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Agnostic Prison Pen-pals

These are all the Agnostic prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Agnostic prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.


Hi, my name is John Milton Johnson. I’m 56, single, White, male, brown hair, green eyes, 5’8”. I have been incarcerated in Colorado and Florida. I have been through some reckless, irresponsible times. I have been to school for Culinary Arts, Computers, Printing and Graphic Design, Forklift Certification, Janitorial Certification, Life-Skills Program and I have been out in the community (Denver...


Hi, I am currently waiting to be released within a few months and looking to make a few friends as a way to find genuine, caring people to surround myself with.

I’m taking multiple classes to better myself and become an all-around healthier and more reliable person. I’m passionate about video games, art, reading, exercising, animals, writing, traveling, and being as adventurous as...

Jedediah Ford #129444 - Primary Picture

My name is Jedediah Ford, but my friends call me Jed. I am about halfway through an all inclusive, mandatory, 5 year vacation at the Idaho Department of Corrections Spa and Resort. I won my fun-filled holiday by selling pharmaceuticals without the proper permits. Although there is still time for redemption, I have to say that the cuisine at this particular facility is sub-par. The service...


A little about me; currently I work as a clerk for the school here, mostly doing orientation to help new arrivals adjust to life inside. Previously, I worked three years for a program training service dogs and spent another year with the law library. I like to spend the majority of my free time reading. Learning things and reading challenging books for which, if I were free, I wouldn't have...

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Hi - you can call me Drew. I'm a bit of a jokester and consider myself very family-oriented. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people and am looking to create new friendships and bonds with people that will last long after I'm released.

Before I was incarcerated I was an electrician. I enjoy working with my hands, exercising daily, fishing, spending time with my family and...

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Black/African AmericanAgnostic

I’m focused on quality over quantity, knowing that meaningful friendships mean more to me than most. Friends don’t need to be boxed in, and they don’t need to be placed in boundaries. They just need to experience each other without judgment.

As friends, we should live, love and enjoy life. We should lie, steal and cheat, knowing the world is ours. I’m saying we should lie in the...


I'm on this website hoping to connect with someone. Rather friends or more, a genuine connection is all I'm looking for.

I get out next year, so remaining friends once I get out is ideal. I'm in prison for 2 counts of robbery. I'm 32 years old, naturally a people person, direct, upbeat, positive, and always optimistic. I have a passion for cooking, reading, working out, and...


I am looking for a good pen pal and friend to correspond with for my last 8-18 months of my sentence. I am a natural-born athlete with a great family with whom I have a great relationship with. I have wasted the majority of my life selling and using drugs, living fast and careless. I like motocross, tournament paintball, billiards wakeboarding, snowboarding/skiing, and tennis. I like to travel...

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My name is Shawn Wood.  I am from Washington, but currently incarcerated at the facility listed on my profile.  I am 6’ 1” tall, 190 pounds.  I owned a siding business before I got locked up and plan to start it back up somewhere when I get out.  I am very easygoing and light-hearted.  I like being outside and being in prison is killing me.  ...

Wayne Simmons #1110045 - Primary Picture

Hi, my name is Wayne. My story is an interesting one and I would like to share a little bit with you.

I’m 6’3”, 185 pounds with blue/green eyes. I grew up spending my days barefoot along the beaches of Virginia. Since I have been incarcerated I’ve found a love for reading a broad range of literature. My days are also filled with sports and exercise. Over the past few years I’ve held...

Black/African AmericanAgnostic

What's good! I'm 6'4, tatted up, dreads drippin! No kids and no drama! 

I got a couple months left on my bit and I'm looking for some good vibes to build on. Add me on Jpay, Don't be shy and please don't catfish me! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I Iook forward to hearing from you soon!


Hello from the other side. I find myself in prison after making a bad decision to get rich quick resulting in a 1st offense drug charge. I miss having conversations with a variety of interesting women. I am 42 and have 2 beautiful and intelligent children (13 and 14 years old). They are the light of my life.

I am interested in everything and am a jack of all trades. I restored/...

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Hey everyone!

