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Brenda Speh #00338690
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Henning, Tennessee40

Hi, my name is Brinda. I am hoping to meet some people who are interested in becoming friends.

I enjoy sports and I love to read, mostly Non-Fiction, Historical books, and some Fantasy.

I love to learn and am hoping to hear from you soon.

Danny Tharp #00328681
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Tiptonville, Tennessee52Straight
Native American

Weight: 190 pounds

Height: 6’0”

Hobbies: Music, Motor-boating, fast-cars, and traveling adventures.

Career focus: Healthy relationship, successful employment, and financial gains.

I would like to thank and pen-pals for this membership and your support encouraging me to a brighter future. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.


Joyce Song #1164371
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Las Vegas, Nevada29Straight

I am looking for someone who is open-minded and understanding. A gentleman who can look past my mistakes and accept me for who I am today. I have had enough false hopes in my life so I would love for this special someone to be my rock, my anchor, and a shoulder I can lean on. A real man who is willing to stand beside me, be there for me, and not be afraid to make my dreams our reality. I am a...

Karlie Lawitzke #936598
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Ypsilanti, Michigan25Bi-sexual

Hello, my name is Karlie and I'm looking to meet someone great that knows how to make me laugh and has a wonderful personality. I wanna find someone I can JPay or write that keeps a smile on my face and that keeps me looking forward to hearing from. I'm huge on telling the truth and keeping it real, so if you lie or tell stories, please don't waste your time. I have a little over 7 years left...

Shawn  Skelton #337282
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Airway Heights, Washington34Straight

My name is Shawn Skelton, and I made a series of poor decisions that led to my arrest in 2009. In order to ensure this doesn't happen ever again, I have committed myself to change. Through education, self-improvement classes, and maintaining consistent employment, I believe I have greatly improved my chances for post-prison success. This journey never ends however, so I am constantly...

Kenneth Hyde  #12080472
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Tillamook, Oregon40Straight

Hello out there!

If you are alone and wishing for someone to talk to, who can make you laugh, who’s fun to be around, a good listener, and supportive of your ideas, so am I. It can get pretty lonely in here at times, sure would be nice to hear from a non-judgmental person who will except me for who I am and not what I’ve done.

I am a loyal and faithful person who enjoys all...

Cody Mayfield #42807-177
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Oakdale, Louisiana41Straight

Hello, my name is Cody Mayfield. I’m 40 years old, 6 feet 5 inches tall and weigh 250 pounds. My hobbies are body building and living a healthy lifestyle. I love the gym and my passion is helping others. My hopes and dreams are to one day help troubled youth and to do all I can to keep others from taking the path or making the mistakes I made to get here. I’ve cut all ties with my past and...

Wayne Marshall #AX5797
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Ione, California44Straight


My name is Wayne. I’m hoping to meet some positive people on the outside. I’m changing my life and furthering my education and need to prepare for the outside world. I was arrested in 2003 for bank robbery and was supposed to parole in 2012. I let prison gang politics stand in my way, instead I’m serving 20 more years in state custody. I’m working on my Human Services Degree to...

James Banks #01125969
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Hondo, Texas37
African AmericanBaptist

Have you had any experience in life that has totally changed your perspectives? That has altered your paradigm and has given you a new purpose? Take a moment and think: what led both you and I to this single moment in life? Perhaps it’s time for a change, something new.

“Non Sum Quails Eram”, I’m not who I used to be. That’s the rationale that led to my contribution in this chance...

Benjamin Mac Willis #A741-015
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Lebanon, Ohio37Straight


I hope whoever is reading this is in the best of spirits. My name is Benjamin Mac Willis. I’m 5’6”, 160 pounds. I’m from Wilmington, Ohio. I am Puerto Rican and Black. I have a full time job but I’m currently in the process of trying to further my education. I’m working on programs, really anything that will keep me in a positive mind frame as I get closer to coming home....

Jose Cruz #1077626
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Indian Springs, Nevada21Straight

Incarcerated from the age of 13, I learned to appreciate the qualities we take for granted. Friendship based on honesty helps communicate and compromise . They say, “It’s through others that you find yourself”, so let’s find each other and have a positive and outlook on life.

I’m very passionate about what and who I write. I hope to connect with someone to match that passion. I enjoy...

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Willie Edwards #191257
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St. Louis, Michigan49Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello Ladies,

I am looking for a female friend with a good sense of humor, sincere, carries herself like a lady, clean, nice personality, positive attitude, and can focus on us developing a friendship. I have a good sense of humor, nice personality, clean, sincere, like to laugh, don’t go by looks and know how to treat a woman like a lady.

I’m an open minded man who loves to...

Christopher Ferre #393644
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Yacolt, Washington28Straight

Hey, I’m putting this on here because Chris is my best friend and I hate to see him down, he really doesn’t belong there. He’s a good dude that loves to work out and have fun. I’m hoping by posting this for him I can cheer him up and get him some positive attention.

