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Jay Teague #1501042Primary Picture
Lillington, North Carolina34Straight

My name is Jay. I am looking forward to making your acquaintance and maybe starting an interesting friendship. So far I have been in prison a little over 3 years and have 7 1/2 left on my sentence. I really like to hear what people have to say, especially if they are interested and excited, about what they are talking about. I've been told I'm a good listener. I am very athletic and really...

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Melinda  Quiroz #WF9492Primary Picture
Corona, CaliforniaBi-sexual

Let me introduce my self, my name is Melinda. I'm 28 years old. Born and raised in Norwalk, Ca.

I'm looking for someone to write to and build a friendship with. I have Jpay and access to email.

Hit me up.

David  Meals Jr #40910-280Primary Picture
Fort Worth, Texas34Straight

Hey!! My name is David Meals Jr and I'm 34 yrs old.

I'm looking for someone to share a laugh and smile with. Currently, I am serving a 23-year term but I stay upbeat and positive every step along the way. Staying active daily with sports (sand volleyball, softball, cross-fit, and weights) helps to keep me in a positive state of mind. I also love some down and dirty football (but...

Kenneth  Barfield #97135-380Primary Picture
Coleman, Florida27Straight

Hello, my name is Kenneth. I am from Midland, TX. I'm 27 yrs old, and I'm in prison on a drug charge.

Like anybody in prison, I have a story to tell. I'm not a bad person. I've just made a few bad choices in my life. I'm a very open-minded person and people that know me say I have a big heart.

I am looking for a pen pal, someone special and open minded. Someone who will not...

Keenan Mardis #257282Primary Picture
Canon City, Colorado21Straight

Hey, my name is Keenan and I'm 21 years old.

A few words I would use to describe myself are humorous, kind, smart, and ambitious. I'm 6", 185-190lbs, and chocolate is the best snack invented lol. I've decided to join Write A Prisoner to expand my horizons and meet new people. I don't have any preferences when it comes to race, age, religion, color, or body type. I'm a nice...

Justin Ross #2619Primary Picture
Windham, Maine42Straight

My name is Justin Ross, I am 42 years old and currently working on my Associates Degree in Computer Science (Web Design/Programming)

I’ve been a professional tattoo artist since 1999, and involved in a band called; “Obsessive Defect”.  (Melodic Metal Band)    I’m a lead guitarist, and cover vocals.  Music has always been my passion, and I will pursue it when I...

Kenny Blanc #07121-104Primary Picture
Coleman, Florida29Straight
African AmericanOther


My name is Kenny.  I am 31 years old, turn 32 on August 9th., I’m a Leo.  I’m in search for some new friends, I’m interested in anybody who is interested in me.  Age doesn’t matter.

Hobbies; I play soccer, workout, write music, study that Law, study African Religion, Yoga, I’m into Occult reading books, businesses, Real Estate.  I am a conscious person...

David Clouser #60303-060Primary Picture
Terre Haute, Indiana39Straight


My name is Dave. I'm on here to meet new and interesting people. I am looking to build positive, lasting friendships. 

If asked to describe myself, I'd say I'm easy going and of a relaxed nature. I like to think of myself as intelligent, easy to talk to, quick to laugh, and smile.

I attended University for Mechanical Engineering at Akron U as a Certified...

Toby Martinez #17866138Primary Picture
Pendleton, Oregon28Straight

Dear New Friends,

I made this profile in hopes to meet new people from all aspects of life and creating lasting friendships, so don’t hesitate to take that chance; something special is only a letter away.

Well, a little about me. I’m 28 years old, my birthday is in February. I see myself as a fun, down to earth person. I always have a smile on my face and try to make the best...

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Deunate  Alexander  #18252-030Primary Picture
Oxford, Wisconsin28Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Deunate, but my friends and family call me Tay Tay.

I'm a fun, funny, level-headed, down-to-earth guy who enjoys listening to good music, watching movies, and living my best life. 

I would like to meet someone who is open-minded, funny, and spontaneous... just to name a few. Most importantly, someone caring enough not to hold my past against me and have the...

David Waupoose Jr. #09117-089Primary Picture
Oxford, Wisconsin35Straight
Native AmericanNative American

Disappointed with other profiles oblivious to your deepest desires? Longing to come across just one bio keeping it real with your expectations? 

Seriously, this isn't about pretending or playing mind games. This is only about you and your answers to attention, affection, appreciation, and a man who values you and your time. 
Pride and ignorance can be favored vices of...

Kenneth Lampkins #01709423Primary Picture
Dilley, Texas32Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational



I’m Kenneth, I’m interested in meeting new people and look forward to finding new friendship.  I’m a gentleman at heart, I love music, sports, food and fashion.  When not working on my plans and goals, I spend my spare time working out and reading.  I love to learn new things and study other cultures, I love to travel in the element of the unknown that...

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Genevieve Hernandez #21966-051Primary Picture
Fort Worth, Texas41Bi-sexual

What’s Up?

