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Tyrone Brown #21867-055
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Oklahoma City, OklahomaStraight
African AmericanMuslim

Hey, what's up?! My name is Ty. I'm in a Federal Prison looking for a friend or two with the possibility of settling down. I'm positive and productive and love family! I'm 26 and my release date is 2026.  I look forward to waking up every day and thanking GOD for another day.

Hit me up, I'm as real as it gets - come and see! You might like what you see but I know for a fact you'll...

Angelena Fortin #477773
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Ypsilanti, Michigan18Straight

Looking for pen pals that are positive, funny and kind. I have 12 years minimum so I need positive ways to occupy my mind. I've already learned from this experience that this is not the way I want my life to be. So my goal is to pay my dues, not cause myself any problems in here, get my GED and hopefully some college or technical skills training and be ready to re-start my...

Michael Harvey #061899
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Winslow, Arizona52Straight

Hello, Amazing Person

I don’t just say that to be kind.  I believe anyone who would spend their time to write me a letter, has to be amazing.  I will never take that for granted and always treat you with respect.

I am a very open and honest person.  I have no issues with sharing my true self with you or just listening as you share.  I won’t ever try and...

Jacob Brydenthal #AZ3181
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Corcoran, CaliforniaStraight

I'm 5'10" and 160 pounds. My dad is white and mom Puerto Rican. I'm currently incarcerated for making the wrong choices that I regret, so I'm improving myself for the future. I've learned how to draw portraits and collages, so a majority of my day is spent working on my art. I also enjoy reading non-fiction, self-help, history, and educational books. I exercise at least five times a week with...

Michael Holbert #23220-009
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Edgefield, South Carolina37Straight


My name is Michael.  I hoping to start a few friendships with people on the Write a Prisoner website.  I'm an easy going guy that lies to laugh and joke.  I try to keep a smile on my face while keeping a positive outlook on things.  

I enjoy being outside as much as possible, even when it’s cold.  I really love being around water, whether it be a...

Isaac Bragg #34598-298
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Beaumont, Texas38Straight
African AmericanChristian

Say Ladies,

They call me Icy Black Magic. I’m from the King Golden State and well seasoned like a tasty steak. When I talk, people listen, I’m the biggest thang since the TV invention.

Did I mention, I like long hair and pretty toes. You gotta be a real, certified carnivore to be wit me, everyone knows. So don’t be afraid to take a second look at a real crook. I make by the...

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Jason Ross #A615077
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Toledo, Ohio35Straight

Hi, my name is Jason I am from a small town in Ohio but lived most of my life in Everglades, Florida.

I am looking for someone who is mature and open-minded, someone to make my life a little better. I seem to always have a smile on my face and it doesn’t take much to make me laugh. I enjoy working out and listening to music. I like to eat healthy and keep a schedule when I have time....

Douglas Howard #723679
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Jackson, Michigan26Straight

Hi, my name is Douglas. 

I’ve started this profile hoping I would meet new people and make new friends. I’ve heard really good things about this pen pal service from another gentleman what have used it, sharing with me about the connections they’ve made and the obstacles they’ve overcome since connection over his profile.

So here I am!
Easy going and laid back....

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Dashun Worthey #02069028
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Diboll, Texas29Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello, and more salutations and other cheery greetings to all my wonderful viewers.  First off, thank you for taking the time to read my ad to get a little insight about me.  Regardless of my missteps, mistakes, deliberate infractions, and other ill and negatives that are scattered amongst my past, I'm still a wonderful person to know.


Andrew Van Noordennen #392243
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Suffield, Connecticut28Straight


My name is Andrew but people call me Drew. I’m trying to find pen pals who live in the Northeast continental United States. I enjoy reading, writing, watching TV and movies and listening to music. My favorite writer is David Foster Wallace, my favorite philosopher is probably Camus, favorite artist is Bosch, favorite composer is Holst, favorite Rapper is probably a toss-up...

Marcus Nelson #AK7914
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Tehachapi, California27Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Marcus.  To be totally honest, I'm looking for a girl who is very understanding and easy to get along with.  I am working on myself while in prison so that I can be a better human being once I'm released.

I spend my time working out, reading, playing basketball, and of course, my job assignment.  First and foremost, I look forward to making friends and...

Michael Bledsoe #248864
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Fredonia, Kentucky28Gay


My name is Michael and I'm looking for good friends to meet and who knows?  Maybe that special somebody!! 

I’ve been incarcerated since 2011 and have opened my eyes up to a lot since then.  I've received my GED and have completed two vocational trades in auto body and electricity.  I've done my best to turn this negative experience into a positive one...

