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Jewish Prison Pen-pals

These are all the Jewish prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Jewish prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.



Thank you for taking a minute out to stop and read more about me.  I enjoy meeting new and different people from all over.  I love to get mail as it means a lot to me to have someone to connect with and to talk to you as it can get lonely in here fast.

Some of my interests are; movies, music and books, I love to read as it's one of the few things I can still do...

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Black/African AmericanJewish

My name is William and I'm trying to meet some good people to help me further my growth in life.

I have been a mentor for the past 2 years helping the young grow. I'm a certified welder and I love to exercise. I enjoy life and laughing reading good books.

I'm looking forward to meeting someone that doesn't mind meeting new people no matter where they are.

Black/African AmericanJewish

Hello, my name is Mr. Robert C. Taylor and I firstly want to wish you a very good day. Please pardon me for this brief entering into your life. This introduction is to hopefully stimulate you to respond to me, firstly as a friend and possibly for a longer more intimate relationship.

Here are my features and some interesting likes; hopefully you can appreciate. I am 50 years young as of...



As you can see, my name is Efrain, but feel free to call me “Ef” like all my friends do.

I’m just looking for people to correspond with and legal help. Ever since I got my life together, my days in prison have been lonely. I am accused of robbery and homicide (of a drug dealer) and was sentenced to capital life. I was a minor at the time of the incident, and my case is in...

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Hello there,

My name is Guy. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

First let me say I'm very blunt and speak my mind. Shape, color, or size is not what's on my mind. What I'm looking for is rare and hard to's called a “friend”….someone that's true on the inside. I'm too old for games, so please keep it real, for I have an open mind and love to learn new things,...


Hey, my name is Benjamin. I'm on here to meet some new people.

I'm into music, traveling, good food, and more. I'll be coming home soon and looking for new friends. Looking forward to a new life and new experiences.

Hope to meet people that are real, and that I can vibe with. Thanks for checking out my profile hit me up if you're trying to kick it.


My name is Troy. I’m 33 years old and I’m from Northbrook, Illinois. I’m currently serving a sentence in Illinois. My release date is coming up in July of 2021 and I’m seeking female companionship to make the rest of my time a little less lonely.

I’m 5’9”, 190 pounds, with brown hair and green eyes. I’m in good shape. I enjoy spending time with my two kids. I also love sports and the...

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My name is Barry Goldstein. I am from Bergen County, New Jersey. I’m looking to meet anyone who won’t just judge me without getting to know me. I work out daily, read, write and will be finishing my college while I am incarcerated. I’m a self-proclaimed SciFi nerd, love the beach and the New Jersey shore, all kinds of music, movies, getting tattoos and spending time with my family. I am...

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Hi, my name is Ralphy. I have been incarcerated for 9 consecutive years and I believe it would be good for me to socialize with positive people before I go home next year. Prison is emotionally and mentally degrading, and it can take a toll on your conscience. I am seeking genuine companionship to rekindle my suppressed innocence. I made mistakes that led me into prison and in order to survive...

Derrick Kinchen #67843-018 - Primary Picture
Black/African AmericanJewish


My name is Derrick, I’m looking for a friend to correspond with. I have chosen My hobbies are working out, reading, listening to music and watching sports. Also seeking any way to better myself. I’m a God fearing man who loves his family. I love to be around my family. I’m a very loyal person and easy to get along with. I love to dress, travel and have fun....


Hey you... yes you! Stop and read: Our life's are simple... live, love, & laugh. Add trust and loyalty and you will have a start of a beautiful relationship. I'm all about communication. I have opinions and you have the right to ignore all of them. HAHA. 

I'm not the smartest, only a B average in high school and college. I'm open to learn, so teach me. You will...

Brandon Gordon #01541614 - Primary Picture

How Are You?

My name is Brandon, but friends call me B-Jay.  Thank you for checking out my profile.  This past year I have grown and learned so much about myself.  Honestly, with all the stress we deal with every day, I hope to find someone who can become a positive part of my life.

Right now, I'm working on completing my Bachelors in Business Administration....

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Marjorie Orbin #250060 - Primary Picture

Growing up in Miami Florida, the sunshine and water were a big part of my life, playing on the beaches, diving, surfing, sailing, playing beach volleyball.

