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Other Prison Pen-pals

These are all the Other prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Other prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.

Amarillo, Texas27Bi-sexual
African AmericanOther


My name is Leslie, but everyone calls me Trae.  I'm searching for a friend to pass time with and share my dreams and aspirations with. 

A little about me is I'm Black and Indian, I'm originally from Arkansas but I've been in Texas my whole life.  I'm 6’ 2”, about 180 pounds.  I'm a people person, I'm very charismatic, I also love to make people smile....

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Joseph Ceretti #6220891 - Primary Picture
Ft Madison, Iowa38Straight

Hello, nice to meet you,

If you’re reading this you know a few things about me and in return I know something about you. I know you are looking for someone to talk to for whatever reason it might be. You already know I am in prison and you know what for. What you don’t know is the kind, caring, compassionate, loyal individual I am.

I have made many mistakes and one of my worst...

Suffield, Connecticut31Straight
African AmericanOther

Hello World,

My name is Eric. I'm looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and using this opportunity to make new friends. 

Throughout this incarceration, I've learned to not only open my mind, but take a chance and open my heart. I am hoping to make connections with people who enjoy a good conversation and can bring light into a dark situation. 


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Coleman, Florida36Straight
African AmericanOther

Hello there, my name Is Andrew Thompson I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm currently incarcerated in Florida. My ultimate goal is for you to visit me and get to know the real person despite my current situation.

I'm very much into meeting cool people from, all levels from all over the world. I love to travel, literally, I've been to 48 states chances are I have been to your hometown. I...

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Marion, Ohio23Straight
African AmericanOther

Hello to everyone that has taken the time to view my profile my name is Shonta Jones. I am 23 years of age born in Toledo, Ohio. I’m a Taurus.

I enjoy working out in my free time; I also prefer programs that will benefit me in my future in positive ways. I am a well outspoken person also energetic and laid back. I’ve always been a great listener and I enjoy good vibes....

Shelton, Washington46Straight

Hi Ya,

I'm not trying to brag and boast, but I'm like creamy peanut butter on hot toast!

Oh!  You don't like peanut butter?  Alright then…..I'm like Strawberry Smuckers on Caramel Apple suckers.  Now I know you like that!

Hit me up girl….let's kick it.   I'm not like the rest, I promise you that.

I can sit here and tell you how awesome I...

Toledo, Ohio28Straight
African AmericanOther

Hello, my name is Malik and I’m on here hoping to meet someone who’s willing to put in time get to know me and vice versa. Someone that’s positive and down to earth.

I love to read and write; I’m actually working on a book of my own. My mind is always open to new things. I’m also in college and I’m trying to get as many degrees and trades as possible before I go home.


Bunkey Bowman #0784716 - Primary Picture
Lovelady, Texas59Straight

Warm Greetings,

I'm an older man who gets no mail here in the facility and would like to write anyone from any place in the world who will be a real faithful pen pal and friend.  I do not care what your race is or age, size, sex, faith as long as you're over 21, and love to write letters.  Write me and tell me about your life and I will share all of mine.

I have no...

Indian Springs, Nevada29Straight
African AmericanOther

Peace! I write this with the hopes of finding a person that I can build a true friendship with.

Now please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dresden but my family calls me Du'bear. I just cut it down to bear. I am 29 years young, I'm a very understanding person, and open to learning new things. I enjoy reading & writing but I really find peace in working out. I fully...

Pound, Virginia28Straight

My name is Mike. I am hoping to meet new people and build positive friendships out there on the streets. I am looking to get back into court and give some of this time back they wrongfully convicted me into and with the possibility of parole being re-enacted becoming real there's a real shot that I make it back out there much sooner.

I'd like to have good people in my life to help me...

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Connell, Washington24Straight

Hey there, The name is the Deadreon! Family and friends call me Bubba. I am 24 years young, 6’0”, green eyes, and very optimistic about life. I’m black and Hispanic, very easy-going, and even easier to converse with.

I’m currently serving a short sentence and will be returning to the regular world around the end of 2020. I’m looking for someone who loves all the crazy things life has...

