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These are all the Methodist prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Methodist prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.

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Oriana Leausa #1188876Primary Picture
Jean, Nevada28Bi-sexual


My name is Oriana Leausa and as you can see I am currently incarcerated.  I just want to start off by saying that I have made some mistakes in my life and by taking full responsibility I’ve learned to change my life for a better future.

I am a real down to earth kind of girl.  I am an islander and that’s probably why  I love the ocean so much.  I love...

Tyerus Hayes #3556552 - Primary Picture
Mount Olive, West Virginia35Straight
African AmericanMethodist

Just a single man that was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time with someone who I considered a friend and at the end found out he wasn't a friend at all.

Seeking companionship from a female who will be honest and loyal.

Bailey Parker #02171328 - Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas26Straight

I'm sassy, ambitious, witty, strong, and love to share a laugh with someone.  I enjoy reading, spending time outdoors, traveling, and going to trade shows and concerts.  I like country music mixed with a little rock and roll. I love going to auctions, along with selling, trading, and collecting antiques.

I hope to one day...

Philip Bronson Shaw #1398460 - Primary Picture
Oakwood, Virginia28Straight

Hey there, I’m Bronson and I’m 28 years old from Richmond, Virginia. I figured I would get on here and see what kind of cool new connections I can make with interesting new people. I’m 6’ tall, 205 pounds with a muscular build and a lot of tattoos. On the inside I typically enjoy listening to music…mostly Country and Rock, lifting weights, joking with my buddies, drawing, writing and cooking....

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Cody Lowrey #02096609Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas34Straight

Hi, my name is Cody. I’m 34 years old. I’m 6’4”, 195 pounds, blue eyes, blonde hair and a very athletic build. I have a few tattoos and a few piercings. I’m a very active person. I enjoy exercising, running and anything to stay in shape. I’m funny, cool and an easygoing guy with a big heart that I wear on my sleeve. I look tough as hell but deep down I’m soft as a box of kittens…Ha Ha. I’m a...

Melvin Wesley #1664727 - Primary Picture
Jarratt, Virginia22Straight


I am a 22-year-old male who is looking to meet some interesting people. I am open to friendship, pen pals, or a romantic relationship. I am pursuing a Business degree, and I hope one day to own my own business. I love spending time at the beach, traveling, scuba diving, and working on computers. I am a smart man who made some stupid decisions, and I’ve learned a lot from this...

Kerry LaRocco #01355237 - Primary Picture
Teague, Texas40Straight

Hello and warmest welcome to my profile. I go by the nickname “Radar” in here so feel free to call me “Kerry” or “Radar”. Getting to the point of describing oneself seems to be the hardest part of creating a profile message.

I am an intellectual person and connect best on that basis. I also have a passion for music and sports. Feel free to engage me with any topic you enjoy.


Adam Richards #614813 - Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas48

Hello world!

I’ve been locked up since 1990, so actually, I’m still 20 years old mentally, and well preserved. I am a legal assistant/paralegal and took criminal law. Not all of us are bad in here, and I’m now an adult downhill towards parole.

I am looking for you to join me in friendship, so write me. Let’s be friends! You can register your phone at I can’...

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Adam Johnson #787887 - Primary Picture
Munising, Michigan29Straight

My name is Adam Johnson.  I'm 5'7" tall, weigh 158 pounds, and I am 29 years old. Most recently I am from Flint, MI. I'm currently serving time for Possession of Narcotics. I have been incarcerated for 2 years and will be coming up for my review, with the Parole Board in 2019.

Here are a few things about myself; I love working out, I love...

Charles  Meyer #38199-068 - Primary Picture
Cumberland, Maryland38Straight

I'm looking for some good people to talk and write to.

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Richard Brown #46686-048 - Primary Picture
Big Spring, Texas41Straight

Looking for friends.

I love hiking, working out, science, reading books, and country music. I look forward to having a horse ranch and hiking the tallest peaks in the world.

Looking for persons to have intelligent conversations with. I love helping and giving advice. If you have any questions just ask! I am an open book.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Martin #18255-030 - Primary Picture
Pekin, Illinois42Straight

Females Only Please

Hi, my name is Richie and I'm looking for correspondence or companionship.  My motives are pure.  I'm 6’4” tall, and weigh 280 lbs., that’s why my nickname is Tank.   I have good morals and ethics and old school beliefs.  I believe a man’s role is to protect and provide. Also that you can’t take life too serious; you have to have some fun,...

