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Nicolas Gjers #AR2159
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Tracy, California28Straight

First off, that crazy last name you see there is pronounced simply "Gears". It is Norwegian and only looks weird! I'm a 28 year old artist for the Bay Area. I'm beyond fond of music, a huge part of my life. In the hardest times, I lean on music to get me through. I like Rap, Rock, Country, R&B, and others I wouldn't even know how to classify. I also write songs myself,...

Chayce Hodges #02029665
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Livingston, Texas36Straight

My name is Chayce.  I have two kids that I love. I have been sentenced to 65 years for Evading Arrest. I’m hoping to find healthy friendships through this. Before prison I worked as a mechanic for my family's business. I enjoy fishing, working, and spending time with my kids. I come from a good family with a good background, I just made some bad decisions. I’m hoping to...

Timothy Giles #S15458
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Joliet, Illinois39Straight


My name is Tim. I’ve never been on a site like this, so please bear with me. I’m 34 years old. I grew up in a small town in southern Illinois where I enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping, riding motorcycles, skydiving, and pretty much anything outdoors.  I served in the Marines for 9 years as an Aviation supply clerk. During that time I...

Isaiah Mothershed #6685791
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Clarinda, Iowa21Straight

My name is Isaiah but most people just call me Zay. I was born in Houston, Texas but I have lived all over. A few things about me: I am 21 years old. I’m 6’4” tall. I am very athletic. I like to watch sports but I’d rather play myself; basketball and football especially. I’m easy to talk to and I’m just looking for someone to have good conversation with, which can be hard to come by. If you...

Juan Corona #AZ9541
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Coalinga, California25Straight


I want to start by thanking you for taking the time to visit my profile.  My name is Juan Carlos.  I’m a charismatic, outgoing, down to earth 24 year old from San Diego, California.  I served in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantryman but made a mistake that I am now paying for. 

I enjoy working out, playing the guitar and writing Latin music....

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James Breneman #A686-447
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London, Ohio40Straight

Hello everyone! My name is James Breneman but my friends call me J.D. To any female out there who is curious, I’m looking for some good people to share correspondence with, for long lasting friendships. Anyone ages 18 and up are welcome. It is important for me to let it be known that I do not care what race, color, creed or ethnicity you are! I am well travelled and cultured and accepting of...

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John Howard #89056-053
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Bradford, Pennsylvania52Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is John. I’m sociable, straightforward, outgoing and today…my priorities are in order. At this present time in my life I am interested in conversing with like-minded individuals. I deem it necessary for my stability to stay in contact with people who are focused in life and are productive members of society (career oriented). My present occupation is barbering. I intend...

Andrew Cervantes #AK7023
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Crescent City, California23Straight

Hey you,

My name is Andrew.  You may not know me, I may not know you but I’m simply looking for a cool woman who is willing to correspond.

Through my time of being in here, this is the first I put myself out there on a pen pal ad.  So I’m really hoping I’m not judged on my appearance. 

I’ve been incarcerated since the age of 14 and consider myself to be...

Tyson Wilcher #13640565
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Salem, Oregon36Straight
Native AmericanNative American

Can you use a mental vacation? Come aboard this cruise to Island of N-Tyce and enjoy a mental massage.

Are you nonjudgmental, trustworthy, understanding and open minded?

Inhale deeply…slowly exhale…now reach out to me. Why wait for a vacation when you can create your own Paradise?

Gustavo Vega #18515605
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Ontario, Oregon26Straight

Hey, I’m Gustavo. I’m 26 years old and from Portland, Oregon. I’m 6’, 195 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes and an athletic build. I’m a pretty outgoing and down to earth guy, but when it comes to pushing myself whether physically or mentally, I always strive to outdo myself and I keep that one of my standards. I enjoy the outdoors and anything motorsports! But I also enjoy the city. I think they...

Travis Brumwell #20417180
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Salem, Oregon25Straight
Multi-racialNative American

Young, Handsome and Friendly,

My name is Travis and I’m very excited to be your new “pen-friend”! I’m 25 years old and was born and raised in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. I’m a very outgoing guy who loves having fun and making others laugh/smile. I like to be active and spend my days lifting weights, playing basketball, softball, jogging and drawing. I’m also a big time movie lover, so...

Amonty Amado #W110083
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Concord, Massachusetts24Straight

Dear, future friend!

I’m hopeful you’re someone who is open minded and takes the time to get to know me, before judging me due to my situation.

I know we don’t know each other but I’m hoping a few words on here will change that!

Your new friend


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LaMar Blake #44574-424
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Rochester, Minnesota39Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

My name is Mr. LaMar Blake, I stand 5’ 7”, weigh just about 165 pounds.  I enjoy reading books, love to learn new things.  I’m really an open book to conversation.  I’m looking for a person open minded, funny, has morals, motivated and not afraid to take a chance at life.  Most of all know yourself and self-worth as a person.