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Florence, Arizona34Straight

Hello, my name is Cole and I’m 34 years old. I am currently looking to pass some time by sharing some enjoyable conversations with new people. I love meeting new people and getting to know them in a meaningful way. If you enjoy taking with someone who is open, genuine, thoughtful and cultured, I’d equally appreciate the chance to get to connect with you as well. If you’re thinking I’d be a...

Coldwater, Michigan43Straight
African AmericanOther


My name is Mario.  I'm 43 years old, born in Detroit, Michigan.  I come from a loving family, currently a huge part of my life.  Although my parents are diseased, we all maintain a close relationship.  Family is important and so are good friends.

I've always loved animals.  Fortunately, the facility I'm in has a program that trains and socializes...

Mansfield, Ohio33Straight
African AmericanOther

Charles is a great person who deserves to meet someone nice.

I know that he would be happy with the opportunity most people take for granted love!

I know putting him on this site would be perfect for him to meet new people and a chance to find someone to express &communicate with as well.

He's down to earth, a great listener, and will be released soon.


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Tennessee Colony, Texas47Straight

Hi everybody! So, how do I say this without sounding too weird? But I'm a social-media newcomer. Laugh all you want, but I got incarcerated in '93. We weren't on this internet thing back then. But, using this website to meet new people, make new friends, and connect with the outside world sounds good to me. Just take it easy on me. Remember, I'm new to this. So, please, be gentle.


Burgaw, North Carolina31Straight

Family, loyalty, respect, honesty, and prosperity. These things I value and uphold above all else. I'm seeking correspondence with mature women who are like-minded and looking to meet a kind, stable friend.

I can do little for you while in here beyond listening and caring, but I genuinely feel that I will one day leave prison. I'm a decent man fighting a losing battle against an unfair...

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Adrian, Michigan30Straight

My name is Blake, I'm 6', 230 lbs., brown skin, brown eyes, thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, bald head with a full beard, mixed with Black and Irish, from Detroit, Mi.

I'm an ambitious person, a great listener, a great communicator, honest, and loyal. I like working out; running and weight pit mostly. I'm very big on morals, principals, and values.

I'm looking for a friend that...

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Huntsville, Texas25Straight

Looking for pen pals to pass the time.

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Newberry, Michigan34Straight

Hello, my friends call me Sig and I thank you for looking at my page. I look forward to hearing from you. I do ask for women only please, I am surrounded by 1100 men and could use a different perspective in my conversations.

Some of my interests are working out, a lot of outdoor activities, TV series, music, learning Japanese, and much more. My favorite band is The Offspring and my...

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Coleman, Florida26Straight
African AmericanOther

My name is Steven McKinley. I am a poet/songwriter. I’ve been doing this since I’ve been down and I can say I’ve perfected my craft. I’m on here looking for someone to bring the best out of me, keep me in good spirits and keep me 110.


Lebanon, Ohio44Straight

Hi! My name is James, friends and family call me Jamey. I’m currently serving a sentence of 7 years in Ohio.

I’m looking for someone that is good company, conversation and an open mind, not quick to pass judgment, and a great personality!! I’m outgoing, funny, open-minded, healthy, love training and working out, wanna love forever!

I’m one of those people who believe age...

Pendleton, Oregon22Straight

A chance is like a picture you just have to take it.  I'm straightforward, down to talk about whatever and love laughs.   Let's get to know each another.

You can also contact me by adding me on

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Pound, Virginia36Straight

I am going to be brutally honest, I am sick and tired of being alone, sick and tired of hurting- (The pain, the loneliness, the endless uncertainty) And I'm sick and tired of holding it all in. I thought I had life of figured out, I thought I was strong enough to do this all alone. But I guess I was wrong because there will come a time in life when we all simply need someone. Just as those...

Kincheloe, Michigan32Straight
African AmericanOther

Hi, my name is Edwin Ford. I am currently incarcerated in the Michigan department of corrections. I am 33 years old and I was raised in Detroit, MI. I am 5'7" and 205lbs, I am light-skinned with no tattoos, Athletically fit with muscles and a six-pack. I have a low hair cut. I have a very goofy/silly personality. I am only serious when it is time to be but for the most part, I try to stay...

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Gatesville, Texas39Straight
African AmericanOther

Please standby. My profile text isn’t posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being. My profile text will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it. Please – write me today!

Thanks and please check back soon for my real profile.