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Other Prison Pen-pals

These are all the Other prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Other prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.

Canon City, Colorado30Straight

Oi! I'm Buck. I'll be released this Spring and I'm looking to connecting with good people anywhere in the world before that time.

When I'm finished with parole, I have a lot of traveling to do, so I wanna know people everywhere. In the meantime, I have a job as a wildland firefighter awaiting me when I get out. I eventually plan on going back to school and finishing my degree.


Kenedy, Texas41

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen: My name is John Glasco. I am a first-time penpal requester, a very cool and open guy, but lame when it comes to introductions.

I was 16 years old when I was arrested so I've been incarcerated for quite a while. In 5 years, (2025) I'll be eligible for parole and I need major help transitioning. I'm into fashion but need tips on the latest . I'm into...

Jeston Lopez #89618 - Primary Picture
Eagle Pass, Texas29Straight

Hey, what's up, ladies? Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, hopefully, you'll be inspired to get ahold of me. I respond to all letters and you can also video visit me at

I'm down to 2 years and would love to build some great friendships. I love educating, stimulating conversation. I've accomplished a lot during my time down. I have earned my degree in...

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Windsor, North Carolina25Straight
African AmericanOther

First and foremost, I want to say Peace and Love do everybody checking out my profile.  My name is Devonta Turner.  I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I have 2 sisters and I was raised by my Mom.

I'm easygoing and I'm a loyal person.  I enjoy reading and working out.

I'm looking for a woman I can build a foundation with.  Whatever that...

Susanville, California26Straight

Allow me to introduce myself in a brief manner without having to take up much of your time. I stand at 6’2” tall, weighing at 206 pounds. I’ve been incarcerated since I was a teenager, but it’s been a while since then and now as I’ve come a long way. I am looking forward to the many great opportunities that lie beyond this confinement, as I am in the midst of finishing this 13 year sentence...

Uncasville, Connecticut26Straight
African AmericanOther


My name is Brandon, I’m hoping to meet some people I can chat with to pass the time. I am currently fighting my case, I hope for the best.

About me: I am a cool, calm and relaxed person. I love to play sports. I love music and reading. I like to joke around but I can also be genuine. I am open to learn new things from my peers. I would like to exchange conversation with...

Berlin, New Hampshire28Straight

Dear Queens,

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time out to view my profile. I wanted to join Write A Prisoner for some time now but the thought of disappointment never allowed me to follow through. I’ve come to the realization not all people are alike. I’ve learned to not let my past effect my future. Now I’m ready and looking for a positive friendship with the possibility...

Mustafa Muhammad #W107965Primary Picture
Bridge Water, Massachusetts33Straight


My name is Mustafa, Mustafa means the chosen one in Arabic. Please don’t shy away because of my name. I’m far from what your t.v. will show or tell you. So, take a moment to find out for yourself who I am, and what I’m about and come to your own conclusion.

I’m looking to meet new people with similar interest. My interest are cultural history, astrology, reading, sports...

Mansfield, Ohio33Straight
African AmericanOther

Hello, my name is Larry Collins. I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I'm a very laid back dude most of the time I'm also very going out at the same time.

I like to exercise 5-6 days a week, read books of all sorts, and study on my own time to really just stay focused and away from all this madness I'm faced with on the daily while at the same time preparing myself for the free world. You...

Kincheloe, Michigan39Straight

I have come to a fork in the road in my life and need to find a few pen pals. 

I am looking for someone that can help bring that light back into my life that shines inside me.

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Patrick Irving #82431Primary Picture
Boise, Idaho40Straight

I'm not the average tuna-in-the-casserole. If you prefer to discuss the intricacies of the human experience with an easier target for teargas and beanbag bullets, I get it.
Genus: Patticus Irvinguis
Description: Urban mountain dweller with naturally unusual behaviors. Southern migratory patterns courtesy of the Idaho Department of...

Canon, Colorado24Straight

I'm in search of someone who shares the same interests as myself, which includes sports, comedy, family, music, and friends. I'm at a point in my life where I'm focused on improving myself. That includes mental stimulation search for knowledge and wisdom, "physical enhancement" (daily workout), and spiritual growth "soul searching". I figure if I can improve these aspects of my personal...

