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Gabriel Marvin #108866Primary Picture
Boise, Idaho25Straight

Hello out there. How's it going. How to thank those of you who have taken the time to view my profile and are contemplating writing me. I'm here for genuine friendship and someone to talk to and be someone you can talk to or lean on in a time of need or just cause you want to. Either way I'll be the friend to make you smile just cause and be the best friend I can be. I sincerely look forward...

Steven Monroe #02034198 - Primary Picture
Huntsville, Texas31Straight

Steven is a really amazing person looking for a down to earth lady to get to know outside of his family. He’s a laid back, easy going, open-minded, respectful, honest, and a sincere country boy that was raised in a small town.

By trade, Steven is a hard-working diesel mechanic and is wisely using his time while in prison to advance his skills. Outside of his job, he loves to be...

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Blythe, California34Straight

My name is Rudy Campos aka NINER, I’m a light skinned Chicano with hazel green eyes standing 5'7" and 180 lbs, cute at the face with tattoos all over the place, I got long hair and a swag you can’t compare, I work out every day and write music(Rap/RB).

I’m looking for a female who doesn’t mind taking chances, keeps herself up, and has a sense of humor. I have a couple of months to do (...

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Joshua Junker #99945-380 - Primary Picture
El Reno, Oklahoma22Straight

Hello, my name is Josh and I created this profile to help pass my time and to meet new positive people and to make friends. I enjoy good conversation and people who can make me laugh. I like to draw and tattoo, I love animals and hope to one day make a career in something of that nature.

I am currently in welding and fabricating metal structures and a self help financing program. I am...

Chaverick Thompson #G53364 - Primary Picture
Vacaville, California30Straight
African AmericanChristian

Thank you for viewing my page.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m big on family, loyalty, and love. I’m looking for friendship that will last a life time. I’m very athletic; I love playing basketball and all other sports. I enjoy drawing, tattooing, and cutting hair. I love learning new things; I try to learn something new every day. I’m always striving and trying to...

Shonda Swarthout #00793382Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas38

I have a Life Sentence for Capital Murder. I have made a few bad decisions in my past, but my poor decisions do not define who I am today.

I am interested in building new friendships with honest, down to earth, non-judgemental people who can be supportive and consistent in my life. I have an open mind and can discuss all types of things.

While incarcerated, I have obtained my...

Braces Lewis #22936-017 - Primary Picture
Tallahassee, Florida39Straight
African AmericanProtestant

My name is Braces Lewis. I am a 39 year old Florida girl. I enjoy watching movies, home décor, working out, and watching basketball. I am a very outspoken, independent lady with lots of goals that I’m waiting to achieve upon my release.

My interest began about two years ago to join this website. My reason for joining is to hopefully be introduced to some new friends with similar goals...

Adrian Rodriguez #02035187 - Primary Picture
Kenedy, TexasStraight

My name is AJ, short for Adrian. I'm new to this.

As you can see from my picture, I'm an attractive guy. I do have a lot going for myself. I'm open-minded. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here. I'm trying to find friends or even that special someone. I'm easy to get along with. Just be yourself and open up, there's a first time for everything. I'm all ears.

Daniel Pierce #16782986 - Primary Picture
Pendleton, Oregon30Gay


My name is Danny. I am here to meet someone new who I can open up to and share with. Someone who is willing to accept me for who I am and be my friend.

I was born in Korea, but adopted at an early age. I am very caring, honest individual and am still learning new things about myself and what interest me.

Some of my interests include: reading/education, crossfit,...

Nicholas Wells #130373Primary Picture
Limon, Colorado39Straight


I have heard about this website for years, but never gave it much thought until recently. I’ve realized over the past year or so just how much human interaction can do to improve a person’s well-being. So here I am!

I guess this is where I tell you about myself… there are three things that I take super serious; faith, family, and fitness. I live day to day based off...

Sedric Braxton #01754789Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas27Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

In the past I would’ve shot Cupid clear out of the sky with an arrow full of hate. In the present I find myself looking into the same sky, hoping I’ll see him surfing through the air with the birds. In the future, I pray that I will owe him a thank you for doing what he does best.

Need I say more…

If so then, the truth is, the only time I’ve ever seen real friendship or real...

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Lindell Sample #142595Primary Picture
Canon City, Colorado30Straight

Hi! I hope all is well with you. If you’re reading my profile then you’ve come across someone who is positive, optimistic and always looking forward to meeting people who want to converse with like-minded people. I enjoy music, art, reading and really getting to know people. Honesty is big and being surrounded by liars, cheats and gang members, it’s refreshing to really open up.

I’m on...

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Ricky Garrison #40459-013Primary Picture
Pekin, Illinois35Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello world,

Blessings and plenty much love. Sorry that our initial meet and greet was not the best formal introduction, but I would like to thank you for even being acknowledged with your time and presence.

