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Agnostic Prison Pen-pals

These are all the Agnostic prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Agnostic prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.



My name is Shawn Wood.  I am from Washington, but currently incarcerated at the facility listed on my profile.  I am 6’ 1” tall, 190 pounds.  I owned a siding business before I got locked up and plan to start it back up somewhere when I get out.  I am very easygoing and light-hearted.  I like being outside and being in prison is killing me.  ...


My name is Dylan Ryan. I am 29 years old. I'm 6'-3" and 225 lbs with an athletic build.

I am posting this blog in hopes of finding someone real. I want someone to talk to and get to know, and if it were meant to be, possibly have a relationship with. I am honest, loyal, and always have a positive attitude. I have obviously made some poor choices in my life but I am not a bad man....

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I’m Tristan. I’m 5’8”, athletic, and have a terrible sense of humor. I can hold a decent conversation. I love to learn and can get along with pretty much anyone if there’s coffee involved.

The primary interests I’ve developed since my incarceration began are the study of secondary languages (currently working on Spanish), sharpening my entrepreneurial skills with some formal education...


A convicted murderer with Tourette's. Yeah, a real winner! I'm an ex-marine, having served in the '90s. I like to work out, play sports, read (several genres), and listen to music (rock & metal). I've always been told my best qualities are my wide ringing sense of humor and my perpetual good mood.

I have some college, as I was pursuing a paralegal degree prior to the prison system...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanAgnostic

My primary objective in life is to uplift everyone I come in contact with during my journey. My emotional intelligence and life experience allow me to navigate the world with positive energy as well as purpose. I’m dedicated to making the world a better place with every interaction I have.

I’m very...

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Hey, Hi!

I'm just looking to make some new friends.  I'm open to meeting everyone, and I'm interested in other’s point of views.

I have been in prison so long (20 years) that I have pretty much lost touch with all my friends/family.   Prison has become fairly easy for me, on the other hand, but, I think it's important to try to stay in touch with the real world...


My name is Billy, I am 50 years old with blue eyes and a medium, toned build.

I enjoy many things, including working out, cooking, and all types of music. I love being outside, taking in the fresh air, and enjoying all it has to offer. I am looking forward to my reintegration into society next year. While I have been incarcerated I have worked on bettering myself for a positive future...

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Hayley Pierce #18303390Primary Picture

Hi, my name is Hayley. I’m 25 years old, blonde, blue eyes, 5’6”, Irish and Native woman seeking friendship or to spark something more. I am a Gemini and my hobbies include crocheting, writing, reading about health and Astrology. I have been down 5 years and parole in 10 months on November 25th 2020. I work as a barista to pass the time and am very excited to leave the gates of this...


Hello, my name is James. I'm 36 years old, I stand in at 6'1" and a fit and healthy 215 lbs. Born and raised in So Cal. A short description of my character would be funny, loyal, and optimistic... no matter the situation at hand. I'm searching for someone, with whom I can build a long-lasting friendship. A person who is caring, understanding, and loyal like myself. Above all, someone who is...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanAgnostic

Hi. My name is Mario and I am looking forward to meeting new people. Currently, I am raising a puppy named Indi. The goal got her is to become a guide dog for the blind. I have been raising puppies for the past five years. At the same time, I also volunteer in a couple of educational programs in which I help to organize events to promote higher education. These programs have also given me the...

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What is going on free world? Let me introduce myself. I’m Tiffany, I’m a charismatic Capricorn. I’m a 5’10” Barbie look-alike. Did I mention intelligent and of course humble? I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah…Go Utes! I used to split my time in between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles but because of my role in organized crime, I now reside in Federal prison. #Winning.

Fun fact, I tried...

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My name is Devon English.  I am 30 years old. I am looking to meet new people and hopefully make a new friend or two. I'm 5’ 11” tall and weigh in at 170 pounds. I have dirty blonde hair with dark eyes, and I also have quite a few tattoos.

I love music, I play guitar and have been for about 18 years now. I can also draw a little bit. I also love to read - everything...