Crescent City, California34Straight


My name is Ryan McAlister and I'm from Huntington Beach, California.  I'm 34 years old, 6 foot 2 inches tall and 190 pounds.  I wrote Write A Prisoner in hopes to meet a friend I can share life with.  I've been down for 6 years now and old friends seem to have faded away.  Since I am a determined person, I am on a mission to seek out new friends.  Even...

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Iowa Park, Texas28Straight

Hey there world,

First and foremost I open this intro with much love and blessings considering whoever is viewing my page at this moment, hope the man above has been blessing every single person on this earth and helping us through the struggle and hard times. Well with that being said, here I find myself in your eyes, hoping maybe there’s someone out there that could vibe to a new...

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Coleman, Florida43Straight

My name is George and I am seeking friends to correspond with that can help me establish positive contacts.   I am also seeking people that can help me with legal help.   I’m interested in furthering my goals and dreams while incarcerated.   My main dream is art – I love to draw and create and bring life to my drawings, so people can enjoy.   My goal is...

Caldwell, Ohio24Straight

Whats up? My name is Mark.

I am doing 4 years, but hopefully getting out early on good behavior. I am looking for female companionship of any age or race. All the way from paper mail to phone calls, visits and everything in between.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Huntsville, Texas45Straight
African AmericanOther

Hi, this is my first time being on a pen pal website. I hope to enjoy the experience.

A little about me is I enjoy writing, exercising, watching movies, and cooking. I love to have fun and enjoy getting to know new people.

Currently, I am studying to get my Associates in Business Management, while passing my time in here. Also, upon graduation, I will be enrolling to earn...

Black River Falls, Wisconsin36

Do you feel like you need someone to talk with? I do. I’ve done some time before but I had family with me then. They’ve passed away. I never felt as alone as I do now.

I was born in New Jersey, raised in Florida for almost 30 years, before moving to Wisconsin. Most of my life was spent on the beach in Miami, where I would play volleyball and surf. I love the beach life.


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Corcoran, California38Straight
African AmericanOther

I'm Danuyel Bryant.

You can download the JPay app and hit me with an e-mail if you're interested in getting to know me.

I don't have a type. My only prerequisite is that you're intelligent, honest, and ambitious.

Please send a photo with your e-mail.

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Boise, Idaho21Straight

Hey, I’m Timmy! I’m a spontaneous twenty-one-year-old that has always lived in/for the moment. Life truly is an adventure, and I’m always ready to go for it!

Unfortunately, I was incarcerated in June of 2018, and my earliest eligible parole date is in May of 2020. However, that will not be granted to me, and I will get to see the parole board again in December of 2020.

At this...

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Florence, Arizona25

Hello, my name is David. I am 5’8”, blond hair and blue eyes. I am currently trying to better my life as much as possible. A few of my interests are typical to my confines such as working out, reading, listening to music and furthering my education. I spend my time taking all classes available and working out every day to stay as fit as possible. I also enjoy listening to music. I feel it is...

Kincheloe, Michigan28Straight

Well hello, there my name is Jon Maccune but everyone calls me JB. I'm 28 years old born on Feb 14, 1992. I was raised in a small town in Mi called Ludington.

I'm just looking for a pen pal/friend to get to know and to help pass the time. I enjoy and spend my time reading, writing, working out, and watching TV. I love artwork, mostly tattoo art and I also love listening to music;...

Lucasville, Ohio30Straight
African AmericanOther


What's up with y'all?  I hope that everything has been going great for y'all.  I'm doing alright myself.  Just looking for somebody that I can build a strong and unbreakable bond with inside and outside these walls.   Someone that I can converse with on various levels.

My name is Anthony.  I will be 30 on April 11th.  I'm from...

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Coldwater, Michigan29Straight

I'm looking to meet new friends. Spend time discovering different personalities out in the world. Some of my hobbies are weight training while listening to Killswitch Engage, anything outdoors, and repairing everything. I like all genres of music.

A little about myself, I'm easy going and love manual labor. I've worked a few jobs in the last that I enjoyed, tree trimming,...

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Boise, Idaho35Straight

I'm seeking to connect with positive people and make new friends. I'm looking forward to building new and healthy relationships. Hoping to make lasting connections.

I'm 6'3", 230 pounds, and physically fit. Try to spend my time productively. I like reading and learning new things. Currently finishing up electrical classes and preparing for an apprenticeship program. I love the outdoors...

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