Chris has never let me down and has always been willing to help me out. So Chris…here’s to you my friend!


Fernando Arellano #AL3483
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Calipatria, California32Straight

Hi, I’m Fernando. I came into the world September 7th, 1986 born in California. I was raised in Mexico in a small family. I have been in prison for 8 years, learning each day how to be a productive role model to our youth and a pillar to our society.

I’m interested in meeting new friends, learning more about different cultures, your goals in correspondence as well as growing...

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Anthony Williams #R34843
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Vienna, Illinois38Straight
African American


My name is Anthony, I am looking for friends to write me from all cultures. I could only hope, pray that they reach a set of eyes whose heart and mind display empathy, knowledge and understanding.

I grew up in Chicago, Illinois West Side. My hobbies are I enjoy sports and weightlifting. I love music. I take great pleasure in making other’s smile. With that said, feel...

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Matthew Goins #287641
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Eddyville, Kentucky31Gay


What’s up? I’m Matt and I’m looking to find someone that I can get to know. What better way is there than to try this? If you don’t know prison is a very lonely place. So, having someone to talk to is something that I truly desire. Everyone around me talks about nothing but negative and unrealistic stuff. I’m looking to find someone who has goals and is on a whole different level...

Benjamin Freedland #72119-066
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Butner, North Carolina35Straight

Hey there –

Thanks for checking out my profile! I’m seeking companionship while I’m incarcerated via phone, e-mail, or visitation. I’m a non-violent inmate serving time for Marijuana charges. I enjoy traveling and have been to 29 countries and 49 states. I also enjoy scuba diving and aviation. In prison, I’ve been passing my time by reading and working out. Currently, I’m studying to...

Manuel Gonzalez  #02059969
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Rosharon, Texas29Straight

That smile caught your attention, right? LOL J/K Hope that free world is treating you right and if not, I’m here to listen and make it better. I’m wishing that for the both of us. I look forward to meeting you and all the amazing ideas that cross your mind. I envision someone that I can communicate with that has an unbiased opinion and is as open minded as I am.

This is a no judgment...

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Dario Ballard #01910762
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Iowa Park, Texas29

Hello people! I’m here for the laughs, smiles and good times. I’m an open minded person, and I’d really love to reach out worldwide, east to west, north to south. I’m a curious person and would like to get to know other peoples and countries lifestyles! I’m looking for friendship and companionship through correspondence. I’m very artistic and art is one of my main hobbies.


Heriberto Benavides #35755-279
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Beaumont, Texas29Straight


My name is Heriberto Benavides Jr. I am bilingual, my hometown is Laredo, Texas. I am 29 years old, Hispanic. I am hoping to meet new friends to help me establish positive contacts on the outside. I am a high school graduate and interested in furthering my education while incarcerated. I was a truck driver (owner operator) before I came to prison. I have a 96 month sentence...

Romance Armstrong #17867-030
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White Deer, Pennsylvania31Straight
African American

What’s up world? My name is Romance Armstrong. I’m 30 years old from Davenport, Iowa but will be moving to Texas as soon as I’m free. I’m currently serving a 7 year bid on a gun charge with 3 ½ years left to go. Since I’ve been down I’ve completed my G.E.D. and have also helped others to get theirs. I like to make music, read, write and work out. I’m currently in the process of writing my...

Van Allen Smith #35061-177
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Jesup, Georgia34Straight

In this life little feels better than feeling worthy.

This is going to be a long introduction but I’m very short on time left in prison and I want you to make an informed decision if I’m someone you want to be friends with. I’m delving into personal depths about where I’ve been, what’s happened to me and who I’ve become because of it.

Good news first! This is a bad boy turned...

Robert England #361953
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Lapeer, Michigan35Straight

Easygoing but ambitious guy looking for a down to earth woman who wants something out of life and believes people can be redeemed. I’ve been locked up a long time now and my release date in late 2019 is coming up quickly. Current parole options are Michigan, North Carolina and Kentucky. To be honest I’m a little scared, a lot excited but most importantly, I’m ready. I am accountable for who I...

Tyree Jenkins #A750-453
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Mansfield, Ohio31Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Tyree, I’m 31, single and I have 2 beautiful children; no baby mama drama, I’m doing this time alone. I was sentenced to 6 years; I did 2, I have 4 years left which is enough time for me to accomplish a few more goals I set in my life. I love animals. I’m very outspoken. I like go to parks, walks on the beach, going to movies; I like it all. I love to have fun.

I’m looking...

Lucius Felder #04751-095
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Pollock, Louisiana42Straight
African American


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lucius Felder. I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I’m 42 years of age. The reason for my incarceration is because I allowed greed to get the best of me by dealing drugs. I’ve been in here over 13 years and I must say that I’m truly learning what it takes to be a complete and better me. This experience has given me the opportunity...