My name is Sarah, I’m 24 years old from Reno, Nevada.   This is my first time incarcerated and definitely my last!   I’ve joined this website with hope of meeting people, both male and female, to talk with during my time here and possibly after I release as well.   I hope I can show you that there are some pretty great people behind bars!...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanAgnostic

Hello ladies, I'm a youthful 27-year-old single man in search of female companionship. Born and raised in Southern California where the sun shines like my personality. Currently serving a life term for a crime I committed at the young age of 17.

I belong to a loving family consisting of my mother and two sisters whom I assure you raised a gentleman. I am a man of principles, loyal to...


I’m sorry I don’t’ have a more recent photo.

My preferred name is Carrie “Sky” Rose. Sky for short. I’m transgender and single. I’m 5’10” and 160 pounds.

I’m looking to build positive communication with the outside world. I live my life here in prison with an attitude of optimism.  I’ve suffered from various forms of mental illness all my life, but I’ve learned that how...


33 year old, 195 pounds, 5 foot 10 inches tall, open minded, fun loving individual.    Passionate about art, music, and all forms of beauty.  I have a pretty boy, bad guy, smart dude swag.   I’m spontaneous, outgoing, funny, and very confident.   

I believe that common interests and familiar grounds are a great place to build an empire for an...

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I am above all looking for a good conversation, and I’m open to talking to anyone.

As you can imagine, prison isn’t overflowing with people in whom you want to confide. This has been my life since 2008, entering as a fifteen-year-old, and I’ve tried to avoid becoming irremediably institutionalized. I’ve earned a Bachelor’s Degree and am now working on an MBA. I spend most of my days...


Hi, my name is Duke. I'm looking for someone to vibe with. 

My current passions are health, fitness, and literature. I'm an avid artist and have been spending lots of time recently doing freehand sketches with a pencil.

Looking forward to finding someone to get to know.

Hispanic/Latino AmericanAgnostic

Hello, world. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me. My name is Raul and I was born in Houston, Tx. I'm 6'1" and weigh 250lbs. I like to work out as a stress reliever. I read in my free time.

I was born on April fools day! I've learned to be honest and loyal to family. I have made mistakes; I'm human. Since this pandemic started, it...


Hello, my name is Nathaniel but I go by Nate.

Looking to meet people to help pass the time and hopefully establishing a long-term penpal. I enjoy working out, reading, and study to pass my time.

I'm trying to find people tell keep my time positive and help keep myself in the world as well.

Thanks for reading my profile. I hope to hear from you soon.


What's up, my name is David Lee Moore # 1024033. I'm 43 years old, 5'8", and 280 lbs. I love to work out, eat, cook for my bros, & take naps lol.

 I'm looking for good people to take the time to get to know me for who I am today, not who I was 20 years ago. I'm looking to build community support so one day I can hopefully re-enter society as a productive member. I'm...

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Jennifer Walter #00938714 - Primary Picture

Welcome to Jenna’s Fickle Fantasy Island where the rides are never dull and the life is never boring. 

I am a complex woman who isn’t in denial. I’m a free spirit who likes to live a simple life. I have a big personality and a bigger smile. Life isn’t always peachy but that doesn’t stop me from making peach tea!

I am a Pisces, so I live in a daydream. It’s my escape. Are...

Black/African AmericanAgnostic

Peace and Blessings. I write this earnestly and respectfully to tell you a lil bit about me. I’m 6’ tall, 187 pounds. I enjoy playing chess, reading, writing, talking on the phone and as you can see getting tatted up LOL. Things that take me away from this place. A lot of my time is spent learning the law. Trying to assuage my current situation. Since coming to prison I’ve been walking a path...

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Hi, I’m Jeff Allen, also known as Hollywood - not because of my good looks, but because I served as a West Coast Marine.

I was 21 when I was incarcerated for doing something foolishly terrible. Three months before that I left the Marine Corps for acting a fool, so you might say I was young and dumb. I’m proud to say that I’ve grown a little wiser and have matured some since then....

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Black/African AmericanAgnostic

A humble, intellectual, ambitious person who can also be very goofy and fun-loved. He loves to laugh and make others laugh as well. Very open-minded and normally see the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Love a deep conversation. Very family-oriented. Love food and could make a mean Cheesecake. Youthful but very mature for his age don't let the age fool you.