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Yazoo City, Mississippi25Straight

I am looking for someone who is not afraid to get to know me and be a part of my life.

I am also looking for someone to help me accomplish some of my goals.

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Shanna Santori #963139 - Primary Picture
Ypsilanti, Michigan29Straight

* Hey Out There *

My name is Shanna (pronounced Shay-na) Nicole Santori and I have been inside since 2015. I fill my time instructing guitar and creating art but I've started to crave some distraction from this world. I am open to all conversation and questions. I am not searching for anyone specific, yet I am open to anything positive.

I am very adventurous and have...

Ontario, Oregon35Straight

“Failure is an event, never a person”


I'm jumping on here hopefully to get a taste of the real world.  I have been down for 11 years, now I'm down to my last year.  I'm how you say, a little out of date, so in short, I'm just looking for a connection to the outside.  I figured the best way was through social media.  ??   I guess that's what'...

Tyler Smith #155793 - Primary Picture
Parchman, Mississippi25Straight

Not everyone can be the president. Not everyone can be an astronaut. But everyone can be SOMEBODY.

I believe people should keep trying new things until they find something they are good at and are passionate about, so they can reach their full potential. My potential is limited to the cell I've been living in since 2011, unfortunately, but it’s not a permanent situation. I will be free...

New Boston, Texas26Straight

Hello, my name is Christopher. I want to take a moment to say thank you for taking the time to view my profile. I have joined Write A Prisoner to meet people with hopes of making a real connection and those connections leading to positive long-lasting friendships.

I am a country boy through and through. I absolutely love the outdoors and all the splendor that planet Earth has to offer...

Shawn Blazek #84031Primary Picture
Lincoln, Nebraska28

Hello, my name is Shawn. By setting up this profile I am hoping to establish honest, healthy, and supportive friendships to help me during the remainder of my sentence, and, hopefully continue them upon my release.

A little about myself, I have been working hard to rehabilitate myself, and with a little help, to better my state of mind, and to be more than capable of living a...

Alex Tretbar #22237139Primary Picture
Madras, Oregon29Straight

I'm seeking friends to correspond with about books, music, art, film and education.  I am especially interested in poetry and short fiction.  I hold a BS in Journalism (News and Information) and a BA in English (Traditional Literature) from the University of Kansas, and I plan to pursue an MFA in poetry upon release.  I am passionate about art in all its forms, particularly...

Zamarr  Clipper II #A739-839Primary Picture
Lebanon, Ohio28Straight
African AmericanAgnostic

Hey, my name is Zamarr.

My birthday is August 31st and I'm a Virgo. Most of the time I am calm, cool, and collective. I'm a down to earth person even though I still have a swagger about me. I'm a confident person and I always want my presence felt when I'm around others.

When it comes to friendship, I honor the ones I call friend. I can be helpful, reliable, dedicated,...

David Culbertson #16187963 - Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon33Straight

No expectations, the moment you think things in your life should be a certain way is the moment you’ll be disappointed. I don’t expect anyone to conform to any set standard. Just live life and be happy and if something in your life doesn’t make you happy, remove it. I live my life with a smile on my face, perhaps it’s my shield but at the same time it’s a reminder to myself to always stay...

Anh Duong #T84491Primary Picture
San Quentin, California43Straight

Hi! I'm Anh ( pron."On"). I'm Chinese Cantonese/Vietnamese, age 43, and born in Vietnam, Saigon! I'm currently on California death row since 2001, I'm agnostic and practice Philosophy of Existentialism (not by choice). I'm on a clock and every day is precious!

I'm finally giving this pen-pal thing a try! Hopefully, I can meet people from different walks of life and share ...

Jackson, Michigan24Straight

My friends call me Fredo.

I am very spontaneous, outgoing, and full of life. I enjoy traveling, going to music and arts festivals, learning about other cultures, and meeting new people. My greatest joy is spending time with friends and family, while creating adventures with long-lasting memories. I truly feel some people take spending time together for granted, when it can be one of...

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Austin Davis #01591903Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas32Straight

Looking for a friend? I am Someone to talk to who listens, understands, and helps you improve. I am. Maybe you’re not hoping to find faith in who you are, who you can be, or a chance to express yourself in your highest form, but…I am. I really never thought I could love myself and the world all as one, but I am. I couldn’t imagine that knowledge of self would make me so much more...

John Zuzel #18434462 - Primary Picture
Umatilla, OregonStraight

Hi! My name is John, and I am from the state of Oregon in the U.S.  My hair is brown, and my height is 6 foot or 1.8288m.  My hands, feet, and ears are probably bigger than they should be.  I am 28 years old.  I am in prison because I got into a whole snootful of drugs and ended up robbing a bank.  My bank robbing days are over.  I am now focusing on better...

