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Catholic Prison Pen-pals

These are all the Catholic prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Catholic prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.



Are you tired of the same old guys who are lacking honesty, sincerity and respect?

Well, I PROMISE to shower you with attention, appreciation, honesty, respect and the love you deserve! To ALWAYS lend you a helping hand whenever possible and ALWAYS deliver a prompt reply to all your...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hi!! I hope that when you get to my profile I have captured your attention and that you are having an amazing day as I can't wait to hear all about it... So let's get to know each other I am looking for both female and male pen pals that are looking to maybe meet up when I am free.

I am a super easy-going and fun-loving person. I love the outdoors and anything physical. I love to...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hi my name is Rito but everyone calls me Junior.I am looking for friends and we can see where it goes from there.

I love to ride quads down in the river bed and love to have fun. I am a hard working man. For vacations I love to go to Rocky Point, Mexico. I'm down to earth & can't stand drama. 

You can Email (emessage) me thru JPAY/Securus Or send me a letter by mail....

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hey ladies, let me give you a quick introduction about myself. I love to work out, when I was in the free world I would hit the gym daily. I love eating healthy meals. I'm able to make anyone laugh, I'm looking for new friends to keep a conversation with.

My height is 5'9" and I weigh 190 pounds, all muscle. My hobbies are cooking, sports, and I also know how to draw. I'm financially...

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Fun-loving, quick-witted, I try to get the full experience of everything I do. If I go to a movie, I'm getting popcorn. If I walk along the beach, I'm taking off my shoes. If we become friends, it'll be in the fullness of time, where we'll always be there for each other, no matter what else happens, or how many years go by. If you haven't always had friends like that, that's alright, neither...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hey, what's up? You know what they say about California is true, but a long beach Cali girl is where it's at. If you're looking to be intrigued and for a rare breed type girl, you're looking in the right place.

I find myself staring out the window sometimes knowing I'll go home someday but as I wait the days get more and more lonely. I take every opportunity to better myself...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Greetings and salutations to you! I do hope that by the time whomever reads this epistle, it reaches you in the best of health and good spirits as well as tucked ever so safely in the wings of the angels. Yet, before I continue this missive, let me properly introduce myself.

My name is Javier "Angel" Duenas. I am 28 years old from Oakland, CA. My ethnicity is Mexican, so I have...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends, so I decided to give this a try. I am looking for a woman with good conversation who is looking for a personable and funny person to communicate with and get to know. I am easy to get along with and love to learn to new things.

My hobbies include reading, cooking, and playing sports. I am skilled in mechanics,...

Anthony Arzaga #239422Primary Picture
Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

My name is Anthony. Here is a little about myself; I’m 6’1", 210 pounds, and athletic/muscular built. I’m half Mexican and half Italian. I’m Arizona born and raised. I love fitness and working out. I love sports both watching and playing them, I’ve played sports my whole life. I have a great personality and sense of humor and I love to laugh, smile, joke around, and enjoy having great...

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Black/African AmericanCatholic

My name is Wesley, I'm hoping to meet interesting and positive people on the outside.

I'm a lifelong learner and I continue to educate myself while incarcerated. Seeking to meet energetic, positive people to keep me motivated and encouraged to return as a productive citizen in society.

I look forward to meeting you. Thank you.

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hello there stranger, you don’t know me and I don’t know you but maybe that can change. I’m looking for a pen friend to bring some positivity in my life. There’s not much to look forward to in here aside from visits, mail. If it’s more convenient you can message me through GTL

Have a good day.



Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

I Am Awesome!

Now but I grabbed your attention let me tell you a little about myself… 

With the exception of being super cool and good looking (smile), I am also a passionate, goal driven, and highly motivated man of extraordinary substance and spirit (smile). 

I believe in a strong family, morals, and work ethic, along with the hope of a better tomorrow!...