The little girl in ballet class was the start of a lifelong love of dance.  I had quite a career as a professional dancer and choreographer.  From Disney World, cruise ships, Las Vegas shows.  Paris, Japan, Germany....

American Indian/Alaska NativeJewish

What’s up?

I’m just looking for some real people to talk to. I like music, (a lot) books, and movies. I’m cultured, know what I’m saying? I’m a great conversationalist. I have strong opinions, but I always like to learn more and see more. I’m down to pop it, talk to somebody, and see what’s good. That said, hit me up. IG: AHKXATON.

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Without passion and purpose, there is no happiness. So find things you care about and devote your life to your pursuit.

Put passion before money, and success will follow.

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Hello, my name is Paul. I'm hoping to meet some positive people so I can establish a foundation to build a better, healthier life on the outside.

I believe Good people should be treated Good. I know firsthand labels can destroy a good person's life. I love the fire inside me that impels me to solve problems and create solutions. By choosing, I can take the first step...

Black/African AmericanJewish

Hello….and how are you?

If you are reading this, then yes, I'm talking to you.

My name is Christopher, but you can call me Chris. My mother gave me the name because I was her Christ-like child. I'm so sorry that I couldn't live up to her expectations of me, but hey, you live and you learn.

My hope in this brief introduction finds you well, physically, mentally, and...


I’m a 38 year old Black and White mixed man who loves the outdoors, fishing, camping, hiking and traveling. I’ve been to Cancun Mexico, Jamaica, Miami, Orlando, Pensicola, Daytona, Corpus Christi, Denver, Aspen and Estes Park, Colorado, and Branson Missouri. I would like to go to Costa Rico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Europe when I get out of prison and get the chance to go.

I was...

Brandon Wolcott #P75578 - Primary Picture

Life is a theater and everyone is an actor. What role would you like to play?

Are you weighed down with responsibilities, cut off from a paradise of adventure, romance, and pleasure? Do you long to be taken past your limits, to be overwhelmed by another person? If you feel constricted and unhappy by the role you're playing in life, then allow me to offer you an exciting escape where...

Black/African AmericanJewish


My name is Mark, I am looking for a woman to build and grow with. A woman that is supportive, open minded, understandable, and submissive and she loves living life to the fullest and also enjoys family unity. Loves to explore new boundaries, and that has a game changer mindset, that’s daring not scared to take a chance to seize the opportunities of life and also has the spirit...

Black/African AmericanJewish

He has been incarcerated for years, but is constantly visiting new cities!

He has more moves than Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson, and Chris Brown together!

He cooks better than Grandma!

He's the most interesting prisoner in the world!

Intrigued, aren't you?    Well, allow me a few minutes to explain who I am, and why we will enjoy getting to know...

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Black/African AmericanJewish

Peace Unto U

My name is Nasikyahu.  I am a Hebrew Y’sraelite.  My English name is Robert Rivers, my nickname is Prince.    I am from the tribe of Yahud (ah) (Judah).  The Lion is our symbol, the Menorah is our light.  My home is Y’srael (Nroth Eastern Africa).    My American home is the Pacific Northwest (Washington State).

I am...


I’m determined to live on a path of wisdom and need your advice.

I was doing pre-reqs for R.N. when I received my first and last felony and prison sentence. I am attaining my Business Degree at a 2-year college, transfer to California State when I’m set free and work in law.

I don’t have any face pictures of myself at the moment. People say I resemble the lead singer from the...

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Black/African AmericanJewish

Greetings, my name is Douglas, but I'm also known by Jahaziel. This is Hebrew.

I'm hoping to correspond with individuals that can help me with my social skills. I have a lack of that and am willing to explore whatever is needed to obtain social skills. I'm a person that was born in the wrong era. I say this because I enjoy and am in love with things that are extinct in this time and...

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Hello friends. My name is Josh and I came to WAP to meet new people and share experiences. I am interested in writing people from all over the world.

I was born and raised just outside Los Angeles, California but have spent a lot of time traveling. Prior to my arrest I worked in the entertainment industry making commercials and music videos. When not working I spent as much time as...

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