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Anita Lindlbauer #887063
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Ypsilanti, Michigan36Straight

I'm a down to earth person that is looking to meet positive and outgoing people like myself. I'm the one that can see the rainbow in each storm. We all have a story to tell. I just want to be a story worth telling. I love all outdoor things. I come from a small town.

So with my second chance, I want to live my life to the fullest. As it ain't the cards you were dealt, it is how you...

Valorie Cox #27153-001
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Aliceville, AlabamaStraight

Hi guys! It's Valorie.

Just to let you know a little about myself, I am a country girl from Alabama. I am looking for an older, mature man that has the time and desire to correspond with me. We can become friends and maybe even more. I have a great sense of humor and appreciate a man with the same. I love to cut up and joke. I don't offend easily and pride myself on being an easy...

Tracy Armoogan #1145953
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North Las Vegas, Nevada41Bi-sexual

My name is Tracy,

 I’m a unique spirit, passionate yet sensitive. I have a kind heart and a gentle soul. I am friendly, outgoing and have a good sense of humor. My friends like to say that I am the life of the party on account of my jokes I guess.

 I like to have fun and meet new people and do different things. I love music and dancing and going to concerts. There’s a...

Jonathan Bueno #T75110
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Ione, California51Straight

Life's a trip, one minute everything seems normal and people make sense, the next a wicked storms comes along and washes away all due reality. I've learned to pick up the pieces, take it "for what it is" and push forward up out of the dark abyss and into the bright warm light, full of life and total inner happiness.

I have spent years breaking down all barriers and my old ways of...

Zachary Snyder #165029
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Delta, Colorado29Straight

I could make a list of my goals, personality traits, and ideologies but wouldn't it be more fun to write me and find out in a more personal way?

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David Mack #641332
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Fox Lake, Wisconsin20Straight

I am 20 years old and made some bad decisions that landed me in prison for several years. I am looking for people to write me.

I have very little communication with the outside world right now so would really like pen pals. I draw a lot and read in here.

Bryan Olivarez #01711030
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Rosharon, Texas34Straight

Please stand by.

My profile text isn't posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being.

My profile text will be along shortly, but you don't need to wait for it.  Please - write me today!    Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile text.   

Shaun Johnson #15766351
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Baker City, Oregon31Straight

If you are reading this, I want to say thanks for checking out my profile. I don’t want to sound like everyone else, so I’ll keep this short and simple.

I’m looking for new friends of any kind of people who can look past my short-comings and see me for who I am, a good person who wants to change.

So, if you want to write me, please do, or email me at Please...

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Gladys Wilson #07351-025
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Lexington, Kentucky37Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello Friend!

My friends call me Shanea (pronounce Sha-Nay). I'm here for a short time but it's been a lonely road. I did almost ten years, got out and made a bad decision that put me right back. I have a hard head, but I've learned that I am the only one to blame.

Now here I sit, I need a friend. Hopefully, it's you.

Please write to me, send a pic....

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David Bryan #31238-064
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Forrest City, Arkansas32Straight

Hey Y'all, I'm David. I was sitting watching "The Voice" last night and realized how horrible I sing for real. Then my second thought was, "Hey, I want to talk to people and start getting myself ready for release (which is just over a year!). I've done almost three years so far and you wouldn't believe how much i have learned about myself and others.

I'm looking to talk to someone...

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David McNutt #48655-074
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Atlanta, Georgia45Straight

I'm just a guy looking to meet new people and make new friends. I don't get a lot of mail and I hope this ad helps to change that. I am a Christian who is educated, honest, and easy going. I try to always better myself and keep busy in here while putting my mistakes behind me.

I try to stay in shape. I jog and work out in order to keep fit, as well as watch what I eat as much as...

Aleksander Gromysh #18347895
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Tillamook, Oregon27Straight

Hello there,

My name is Alex Gromysh. I’m 27 years old and looking to meet new people.

Some of the things I enjoy are working out, having fun, and trying new things. I’ve learned a lot during this time incarcerated and I am taking steps to become a better person. I’m outgoing, open-minded, caring, and loyal to those close to me!

I look forward to meeting some nice...

Trevor Hall #18971979
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North Bend, Oregon23Straight

I am an outgoing guy and I enjoy most things involving nature and being outside. I like camping, fishing, hunting, riding dirt bikes, rafting, exercising, and enjoying all life has to offer. I was born and raised in Southern Oregon where most of my family reside, and where I plan to after my time. My family is my number one and the word "loyalty" doesn't have a stronger definition elsewhere....

