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Baptist Prison Pen-pals

These are all the Baptist prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Baptist prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.

Fredonia, Kentucky38Straight

I would like to start off by saying thank you for taking the time to read this and maybe get to know me.  I am an outdoor kind of guy, I like to hunt, fish, go 4 wheeling or anything to do with the outdoors, but when I'm not in the world I like to get cleaned up and go out to eat and spend time with my family and friends.  I am a family man who will do anything for them.

I am...

Joyce Godwin #08324-058 - Primary Picture
Ft. Worth, Texas53Bi-sexual

Hello, my name is Joyce and I am seeking friends to snail mail, to share experiences, hopes, dreams, etc. I have many interests; I love and miss cooking, interior decorating, NASCAR, reading, traveling, beaches, crafts, gardening, movies, Country music, dogs, Bingo. I am very open minded and have a great sense of humor. I don’t let my bad choices define who I am as a person. I do all I can to...

Jackson, Michigan31Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello there new friend, I’m’ hoping.

I’m Demetrius Hill and I’m in prison in Michigan and I’m hoping to meet a nice and decent person, who’s also open-minded and can see that everyone can change. I’m in need of someone to write to. As you can imagine, some days and nights can get very lonely and I’ve just lost my best friend not too long ago, which was my mom. She was my motivation...

Henning, Tennessee45


I’m Sandy.  I'm an easy-going person.    I'm so so ready to close this chapter of my life.  I have just a few more months left.   Would you like to ride it out with me?   Write or email me  I can't wait!!   (smile)


Susanville, California45Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hi, my name is Edward but most people call me Eddie. My intentions are to share a part of me with someone special in hopes to have a positive impact on their life. My desire is to meet friends who I can converse with about life, our hopes, dreams and fears. I have been incarcerated since 1999, however, I will be released soon! Prison life has been of many adversities and situations that could...

Cleveland, Texas29Straight
African AmericanBaptist


My name is Anthony and I’m here to meet new people and find interesting people to converse with. I’m a firm believer that the people we spend time with influence our lives and while, at this moment, I can’t actually change who surrounds me, I can choose who I give my time to.

I’ve made some irrational mistakes out there but I’ve decided to change my life moving forward....

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New Boston, Texas22Straight
African AmericanBaptist

First and foremost, I want to start by saying my name is Devante last name, Coleman. I am 22 years young and I am serving a nine-year sentence for aggravated robbery that I committed when I was 17. I hope I’m not being looked at like a criminal or a bad person. I am a human being that just made a mistake that I have learned from.

I have been incarcerated for three years. I...

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Kincheloe, Michigan45Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello, I am looking for someone to talk to and get to know and share a part of my life. An empty space inside that I'd like to fill.

I have an email and you can contact me either by writing a letter or you can open an email account at It's free but each email is 25 cents or so. You can also send 30-sec videos or pictures.

I can reply through the email or by...

Gatesville, Texas43Straight

What is one thing you can't say "no" to? I can't say no to a good laugh. Fun is much better than serious. This is why my favorite tv show is America's Funniest Videos and the movie is Dumb and Dumber. I do have a more focused side too. I am completing my third college degree, intensely studying the stock market, and nearly complete with my paralegal certification.

In the free-world,...

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Alto, Georgia28Straight

Hi, my name is Mia. I am from a small town and am very outgoing. I am a Leo.

I love spending time reading and writing and learning about new people, places, and things. I am looking for a pen pal and friend to share experiences and hope with.

I am looking for positive people to connect with and build friendships with.

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Huntsville, Texas40Straight

If you're reading this, it's safe to assume that there is something or someone missing from your life. You're not alone. Some of these very things are missing from my own. Here's what you get from the man whose picture you're looking at.

I'm comfortable in almost any setting. I'm very open-minded and I enjoy being the center of attention because I enjoy making people laugh. A...

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Marion, Ohio44Straight
African AmericanBaptist

To anyone who has a heart,

My name is Dale. I stand 6’ tall, with a slim/medium build of 202 pounds. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. The windows to my soul are crayon-brown and being born on September 23rd puts me on the cusp of Virgo/Libra. I love travel. I enjoy learning and experiencing new things. I love listening to music. I work out regularly…but my days...

