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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

These are all the Mormon prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Mormon prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.

30 | Straight | Illinois

Black/African American | Mormon

What's up, how you doing?

My name is Laxavier, but everybody calls me Way. I'm a cool, laid-back person. I enjoy working out and listening to music. I'm looking for someone who can be a friend first, and if something progresses from that, I'm cool with it.

If you're interested in getting to know me, check out the profile. Also, you can sign up to send me an email and receive them…


37 | Straight | Washington

White | Mormon


I'm adventurous and unique, just like my name Vern. I am an outgoing, fun person to talk to, caring, and loyal.

I believe in supporting the dreams and ambitions of the women in my life and will cherish and listen to her at all times. We, as human beings, deserve to be loved, needed, and desired.

So, I am looking to meet new people and make friends who can provide…


36 | Straight | Idaho

Hispanic/Latino American | Mormon

I'm Rigoberto Oliva, but you can call me Rigo. I especially enjoy socializing with the opposite sex. I'm excited to expand my circle of friends. Please, no salacious stories. My hobbies can be expensive: I love learning, reading, and traveling. I have lots of energy and staying fit and maintaining my health is high on my priority list. I do my best to mirror our Heavenly Father's ways on Earth…


39 | Straight | Utah

White | Mormon

Hello there, my name is Cory. Let me tell ya a little bit about myself...I grew up on a farm, and come from a big family. I love anything outdoors; riding horses, farm work, and hunting, love doing cross-fit and working out.

I served in the U.S. Army. My family means everything to me. I now have the coolest job in the world being a super fun awesome uncle to my niece and nephews.


35 | Straight | Idaho

White | Mormon

I'm looking for a pen pal. My name is Chris. I’m single and 35 years old. I’m just looking for a female friend to write to. You can contact me through JPay.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


40 | Straight | Arizona

White | Mormon

Hey, my name is Thomas Wilcox. I'm 5'8" and 173 pounds. I am a Leo looking to make some new friendships and see if any sparks fly. I like good conversation and positive vibes. I like to make memories, and I enjoy drawing realism and portraits.

Here is a quote I created about why I draw: "God gave me a spiritual gift to draw. One day, my art will touch someone's soul and inspire them…


23 | Straight | Idaho

White | Mormon

Hello, my name is Cameron Carter. My friends call me “Cam”. I’m looking for a friend to converse with that loves to laugh and have a good time. I spend a lot of my time in here working out, drawing and sometimes playing cards in my free time. When I’m not incarcerated I love to go to the lake, ride dirt bikes and go on long walks. I’m very family oriented and love to have my friends around.…


31 | Idaho

Other | Mormon

My name is James Reilly. I love God, family, looking at sunsets, horses, motorcycles, my son Ryder (he’s a dog), and my son Tyger (he’s a cat). Red, black, and silver are colors that I like.

I’m currently appealing denial of my post-conviction. The courts violated my rights.

Since 5/8/19. I have written poems and completed the art…


24 | Straight | Washington

American Indian/Alaska Native | Mormon

Let me start by introducing myself,

My name is, DeSean Weeks. I'm 24 years old.

My intentions for getting on this site are to find some amazing women to talk to. Sometimes a conversation can make a day better in here. I don't have an age preference other than being over 18, so if there is an age difference don't let that be the reason you don't message me.

I'm not gonna…


36 | Straight | Arizona

White | Mormon

Hello World,

So ya wanna know a little about me huh?  I have spent pretty much my entire adult life in prison. I started this journey as a teenager back in 2007 and I have grown into a well rounded individual here in prison.

I spend my life basically doing two things: I own a small business that I started in 2019, and I work with my incarcerated peers as a Mental Health…


29 | Straight | Ohio

Black/African American | Mormon

I am open to meeting new people with whom I can grow, develop, and share my positive energy and love. The lessons I have learned from my past mistakes have shaped me into the strong, powerful, and confident individual I am today. Through my daily efforts to exercise both my body and mind, I continue to cultivate self-love and extend that love to those in my world.

Regarding my goals, I…


39 | Straight | California

White | Mormon

Hello, my name is Scott and I'm looking to develop new friends via mail who can put my past aside and help me to become a better person while I'm incarcerated.

My hobbies include jogging, watching movies, cooking, gardening, reading, computers, and engaging in and facilitating self-help groups. Currently, my prison job is a Teacher's Assistant for the Computer and Related Technologies…


58 | Straight | Delaware

Black/African American | Mormon


My name is Pat and I'm currently serving an eight year sentence for 1st degree robbery and at this point I'm due for release January of 2026, could be earlier.

I'm from Baltimore, Maryland, west side. I'm seeking a strong lady. Race is not a factor. A lady that has beauty within and not only on the outside. I'm humble in all areas of my life. What I can't control, I don't…


31 | Straight | Idaho

White | Mormon

My name is Taylor Swenson. I am 32 years old and looking for friendship and someone to share the trials and celebrations of life. I like hearing wisdom, thoughts, or other points of view to help me deal with the issues I may be struggling with.

Nothing is more important to me than family and spending time with them.

My hobbies include working out and striving to become healthy. I…


35 | Straight | Arizona

White | Mormon

A little about Ryan's story, and if you decide to write him, he can tell you the rest. Ryan was born in a small town in Arizona and played sports. He was amazing at soccer and even got a scholarship to play in college. However, his freshman year in high school, he started using prescription meds. He had hurt his ankle during baseball, and a teammate gave him some Percocet, which he liked.…