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Troy Anderson  #27265-076
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Memphis, Tennessee29Straight

I'm a southern country boy, I have no kids and I play the guitar.

I'm outgoing. I love to laugh and try new things. I'm looking for female companionship.

James O'Neal-Sloane #11694-067
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White Deer 1000, Pennsylvania39Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

Hi, First let me say thank you for being interested in getting to know me better.

My name is James and I'm looking to build new lifelong friendships. During my free time, I enjoy working out, playing sports, and working on my case. My friends would tell you that I have a great personality and I love to laugh. I am hoping to find someone to support and encourage me to become a better...

Lee Stone #155194
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Sandy Hook, Kentucky38

Hello, thanks for clicking on my ad. My name is Lee Stone. I am serving 10 years right now and I will be getting released next January 2020 on parole. Age is only a number but just so you know, I am 38 years old. I am 5’11”, 220 pounds and I have blue eyes. I am from Louisville, Kentucky. What you see is what you get with me. I’m like an open book with nothing to hide. You can ask me or talk...

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Diego Bocanegra #AK7487
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Tehachapi, California25Straight

Hi! My name is Diego. I live in a gated community. I like long walks on the beach and watching the sunset… :). I grew up in Pomona, California for most of my life but I lived all through Southern California from Los Angeles to San Bernardino. I like to read and listen to music. I don’t drink or like getting high, but I still like having fun. I love Halloween and horror movies! I like football...

Stephen Webb #232441
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Florence, Arizona33Straight

My name is Stephen Taylor Webb but I go by Taylor. I’m 32 years old, 175 pounds and 5’8” tall. I enjoy staying in shape. I like all kinds of music but my favorite would have to be Country – It’s what I grew up on. I love to 4x4, camp and kick it in Mexico on the beach for a couple of days when things get crazy around the house. I believe in a hard, honest, day’s work. I grew up in Benson,...

Antwan Powell #29977-047
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Florence, Colorado29Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hi everyone, my name is Antwan Powell but known by many as “T”. I was born in Omaha, Nebraska on November 29th, 1989 which makes me 29 years of age as of November 2018. I’m 5’7”, 170 pounds. I’m currently incarcerated for drug distribution and felon in possession of firearms.

Some of my hobbies include working out at the gym, playing sports, listening to all different genres...

Jason Stallcup #14731-040
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Coleman, Florida47Straight

An easygoing, down to earth “MAGA” guy in search of genuine conversation and friendship with someone who is open minded and believes people can change through personal growth.

Being unbiased and tolerant of other’s opinions and a believer in civil debate – your age, race, political views and religion are irrelevant as a friend.

A few of my interests are books, maps, drawing...

Robert Patterson #22205544Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon35Straight
Native AmericanSpiritual

Single dad, wrong place wrong time. 36 months left on a 60-month bid.

I'm seeking friendship or maybe a meaningful relationship.

I enjoy the outdoors, sports, and motorcycle riding.

Educated with career goals after prison.

Easy going, charismatic, family oriented, and funny.

Brandon Pawlak #A672-523
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Toledo, Ohio30Straight

I'm looking for true friends to share my thoughts, dreams, and feelings with throughout our walks in life and to help each other through the good times and bad.

I'm Brandon, or B for short. I'm very open, honest, and I try to be as outgoing as possible. I hope you like my picture and I hope to hear from you soon. I love to write letters but don't have anyone to write. I hope...

Eric Gill #123515
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La Grange, Kentucky39Straight

Hi, My name's Eric. Thanks for stopping by my profile. I like meeting new people and learning how they see the world. I enjoy learning about other cultures also. My favorite college class so far has been Cultural Anthropology. I love reading books of all types, my favorites are fantasy/science fiction. My favorite authors are probably John Ringo and Brandon Sanderson. Do you like to read...

Gabriela Estefania Alpizar-Medina #25502-045
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Dublin, California27Bi-sexual


My name is Gabby, I’m 27 and I’m looking for someone who wants to be my friend and spoil me.  I’m a very free spirit, I love to laugh so I’m looking for someone with a good personality and a sense of humor. 

This chapter in my life will be over soon and I’m looking for someone that would like to be someone special in my life. 

Chelbey Ellis #57353-380Primary Picture
Bryan, Texas28Straight


My name is Chelbey and I am 28 years young. I am a beautiful soul with a fearless view of the future. I am looking for lasting friendships and support that can grow from within here and stay with me throughout my journey. Even in the midst of my situation, I am trying to gain as much as they offer here to be the best version of myself. I believe this small setback will make for...

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Shawn  Holmes #167663
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Canon City, Colorado33Straight

Shawn is an amazing person with an even more amazing heart. He gets himself in trouble by making wrong choices being around wrong people. His family was messed up with drugs; He got involved in drugs but is now been sober for some time.

