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Salem, Oregon38Straight

Dear World,

In search of a good woman; kind, spirited, trustworthy, with plans to grow.

I'm a hard man but soft spirit and in the process of growing to be a better man and friend. I am business minded and very open to new positive ventures. I can say I'm searching for Ms. Right because reaching for the stars, with practice, is not hard. 

So please let me know if...

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Soledad, California43Straight


My name is Rudy. I am 43 years young, 5'3" and 140 pounds. I have light brown skin, short black hair, I have a few tattoos and I am in good physical shape.

I will share that I am looking forward to meeting a woman to get to know to share moments with, to laugh with and make smile. I believe in being there in the times when life seems difficult, that I know is important...

Umatilla, Oregon28Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

Are you seeking a new friend and tired of the same old lies as well as guys who are lacking respect, honesty and sincerity?  Looking for someone you can talk to and share laughs with, someone who pays attention, shows affection and appreciation?  Well look no further…..I promise is to give you all of these things and more.

I'm a very good listener and enjoy playing that role...

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Crescent City, California44Straight

Hello to all, my name is Sergio. I'm currently doing life in prison for murder. I'm 5'4", 160 pounds. I'm down to earth, love to make people laugh, love sports, especially baseball. Go Dodgers! I love to read and write.

So, thank you for taking some time to read my profile.



Concord, Massachusetts46Straight
African AmericanChristian


What’s Up?

My name is Jamall, and I'd like to say thank you for taking a moment out of your day to view my profile, because I'm sure you could be doing something else. 

Besides that, I'm from Boston, Massachusetts and right now I'm below sea level, but knowing that everything in life changes my circumstances will change also.  So I'm taking a chance to...

Rahway, New Jersey44Straight
African AmericanOther


My name is Marcus, I am 6 foot 1 inch tall, 254 pounds and 44 years of age.  I enjoy reading, drawing, playing chess as well as watching do-it-yourself programs on TV.  I am also into learning about new people, other cultures and new places.

I am looking for someone who has good conversation as well as a good sense of humor.

Thank you for taking the time...

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Kenedy, Texas36Straight

Hey, what’s up?

As you know I'm looking forward to meeting a new friend, someone exciting, fresh and adventurous.  You must understand though, my situation limits my physical presence, so if you give me the pleasure, we could experience a hell of a fun, mental journey and close in on the gap that separates our worlds.

Yes, you may see I have a loooong time more to do and...

Tennessee Colony, Texas34Straight
African AmericanMethodist

“In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”

Ash-adu allaa ilaaha illallaahu, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadar-Rasulullaah.

My government name is Donald Antra Carr.  Growing up I was called by most people Andre or Dre as a nickname.  I am now called by my given attribute Rashid Ali Mohammed. 

I am the oldest of 6 siblings on my mother's side and...

Richmond, Texas54Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Andre and I'm from Houston, Texas.  I'm 54 years old, a father of 2 and Grandfather of 3.  I'm interested in meeting new people to build positive friendships through correspondence.

My hobbies and interests include: sports, philosophy, current events and just about anything which promotes positive, spiritual and intellectual growth.  I will not...

Coleman, Florida35Straight
African AmericanChristian

Humble Greetings (Smile),

My name is Lacey McClam, on 8/20 the Lord has greatly blessed me to see 35 years on this wonderful earth. Unfortunately, throughout a portion of those years I made some poor choices in my teenage and young adult stage of which I’m undergoing the consequences of those irrational offenses.

However, along this journey I have encountered someone who...

Lima, Ohio42Straight
African AmericanBaptist

My name is Jessie J. McShan, Jr. I'm looking for a woman or man to have a conversation with. Someone to get to know.

I have been locked up for over 20 years and I'm looking for positive vibes and people to get to know and build a friendship with.

To tell you something about myself: I love reading, walking, and taking life slow day-by-day.

I've lost a lot of family and...

Angie, Louisiana36Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello world, before I begin I must first admit that my mind is an asset and my heart is a gift, so honestly I just exposed two of my greatest attributes. There are so many ways that I can choose to define myself, or give you a glimpse into certain aspects of my expectations in response to this. But my intentions are to only give you enough to make you curious, or arouse your interest to the...

Newtown, Connecticut47Straight


I hope that as you are reading this you are in good spirits and in the best of health. I'm an optimist with a great sense of humor who loves to read, write and educate myself. I'm giving this a shot because I would like to have a female friend to correspond with. At the moment I'm only looking for a friendship, but I won't rule out the possibility of a romantic relationship in...