Ryan Blumling #35580-068Primary Picture
Lisbon, Ohio38Straight

Hi, my name is Ryan.  I am originally from the Pittsburgh area and currently completing the balance of a Federal sentence which I am hoping is finished by the beginning of 2019.  I am looking for friends to write and correspond with as prison can be very boring and monotonous.  I am a very attentive and polite person who has never experienced prison before the mistakes that...

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William Ford #00708532Primary Picture
Cottonport, Louisiana22Straight

My name is William Richard Ford. I often go by Richard.

I've been in prison for almost four years. I'm working on getting time reduced. I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 210 lbs. I enjoy lifting weights and working in the hobby shop making leather crafts.

I'm currently enrolled in Automotive Technology at the VoTech. I am outgoing and can be very funny at times. I enjoy...

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Jason Gallagher #894806, D3 - Primary Picture
Cross City, Florida42Straight


My name is Jason. I'm 41, 6'2" and 195 pounds with brown hair, hazel eyes and an athletic build.  I consider myself balanced, trusting, honest and a true romantic.  I enjoy reading and doing activities that keep me fit – both physically and intellectually.  The three main morals I go by are honesty, loyalty and integrity.

I’m looking to meet someone that has...

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Edward Richmond #M08321 - Primary Picture
Dixon, Illinois29Straight
African AmericanMethodist

First, I’d like to show appreciation and gratitude for those of you who have acknowledged my profile! I truly hope to meet someone who shares the same interests as I do.

My intentions are to make a genuine connection with a woman who has lots of ambition and integrity. A woman who demands respect without a word being spoken!

I’m 29 years old and have one child. I enjoy working...

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Rodney Crawford #143271 - Primary Picture
Munising, Michigan61Straight

I came to prison at the age of twenty seven . . . thirty three years ago! I'm serving a Life sentence without parole, but that doesn't mean I won't eventually be released. All things are possible with God, and I'm a firm believer that anything which is sought with sincere diligence will eventually be found.

What I am currently seeking is a feminine friend with whom to talk and walk...

Ossining, New York44Straight
African AmericanMethodist

I am a handsome, attractive, brown skinned male with brown eyes and young in appearance. I am 6'2" tall and weigh 238 lbs. I enjoy reading knowledgeable material that expands my mind, staying fit and planning for the future. I play electric bass guitar and can read write music. Loving and Lovable. Good talker and looking for someone to have great conversations with. Currently working on a...

Kevin Vickers #01341119 - Primary Picture
Huntsville, Texas33Straight

What’s Up?

Before anything, thank you for taking the time to check out my ad.  This is the first time I’ve ever been on a Pen-Pal social site but would like to give it a shot and see if I could find a marvelous female friend. 

So, basically I’m just a normal guy striving to find that happiness us human beings search for most of their lives.  Some people never...

James Smith #1068459Primary Picture
Newton, Iowa56Straight

Greetings Everyone,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m James D. Smith. My friends call me Jim, so please feel free to do the same! I’m a pretty basic guy who enjoys life, especially when it involves me being outdoors with family and friends. Fishing, classic cars and watching movies are a few of my favorite pastimes. I prefer comedy and action but enjoy reading fantasy books. My...

Travis Weakley #1163264 - Primary Picture
Taylorsville, North Carolina33Straight

First off, thanks for stopping by to check out my profile. It already means a lot that you have decided to give a prisoner a chance to get to know them.

My name is Travis and as you can see I’ve made mistake, but this time down has changed me for the better. I now try to stay on the narrow path that God has for me. I would like to meet people who are on this same path.

I love...

Susan  Prophet #26698-045Primary Picture
Waseca, Minnesota50Straight

Hey Everyone,

There’s nothing like feeling the wind on your face and letting go of everything. One thing I truly miss is getting on my Harley and riding. I enjoy anything outdoors, watching movies, tattoos , and animals. You can find me reading, playing board games, and doing crossword puzzles to pass time.

To describe myself I’d say I’m fun, easy going, loyal, and a...

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