Joshua Abshier #142381
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Canon City, ColoradoStraight

Hello, my name is Josh. I am a 32 year old professional artist. I tattoo, paint murals, and design clothing. Unfortunately, my disregard for laws has brought me too close to the sun and I got burned. On the fortunate side, I am learning from my mistakes that led me here. I am finding new ways of expressing myself through my art. I am currently the lead specialty paint artist on this yard. When...

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Bronson Blake McCarty #01988065
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Lovelady, Texas28Straight

Hello, my name is Bronson. I'm 28 years old and I'm from Tyler, TX. I love the piney woods and country living, definitely an outdoorsman. Unfortunately, I'm in timeout right now due to some lawless activity. I'm not making a career out of this, just passing through. Life lessons and lesson learned.

I am currently in a state of extreme boredom and would like to get to know some new...

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Enrique Bravo #02169923
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Huntsville, Texas27Straight
African American


My name is Enrique Bravo.  I'm looking for friends to write me and I have chosen the best pen-pal website on the internet. 

My hobbies are reading, writing music, and build my character for the better.

Thank you for visiting my profile.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Michael Darby #878015
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Kincheloe, Michigan23Straight
African American

Wassup?  I'm Michael. I'm 23 years old; a Sagittarius.  I'm looking forward to meeting women who I can build an honest friendship with.  I enjoy learning and growing intellectually and have hopes of meeting people who are willing to grow with me. 

I try staying busy by indulging in positive activities, like poetry.  Poetry...

Steve Gomez #02098750
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Huntsville, Texas34Straight


Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Steven. I’m 190 pounds and 34 years old. As you can see, my time to start a new life is right around the corner. I am pretty nervous about that LOL. The way I see it is, what better way to start anew than to surround myself with encouraging and supportive new friends? Right?

Time is flying by for me; definitely a blessing! My...

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Robert Hunter #R72641
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Taylorville, Illinois54Straight
African AmericanBaptist


My name is Robert Hunter and I’m 54 years old, I’m looking for friends to write and connect with.

So, a little about me; I enjoy reading, I like swimming and the outdoors, I like riding bikes, playing sports and fishing.

I’ve been locked up for what seems like a longtime, and have done a lot to better myself and turn my life around.  I don’t have many friends...

Aaron Stockman #S12304
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Sumner, Illinois26Straight

Hey there,

My name’s Aaron Stockman, however I go by “Shane”. I am 26 years old, fun loving and outspoken. I am 5’10” tall and weigh around 190 pounds.

Some of my interests include exercising, spending time with family and pretty much any outdoor activity. I grew up in a small town that many would consider “country” so hunting, and fishing were a big part of my life coming up....

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James Miller #A669-748
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Mansfield, Ohio24Straight


My name is James, I’m hoping to meet some friends.  I have previously just received my GED and am currently awaiting college opportunities.  I am 24 years old, straight and single, but honestly would love to just meet someone with great conversation and let it go where it goes.  I’m a positive and ambitious man, I’m a songwriter/recording Rap artist and plan on...

Timothy Kelly #858308
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Aberdeen, Washington44Straight

Do you believe you can find good things in peculiar situations?

This isn’t the way I drew it up but I’m looking for friends.  I’m looking for someone to talk to, someone that can make me laugh and smile.  Someone I can provide those things for as well.  I would like to find that connection, may that can be you.

I’m a guy who greatly values friendship and honesty...

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Thomas Lam #702286
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Angie, Louisiana28Straight

Greetings, I'm Thomas. During this incarceration I've awoken to a greater awareness and better understanding about life. This journey has led me to vast amount of knowledge, and wisdom.

My job at the facility was training dogs, but I'm in the transition of getting the offender counsel substitute position. This journey has allowed me to discover my passion working with canines, for that...

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Joshua Wilkes #53813-018
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Terre Haute, Indiana37Straight

Are you willing to laugh and smile much more than you do now? Are you open to sharing your dreams and desires with me? Are you daring enough to take a chance on me and clever enough to keep up with me? I'll make it easy on you though, I'll do all the heavy lifting for both of us. I've been running all my life and now I'm ready to lay it down with you. I wanna know what love feels like again....

Travis Wise #A688-277
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Lucasville, Ohio36Straight

My name is Travis. I'm from Ohio. I love the out doors and I'm trying to make new friends. I've made many mistakes in my life and done some messed up stuff. But every day I strive to become a man my grandma can be proud of. I'd love to have someone to share my time with and show me there's much more to life than being a gangster. If you'd like to be that...

Tara  Granius #973688
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Ypsilanti, Michigan42Straight

My names Tara.  I'm a 42 year old woman looking for a pen-pal to write. I'm very outgoing, funny, a people person, and an awesome cook. Looking forward to meeting new people and to get chatting. Write me for more info.