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Caleb Cates #Y28241 - Primary Picture
Mt. Sterling, Illinois20Straight

Hey World, I’m CJ and I’m new to this pen pal thing but who knows what can come from this. Anyhow, everyone locked up isn’t a bad person. So if you’re looking to get to know a good, awesome guy then I’m what you’ve been looking for all your life. I’m a fun and funny person. I’m just saying, don’t deny me before you try me.

I’m looking for someone who’s honest and real, anything else we...

Shaun Owens #A409-032 - Primary Picture
Grafton, Ohio37Straight


My name is Shaun. Let me start by telling you a little about my personality. Even though I’m in prison, I’m a caring and outgoing guy. I have a crazy, but good sense of humor. Being truthful, as well as genuine, is important to me, so I’m searching for a friend with the same qualities. I come off a bit shy at first until I get to know you… So please show some patience (smile). I...

Anthony Carter #1444105 - Primary Picture
Dillwyn, Virginia28Straight
African American

Looking for someone that is loving, caring, love to laugh and have fun. Race does not matter, I’m open to all. Looking for long-term but can start out short-term and we can build our foundation ground up.

I love tattoos, go out, working out, ect…. I can’t wait to hear from that special person. Email me on Jpay.

Katina Candrick #39629-177 - Primary Picture
Bryan, Texas42Straight
African AmericanBaptist

My name is Katina and I am seeking a friend to inspire, motivate, and uplift me and I, in turn, will do the same.

I want whoever I meet to gain a look at who I am as a person despite my past mistakes. Led by passion and devotion I continue to reinvent myself by utilizing the education that is offered to me through the prison college programs. I have finally reached the point, knowing...

Imperial, California39Straight

Song of Solomon 8:6-7 "Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arms; For love is as strong as death, jealousy as cruel as the grave; it's flames are flames of fire, a most vehement flame." ...We are all lovesick!

I'm single, 38 years young, 5'7", and 170 lbs. I am praying to have friends who are madly in love or want a true relationship with our all mighty sweetheart, our...

Brandon Lozano #285586 - Primary Picture
West Liberty, Kentucky22Gay

Hey, there it’s Brandon! I was on WAP last year.

A lot has changed for me the past year. I’ve learned that you can lose someone as fast as they came. You should cherish your friends and your relationships, so I'm seeking friends to talk to and build friendships with. Now I'm not going to lie, we might have ups and downs but I can assure you I will be there to get you thru them days you...

Timothy Mosley #13834-003 - Primary Picture
Yazoo, Mississippi31Straight

Hi. My name is Timothy.

I'm looking for someone who has a great personality and sense of humor. I like country, rap, pop, rock, and r&b.

I have one eleven-year-old son. I have a great personality and sense of humor so I'm compatible with almost anyone period.

Brandon Gerdes #19815377 - Primary Picture
Tillamook, Oregon25Straight

Speaking to all country ladies who don’t mind spending most of their time enjoying good company and the outdoors, are looking to make a real connection, have good laughs and have a permanent smile on your face, while at the same time bringing a ton of warmth and light to this country boy’s days…

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Brandon, I’m a 6’1” tall country boy, born and...

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Franko Bernal #G54942 - Primary Picture
Avenal, California32Straight

The start is always the hardest part. I’m looking for friendship, something genuine and real. I’m a great conversationalist but an even better listener. I hold no bias towards anyone, so I’m open to hear whatever you’ve got to say. I’ve taken this time to better myself through education and self-help groups because, surprise, I wasn’t always the best person. Today I live a clean and healthy...

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Jeffrey Hansana #01990926 - Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas30Straight

Hey, what’s up world?

First and foremost I’d like to say “Thank You” for stopping by, blessing me with the opportunity in hearing my words out which I hope they grab your attention while giving you the desire in wanting to get to know me better.

That being said, I am not your ordinary, typical, everyday “Asian”. I grew up on the other side of the tracks, lived a hard life but...

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David Paschall #270-304 - Primary Picture
Hagerstown, Maryland45Straight


If you are reading this then you have already taken the first step towards getting to know someone who is honest, and respectful and humorous, among other things.  I live an open book and believe that by doing so my life has started to see a much brighter future.

Things have started to look up so much that I have been able to start paying a lawyer that is working to...

Jeremy Villanueva #AX4387Primary Picture
Tehachapi, California36Straight

My friends call me Baby J. Allow me to tell you a little about myself. I’m an artist; I tattoo and write and sing my own music. My best quality is my sense of humor. What I lack in being there physically I make up for in warmth, loyalty, honesty and trust; the things vital to one’s emotional, spiritual and mental needs, desires and interest. If you need some encouragement and an ear to listen...

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Javier Garcia #000956478EPrimary Picture
Rahway, New Jersey38Straight

My name is Javier Alicia Garcia. I am a 36 year old man from Puerto Rico residing in New Jersey. I’m currently at a State prison and I’m here looking for a friend; a smart, good looking woman with great conversation.

