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Hindu Prison Pen-pals

These are all the Hindu prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Hindu prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.

Asian AmericanHindu

My name is Sapan Kayastha, but most people called me SP.

I'm getting close to finishing up my time here at Walla Walla. For the next 7 months, I'm looking for a friend to get to know. I'd say that I spent the duration of my time in prison on a positive note. Sticking to a regular workout routine has been my key ingredient to remaining positive. I have acquired an AAS in Business...

Manuel Calderon #AY8988Primary Picture

How are you doing?

It’s a pleasure to meet you! I hope your day is well and the sun is shining in your favor. Allow me to bridge the gap between us and properly introduce myself so we can become better acquainted. Most people call me “Manny” for short. I love to meet new people who know how to have a fun time. I am looking to build new friendships with people.

My personality is...

Black/African AmericanHindu

I hope I don’t become just another face you decide to pass by without a second look. Ms. Lady, I aint no crook, I just got caught up being a small fish, chasin’ a big hook Baby “believe that”. If I made you smile, it could be worth your while you get to know me. I’m on here looking to connect with a laid back, goofy, play fighten’, sh—talking, money gettin’, no secret hidden, friend. A woman...


Born, raised, wild and wonderful in West Virginia. I’m a nerd at heart and music saves my soul. Cereal Killer (pun intended) I’ll try anything for the experience. I have certain places I go just for the feeling it gives me. I read the classics just for the sake of saying I have. I value honesty. Sarcasm and wit are not wasted on me. I’m an open book, I have yet to find a topic I refuse to...


(Please remember to include your address so I can write you!)

Hi! I’m a poet by nature and often brokenhearted – never gloomy! Though at times I wear my gloom as another might enjoy the comfort of their favorite sweater. I am content – fearfully so – in the dark alone but mostly I long for the solace of others, for the warm embrace of love and yet I find myself rejecting company...


To start, let me say that I am a very honest, genuine, and ambitious person. I love my kids my family and my faith most importantly. With a free spirit and a gentle soul, I definitely love life and sees every moment that I have.

I believe that knowledge is power so I love to learn and experience new things and encounter new people. I'm open to the possibilities of a long-lasting...

Black/African AmericanHindu

Dear friend,

My name is William Allen. I’m 32 years old. I’m African American. I’ve been incarcerated since 2007.

I’m a writer/sketcher.

My short term goals are:

(A) writing a novel
(B) Getting my first novel published.

I’m looking for a female friend. I don’t discriminate.

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I’m Scott Hanright and I’m joining this site in search of refuge from prison life. I have hope that maybe I might meet a like-minded person on this site. I have been incarcerated for ten and a half years, so my likes/hobbies might be limited, but I have interest in a lot of things.

I enjoy exercising, playing chess and cards, reading, and listening to music. I really love...

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Asian AmericanHindu

My name is Sai. I’m hoping to meet some long-term friends to support me through this journey. I make a good listener. I love to laugh. I dream about having a family of my own one day. I’m from India and open to explore other cultures.

Thank you for your time.