Couple more things about me; I’m almost...

Trenton Johnson #632365
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Angie, Louisiana24Straight

My name is Trenton but I mostly go by T.J. I’m 6’ tall, 175 pounds. I like to play sports and work out. I try to keep myself in good shape. I enjoy the outdoors and activities outdoors like fishing, swimming and camping. One day I hope to be able to travel. I’m a nice guy and a good person. I got on Write A Prisoner to find someone to talk to and possibly build a relationship with. I’m earning...

Timothy Smith #22114-017
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Sheridan, Oregon39Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello readers,

My name is Timothy.  I wish to meet social friends, authors, publishers and HVAC employers that can help me find employment in the HVACR field.  In my free time in here, I wrote a trilogy series part 1-3, that I plan to self-publish once I am released in the near future.

I wish to meet positive friends from all walks of life that can help my reentry and...

Gabriel Adamez #634225/542133D
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Rahway, New Jersey28Straight


My name is Gabriel.  I’m preparing for my re-entry.  My goal is to meet friendly people who seek friendship, understanding, compassion, and advice (if asked for).  I've been incarcerated since age 17 for acting against 30 year old attackers.  I regret what I did and I hope God finds it in his heart to forgive my fault when I was a young man. 

Andrew  Westfall #14731638
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Ontario, Oregon28Straight


Do you find yourself sitting there feeling as though something is missing? Then you’re maybe suffering from Drewski Syndrome. Signs may include but are not limited to: food starting to taste bland, colors starting to look plain and dull, loss of appetite, or even sleepless nights. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, then I’m here to tell you that there is relief and...

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Jose Heredia #369683
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Suffield, Connecticut34Straight

My name is Jose.

I am happy about the opportunity for us to become friends, presenting itself.  I would like to make a friend who I can laugh with and is nonjudgmental.  I’m an open minded, outgoing, enthusiastic person who’s down to earth.

Even when you’re going through sad moments, I would like to be the one who can bring your spirits up and put a smile on your face...

Venessa Rocha #01941446
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Marlin, Texas26Bi-sexual

Regardless of our circumstances we must always look up, look forward to the future with optimism.  I’d like to say having an escape from here can start with words alone.  I am no saint, although I promise to be open and honest.  I’m in competition with no one, only with who I was yesterday.  To learn something new and grow just a little more, bit by bit.

I hope to...

Cellisse Thompson #WF4926
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Chowchilla, California28
Native AmericanNative American

Hey, my name is Cellisse Thompson.  My name’s pretty catchy, so here we go!  Most people call me Diamond.  You're probably wondering why, right?  I'm a diamond in the rough!  As you can see I'm incarcerated and that’s not going to stop me from shining.  I am a 27 year old Christmas baby, born on Christmas day makes me special.  I guess I...

Adam Andrade #02000180
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Henderson, Texas32Gay

My name is Adam Andrade. I am looking for new friends and things to do upon my release.  I am an honest, generous, and happy-go-lucky person.  The facility I am at does not allow JPay correspondence, so hand written letters are all that we can receive. 

I am in prison for Intoxication Assault with an 8 year sentence in the Texas Dept...

Trey Browne #168544
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Buena Vista, Colorado26Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

These pictures are a little old.  I look the same without the dreads, plus some muscle.  I know exactly what I'm looking for, as I've never done this before, but what I seek is a connection, a real one with someone who has direction.  I had a bad start and I'm learning life’s lessons but with my best foot forward I'm just searching for a blessing.  If you...

Phillip Adams #452777/1877968
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Hagerstown, Maryland38Straight
African AmericanMuslim

I would like to start off by saying, thank you for taking an interest in my profile. It really means the world to me.  I'm 38 years young, 5’11” tall and full of life and fun.  I'm very outgoing and love making people smile and feel great about themselves.

My interests including working out, music, cooking, walks in the park, and reading...

Joshua Baldwin #135982
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Canon City, Colorado33Straight
Native American

I am a funny, honest and loyal individual.  I’m currently serving 64 years and am looking for someone to talk to and trust in to be a friend, one who I can feel free with.  I don’t lie or like liars.  Life is too precious to waste on petty games!

I write poetry, lyrics and I draw, paint etc..  I like to make the best of my day no matter what situation I’m in! ...

Darin Pitcher #AW3181
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Jamestown, California24Straight

What's up, my name's Darin and I am from Pittsburg, CA. I'm 24 years old. I have been locked up since May, 2012. I'm real chill, and looking for someone to build a friendship with and pass the time. I'm easy to talk to and I'm a good listener. I am an honest guy and I'm not the type to judge you so you can tell me anything.