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Albert Spann #A570-934 - Primary Picture
Grafton, Ohio62Straight
African American


I would like to get to know you for a pen pal and I am looking for any color, race or culture.  Your weight, size, height does not matter….if you're a midget, you still can be my friend or in the wheelchair, it doesn't really matter. 

I am lonely and I need somebody to be my friend and send me airmail or Jpay email messages to keep in touch.  I don't have...

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Robert O'Brien #272196 - Primary Picture
LaGrange, Kentucky30Bi-sexual

As a young boy, I used to have big plans for my adult life. I would toil home under the burden of a fully stuffed backpack because I knew, in order to be a firefighter, I needed to be strong!

My dreams nearly turned reality. Just prior to my incarceration, I was stacking up training hours at a volunteer fire department here in Kentucky.

Sadly, over several years, I developed a...

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Ricardo Tolentino #M37216 - Primary Picture
Dixon, Illinois28Straight

My name is Ricardo. I'm hoping to meet some folks to help me establish positive contacts on the outside.

I'm interested and furthering my education while incarcerated. I love to read, do art, and exercise (smile).

I will continue to work diligently and hope to re-enter society as a positive member.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile here on WriteAPrisoner....

Vincent Gregory #G-13051 - Primary Picture
Ione, California32Straight

If you’re on this site and you’re looking for a bad boy with a cool personality to get to know and become friends with, then you don’t have to look any further, you found him!

There’s a lot more to me than the circumstances that got me in here, so I hope you’ll take this chance on getting to know me.

My name is...

Dakota Meshirer #01944880 - Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas24Straight

My name is Dakota. I’m 24 years old and I’m from Sun City. Days, months, and years have passed since I left high school. I’ve grown in many ways and anticipate what’s to come in my life.

My freedom is getting closer and my life is far from over. I’m looking at being released soon and I hope to meet new people before I leave. I’d like to get to know you during this time I have left, so...

Stanley Loyd #226948 - Primary Picture
Rush City, Minnesota31Straight

I’m looking to meet some genuinely authentic people before I’m released in a few months. Someone who’ll I be able to build a solid friendship with and hopefully it’ll continue when I’m released.

If you’re trying to better yourself in every way, form, and fashion, then we have a lot in common. I have no expectations other than being honest and upfront with, okay? Looks, size, age, shape...

Lindsey Johnson #21495-032 - Primary Picture
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia25Straight

I am 24 years old and I have made some bad choices.  I am hoping to make things right by serving my time with a good attitude.  I love life and I love people.  I am hoping you will share your life with me to make my time easier.  It helps to have people out there who care.  It inspires me to know you are even considering taking the time to write. 


Jeremy Mundorf #6577 - Primary Picture
Sioux Falls, South Dakota36

Help wanted, Help needed

Hi to anyone reading this. I’ve done pen-paling in the past and it really helped me through my days. I enjoyed the mail and it filled a void, but most of all meeting new friends was great and kept my spirits high.

What I am hoping for… make some new friends and hopefully get leads on furthering my education and any legal help would be appreciated. My...

Michael Yeckley #A634-920 - Primary Picture
Grafton, Ohio28Straight

I’m 5’5” and 140 pounds. Before incarceration and upon release, I will be working for my cousins construction company. I also work HVAC field. I grew up in the city, but I have a country side to me. I’m very active. I enjoy dinners, movies, dancing, and camping. But, I also enjoy a good meal or movie at home. I do utilize JPay. So, you can hit me up on there.

I’m full blooded Italian,...

Colin Sheridan #17232345 - Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon29Gay

Hello, my name is Colin.  I'm a 28 year old looking for someone to talk with and help me on my journey to being the best person I can be.

Brandon Squire #A730-362 - Primary Picture
Mansfield, Ohio29Gay

Please stand by.  My profile text isn’t posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being.  My profile text will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it.  Please – write me today!

Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile.

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Paul Pichie #G-47892 - Primary Picture
Crescent City, California34Straight

My name is Paul and I’m a 32 year old ex-Army Sergeant and Iraq vet currently doing time at the infamous “Skeleton Bay” (Pelican Bay State Prison). I’ve been in the hole/SHU for over 5 years out of the 7 I’ve been down with about 6 to go.  I’ll be getting out of the hole next year and even though this gulag has the worst administration in the California Department of Corruption, I’ll...

Boise, Idaho24Straight

Hey, what's up, ladies!

My name is Miguell, I am 24, and I have been locked up for the last 3 years. I am trying to find someone that I can connect with, someone to have a good conversation with, and someone to just get to know on a more personal level. I am pretty easy going, I always try to stay positive about my situation, I love to smile and joke around so if you can make me laugh...