Jarratt, Virginia23Straight

I am Dylan Mahone of Fairfax, Virginia. I am currently incarcerated.

On the outside I work with dogs, but I am interested in becoming an electrician. In my spare time I study History, debate politics, and practice writing.

I reply to all mail.

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Grafton, Ohio31Straight

I know there's a lot of profiles out there, but I promise you're reading mind for a reason! 

I am Cory and I've been in prison for 4 years. Although I've never had much family, I used to think I had a pretty good support system… until I came here and lost almost every one, friends and family. 

So, I decided to get on here to try and connect with some good people who...

Muskegon Heights, Michigan34Straight
African AmericanAgnostic

I would first like to thank you for dedicating some of your time and energy to getting to know me. You could have chosen to do anything else, but you are looking at me and I appreciate you for that.

My name is Jared and I am currently incarcerated for armed robbery. I believe my situation arose in part from not having the right people around me to help influence the positive energy in...

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Phouc Nguyen #41321-083 - Primary Picture
Leavenworth, Kansas45Straight

Aspiring artist whom has been incarcerated for a long time. 

With changing laws, looking forward to being released in the near future.  Can work with graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, pastels, and oil.

Still have much to learn, only halfway there.  Wanting to learn about society, women, and art.

Positive attitude is a must, and please, no liars.

Brett Booker #26772-047 - Primary Picture
Sandstone, Minnesota25Straight

Hello World!

My name is Brett Booker, and I have come to WAP to meet new people and develop friendships.  Being able to communicate with people beyond these walls is incredibly powerful, and I desire to meet people from all walks of life  and from all over the world.    I believe we can benefit from getting to know one another, by understanding each other's...

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Lunenburg, Virginia34Straight

Hello, to my friends and family I'm known as Robbie.

I'm a country boy interested in who I might meet out there and a little excited as well. I've been in prison for a little over five years now with two left to go. I made some less than wise decisions in my past and have turned my life completely around aiming at a wiser and brighter future.

I love a wide variety of activities...

John Leffler #162504Primary Picture
Canon City, Colorado38Straight

My name is John Leffler.

I find it hard to describe myself because I am not a particularly vain person. I am a gregarious person. I like to joke and laugh about nearly anything. I can find the good in most all situations. I am optimistic. I am a firm believer in values, morals, and ethics. I say things as I see them, and I can be painfully honest, which can be good and bad; yet I do...

Amarillo, Texas27Straight


My name is Mathew, but all my friends and family call me Kody (my middle name). I’m 27 and I’m on here looking for friends to help make this trying time easier.

I’ve always been competitive and love new challenges; I love to learn new things and have conversations about life, art, history, music. My interests are endless and always changing. Yeah, I’ve made a lot of...

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Sean Notman #LL3173 - Primary Picture
St. Petersburg, Florida34Straight

Sean Notman is a sweet and truly funny person searching for penpals, mainly women, to be able to talk to. To create new, long-lasting and meaningful relationships in his life. He is looking for someone to meet and depend on, and perhaps further their relationship upon his release.

Sean is a good man, with a big heart and even bigger wit. He is intelligent and enjoys reading, writing,...

Ryan Adrian Davis #1188078Primary Picture
Badin, North Carolina28Straight

What’s up everybody, I’m Ryan! Thanks for visiting my page. I’m here because I’m looking to interact with people from all walks of life and from all over the world. I’d like to broaden my horizons and gain a fresh perspective on life by learning from other’s experiences and viewpoints.

I’m not here to waste your time, so please don’t waste mine. Honor, loyalty, and respect are...

Vincent Fernandez #AT8279 - Primary Picture
Chowchilla, California27Straight

Without knowing anything about you, I’d bet that you’d enjoy writing me.  I’m the Dos Equis man of prison, lol.  But seriously, I have lots of interests and I’m a great listener who can find something in common with pretty much anyone.  We’re all human, right?

I speak English and Spanish; my relatives are from Spain, Italy and Argentina.  I’d love to travel all over...

Gatesville, Texas37Straight

My name is Aaron Soria. I am currently paying my debt to society for involvement in narcotics and organized retail theft.

Ladies, do you ever stop and think to yourself "What's missing in my life?". The opportunities we deprive ourselves of are often at our fingertips, i.e. a pen and paper. My intentions with this short intro are to offer an insight into the life of a complete stranger...