My name is Jesse. I've been incarcerated since January of 2018 for distributing meth and marijuana in Waterloo, IA.   When I got sentenced I received a 25 year sentence with a 99 month mandatory.  Since then most of my friends have turned their backs on me and my girlfriend broke up with me.  So I've been doing my time pretty much by myself without being able...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hi, my name is Christian. I am currently incarcerated at the moment. I am hoping to make some long term friends. I was born in Puerto Rico but raised in the States. I like sports such as football and soccer. I am a pro-wrestling superfan. I am a published author through “Contexts Chicago Project”. I have matured physically and mentally behind these walls. Being locked up made me look at the...


Hi, my name is Allan. I like working out, motorcycles, rom-coms, and food. I have an Associates Degree and am pursuing a Bachelor's, if I could ever get an institution that offers it, or I can get it when I get out.

I cut hair. I am an Afghanistan war vet. I was an infantryman in the Army from 2010-2014.

I made some lousy decisions and made friends with some dirt bags, and now...

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Asian AmericanCatholic

Hello World,

My name is Thomas Nguyen. I’m very excited to be a part of Write A Prisoner. I have never done anything like this before. I am looking forward to the opportunity to make new friends and get to know new people. Life is so short and the chance to get to meet someone new is a blessing.

I am 28 years old, born on 1/6/92. I was born and raised in Texas in the city of...

American Indian/Alaska NativeCatholic

First off, with all due respect, I just want to send a prayer out to everyone because this COVID virus is real. I pray everyone's families are safe and healthy.

My name is Dezi, I'm 31 years old, I'm Native American and a member of the Muckleshoot Tribe. Born and raised in Washington state. My build is 5ft 8in tall and weight is about 205 pounds. I'm single and straight. Currently...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hi, my name is Richard Rubio. I’m originally from California and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. My family and friends call me Chino.

Looking to find some meaningful connections and share a little bit about myself as well as learn about your interest and hobbies. I’m a very open minded person, enjoy working out, and reading. Looking forward to getting to know you and soon you...

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Mayte Gonzalez #09056-480Primary Picture
Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

My name is Mayte and I’m a 25-year-old Scorpio. I love the outdoors and dancing. My favorite music is Rap but I also listen to a variety of music.

I’m looking for friendship to make my time better. If you’re interested, hit me up.



Black/African AmericanCatholic

I'm smart, well mannered, honest, straight forward, freaky, open-minded, and funny. I'm a poet, businessman, and artist. I like pets lol.

I'm looking for someone honest, loyal, down to earth, mindful, caring, and with a little freaky side. I need someone to talk to who knows about life and someone who can guide me.

I can text, ask me for the #, it's a small fee but...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hello ladies,

My name is Joel, and I’m feeling a little generous, so I’ve decided to share something great with you: Me, myself, and I! Ha ha, just kidding, I’m speaking of my great sense of humor, my ability to always see the world as a glass half full instead of empty. Even in my current situation I can always find a reason to laugh and have a smile on my handsome face! (smile)...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

If you are reading these words, you have stumbled onto the right profile. Are you tired of all these guys out there lacking honesty, sincerity, and respect? Who don't pay attention, show affection, or appreciation? Well these attributes are something I promise you'll receive from me. A heart that's understanding and non-judgemental, and I'd like to dedicate my time and efforts to you, and you...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Okay. After 14 years of BSing, I’ve finally come to my senses and committed to doing this. I’m told that I can meet friends on here, and hey, everyone could use some new friends. I’m all about writing and learning about you.

I just turned 36 on October 12th, and I’m looking for people to share my experiences with. I’m big on honesty, loyalty, and family. If all goes well, I have about...

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Isaac Jolivette #02110787 - Primary Picture

Hey, wassup world :). My name is Isaac, a lot of friends call me YB. I’m 25 and I’m from Houston, Texas Southeast side. I’m a cool person to hang out with. I’m real funny. I like to play a lot, you know, have fun! I’m mixed with Mexican and Black and French! I like to Rap, sing sometimes dance LOL! I’m just a very laid back person. I’m a work out freak. I love exercising! I like to read a lot...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hey, what’s up W.A.P. First things first, I hope yall are doing as well as can be and feeling blessed.

My name is Richard Cardenas and I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I’m single, 35, Hispanic, 5’8”, 180 solid and a proud father.

This is my first time ever getting on a website like this. All these years I’ve been away I never thought to get on one. But being as though I’...

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