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Alexis Walker #02116413
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Gatesville, Texas34Straight

Hi, my name is Alexis. I'm hoping to meet new people from all walks of life and establish some long term friendships while I'm incarcerated. I love to read and be outdoors. My favorite books are anything with zombies or dystopian fiction. If I could be anywhere in the world I'd pick a boat in the middle of an East Texas lake! I'm hoping to get my associates degree while I'm...

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Amadi Sosa #W107571
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South Walpole, Massachusetts24Straight


My name is Amadi but everyone calls me Sosa.  I'm 24 years old, 5’10” tall and weigh 186 lbs.  I'm 100% Dominican.  I'm originally from Lawrence, Mass., but I moved to Springfield when I turned 5 years old.

You may misconstrue my incarceration to that of a bad boy, but honesty, I'm a very humble and good-hearted person....

Terry Green #368377/3441420
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Westover, Maryland28Straight
African AmericanMuslim

Hello world,

Do to my misfortune or blessing from ALLAH (God), depending on how you view or look at things, I'm currently incarcerated.  I've learned that life doesn’t pause, stop or wait for anyone.  So all I can do as a human and man is practice masculinity, learn from my mistakes, and pick myself up, dust my pants off and keep one step in front of the other.  Spending...

Sonny Caston #116778
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Angola, Louisiana50Straight

White male; full name- Sonny James Caston; d/o/b 12-30-67, 6 ft. tall, 160 lbs., green eyes and brown hair.

I'm very loyal, caring and easy going…A country boy at heart.  I've been told by those who know me that I have a great sense of humor and a very positive outlook on life.  I would like to hear from pen-pals who are the same.  Pen pals with an open mind and who...

Cody Thomas #6452859
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Clarinda, Iowa29Straight

Hello, my name is Cody. I am currently serving time in a corrections institution for a robbery I committed when I was 19 years old. I can say I’m not the same person I was back then.

Here is a little about myself. I spend most of my days working at a private sector job building cargo trailers and when I’m not working I’m exercising or hanging with the friends. I like listening to music...

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Matthew Ramsey #A666-160
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Lucasville, Ohio25Straight

Hey there !!  :)

Blood makes you relatives


Makes you


Yeah, you’re reading the right profile!!  As you can see I love tattoos.  I'm covered in them.  I also am very passionate about music, it is my life!!  I am a very attentive listener, I love to hear people’s stories and share mine. 

I've been on a...

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Carmen Martinez #R88880
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Lincoln, Illinois24Straight

Hello, my name is Carmen.  I’m 24 years old, single, no kids, 5’ 1”, olive skin, Latina.  I joined this website with the intentions of furthering my education, finding positive vibes, build new circles, I’m open to anything.  I’m hoping to find someone who can help me accomplish my goals.  My dream is to be a professional tattoo artist.  I have a passion for art, I...

Riki Noffsinger #176468
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Fredonia, Kentucky37Straight

What’s up! :) My name is Riki and I am 37 years old, born and raised in Greenville, Ky. I have a dark complexion and have dark hair and beautiful green eyes. I am 5’2” and weigh 130 pounds. I am genuine and full of life and I’m looking to build a genuine relationship. I believe in love, and long to find someone who will stand beside me in life. Companionship and honesty mean a lot to me, and I...

Jared Thomas Bowley #217539
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West Liberty, Kentucky32Gay


My name is Jarod Thomas but my friends call me JT.  I got on Write a Prisoner looking for friends.  I'm taking a leap into the unknown with this but I'm excited about going on this new journey.

This is my first time in prison and it’s been hard trying to be myself.  I'm in several classes and I'm...

Zachary Branch #A715-747
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Lucasville, Ohio30Straight


My name is Zach.  I'm thirty years old, single, no kids, and never married.  I joined the US Army out of high school for four years.  I was able to see the world at a young age.  I was stationed in Vicenza, Italy, outside of Venice.  I've seen a lot of Europe and some of Asia, including Afghanistan twice.  I have...

Adam Grimes #A641-878
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Leavittsburg, Ohio31Straight

Hello, my name is Adam and I'm looking for some friends.  I'm not interested in a romantic relationship or sexual talk.  I would like some normal conversation.

I am a loyal and honest person, despite my charges and past.  I've given up drugs and turned myself around.  Judge me for who I am and what I do now, not what I've done...

Juan Rojas #835133C
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Rahway, New Jersey34Straight

Hi, my name is Juan Rojas. I’m 33 years old, 5’9” tall with black hair, dark brown eyes and a big, heavy build. My Zodiac sign is Cancer. I’m of Cuban and Puerto Rican ethnicity, pure Caribbean.

I’m a loyal, respectful and compassionate man. I made a bad decision 16 ½ years ago and have been paying for it ever since. I have 7 years until my release and I can’t wait to be free so I can...

