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Gabriel Salcedo #10973-208
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Terre Haute, Indiana40Straight

Hi, my name is Gabriel.  I'm hoping to get letters to have something to look forward to and share a conversation with someone. It gets lonely in here and there's no better way to help pass time than writing to someone. I am a very funny, easy going guy.  Write me! 

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Wyatt Tripp #115475
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Karnes City, Texas23Straight

Hi, I'm 23 years old, my sign is Cancer. I'm currently serving a seven year sentence. I'm outgoing and I'm fun to be around, if you like to laugh and have a good time! I've made a few bad choices in my life but I'm working towards a better me. I'm looking for people that are open and have enough time to do a couple minutes with me. I love to hear about the outside, so get to my mail box! :D...

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LaDon Smith #A721-001
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Chillicothe, Ohio37Straight
African American


My name is LaDon but people call me Luggage.  I’m 36 years old, I’m actually a good guy who made a wrong decision which landed me a nine year sentence in prison.  I have only one felony which I caught 3 ½ years ago but other than that I had no felonies.

I have kids which I love but I’m also single so jail gets lonely...

Tareek Hendricks #150519
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Warren, Maine36Straight
African AmericanMuslim

Hello, my sweet, independent and beautiful sisters.  My name is Tareek Syhee; my friends call me Tye.  I'm going to be 36 years old in May-"Team Taurus".  I'm from Brooklyn, N.Y., and currently incarcerated in Maine.  I'm looking to converse with smart and down-to-earth women who knows what it takes to be against all odds and still bounce back and...

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Keith McKinney #12461-088
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Beaumont, Texas36Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Keith McKinney from Detroit, Michigan in search of a friend that will hopefully end up in something long term.  I am a Christian who loves music and adventure.  My outdate is 4/26/19, which gives us a year to get to know each other.  I love to travel, so I'm open to relocation if necessary.  Must be single. 

Lamar Boston #A-676-094
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Lucasville, Ohio26Straight
African American

Beyond the everyday darkness that sometimes fills this earth, I pray this reaches an angel in the best of spirits.  I’m a good man whose locked up in an unfortunate situation; a man of honesty, loyalty, integrity, wisdom and sincerity.

I have a genuine interest in building a pure friendship with someone that can remind me that I’...

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Robert Wilson #04350-078
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Herlong, California43Straight
African AmericanCatholic

Greetings Ms. Lady…

If you are viewing this, is it safe to say that something about me has captured your interest?  Well, I can personally guarantee that if you're willing to unlock the possible by finding the free time to indulge in making my acquaintance, then I can assure you that your time won’t be in vain.

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Heather Sprankle #0001188805
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Hawkinsville, Georgia31Bi-sexual

Hi, my name is Heather. I'm hoping to meet some people to help me establish positive contacts on the outside. I'm interested in furthering my education while incarcerated. I love to read, especially nonfiction. I will continue to work diligently and can't wait to re-enter society as a productive member. I really can't wait to hear from you.

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Franklin Williams #EZ7264
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Waynesburg, Pennsylvania36Straight


My name is Frank.  I want to tell you about myself, I’ve been incarcerated for a while now, I am on the downside of my incarceration.

I’ve used my time away to learn from my mistakes and grow into a better man.  It’s been a journey filled...

Daniel Boyden #12-B-0838
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Dannemora, New York30Straight

Hello, how are you doing?  I am doing well here, but will be better when you write.  First off, I want to say thank you for taking time to read my ad.  My name is Danny and I'm from Syracuse, New York.  I'm placing this ad with hopes fo finding friends and hopefully that special someone.

In the six years I have been down, I've grown and changed for the...

Bradly Woods #6885680
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Anamosa, Iowa29

I am a Chicano from the San Fernando Valley in California.  I have been incarcerated awhile now and in all honesty I use to mess up a lot.  But I decided to turn my life around and just because I am doing time I should not waste time.  By accepting responsibility and holding myself accountable for mu future, I have educated myself and conduct myself in...

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Tiffany Thomas #14068-027
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Waseca, Minnesota32

Hello everyone,
I am Tiffany.  I'm 31 years of age and serving a five year sentence.  I'm looking for friends to write me.  I will be soon reintegrating back into society in the next year.  I hope to meet some positive people to write me.

I am a very outgoing, fun, and warmhearted young lady with a great...

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Robert Cantell #W36380
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Norfolk, Massachusetts62Straight

Namaste! I thought I’d light a candle, rather than sit and curse the dark.

I am an eternal optimist and am hoping to meet like-minded others for fun, friendship, and…I’ve been down forever.  (Jury trial – Ugh.  Boy, I won’t do that again!)   But, I’ve accomplished a few good things: three college degrees, furloughs, and parole after 33...

