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Wilmer Alexander Portillo #01356973 - Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas35Straight

Hey, I hope these words find you having an uplifting and blessed day spent among those whom you cherish and love. And for those who feel and/or find themselves alone (even among many), I hope you’re able to find comfort in these words and in my attempt at trying to make myself available for you. Loneliness is something no human being should have to endure, and so we should all try and fill the...

Anthony Lassiter #124647 - Primary Picture
Orofino, Idaho28Straight

Hello, I am a 28 year old Aquarius. My hope is when you read this that it touches on something they we may have in common or at least take this as an opportunity to get to know me. I am a good hearted, down to earth fun loving person.

I grew up in Ketchikan, Alaska; it is an island in the Tongass National Rain Forest, so I absolutely love the water and anything to do with being outside...

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Eric Roebuck #Y26768 - Primary Picture
Vienna, IllinoisStraight

I hope whoever reads this can be understanding. My sentence is not what it looks like and does not define who I am. Please don't judge me until you get to know me. I would love to hear from a sweet good hearted woman.

I can receive messages through Connect Network. Look up my inmate number, and Illinois department of corrections.

Abilene, Texas34Straight


My name is Michael.  I’m looking for friends to write me.  Someone that understands anyone can make a mistake in life and change their mistake into a better way to live out their life.

I am hoping to connect with good people, that can help me keep my life on track.  There’s a lot about me I’m willing to share with you.

Thank you for checking out my...

Rashiem Burden #0925972 - Primary Picture
Windsor, North Carolina32Straight


I am a proud father to my son and Goddaughter, looking to correspond and build companionship.  I’m willing to share my experiences, listen, offer my sincere support, my time and anything else I can.  I have no expectations outside of respect for me, one’s self and meeting new people.

As for myself, I’m affectionate, empathetic, humorous, amiable, and...

Boise, Idaho22Straight


My name is Dane Hill. I am a 22 year old Leo hoping to meet some new people to bring into my life. I’m a fun person to be around. Laughing and having a good time are some of my favorite things about life. I am very athletic and enjoy working out.

I also like listening to music, hanging out with friends and doing things outdoors. I am from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I’m always...

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John Green #00873681 - Primary Picture
Rosharon, Texas41Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

How was your day?  Hopefully it was good and blessed for you.  As for myself, I’m good and can’t complain.  Sitting here trying to write something to capture your attention is hard.  For real, I haven’t had to drop a line in a while now.  So please excuse me if I come 1990 on you.  I’m be one hundred with you no matter what.  I ask that you be that way back....

Wallace Decker #02040493 - Primary Picture
Amarillo, Texas33Straight


My name is Wallace and I am here to meet new people and find interesting people to write to. I believe that the people we spend time with influence your lives and while I can’t change who surrounds me, I can choose who I give my time to.

I made some mistakes out there, that seemed right at the...

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Jean, Nevada35Straight

“If you can’t accept me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.“

Hello, my name is Danielle and I’m curious to know who you are just as you are of me which is why you’re reading this. I’m a person who enjoys life and the many excitements it has to offer. Right now, life has a few things it wants to teach me. Once this passes, I’d love to enjoy and share all of the wonderful...

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Jemeal Hall #877779 - Primary Picture
Jackson, Michigan28Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

I’m looking for friends to build long lasting and meaningful relationships with.

Michael Bland #A651-829 - Primary Picture
Toledo, Ohio29Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

My name is Mike. I’m looking for some positive support for when I am released and I’m going to be honest while doing time being alone is one of the harder aspects of a sentence. While I’m doing this time I’ve been studying Spanish daily, following a scheduled plan. I enjoy learning and I hope to help people coming out of Mexico or South American who need help transitioning. I like to read...

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Jordan Clemons #MA2585 - Primary Picture
St. Petersburg, Pennsylvania30Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

Intelligent, encouraging, loving and kind. Jordan spent years under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but since his mind has been clear he has returned to his walk with the Lord and a friend to all. Always full of words that exhort and encourage. Using his experiences to help others not to choose the same pathway. Jordan is very athletic and was a high school football star. He did well in...

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Ceyma Bina #01379816 - Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas32Bi-sexual

My name is Ceyma (see-mah). I am a prime example of the Texas state slogan, “Don’t mess with Texas”.  Our state signs don’t lie. I currently reside in the infamous Teas prison system.

I am seeking a long-term friendship with others who understand the importance of hearing from loved ones.  In my opinion 2 vital parts of friendship are loyalty and humor.  So many strong...

