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Treyvon Choate #W110429Primary Picture
Norfolk, Massachusetts27Straight


My name is Treyvon but most of my friends call me Trey. This is my first incarceration. Before coming to prison I was self-employed and working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Since coming to prison, I have worked my way from a maximum security facility down to a minimum security where I currently reside. I am currently enrolled in an Automotive Technician...

Adidas Mastin #W110487Primary Picture
Shirley, Massachusetts29Bi-sexual
Native AmericanChristian

I'm a 29 year old male from Boston, Massachusetts by the name of Adidas.  I'm a devoted father of two kids, 2 daughters.  I can't stress enough about the time in which we will be reunited. 

My goal is to study hard, hit the gym and get a job during my incarceration so that I can reduce time of my sentence, generate an income and open up a savings account, as well as earn...

Pedro Maldonado #296304Primary Picture
Suffield, Connecticut35Straight


My name is Pedro, my purpose for creating this profile is to hopefully meet some positive people who I can build a friendship with. Although I’m not where I want to be in life, I am taking the steps to eventually get there. I’m currently taking part in a Human Services course and my goal is to work with at risk youths and be a positive influence in my community.

I love...

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Shawn Barnett #149720Primary Picture
La Grange, Kentucky39Straight


My name is Shawn Barnett.  I am looking to meet and build friendships with people and to have positive contacts for when I am released from here.  I spend my time in Vocational school or in the gym. 

I like to make people smile and laugh.  I stay away from negative people and that is why I'm reaching out to meet someone cause in this place, it's all...

Alto, Georgia28Straight

Hey, my name is Heather. I’m very outgoing, I love to laugh, I love to read, I’m a very sarcastic girl, and I love life.

I have a passion for training dogs and finding different ways to better myself every day.

I’m looking for a friend to have great conversations with and I hope to hear from you soon. (smiles).

Kizzy Sutton #171929Primary Picture
Twin Falls, Idaho42Bi-sexual

I am currently waiting to go to court to be sentenced or released. I need someone to talk to, this place is depressing and I need a friend to write to so I can get thru this.

I'm in here cause someone put their drugs in my things and won't own up to it so I'm fighting the charges.

I'm a fun outgoing person if you get to know me, I am a good person who is always true to my...

Alex Belmonte #46965-007Primary Picture
Anthony, New Mexico30Straight

Hi there, My name is Alex.

I'm currently residing in a federal prison near El Paso, Texas. I'm looking to make new friends to make the rest of my time more enjoyable and build long lasting relationships. I like to read books and write my friends and family (via text message). I also like working out and taking long walks out on the yard.

I am taking advantage of the programming...

Lori Burchett #WEO833Primary Picture
Chowchilla, California49Straight

I am looking for a friend, potentially more, but initially a pen-pal.

I have been incarcerated since 2009 and will probably remain so for another ten years. I am happy; I tutor others and have good interactions with my peers. I practice yoga and watch what I eat, so I remain healthy.

LIKES: Nice scents, driving long distances, camping in tents, cities at night, fireplaces...

Roy Arroyo Jr. #M44782Primary Picture
Dixon, Illinois24Bi-sexual

I am an honest, down to earth guy with a big heart and sarcastic sense of humor.

I've been in here for a while and will be stuck in here for a while more. I've made some mistakes when I was younger and like so many, learned the hard way. I am definitely not a thug or a career criminal.

Because of my circumstances being what they are, I'm limited with meeting people and...

Billy Aylor #01367579Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas33Straight

My name is Billy. I am currently in Adseg hoping to be released back to general population in August. Once there, I plan on furthering my education and getting a trade in welding and whatever other education I can get before my release.

Since I’ve been locked up, I’ve received my GED and a trade in painting. Upon returning to society, I plan on starting a welding business and being a...

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Carlos Diaz #BA8356Primary Picture
Corcoran, California29Straight


My name is Carlos. I am hoping to make new friends and meet all sorts of people. I am looking forward to encountering good vibes and connections. 

I am very chill, like to stay ambitious, and I'm always keeping an open mind to new things. I like bringing people joy and making them laugh. 

I consider myself to be a sincere, blunt, and a loyal person who...

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Austin  Wyman  #98873Primary Picture
Boise, Idaho26Straight

Hello there, My name is Austin. I’m 26 years old and I strive from hard work, bringing smiles, humor, adventure, fitness, art, motor sports, outdoors, and fishing. Living the good life .

However, I am strict on myself about holding truth and loyalty to others and expect it in return. All in all, I am a good down to earth guy that gets along with just about anybody. My...