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Landon Ecklund #16695346
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Ontario, Oregon32Straight

I'm a fun, smart and outgoing individual. I try to live everyday like it’s my last.  Tomorrow isn’t promised so why not enjoy the moment.  I'm a very adventurous person, sometimes you got to get in the car and drive till you get lost.  I love the outdoors but I also enjoy sitting back and relaxing while watching a good movie.


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Gabriel Bailon #1591384
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Kenedy, Texas39Straight

Hello Ladies,

I want to apologize to you, for being in prison, because I know that you’ve been looking for me.  I know that you’ve been looking for that good, righteous and dominant man that will love and cherish everything about you.

I know that you’ve been looking for Him that will see you and know you.  You see, I know you’re ever thought…your every emotion. ...

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Guadalupe Santoya #00683964
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Tennessee Colony, Texas41Straight


Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time.

First of all I pray that everything is good with you and your loved ones.

Honestly…  I’m nervous and I’m not good at this, so please just give me a shot.

I’m cool and laid back, I love honesty.  I dislike lies and B.S. drama.  I love to read, play basketball, Dominoes, Chess and listen to...

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Sean Breaux #548562
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Cottonport, Louisiana29Straight

White, divorced male, with custody of two of his daughters (9 & 11). They are with his mother while in jail (since Oct. 29, 2015). Wants someone to write to him (besides family). He is a country boy at heart and loves the outdoors. He is a hard worker. At one time he had his own tire shop in Erath, Louisiana.

Since he has been in jail he has gotten...

Edy Berreondo #P-45750
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Avenal, California36Straight

My name is Edy and I am 36 years old.  I was born in Brooklyn, New York, but raised in California since the age of two.  I am single and I have no kids.  I have been incarcerated for almost 18 years and have a couple to go.  I am in hopes of meetings a friend that I may bond with and share the same interests as I may have.

Since my stay here I have learned to...

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David Stiger #173084
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Burgin, Kentucky40Straight

Free Next Year!

To the eyes that fall upon me…May you see the truth in the form of a man. Though not perfect, I’m a perfect imperfection. Quality in my being, royalty in my ways…but what’s a King with no kingdom? What significance is his crown when it’s stripped of all meaning, power and notoriety? Ultimately, what’s a King with no Queen to share his crown? A simple man, that’s me....

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Julius Webster #170976
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Limon, Colorado32Straight
African American


My badge of honor reads Julius Webster. I’m 32 years young. I have a very high profile case. It was displayed in the show (The First 48 Hours). You can Google my name to get a glimpse into my life. Now when it comes to my name some hold it high and some try to cover it in dirt, but for the Queen who won’t allow my past to scare her away from my kingdom, I ask that you allow our...

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Errol Godfrey-Hill #371089
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Suffield, Connecticut23Straight

Hello World,

I hope all is well. First and foremost my name is Errol, I’m 23, a Virgo and I’m from Connecticut. I’m a humble person who enjoys swimming, working out and reading. This is something very new to me and was more so encouraged to try it. I’ve been incarcerated since I was 19, unfortunately it’s for a substantial amount of...

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Shavell Brown #656324
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New Lisbon, Wisconsin38Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is Shavell.  I'm 37 years old from Chicago, Illinois.  I love traveling, cooking, shopping, working out, and going to comedy shows.  I also enjoy driving semi-trucks too!

I'm trying to connect with positive people who want something out of life and that follow their dreams.  If you would like to know...

Jose Duque #01900316
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Beeville, Texas21Straight

Hello, my name is Jose Duque, I am 5’8” and weigh about 175 pounds. I am from Houston born and raised there. As you will be able to see I got incarcerated when I was 15 years old. I pretty much don’t know anything about life. I am looking for friends that would like to share their plans, hopes, achievements and life experiences with me, I have a lot of time to do, but...

Jessie Baker #1263122
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Omaha, Nebraska31Straight

Just a bit about me…I’m like a rollercoaster ride beneath a clear, starry sky…just so wild, adventurous and free spirited yet, with the joy, serenity and wisdom of the ages!

Doesn’t that sound so poetic?? LOL

I could tell you more about me, like how I’m loyal, or the principles I stand on as a man…but...

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William Segura #AV-9129
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San Luis Obispo, California37Straight

Hi, my name is William and I'm an incarcerated Veteran from Southern California.  I am currently serving a sentence for a tragedy that I am solely responsible for and I live with the shame and guilt daily.

In my former life, I served in the U.S. Navy, honorably for six years.  I was stationed at naval bases in Chicago,...

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