Grew up in Florida; moved to Colorado to help his sister. He’s smart, funny, and somebody everyone loves to be around. He will...

Misty Rodriguez #01281328
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Gatesville, Texas37Bi-sexual

Hello? Are you looking for me? Someone to spend time with?

I'm 5'2", Hispanic and Filipino with long brown hair and the smile that will capture your heart. I'm looking for someone to join me on this joyride of mine. Someone that can keep me smiling and stimulate my mind at the same time. I enjoy reading, watching scary movies, and all forms of art including drawing and tattoos. I'm...

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Nathan Jarvis #A704-027
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Conneaut, Ohio23Straight

My name is Nathan and I'm a 5'9, 220 pounds Italian Stallion that is as solid as it gets. I'm loyal and honest with everyone. I am only 23 but you would think I was 40 with everything that I know. I'm very easy to talk to and great at giving advise.

I lost my dad when I was young so I grew up fast working like a dog and hustling. I'm quick to help anyone who is struggling because I...

Alexis Penn #965577
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Ypsilanti, Michigan19Bi-sexual

About me: I've been locked up for four years and I've accomplished quite a lot. I have gotten my GED, gotten 8 certifications in the automotive field, and become a certified master mechanic (but I have yet to learn how to drive). ;) I am adventurous and a free spirit, I enjoy life despite the many obstacles I must overcome.

I am looking for someone to write and share my experiences...

Jose Gomez #17830887
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Ontario, Oregon30Straight


Do I have your ATTENTION? Great, thank you for taking the TIME to read my ad. TIME is priceless so is LOVE. Believe me, I wish I could turn back the hands of TIME. I would have made different choices. Good thing is, life is 10% what happens to us, 90% how we react to it.

With that said, here’s how I reacted to my incarceration. I have participated in every class...

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Kevin DiGregorio #W103146
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Shirley, Massachusetts27Straight


My name’s Kevin. I’m disappointed to say I’m currently in a Massachusetts State prison. I’m serving 16 years on convictions of assault and battery, kidnapping, and home invasion. I had no control over what happened and believe it shouldn’t have occurred. It’s not who I am or what I’m about.

It’s a daily challenge staying positive after all these years. I take full...

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Felicia Hurt #475224
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Henning, Tennessee34Bi-sexual

Hello future friend,

My name is Felicia and I’m hoping to meet someone to help me get through this dark time in my life and hopefully continue our friendship to the outside. I’m very friendly with a bubbly personality, outgoing and I’m always up for a new adventure. I enjoy dancing, listening to music and going out to eat. I like reading fiction books by authors such as James Patterson...

Aaron Hendrix #1047059
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Indian Springs, Nevada44Straight
African AmericanBaptist

“To An Angel”

Hello Beautiful, my name is Aaron, I’m a 43 year young Capricorn caged physically but mentally free. I’m searching for that special someone who’s attentive in all things. A good woman I can open up to about myself and life. I’m very honest and loyal along with family oriented. I enjoy laughing, reading, drawing, cooking, exercising body and mind to name a few. I believe...

Jose Dias #15882-104
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Coleman, Florida36Straight

Often life appears as if we have reached a standstill. If this is perhaps your case of if all is looking the same; a friendship with a young, Hispanic male named Jose may be the start to a new journey and see where it takes you.


Shonnon Thibodeaux #71558
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Boise, Idaho34Straight


My name is Shonnon, but I go by Shon for short.  I’m 33 years old just looking to meet some new and positive people, so I can get rid of all the old negative people from my past.  I hope reading my profile makes you smile and feel the need to contact me and help me in my journey back into society.  Even though I am locked up, I find myself to be a happy man finally,...

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Obie Weathers #00999396
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Livingston, Texas37
African American

Dear Friend,

I don’t know who you are, where you are, what gender you are, what nationality you are – none of these insignificant details. I only know you are there – someplace beyond the walls of this tiny cell filled with prison sounds and my warm humanity.

Somewhere on this lovely blue and green world of ours, you are living your quiet, lively life – contributing to the...

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Vincent Solorio #AA8686
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Represa, California30Straight

Hello, my name is Vincent. My hopes here are ordinarily simple. My ultimate goal is meeting new people and hopefully in time creating friendships.

Furthermore, I’ll start by saying I’m a straightforward man with an outgoing and humorous personality. Although I may not be easy on the smile, when you look past this rugged exterior you’ll find a real funny and gullible guy.

Now, I...

Joshua Chafa #6091702
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Fort Madison, Iowa27Straight


My name’s Josh, I’m 27 years old. I’ve been in prison 7 years now. I’m looking forward to finally going home in the next 12 months. I hope to find some people to help make this time fly by and enjoy life with me.

So, if you’re having some hard times and need a lift up, a guy to put a smile on your face, I’m here for you. I’m a fun guy, full of energy; there is never a...

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