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Nicki  Turner #274186Primary Picture
Ferdonia, Kentucky29Straight


My name is Nicki.  I am 28 years old and single.  I have a bright blue eyes, a stunning smile and a contagious laugh.  To me, laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds and something I hope my future is full of.

Having found myself in my current circumstances makes it rather awkward to reach people.  To have someone to look beyond my mistakes to the...

Robert Stewart #15620963Primary Picture
Lakeview, Oregon30Straight
African AmericanChristian

Curiosity leads to great discoveries. So, it’s smart to look past the cover and open the book. So, I invite you in.

My name is Robert. I just turned 30. I am educated and interested in learning other languages and cultures. I am social with a natural ability to make people laugh. I enjoy traveling and some of my interests include sports, fashion and politics.

My passion is...

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Dominique Mixon #947589Primary Picture
Jackson, Michigan21Straight

Hello, My name is Dominique but friends call me Alex.

I am seeking a female companion to build a genuine friendship. I am open-minded to different backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. This is who I am as a person; I am easy going, love to laugh, and make others do the same. I'm a great listener, easy to talk too, and help others.

I am very motivated and goal oriented....

Samuel Rotondo #1108368Primary Picture
Ely, Nevada46Straight


My name is Sammy. I'm hoping to find some friends to write to. I am 46 years old and I'm serving life in prison for murder along with multiple consecutive sentences for several other attempted murders and aggravated assaults that occurred during a shootout with Phoenix police in 1998. 

I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. I have lived there all my life until I was captured 21...

Darryl Brumfield #015900344Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas29Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Hello World,

My name is Darryl Brumfield, but I am better known as Rocko and I am a Black and Creole male from New Orleans East, Louisiana.  I have been incarcerated since 2008 and I am currently working hard to have my case overturned.

I know that everything is not always what it seems to be, so I am not looking to judge or be judged.  I am hoping to find someone...

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Stephon Curry #6704926Primary Picture
Anamosa, Iowa20Straight
African American

What’s Up?

My name is Stephon.  I am 20 years old and focused.  Not all my decisions have been the best….obviously, but a lot have been, this profile being one that’s right.

I’m hoping to make contact with someone who can keep me current in life while mine’s on pause.  I like to laugh and play, so a sense of humor is mandatory.  But I also like to see it as...

Demetrius McCall #A752-034Primary Picture
Mansfield, Ohio43Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational


My name is Demetrius, a lot of people call me by my nickname Big Meach. I’m hoping to meet some folks to help me establish positive contacts on the outside. I’m interested in furthering my education in Business Management and also Barber College while I’m incarcerated. I love to read and write and work out as well. I will continue to work hard to re-enter society as a productive...

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Ryan Freeburg #27643-064Primary Picture
El Reno, Oklahoma36Straight


I’m a free-thinker that likes to learn, laugh and really LIVE life. I’m looking to meet new people and it would be awesome to create some new friendships that could be taken beyond here. As I have gotten closer to my release date, I’ve found that my desire to reconnect with the world has grown more and more, so here we are…

It’s been...

Alyssa Maness #01835478Primary Picture
Marlin, Texas28Bi-sexual

Hello future friends!


San Jose, California21Straight

My name is Willie King. I am 20 years old hoping to find some friends to pass the time with. This is my first time on any pen pal site. As of right now I’m in and out of courtrooms fighting for my freedom.

A little bit about me. Well I’m from San Jose, California, mixed race of White, Filipino and Mexican. I was brought up by my great grandmother who showed me kindness, love,...

Scotty O'Brien #00569531Primary Picture
Wilmington, Delaware27Straight


My name’s Scotty. Just looking for someone cool and down to earth to communicate with. I’m easygoing, like to write, love the outdoors, reading and partaking in sports. My hope is to find a cool and interesting friend. I’m open minded, like to enjoy life. This would really be a cool experience to meet a great pen pal. I’m currently in the process of changing my life for the better...

Helena, Georgia25Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hi, my name is Shaqwuan Hailey. Let me tell you a little bit about myself; I am a man that has made mistakes, ones that I have learned from which has made me the person I am today.

Even though I'm currently incarcerated, I like to think I'm a decent human being. I struggle with selling drugs which brought me where I am today. I'm on the site to hopefully build a friendship...

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Miles  Taylor #17987-043Primary Picture
Jesup, Georgia36Straight

This is my son, Miles Taylor.

He would like to hear from people and correspond with them!

Great guy with a good personality!

(Written by Family Member/Friend)