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Jose Quinonez #BE4918
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Crescent City, CaliforniaStraight

Hello, first and foremost, I would like to thank you for even taking into consideration to write a prisoner. Here is a little bit about myself. My name is Jose.  I am 24 years old but I feel and act much older. I am Hispanic, and yes, I am bilingual.  I enjoy working out, drawing, studying and listening to all varieties of music. I am open minded and not judgmental. I am also very interested...

Amir Eppinger #A654-170
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Mansfield, Ohio21Straight
African AmericanOther


My name is Amir Eppinger.  I’m 21 years young.  I’ve been incarcerated since I was 16.  I’m joining Write A Prisoner to meet new friends and hopefully a beautiful woman.  Even though I’m in prison I still enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life.  I would love to meet that special woman who I can share letters and pictures with.  I would love to...

Reginald  Smith #71908-066
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Terre Haute, Indiana27Straight
African AmericanChristian

First and foremost I want to thank the viewers for taking the time and visiting my profile.  If what you’re about to read captures your interest my contact info is there so we can begin to build.

This is my story.  I’ve made some bad decisions in my life that have affected the lives of many innocent people, because so I now reside behind the walls that separate me from my...

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Carlos Mateo Calderon Malave #01685345
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Dilley, Texas28Straight

Aren't you tired of being lied to? Or of being played with? If that's so, then I'm the friend for you. Hello, I'm Carlos. I'm 28 yrs. old, 6'2" tall, weigh 215 pounds, and I'm Puerto Rican. I like to work out daily, watch my Dallas Cowboys play, and to further myself academically. I'm actually pursuing my certification as paralegal.

I'm an open book. You can ask me anything, and be...

Amy Cash #282236
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Pewee Valley, Kentucky32Straight

I have brown hair with beautiful brown eyes to match.  32 years old, 5’ 2” and 155 pounds of femininity with an intoxicating smile.  I’m a compassionate, adventurous, intelligent, stylish, sassy woman in search of a man who is looking to build a foundation.  Someone who is looking for a committed friendship based on honesty and love, one who will see past my current location and...

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Tanya Necas #16681-029
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Waseca, Minnesota27Bi-sexual

Hey Y’all,

If you’re looking to meet someone who is easygoing, fun, great sense of humor, loyal, spontaneous and with a big heart, well that’s me and my name’s Tanya. I’m 26, 5’5”, 130 pounds and from Iowa.

Unfortunately, my addiction to meth is what landed me in prison. There are many opportunities to take advantage of while I’m here. I’m determined to better my life and to...

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James Farthing #139212
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Burgin, Kentucky43Straight

Beautiful Lady’s,

Hello, my name is James!  Thought I’d put myself out there to see if I can meet that special someone.  Although this isn’t the way I’d like to meet you, it will allow me to see if someone can be there throughout the (bad times).  That says a lot about one’s character.  (Loyalty!!)

In 2014 I was released after doing 15 years.  I met...

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Jeremy Hull #227739
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Stillwater, Minnesota35Straight

Hey, Hey

Whoa!  You almost passed up a good time!  My name is Jeremy, but in this lovely place I’m known as “Lifetime”.  Are you intrigued yet?  There is no way I can begin to explain why I’m the person you are missing in your life with such a limited introduction.  I will tell you this, I’m very open with a great sense of humor.  I like to read, workout,...

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Brett Booker #26772-047
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Sandstone, Minnesota24

Hello World,

My name is Brett Booker, and I have come to to meet new people and develop friendships. Being able to communicate with people beyond these walls is incredibly powerful, and I desire to meet people from all walks of life, and from all over the globe. I believe we can benefit from getting to know one another, by understanding each other's history and...

Mario McCullum #6833528
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Anamosa, Iowa47Straight
African AmericanOther

Hi, thank you for allowing me a moment of your time. I’m a native Chicagoan so being here I feel that much more away from home.

A quote I often refer to in life, “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have mastered, you will never grow…”. Has been a motivating force in my life while I’ve been in prison. Having completed an apprenticeship in silk screening, I’m currently...

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Cherri Miller #324006
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Ypsilanti, Michigan20

Hey, my name is Cherri Miller.  I am 20 years old I am from SE Michigan. I am slim with a light olive complexion, almond-shaped brown eyes with long lashes, and long thick brown hair. I am very mature for my age also.  

I am a young woman who is motivated with goals. I spend my time being productive, like being a Committee Member while I'm in prison. , I also have many...

Rochalonn Chapman #96696
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Las Vegas, Nevada34Straight
African AmericanMuslim

“Sinfully Sweet”

Sensual and Intelligent female seeking a gentleman who is mature and open minded.  Someone who is looking for a meaningful friendship.  Someone who is willing to lift me up and never let me down.

I’m well rounded with a wide variety of interests - reading, writing and fitness are just a few of my favorites.  I’m making the best of a bad situation...