Canon City, Colorado38Straight

I sit behind these walls with nothing but time on my hands to think about who I am as a man and what I am truly seeking in this life. Although these fences confine me for the present, they definitely do not define the real me. I fully admit that I have made some bad decisions in the past, but I also know that I have something real and tangible to offer someone who, like me is looking for some...

Susanville, California34Straight

As you can see I'm a proud black Dominican man in prison who is looking to get to know a good woman, who is looking for a good man who has been through it all.  And who knows what a good woman can do for a good man.  (ie; made him a better man)   So if you like what you see, then you can drop a line or two my way.  Or if you just need someone to listen to you, then don...

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Jesup, Georgia39Straight

My name is Jeremiah Burkhart, I am from Hinesville, Georgia but was raised in Brunswick, Georgia and along the East Coast I caught my Federal conspiracy to distribute 1.5 kg to 5 kg of methamphetamine.  Second drug trafficking charges out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

I am recently separated and soon to be divorced.  I adore being a father and friend to my children while watching...

Houston, Texas43Straight

To that special someone.

Hello, my name is Javier Huron. I’m from San Antonio, Texas. I currently reside in Austin, Texas.

I’ve been incarcerated seven years for the distributing Methamphetamine. Due to the passing of the First Step Act, I will now be released within 12 months.

I’m seeking a pen-pal, a friend who is open-minded! I’d like to build a solid foundation with...

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Albion, New York32Bi-sexual


I’m Heather Tillinghast, I'm 31 years old.  I'm not interested in a relationship, I am just interested in friendships that can help me prosper and become a better person.   It's not about what you know, it's about who you know.

I am currently enrolled in Marymount Manhattan College and I'm halfway to achieving my Liberal Arts degree.  I also work as a...

Jackson, Michigan41Straight

Hello, my name is Dario. Seeing how my travel plans are currently on hold, I was hoping to meet some new friends on here.

I'm from Detroit, Michigan, but I've also lived in Cotton, California. I'm trying to make it out there again one day. There's a lot of places I still want to see. Right now my day is filled with playing sports, working out, and making artwork. I've had a lot of time...

Dallas, Texas46Straight

I, Jessie Flores, am 46 years old. I'm looking for companionship and legal assistance. My goal is to get home sooner to help care for my mother. She's getting up there in age and needs my help.

Before I was incarcerated, I was the one to prepare her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She isn't able to write me anymore, but when I speak to her she tells me how much she misses me and the...

Tennessee Colony, Texas31Straight


My name is Titus. I'm from Mesquite, Texas.

I'm in search of a pen-pal. Someone who enjoys meeting and getting to know new people as much as I do. Someone who I can pass my time and have good conversations with. Someone who's easy going, not judgmental, and open-minded.

I enjoy reading books and staying in shape. I'm outgoing and I'll try almost anything at least...

St Anthony, Idaho31Straight

Let me start this off with my name. I am Raul Cuevas. I'm not looking for a sugar momma or to jump right into a relationship.

As a man, I take care of myself and I am looking for good conversations. From there, we will see where things take us.

I am an outgoing guy who is loyal, humble, and I have a great sense of humor. If you'd like to take a walk on the beach, I'm your man,...

St. Anthony, Idaho29Straight
African AmericanProtestant

If you're reading this it must mean that I am doing something right? This is my first time doing something like this.

To begin. my name is Kyle. I'm currently incarcerated for grand theft, there's nothing to be proud of or with but I own my mistake. I am easy going and can pick a conversation pretty well. I am a sportsman, I have to say Kevin Durant is my team Haha.

Really, I...

West Liberty, Kentucky29Straight

I am interested in having a true friend whom I can correspond to and pray with also. I grew up in a solid Christian home and then fell into some bad decisions with the wrong people. I took a plead deal which I have regretted but I know God will help me as He primes me through this journey.

I love my parents and I love genuine and sincere people. I'm as real as they get and never...

Amarillo, Texas48Straight


I'm an eclectic, open minded, unashamed nerd that loves both sci-fi and fantasy.  Magic the Gathering is the greatest card game…..ever.  I'd love to share deck ideas.  I'm very open to other games like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Star Wars, and so on.  I'm also big into RPGs. Just ask my Tengu rogu, Tycho.

I am also a huge fan of Manga and Anime.  I cut my teeth...