Beaumont, Texas34Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Before I closed my eyes last night, I prayed my Lord my soul to keep. While I was dreaming; I had approached a situation that left me baffled. After all is said and done, I come to exception, that we as people in this lifetime need to wake up.

Here I am, no kids, sitting in the penitentiary with my whole life ahead. Even though the concept; “Don’t nothing come to a sleeper, but a dream...

Harrisionville, Missouri26Straight

I am very outgoing, I have three kids. I made some bad decisions in life but now I have realized that the drug world is not for me.

I am realizing I do have more to offer in this life and how I must fix me for my life to be normal again.

Huntsville, Texas45Straight
African AmericanBaptist

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Michael Webb. I’m 45 years old from Tyler, Texas. I have 1 daughter and 1 grandson whom I love dearly. I’ve been incarcerated going on 9 years now but I’m more free than I’ve ever been in my life. Yeah, I know that it may sound crazy but when God took what the devil meant for bad and turned it around to the good, that’s when I knew I had to let...

Capron, Virginia40Straight

Hello, my name is James. I wanted to sign up in hopes of finding some positive friends to have a good conversation with.

If you love to laugh and want to get to know a great guy then please feel free to send me an email. It gets very lonely in here.

Have a great day and I truly hope to hear from you soon.

Edgefield, South Carolina26Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello, I appreciate you taking the time out to read my profile.

My name is MyShawn and as you can see I’m incarcerated. My past doesn’t define my future and one mistake doesn’t define my life. I’m a fun-loving guy and people who know me personally will tell you the same. I love music, I love books, and I’m constantly trying to pick up classes to keep up with the changing world. I am...

Aberdeen, Washington33Straight

Hello, my name is Tony Emery and I am 33 years od age. However, I've been told more than once that I am wise beyond my years.

I am half Korean and half Black. My sign is Aquarius. I'm originally from Tacoma, WA, and have traveled both internationally and nationally. My hobbies are exercising, reading, and I love to learn new things. I'm very laid back, easy to talk to, and I'm a good...

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Marion, Ohio29Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Looking for great conversation and companionship and maybe a relationship.

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Central City, Kentucky23Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Looking to make new friends and communicate.

Chillicothe, Ohio32Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello, my name is Rashad. I'm a genuine guy. I don't have any children; I wish to have some one day as well as a wife.

I currently picking up trades and furthering my education. If you wish to know more about me, you can JPay me.

Have a wonderful day.

Abilene, Texas25Straight


My name is Kevin Heil.  A little about myself; as you can see in the picture, I'm white, 6 foot tall, blue eyes, about 200 pounds, slim and I'm 25 years old.

I'm a Christian.  I believe in Jesus Christ and I hold my relationship with Christ in high regard.  I'm working to change my life for the better through my relationship with my Savior. 


Angie, Louisiana29Straight

Just looking for friends to correspond with. I'm 29 years old and only have a couple of years left to finish my sentence (here in Louisiana then Mississippi). I have tattoos on both of my arms, chest, and back. I like to hunt, fish, workout, weld, laugh, and listen to music.

I love my God, who comes first, and I love my mom. I am from Mississippi and doing time in Louisiana for now....

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Julie Drake #31520-045Primary Picture
Greenville, Illinois51Straight


My name is Julie. I’ve made some bad choices in my life but hoping that I meet some nice folks to establish positive contacts on the outside.

I have 2 children, both grown with 7 beautiful grandkids. I’m from Nevada, Missouri so being here in Greenville, Illinois I don’t get many visits. I need some new friends to help me with moral support to get through this time....

Hillsboro, Illinois43Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello, my name is Carnell Moore and I am 43 years old, 5’11” and about 238 pounds. I joined this pen pal service in order to find someone to befriend or to correspond with. I am looking to meet new people, someone who is not so quick to judge me, because I made a mistake in my life. I owned up to that mistake, now I’m trying to move forward in my life, hopefully with my new friend.


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