Christian Skall #47931-177 - Primary Picture
Rochester, Minnesota31Straight


My name is Christian and I'm a blonde-hair, blue-eyed, country boy from Texas. I have been incarcerated for 5 years with a minimum of 12 1/2 years to go on a 20 year sentence. 

All I am looking for on here is to meet some fun and interesting people to help pass the time with. I want to meet someone who has a good sense of humor and can make me laugh. Someone who isn't...

Corey Hardison #A643-373 - Primary Picture
Lucasville, Ohio28Straight

Not wanting to say too much too soon, nor too little too late, it’s best that I keep this short and simple!

My name is Corey and I’m just an open-minded person, looking to meet new people and learn new things! If you think of yourself as like-minded and would like to get to know me, then drop me a couple of lines (LOL). I’d love to hear from you!

Until then…

Let chances...

Talyn Piccione #AN7454 - Primary Picture
Calipatria, California28Straight


How’s it going? My name is Talyn. I’m a 26 year old tattoo artist from Southern California. I came to this site because I’m interested in networking and meeting new people who are down to write and help me pass the time.

I’m currently serving a long sentence over felonies from 2011, when I was 19. It’s a crazy long story, but I can tell you all about it if you’re...

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Shandy Slight #0094509 - Primary Picture
Las Vegas, Nevada39Bi-sexual

Hey there! I am the fun-loving, outgoing, girl next door who has just made a couple of mistakes along the way. I am learning from these experiences, and bettering myself at every opportunity that presents itself. I am 5'5 tall, weigh 140 pounds, with red hair and bright green eyes.

Your age, race or sex is not important to me. I...

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Luis Hernandez #M54946 - Primary Picture
Menard, Illinois23Straight

Hey Ladies,

My name is Luis Hernandez and I am a fun, down to earth individual that loves to laugh and make friends. Even though I am incarcerated I set my own pace and mentally I am in the world living every day like it’s my last. I’m not looking for anything serious just someone to loan me their ear and vice versa, but if it comes to that then I’m open to it especially with the right...

Gunner Foster #18050436 - Primary Picture
Umatilla, Oregon27Straight


My name is Gunner.  I’m an avid animal lover who enjoys the outdoors.  I like laughing and having fun.  I’m half nerd, athletic and full of energy.  I like to try new things, my hobbies include; working out, music and reading.  My goals include;...

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Jose Castellanos #AW9311 - Primary Picture
Chowchilla, California35Straight

What’s up, I’m looking for friends to write and we’ll see from there. I’m really lonely right now with a broken heart. I’m not picky I don’t judge, looks or age doesn’t matter. I’m a hard worker, I’ve always kept a job. I’m very compassionate with a big heart. I’m faithful, loyal, respectful, honest, and shy at first. I’m very caring, always put others before me. I believe that was part of my...

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Tiberias Albert #W109430 - Primary Picture
South Walpole, MassachusettsStraight

What's up!

It feels strange, sitting pondering my words, trying to communicate to a world of strangers. I’m not really an openly emotional person. However, I will try to help you understand a little about me.

I grew up in a world full of struggles. Not knowing if you were going to make it to your 18th birthday. I’m not telling you this to feel bad for me or as an excuse for...

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Graham Bowden #G32016 - Primary Picture
Coalinga, California42Straight


I send my love and respects to you and yours, I send running streams of Wunjo as well, may they aid you when the need is greatest.  The pamphlet says not to seek romance, says it’s “off putting”?  Besides, I’m a man of the old heathen ways of my ancestors, Asatru, it has come to be called in recent winters past.  So chances are slim that the Svanmey (...

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Ryan Post #07659-104 - Primary Picture
Miami, Florida31Straight

Ladies, as your eyes read this and it sparks a flame of interest of you wanting to get to know me more, don’t stop. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Being in prison I realize I can’t provide all the physical needs that a good woman deserves, but I can provide something more valuable and precious; a listening ear and an honest response. I am hopeful and confident I will bring a smile to your...

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Jessy McCarty #1776321 - Primary Picture
Kenedy, Texas28Straight

Thank you for taking the time to review my profile.  My name is Jessy, I am 28 years old and I’m from Amarillo, Texas.  I am outgoing and adventurous, I have an open mind and a kind heart, I have a great sense of humor.  Once I get to know you there won’t be a lot of dull moments but there will be a bunch of laughs because my personality is a blast.

Although I’m only 28...

Jonathan Vernon #97839-020 - Primary Picture
Coleman, Florida30Gay

Never be where you are, determine where you are going. I have made mistakes but I have learned from them and I’m looking forward to my life. I am hoping to make positive friendships. I enjoy jogging and cross-fit exercises. I love to write and enjoy creating art. To stay current, I stay abreast of current events as much as I can. I enjoy discussing life and making people smile.

I work...

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