daleshonne, I'm 34 years old originally from Dallas, Texas.  I'm very down-to-earth and easy to talk to, however honesty and loyalty are very important to me.  I enjoy working out, music, reading books and educating myself.  Also I love to travel and try new and exciting things.

I'm currently in school looking to obtain my Associates Degree in...

Suffield, Connecticut45Straight

Let's keep this simple.  Life is so serious and complicated that you rarely have time to just breathe.  Let's get back to being real, let's get back to being true.  Let's just be ourselves.    At the end of the day we are who we are, let's let that be enough.  Breathe…….

You already know what to do.


Pocahontas, Virginia37Straight

My name is Jon and I am hoping to make a new friend who would like to write back and forth with me. Not only do I have many of my own stories to share but I am excited to get to know you through your own experiences. Not to be defined by transgressions, indiscretions, or adversity, I'm always looking toward the future, growing into a better person with the rearview mirror in my periphery but...

Abilene, Texas29Straight

Hello World,

My name is Robert Carlos Venegas.  I go by Carlos.  I'm 29 years old, from a small country town called Nixon in Texas.  I'm going to keep this short and straightforward.

I'm looking to meet independent and self-motivated women.  Someone who has that hunger for better in life, that is grateful for what they have and don't take anything for...

Moberly, Missouri37Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

I am by foot 10 inches tall, 235 pounds, I workout, I'm in love with CrossFit, I'm in the dog program.  My job in that program is to train dogs that are from broken homes or from the streets found roaming.  It's beautiful watching dogs come in and we train them, then they find homes.

I have my high-set GED and currently I am awaiting the approval of Ashland University and...

Gatesville, Texas50

Hello, would you like to go on an adventure? I'm hoping to meet some positive people to build lasting friendships.

I love music of all kinds. I love fantasy books. Vampires are my thing. I enjoy intellectual conversation. I love having fun, I'm open-minded to everything. 

I've been down 11 years and its been one heck of a rodeo, life for everyone is a roller coaster...

Canon City, Colorado41Straight

This is Matt's daughter, he couldn't write this so I'm doing it for him. My dad has made some mistakes in his life just like everyone else, but he's not sitting in there wasting time he's sitting in there bettering himself. He's taking sociology classes so he can be a therapist to help others out with the same problems he had and help them overcome their difficulties.

Matt is a great...

Corona, California41Straight

Exotic female seeking excitement and adventure. Are you the man for me?

I have many hobbies and interests--music, dancing, photography, cooking, animals, shopping, traveling, and water sports. I enjoy catering to my mate and love to learn new things and will try anything once.

I am fun-loving, honest, spontaneous, and open-minded. I am a people person and down to earth. I am...

Adelanto, California37Straight

The essence of the earth's substance, the love that never stops giving ~ lady friend.

I'm an African man, spending time in an American institution. I'm 5'7", spiritual, and true. I enjoy writing, creating ways to rise above the world, and elevating a woman past her limits.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ~ I'm not attached to the physical aspect, intelligence and...

Hondo, Texas28Straight

Hi there! My name is Mark. I've had many nicknames, but none have ever stuck.

About me: Well my mom says I'm handsome, so it's got to be true! lol. I think I look like Chris Hemsworth (Thor), if he added 50 lbs and some glasses. I like to have fun with everything I do. If you are around me you are going to laugh. I am an in/outdoor person, I can do it all. I love animals. I've had...

Craigsville, Virginia23Straight
African AmericanChristian

What's up? My name is Jesse. I got caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend.

I’m just looking for someone that’s real and that’s gonna spend the rest of their life with me. If you want to talk further write me on JPay.

Bayport, Minnesota29Straight
African AmericanAgnostic

Hey ladies, what’s poppin'?

I'm looking for a woman who is mature, dedicated, and willing to build a relationship with someone like me. I'm very articulate and intelligent. I love to read and write. I am spiritual but not religious. I am very understanding, a dedicated loyal friend. Also a student of nature.

I am looking for a female who is quiet yet interactive...

Green Bay, Wisconsin32Straight

Approach this with an open mind and a smile as you read this, you've just stumbled across someone exciting and very special! (Smile)

Life is all about new experiences and creating new bonds, so I placed this profile for my birthday to reach out and meet someone who is open and interested in entering into a new experience together. I'm very laid-back with a humble demeanor, easy and fun...

Abilene, Texas33Straight
African AmericanMuslim

Hey there,

I hope as you read this you have an open minded heart full of understanding. I chose to sign up for this with the goal of building friendships where there are none. With the help of creating a mental bond with someone who understands being alone inside a room full of people. A person who knows about pain and sorrow or someone who just needs to vent to someone. (I'm a great...

Otisville, New York27Straight

Hey, my name is Cristian. I am seeking someone special and open minded who would not mind developing a true friendship. I believe that friendship should be built upon a solid foundation of trust, honesty, respect, appreciation, sincerity and attention. I promise to be a true friend to you that can comfort, understand, respect, devoted to you alone, giving you all my time and attention. They...

Oakwood, Virginia41

The Chase Is Over!

Hello my name is Chase and I don't have time to waste. You are reading this because I'm looking to connect with energetic, exciting people. To ease these boring days. I'm the realist of the real, so that being said you are expected to be the same. I'm not looking for snail mail, I'm too fast for that. Email me through JPAY by my name and number. I'm an open book in a...

Waverly, Virginia26Straight

Are you tired of the same old personal ads and lies? Or guys who are lacking honesty, sincerity and respect? Who don't shower you with attention, affection and appreciation? Well here are some things I promise you'll get from me: Eyes you can look into and trust... A helping hand... A heart that understands and doesn't judge... A supporting shoulder... A prompt reply to all your letters... and...

Pound, Virginia24Straight
African American

How are you?

My name is DeVonte'. I'm looking forward to meeting someone who is open minded, down to earth, who is driven. Being content is something I would never be right with because there's so much I would like to do. I'm looking for a friend to talk without judgment. I like to laugh. I love music. I like to cook, work out. I enjoy positive energy. Far as my goals are after being...

Rosharon, Texas32Straight
African AmericanChristian

Peace and blessings, in life you live and you learn and I've obviously made some bad decisions that have cost me terribly but I don't want to be remembered by that. So I made it my priority to learn and grow: physically, mentally and spiritually while in prison!

I'm looking for some positive people to spread that energy with. I consider myself a good listener and motivator. My best...

Dilley, Texas32Straight
African American

My name is Damien Conally and I'm from Austin, Texas. A few quick things about me: I am a laid-back individual with a cool demeanor, at the same time I'm outgoing with a good sense of humor and I like to have fun. I'm down to earth, fun to be around, I love music, (R&B/Hip–Hop/Rap), traveling and frequenting different restaurants.

I'm looking for female friends to vibe with that...

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Hondo, Texas29Straight

Hey, I'm Antonio. I'm looking for friends I can vibe with, people that can be their real selves with me. I like to have fun like everybody else, but being incarcerated gave me some valuable jewels for life helping me find a sense of direction and purpose. This was an opportunity to learn how to make the negative work for me in a positive way. I'm blessed to have a second chance and anxious to...