I’m a mechanic who loves fast cars, motorcycles and street bikes. I also love the outdoors and family among a long list of other things.

Hopefully we can talk...

John Cooper #324238 - Primary Picture
Tucson, Arizona37Straight


My name is John. I am 5’9”, athletic and like to work out. I am not sure what to expect from this but I am hoping to find a pen pal and make a lasting connection.

I enjoy playing sports, reading, writing and spending time outdoors and hiking. I have a Masters in Engineering Management and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. I was in the Navy for 15 years where I was...

James Lee #123110 - Primary Picture
Model, Colorado38Straight

Hi, my name is James Lee and I’m a 38 year young Korean who is 5’10” and 202 pounds. I love the outdoors, animals, listening to music, reading and working out. I like to joke, laugh and have a good time. I’m someone who understands the struggles and strife of life but is also thankful for life’s blessings, never taking things for granted.

I believe in surrounding myself with positive...

Jeramey Bradshaw #00442807 - Primary Picture
Hagerstown, Maryland30Straight
African AmericanChristian

I’m a honest, laughing, fun person.  I enjoy dancing, hiking, dating, traveling, racing cars and motor bikes.  Tricking out cars is my hobby.  I love watching romantic and comedy movies and shows.

I can get visits on weekends and use the phone daily.  

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Miguel Perez #B-10797 - Primary Picture
Hillsboro, Illinois46Straight


I am extremely grateful for you taking the time to read my profile. I am looking for a woman to correspond with via letters, phone calls, cards etc. I’m only trying to find a valuable friendship I can build on. I hope to find someone who shares some of the same interests as me, but I’m sure that even if we don’t have much in common, it will still be interesting and fun.


Barry Sharp #31785-064 - Primary Picture
El Reno, Oklahoma51

My name is Barry L Sharp. Born in Chillicothe, Missouri at my great grandmas. She is full blood Cherokee and great grandpa was Irish and UTE Indian. I never knew him, but granny was a true medicine woman and was magical as anyone I have ever met. I grew up in Hewitt, Texas until 11 years old and then I moved to the big town of Mustang, Oklahoma. I loved it, I was married at 17 years old...

Micheal Robinson #01995436 - Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas24Straight

Believe it or not, but this is actually legal money that I’m holding in my hand…before I got locked up I used to go work with my uncle who’s in the real estate business. I would paint houses and also do a lot of detail work to get the houses prepared to be rented out or sold. Now I’m sure that you’re wondering, “If I’m making good money legally, then “why” should I have a reason to sell drugs...

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Antonio Wilson #01732718 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas35Straight
African AmericanChristian

What’s up America? Pray to “God” y’all are okay?

Well, my name is Antonio or Tony. I’m from Houston, Texas born and raised. I’m a man of wisdom and understanding, knowledge, a very loyal person, very good listener, a very loyal friend and take friendship like family because friends are really family. Right??? (We are!)

I love to read books, work out; I work out 5 times a week...

Jermila McCoy #72053-097 - Primary Picture
Dublin, California37Straight
African AmericanBaptist

It’s so nice to have a chance to meet you all. I’ll cut straight to the point…I’m 36 years old, educated with no children. I’m a lifelong resident of Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area. Being a true Cali girl, I’m a sexy, girly girl with a “Tom boyish” heart. I love all things sports, cars and all outdoorsy, adventurous activities.

I love to travel and try new things at least...

Kayldon Kelly #01750691 - Primary Picture
Snyder, Texas30Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

First off, thank you for taking the time out of your day to browse my page. So let me do my best at introducing you to the man I am today. My name is Kayldon (Kel-Don). I don’t have any kids, but I’m great with kids. My nieces and nephews go crazy when uncle Bub comes over. I am a licensed welder, licensed plumber and studying for my 18-wheeler license. I enjoy reading self-help books like The...

Alyeri Gonzalez #W109924 - Primary Picture
Concord, Massachusetts25Straight


I go by AJ and I’m an adventurous person.  I love to laugh and make people laugh, have fun and meet new friends.  I’m easy to get along with, I’m a positive motivator and have a vision of great success for myself.

Blessings for all who read this and I hope to hear from you.


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Mark Martin #0788677 - Primary Picture
Blanch, North Carolina33Straight


First of all I want to thank you for looking at my profile. My name is Mark but I go by my middle name Avery. I’m 6’1”, 215 pounds from Martinsville, Virginia. I’m definitely a country boy. I lift weights and I love burpees and sprinting for cardio. I love being outside in nature being adventurous. I was a criminal before coming to prison in 2015. Now I’m a Born Again Christian. I...

Janae' Ray #W068-132 - Primary Picture
Dayton, Ohio31Straight


My name is Janaè! I’m 32 years old. I’m bi-racial. I come from a blended family. I was raised Christian. I believe knowledge is power. Therefore, I am open to learn new things. Currently, my hair is red, yet I am naturally brunet, I think?!?

I am extremely down to earth. Actually, I was born on Earth Day. I am strong, ambitious, understanding, vocal and sensitive (wink) I...