Bruce Anderson Jr. #132573
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Canon City, Colorado31Straight
African AmericanChristian

Dear Readers,

Life for me in prison has been very hard but it’s almost over with. It has been 12 ½ long years and all I have left is 9 more months. No parole or anything, I will be all the way free. While incarcerated I have lost everybody and everything in my life. All I have is God and I’m so grateful for His love. I spend most of my days working out and trying to better myself....

Jeremy Lee #01530884
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Iowa Park, Texas35Straight
African American


Allow me to properly introduce myself to you all. My name is Jeremy. I’m joining this great website hoping to correspond with different new people from all over the world. My intentions are to bond and form friendships that are real and based on truth. Furthermore, please don’t allow my incarceration to stand as a default towards my character. With that being said, here are a...

John Allen Rubio #00999462
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Livingston, Texas38Straight


Dear Future Friend,

Hi! :) to be completely honest I don’t know what I can say that you may not have already read in the hundreds of profiles to stand out; but I’ll try. To start, I’m not the best at this writing letters thing. I sometimes put my foot in my mouth. I’m an accident-prone klutz. Silly, with a childish heart and geeky. I love...

Lorenzo Thompson #01838449
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Iowa Park, Texas30Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Hello to all my friends in “pen pal” land.  Is there such a place?  (Lol)

My name is Lorenzo B-k-a “Zoe”.  I’m 30 years young.  I was raised in Iberia Parish, Louisiana.  I’m looking for a fun, positive, uplifting and genuine person to pass time with.   An honest non-judgmental person who I can be real friends with.  Real friends are rare, but I...

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Christopher Hermens #21383809
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Umatilla, Oregon20Straight

My name is Chris and I started this profile so I can get to know new people. I was born in Romania but moved to the states when I was one year old. Portland is the city that I call home, but I like to travel all over and see new places. I spend my time here working out, drawing, and playing basketball. I have been in prison for little over a year now and am still getting used to this style of...

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Ruben Gonzalez #R42703
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Lincoln, Illinois32Straight

Hello There!

Now that I’ve captured your attention, hopefully I can get a minute of your time to tell you a lil about myself and encourage you to wanna know more about me.

I’m on the back-end of my incarceration and I was hoping to meet positive people I can surround myself with upon my release. I’ve been incarcerated since the age of 16 and I’ve learned it’s true what they say...

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George Preston #A1059871
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Eloy, Arizona33Straight


My name is George. I’m 33 years old and I’m from Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I’m Black Hawaiian and Puerto Rican. I’m a chill, fun, ambitious individual and I love to laugh and have a great time.

I love to draw, tattoo, make music (Rap & Hip-Hop), write poetry, read, work out and play sports. Although I’m from Hawaii I’m not a very good swimmer thanks to the...

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Anthony Gage #AU3552
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Corcoran, California28Straight
African American

Hey, what’s up?

My name is Anthony but my family calls me JJ, which is my middle name.  I know you probably be wondering what the two JJ’s stand for, well in my case nothing.  I don’t know what my parents were thinking.  Okay now that we have got the awkwardness out of the way, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

I’m 27 and my zodiac sign is the best...

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Justin Dowell #13563167
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Ontario, Oregon36Straight

Hi, I’m Justin. 

Thanks so much for taking time to look at my profile.

Obviously, as I’m currently a prisoner of the state, I’ve made some terrible choices.  That being said, I am doing my best to stay positive and to focus on learning from those mistakes so that I can put this mess behind me.

I love pictures and music.  I play the guitar, and even sing a...

Jeremy Waddle #K-49974
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Jamestown, California40

Financially secure, 290 pound Teddy Bear, free to good home. Very open, friendly and lonely. After 23 years in prison I am embracing the community. Ladies here I am, be the first crack at this loveable fixer-upper. I just celebrated my 40th birthday June 9th and didn’t even get a card, I’m all alone in this world and in need of friends and possibly that special someone....

Dustin White #2154701
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Midway, Texas28Straight

I guess the normal way to start an introduction is with my name, weight, description etc. Well, I tend to venture off the "Conventional" path. So first thing I'm going to do is advertise my business.....I am underground merchant, selling Unicorns and Jackalopes on the black Market. Hey, it’s a lucrative business. OKAY now one of two things just happened, 1st) You either thought I was...

LaKento Smith #12631-040
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Berlin, New Hampshire47Straight
African AmericanOther

"Hi, my name is Lakento, my friends call me "Beans"! I am currently locked up for Life and am looking for a nice lady who wants to talk and share ideas and thoughts and feelings. I love to learn, so I read a lot. I am friendly, kind, considerate and am a good friend. I work out and play sports. I am a very positive person with a cheerful and helpful attitude.  I would someday like to...

Abdul-Halim Asadullah #403373D
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Rahway, New Jersey27Straight

Hi, my name is Abdul-Halim but you can call me Asad for short. I’m a Muslim born man. My dad is from Eastern Asia and my mother is African American. I was raised in a good family. I have 4 sisters and 1 younger brother. Growing up I was very athletic. I played football, basketball, soccer as well. Due to injuries my future took a whole other turn. More than anything I’m glad to be getting a...