Sumner, Illinois32Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational


My name is Patrick, Pat for short.  I'm 32 years old, 6’3” tall, weigh 225 lbs., and I'm from Chicago.  God takes one thing from you to give you something better or he closes one door for you only to open another.  I have faith that this door that I'm opening will lead me to a true friend or my soulmate- either one will be a blessing from above. 


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Derrick Jackson #01598653 - Primary Picture
Childress, TexasStraight
African AmericanNon-denominational

First off, thanks for taking time out of your day to check out my profile.  

I'm someone who feels words without action have no meaning, I feel words should be used out of necessity only.  I think showing what kind of a person you are is more than what you can describe yourself as.  Anyone can talk about himself or herself, even a child knows how to gossip and...

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Bennie Lackings #326869 - Primary Picture
Angola, Louisiana46Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

I want someone to write me. I want someone who I can talk with, write to, who will see me for who I am. I want to write and talk with someone who will tell me who they really are.

So who am I? I am Bennie. And yes, I am in prison with a life sentence because...

Alfred Dennis #1337749-462349 - Primary Picture
Westover, Maryland49Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational


I would like to thank you for viewing my profile. So I will start by telling you a few things about myself. My name is Alfred Dennis but all my friends call me Success. I am from Miami, Florida but I presently live in Baltimore, Maryland. I am an easygoing guy who loves to have fun. I try to bring humor out of any situation. I love laughter and bring joy to the hearts of...

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Michael Dexter #W111697Primary Picture
Bridgewater, Massachusetts57Straight

Michael is my brother and I am setting up this profile on his behalf. My brother is a kind and fun person. He has the best sense of humor and can make anyone laugh. My brother is intelligent and articulate and loves to write! As you can see by his profile picture, my brother is also a very handsome man.

Michael has three grown children and four grandchildren. Michael's children do...

Jerry Payne #14264309Primary Picture
Umatilla, Oregon48Straight

Hello Ladies, 

My name is Jerry Payne. I'm 48 years old, born October 25, 1970, in Abilene, Texas. I'm 5' 9", 198 pounds, with dark brown eyes, a shaves head, and lots of tattoos and piercings. I also work out hard every day on the weight pile, so I ain't looking too bad for almost 50 years old (smiles). 

I love to write long letters, draw, tattoo, and even play lots...

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Lucasville, Ohio37Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

To whom it may concern,

I’m a Black male in search of nonjudgmental, very open minded pen pals. Age, race, height, weight or geographic location don’t matter. I’m 37, 5’9”, 268 pounds, light skin, brown eyes, a few tattoos, muscular build, athletic and love to work out!

Born in Detroit, Michigan, raised in Cleveland, Ohio…I’m an avid reader, love to travel, seeking CDL’s. I...

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Adelanto, California27Straight

Just looking for some pen pals, gets lonely in here

I do have texting services, so contact me for the number.


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Shonda Swarthout #00793382Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas38

I have a Life Sentence for Capital Murder. I have made a few bad decisions in my past, but my poor decisions do not define who I am today.

I am interested in building new friendships with honest, down to earth, non-judgemental people who can be supportive and consistent in my life. I have an open mind and can discuss all types of things.

While incarcerated, I have obtained my...

Curtis Johnson-Jeffers #6008891 - Primary Picture
Clarinda, Iowa32Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational


How are you? I know you are wondering who and why but given a moment I will answer both.

As you can see my name is Curtis, but I go by Kaelyn, my middle name. I am 31 years old and I am writing because I am in search of a friend, a cure to the current state of loneliness my situation finds me in.

I am incarcerated on escape and assault on peace officer charges. I...

Richard Casey #17205-076Primary Picture
Welch, West Virginia37Straight

Hey beautiful!

You wanna share some thoughts, dreams, passions, and the pursuit of happiness? I get out of here in June or July and I’d love to spend this time getting to know you. Lay all of our flaws, scares, and insecurities on the table and let them be what they are without judgment. Be open and be ourselves.

I love laughing and smiling. Life is too short to frown 24/7. I’m...

Munising, Michigan29Straight

Hey, my name is Richard Cook. My birthday is June 6, 1990 (Gemini) so I'm currently 29. I'm 6 foot tall. I'm from a small city in Michigan. I grew up with Lake Michigan only a few blocks away from my house, but I have never been on a boat. There is a lot I have not experienced in life from being from a small town and being in and out of jail until the time of my incarceration at the age of 20...

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