Douglas Yim #AS4979
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Soledad, California39Straight

Hi, my name’s Doug and thanks for viewing my profile. I’m 38 years old and I’m originally from the Bay Area, California. I grew up in New York City and moved to California at 11 years old. I’m glad that I got to experience living on both coasts of the U.S. because I got to see lots of different sights.

I graduated college in 2007 at SFSU and majored in Radio & TV with an emphasis...

Dante Carter #233362
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Rush City, Minnesota24Straight
African American


My name is Dante. I’m hoping to meet some people to help me establish positive contacts on the outside. I accomplished a lot while incarcerated like gaining my diploma, positive work ethic, learned new trades and a lot more. I will continue to work diligently and hope to re-enter society as a productive member.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile here on...

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Anthony Rechichi #185543
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Stillwater, Minnesota38Straight

Hi, my name is Tony. How is everyone doing out there? I’m a first timer here on the site. I’ve seen how others were connecting with people so, I thought I’d give this all a shot.

I am in prison for robbing two banks and have about 2 years left. Right now I’m in a max/supermax facility so a lot of things to do are limited. It’s always a battle dealing with alone, although I do my best...

Jeffery Wood #00999256
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Livingston, Texas45Straight

Greetings, I come to you all in hopes of finding people who love to write and receive letters from someone who listens, cares, and gives his best advice without judging. I know not all of you will like me or what I write and that's fine. But I am asking you to give me a chance to get to know me for my words and actions towards you, not what others may say or think of me...

Craig Nichols #B87939
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Ina, Illinois27Straight
African American


My name is Craig Nichols.  Here is a little about myself; I like to read a variety of books, I have a sense of humor out of this world.  I am talented, intelligent, plus kind and warm hearted.

While incarcerated, I’m three credits short of my degree.  I have hopes and dreams, so I’m doing this time so upon my release I can strive for something real.

Antonio Ervin #R70985
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Pinckneyville, Illinois29Straight
African American


I’ve been lonely for a couple years and to change you have to start with yourself and the people around you. So instead of looking back for temporary comfort I’m here looking for the support of a new friend, or that someone special. I have no kids and disappointed where I’m at in life. Help brighten it!

Nur-Raheem Pack #981066B
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Rahway, New Jersey40Straight
African American

Peace, my name is unique. I’m looking for friends to write and talk to. I have no kids and I am single. My hobbies are working out and listening to music. And I’m in college getting my A.A. – Associate’s Degree.

Thank you for liking my profile. I look forward to hearing from you.

Peace unique…

Anthony Jessup #W100297
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Norfolk, Massachusetts29Straight

Hello world, it’s me, Anthony Jessup, my friends call me Game though, so feel free to as well, cause I mean isn’t that the reason for all this anyway – to become friends? Right? Okay, so where do I start…Um, I’m 29 years old, I’m Puerto Rican and Black, I’m 5’8”, 175 pounds. I love candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach LOL, nah, I’m just kidding (never did any of that). Who knows...

Richard Bailey #83025-080
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Coleman, Florida41Straight

My name is Richard “Adam” Bailey, I’m 41 years old from Midland, Texas. I’ve been in Federal Prison for 5 ½ years, I have about 3 ½ years left.

On the outside I’m an oil field worker; specifically I roughneck on drilling rigs. I love working out and cool tattoo work. Also read a lot of books.

My best friend is my mom. I’m truly a “Momma’s boy”.

I’d love to have someone...

Brandy Ely #W074016
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Dayton, Ohio32Bi-sexual

Hi, my name is Brandy Ely. I’m 32 years old. I’m currently incarcerated in Ohio. I’m from Columbus, Ohio originally. I’m 5’7”, 150 pounds, black hair, hazel eyes. I have 2 children (boys), they are my world and everything in it. I’m a yoga instructor. I love meditating, it’s very stimulating in a lot of ways. I love to work out and dance. I love to shop, also love cooking and am very good at...

Dwayne Powell #311450
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Somers, Connecticut35Straight


My name is Dwayne. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to acknowledge my profile. I decided to take part in this program to fill a lot of idle time and in hopes of finding someone who’s willing to get to know me and someone I can learn about, a friend. I can be down to earth and humorous at the same time. I like reading, mostly about cars; import, modifications,...

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David Bounds #T96305
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Shirley, Massachusetts44Straight

I don’t have the fragile male ego, so I don’t need to constantly talk about myself. As you are aware of my plight, I'm a bit of a risk taker.  This has let me be able to tour different state penal facilities.  Now I'm a connoisseur of awful cuisine!  Please don’t get me started on DOC’s totally and complete lack of any fashion sense!  As I'm living it!

I've a sense...

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Bartolo Dominguez Jr #01572772
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Beeville, Texas32Straight

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile! So, here’s where I add a few words for prospective friends to read and to decide if I’m worthy. Rest assured I’m definitely worth it LOL. I’m looking for friends to help expand my knowledge and keep me in the loop with today’s fast evolving technology. I would love to travel someday and see the world. I’m intrigued by so many different cultures...

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