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Black/African AmericanAgnostic

I just got off of Death Row a few months ago. After spending close to 13 years in isolation, prison officials moved me to general population. It’s a lot of freedom where I am now. I went from being in my cell up to 24 hours a day, to now being able to be out of it for up to 16 hours a day. I went from being able to only...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanAgnostic

Hello Friends,

My name is Reinaldo. I’m 31 years young and I have a multifarious personality. Life has put many obstacles in my journey and somehow I managed to overcome them. One does not know what they can accomplish until accomplishment is your only option. Many times in my life I have been wrong and the only good thing about being wrong is that you only have to be right once. I...


My name is William Sallee, I’m 27. I have been incarcerated for 8 years. I am currently in prison in Michigan. My charge is Retaliation against a Federal witness or informant. I am looking for friends but I am not opposed to a relationship. I am from Indiana but am being released to Los Angeles County, California so anyone from Cali hit me up.

I’m 6’ around 240 pounds. I work out every...

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Vincent Fernandez #AT8279 - Primary Picture

Without knowing anything about you, I’d bet that you’d enjoy writing me.  I’m the Dos Equis man of prison, lol.  But seriously, I have lots of interests and I’m a great listener who can find something in common with pretty much anyone.  We’re all human, right?

I speak English and Spanish; my relatives are from Spain, Italy and Argentina.  I’d love to travel all over...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanAgnostic

I don't live a fairy tale life I just know what's wrong, what's right. As a man I've made many mistakes, I don't live in regrets...things happened I dealt with them and moved on... today I am determined to seek change, I am destined for greatness.

A straight walker with both feet on the ground, a realist with a sense of perfection, a leader that can follow whoever is moving in the...


I have been incarcerated since I was 20. Prior to prison, I was attending LSU pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering.

Since my incarceration, I have acquired an Associates Degree in technical science. I work in the carpentry department of the institution.s trade school program, where I have learned numerous skills, such as cabinet making and AutoCAD. I plan on furthering my...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanAgnostic


My name is Gilbert Rodriguez, but my friends and family all call me by the nickname “Gilligan”.

I’m hoping to find and create wonderful friendship with women who are self-motivated, adventurous, have a great sense of humor, and who can carry a genuine conversation with someone.

I love pretty much all sports, my favorite being football. I like listening to music,...


To the wonderful girl who would chance to meet me, I am a down-to-earth person with an open mind.    Peaceable by nature, I am someone who likes a good laugh every once in awhile. 

Born and raised in the neighborhood of Flushing, I am a Queens New Yorker.  Of the simple things I enjoy, one of them is listening to good music (from groups like Duran Duran to...

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Blue-eyed beauty looking for a long-term relationship and a good friend to hold me down.

Searching for a mature man that won't play games, a man that will take care of me, and treat me like the princess I am. Looking for a financially stable and loving man. Willing to relocate for the right reasons.

I’m a sweetie with a heart full of gold, full of life, and full of...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanAgnostic

Hi, my name is Salomon.

I am a pretty easy going guy, I love to listen to music, and laugh.

As you can tell I'm a big Raiders fan. Reach out to me so we can chat and I can tell you more about me.


Sick of prison.

Need a friend.

Lonely in a crowded room…full of men.

TV, books and music fill my mind.

I would love someone to talk to, just to pass the time.

"If you do use JPay to contact me, please be sure that your mailing address is in the body of the message or I won’t be able to write you back!”




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Hi, my name is Edward Bruce Pierce, but I go by “Bruce”. I am 48 years old, born August 8, 1971. I was in the Army for 3 years, honorably discharged. I went to Desert Storm 1990. I have a college degree in Construction Technology. I am currently spending 2 more years in prison in Oregon. This is my first time in prison. I am planning on it being my last.

My hobbies are gardening and...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanAgnostic

Hey there, my name is Gerardo. A few of my passions and interest are tattoos and sports.

I want to try this pen-pal thing to help pass my time. I am easy to talk too, so hit me up if I spark some interest to you.

By the way, I am fluent in English and Spanish.