Well, the purpose of my status is very simple. I am hoping to come in contact with someone willing to give a man in my present circumstance a chance at friendship. Very...

Donald Shircliff #272919Primary Picture
Beattyville, Kentucky28Gay

Hi, my name is Joey. I subscribed to the site in hopes of making some connections with some new people. My plan for a new life when I’m released starts with making new friends. I don’t really have any family, so all I’ve had for support are fellow inmates. I’m trying to build real relationships beyond these prison walls. I’ve been on my own since a very young age, so although a loving family...

George Powell III #01612668Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas46Straight

My life was stolen. My freedom was taken. My rights have been violated and I am being held against my will… nevertheless, I am a man born to be greater than my captors – even in captivity,

I’ve been incarcerated for 10.5 years for aggravated robberies I had nothing to do with. At the beginning of this journey, everybody in my life turned their backs on me and I was left alone to deal...

David Boswell #R47066Primary Picture
Sumner, Illinois32Straight

Hello World! And hello to you looking back at me. My name’s David and I’m a bright, funny, nonjudgmental Cancer who’s very eager to make new friends.

Growing up this was never in the plans for my life’s journey but it has not killed my spirit. It’s challenged me in ways only prison can but I’ve accepted that challenge, learning to grow as a man.

I’m a True Friend! I’m humble,...

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David Pollard #05467-041Primary Picture
Pekin, Illinois49Straight

Let's have photogasmic fun!

I'm looking for a fun, flirty female who likes to take photographs. Not just selfies, though those are wonderful as well, but also of the world around you. I've been missing the world and would like someone who will take me on photo adventures with her, whether it's to a park, downtown, a day at the beach, a haunted, abandoned building, whatever - show me...

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Anthony Pestello #02173328Primary Picture
Huntsville, Texas42Straight

Hello from the inside,

I am posting in hopes of finding somebody to share a few letters with. I enjoy writing and hope to find somebody to share a few laughs with and hopefully make a new friend or two.

I am 41 and from San Antonio. I enjoy reading. I really love nonfiction and try to read my height in books every year; history, science, biographies being my favorite.


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Justin Shields #01923139Primary Picture
Cuero, Texas38Straight


I was looking for a way to meet new people and thought this would be a great way to start. I'm 37 years old from Houston, Texas. I've never been married. I am interested in getting to know someone without any expectations other than honesty.

I love art of various mediums and tattoo as a profession. I am down to earth and understanding with a great sense of humor, I love to...

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Ricky Schoen #R19713Primary Picture
Mt. Sterling, Illinois36Straight

Hello everybody out there, my name is Ricky. As of this moment I’m incarcerated, please do not judge me and find some time to get to know me. A person once said, “A person’s best friend was once a complete stranger”, all it takes is a moment of time and who knows, maybe one day we will become best friends and take over the world :).

My birthday is 3/21/1983, I’m from the South Side of...

James Randle #C-34807Primary Picture
Ione, California57Straight
African AmericanChristian

I am freedom bound, after 38 years in the wilderness. But like any diamond, I still shine bright…I seek the friendship of a Nubian Queen, who’s goal orientated…as well as oriented to authenticity.

No one is perfect, who am I to judge…

The friend I seek likes me for me, as I will you for you.

Will answer all who write.

James Randle

~Please Write Soon! ~...

Mikel McConnell #01742264Primary Picture
Pampa, Texas31Straight
African AmericanBaptist


I’m starting by telling you a little about my features; I’m black and Creole and I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but I’ve been living in Ft. Worth, Texas for 11 years.   I’m 6’ 0” tall and 190 pounds, very athletic built and I work out a lot and take pride in my health and appearance.

I’m a nice, loving, caring person and I’m very funny and down to earth....

Leonard Knighten #00749151Primary Picture
Amarillo, Texas51Straight
African AmericanMuslim


To you; whoever you may be. My name is Leonard, but everybody calls me K-Love. Genuine friendships are what I’m seeking, nothing more and absolutely nothing less. I consider myself to be non-judgmental, sincere, and a person of integrity who doesn’t mind a little humor every now and then. More about me…?

I enjoy music, reading, writing, and playing chess. I’m currently...

Lawrence Murphy #01952563Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas26Straight
African American

First and foremost, my name is Lawrence aka roccet. I’m looking to get acquainted with someone and hopefully find that ride or die female that I’ve been longing for.

Well, thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

I hope you’re the special one.

Edward Kendall #1108875Primary Picture
Clarinda, Iowa49Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Edward Charles Kendall, but all of my family and friends call me Charlie. I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. I was raised as a Jehovah Witness, but when I became of age, I ventured out into other religions.

I have always been and still am a loving and caring person. At a young age, gangs and drugs became a big part of my life. After moving to Iowa...