Andrew Mcginnis #0880832
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Marion, North Carolina30Straight

Interested in finding someone to write to and possibly finding someone special.

Since I have been in prison, I have obtained my GED and a certificate in HVAC. I like tattoos and am a tattoo artist.

I am looking forward to getting out of prison, going to work, and getting my life in order.

Jawaun Thompson #02075388
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Brazoria, Texas21Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


My name is Jawaun.  I am looking for new inspiring friends that I can laugh and share my story with.  My hobbies are working out and reading.  I also like doing anything productive.  I take every opportunity for positive change and I am an active listener with an open mind.

Thank you for your time,


John Sanchez #02109341Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas30Straight

Today is the day you’ve logged on this site looking to correspond with someone of interest. I hope I am the correct guy you choose to exchange letters with and build a friendship with.

My name is John, I am a 30 year old Hispanic man from Dallas, Texas. I am a very devoted and loyal guy who loves to enjoy life. I’m big on loyalty and honesty, it’s a must but I’m here only because of my...

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Lance Grandberry #41923-048Primary Picture
Adelanto, California42Straight
African American

Hello Ms. Lady. It gives me great pleasure being afforded this opportunity to express myself through such a vast information highway. If you are reading this introduction, be forewarned this young man is highly addictive, charming and has a way of making a woman feel as though she is one in a million, cherished, appreciated and special. I’ve been having visions that you are in need of someone...

Felix Martinez #T-97423
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Coalinga, California42Straight

I finally finished writing my book called: California and State Raised, Life Exposed.

It has always been a dream of mine to share my story in hopes to help encourage others. Many twists, turns and experiences; exciting.

This is where you come in because I need your thoughts and honest opinions, I want nothing in return but respect and your thoughts.

I also write poetry...

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Michael Anthony Holmes #72401-097
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Tucson, Arizona27Straight


My name is Michael Anthony Holmes. I ask you for a moment of your time and an opportunity to get acquainted with you.

I am a very outgoing and charismatic guy with a great sense of humor. I am known for bringing smiles to people’s faces and holding good conversation. I love uplifting and encouraging my friends whenever they need me.

I have a passion for fitness,...

Ross Wetterman #02071986
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Tennessee Colony, Texas28

My name is Ross, I am 28 years old, 6’0”, 200 pounds. I have an athletic build, blonde hair, green eyes. I grew up in Waco, Texas on my parent’s farm. I am very much a “country boy”. I enjoy big trucks, hunting, fishing, playing in the mudd and spending lots of time with family and friends. I’d choose a bonfire in the woods over a night on the town any day.

I am seeking new friends to...

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Andre Mosley #R67695
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Menard, Illinois30Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

Hi, My name is Andre Mosley.

I’m an outgoing athletic guy who is looking for a genuine friendship. A lot of people in my situation probably look for the relationship, but I’m looking for a best friend. Someone I can listen to and know their truth and someone I can share my story with as well and not be afraid to get to know me.

I really don’t know what to expect from...

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Ernest Allen #A662-968
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Lebanon, Ohio28Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Ernest Allen, my friends call me E. I’m 28 years young, I’m 6’2”, well groomed, laid back guy from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m in jail right now, I get out of here in 2024. I’m looking for someone that I can build with and have a good conversation with; kick it you know, just get my mind out of this jail.

I want someone that I can grow to another level with. I have made a mistake...

Michael Myers #224648
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LaGrange, Kentucky32

Hello, my name is Michael. As you read this I hope you see that I’m someone that is really looking forward to meeting someone with an open mind. I’m a man that loves to have fun and who is able to put a smile on other people’s faces. I’m a guy that loves to travel and see the world and try new things. Life is short, I don’t want to waste it walking around with a frown on my face.


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Timothy Smith #0852475
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Polkton, North Carolina33Straight

Hello, my name is Tim, but my friends call me "Shaw-Shank." Yeah, I know, everyone says the same thing: "Why do they call you 'Shaw-Shank'?" The truth is, if you've seen the movie, "Shaw-Shank Redemption" you could guess why! lol!

Anyway, I'm really a down to earth, fun loving country boy! I love music and as a favorite pastime I sing. I've been told I have a Luke Bryant kind of sound...

Troy Anderson  #27265-076
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Memphis, Tennessee29Straight

I'm a southern country boy, I have no kids and I play the guitar.

I'm outgoing. I love to laugh and try new things. I'm looking for female companionship.