To everyone out there with a sense of humor, hit me up and let’s relate about all aspects of life!

Keeping it real!  About myself; I like low rider bikes, low rider art, low rider cars.

I like to ride dirt bikes, four wheelers, jet skis.  I’m very active & play any type of sport.  So I guess I’m rough around the way, except I keep...

Sarah Morris #260042Primary Picture
Pee Wee Valley, Kentucky27

Are you looking for someone fun loving and ready for commitment?  So am I.  I want someone easy to get along with, to laugh with and enjoy life together.  I don’t have a judgmental heart or a critical mind.  I love children and animals and anything outdoors.  I am a very happy person looking for my better half.

I hope to find someone special who can be that one...

Christy Borissoff #0093265Primary Picture
Las Vegas, Nevada41Straight

Thank you for taking the initiative to stop and check me out.  I can only hope that my words and photos are intriguing enough for you to want to correspond with a beauty like me.

I am currently single with 34 months left of incarceration.  I want to use the rest of my time as efficiently as possible, so I leave here the best version of me there is to date.


Michael Coniconde #99574Primary Picture
Orofino, Idaho34Straight


My name is Michael. I am hoping to meet new people and establish a network of positive contacts on the outside. I enjoy reading various self-help, how-to guides and do-it-yourself literature and am interested in furthering my education. I like to spend my time trying to better myself both mentally and physically. This usually consists of going to the gym, walking or jogging the...

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Rosharon, Texas39Straight

Hello Everyone,

It’s nice to be back on Write A Prisoner so thank you for stopping by and visiting my profile. My whole experience; I want it to be on a real level…mature audiences please…life is much too beautiful for games.  I am a tattoo artist, both in and out, I love motorcycles, water sports, fishing, hunting, and traveling the United States…..that’s just a drop in the...

Toby Michael #20424872Primary Picture
Pendleton, Oregon43

Thank you for taking this moment to read my profile! I’ve been transferred out of my home State of Iowa and into Oregon’s system. I now realize how much I need to expand my social life beyond these walls of limitations. I hope for this ad to cross the eyes of someone honest and understanding who has room in their world for my communication.

I just want to meet new people so I can hear...

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Karenda Hutsenpiller #W081-671Primary Picture
Dayton, Ohio31Bi-sexual


My name is Karenda and I'm 30 years old. I'm black and white and here are some things about me: I make all types of artwork, I like to work out, I enjoy music, and I'm part of a step team. I'm in school right now getting my GED. I have been in prison since 2011. 

I'm hoping to meet new positive people out in the world. I have come a long way to want to open up to...

Shon Stefan #19658162Primary Picture
Umatilla, Oregon30Straight


My only prejudice is prejudice itself.

Long story short, before prison I got jumped into a gang and caught a 10 year sentence. As I sobered up, I found myself conflicted. Gang life goes against my morals and in my heart I knew it wasn’t the life I wanted to continue. I’ve since dropped out of my gang. Now I’m doing everything possible to...

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Daniel Parker #B-08572Primary Picture
Mt. Sterling, Illinois48Straight


I'm Daniel and I want to meet someone new who would like to write letters, email, and/or talk on the phone. I'm not looking for a specific type of person, so surprise me and make my life more interesting. 

Your sudden appearance in my life will be welcomed and appreciated no matter your age, background, height, shape, lifestyle, ect. If you are looking for a new...

Claude Williams #384482Primary Picture
Uncasville, Connecticut27Straight
African AmericanMuslim

Hello, my name is Claude, I go by “Zihir”; an attribute which means elevated/shining. I am a level headed, educated young man, book smart also street smart; the best of both worlds.

I am outgoing, but mostly to myself and conservative. I pick my friends wisely. I’m a big fan of loyalty and realness. I’m the type of person you can converse with about science, conspiracy theory, ancient...

Armad Evans #77730-054Primary Picture
Ray Brook, New York20Straight
African American


My name is Armad, I’m 20 years old and I am single with no kids. I love to work out and stay in shape. I am very business minded. I have a lot of future ventures that I’m going to pursue. I’m funny, very outgoing and open minded.

I’m looking for that special woman that will stick with me through thick and thin and be here for me mentally, physically and every other way...

Susan Peters #68587-112Primary Picture
Ft. Worth, Texas48Straight

Hey there! My name is Susan, I am 48 years old and I have 2 children. I am a Sagittarius. I have been incarcerated for 4 years and I try to stay busy by working, exercising and taking classes to better myself.

I am reaching out to Write A Prisoner for pen pals because it is lonely in here. It would be nice to hear my name at mail call.

I have lived in California most of my life...

Joseph Brock #226851Primary Picture
Fredonia, Kentucky29Bi-sexual

Hey everybody! Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I can’t stress to you enough how much it means to be able to communicate with people outside of this environment. I really treasure those moments. I get out within a year and look forward to exploring the endless possibilities that come from establishing a close friendship.

As you can see my name is Joseph but friends and...

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