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Pagan Prison Pen-pals

These are all the Pagan prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Pagan prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.

Jay Miller #S15854 - Primary Picture
Galesburg, Illinois28Straight

Hello there, Miss Stranger Danger!

Thanks for stalking by. It's about time we met. I've been sitting here all lonely waiting for your letter for like ever now, Geeze!

The good news is, you can finally quit creeping on all these profiles trying to find your perfect pen-pal match.  Here I am!  Yay!  You found me!  Try not to look so disappointed, lol. It doesn...

Newcastle, Wyoming27Straight

Hey there! My name is Riley and I am a 27 year old, 6‘8“, 250 pound Viking. I’m covered in tattoos and very athletic/competitive. I enjoy working out and playing sports.

When I’m not dominating lesser “Viking” individuals on the basketball court I can be found taking long walks around the yard wearing brightly colored jumpsuits! I also enjoy metal/rock music and...

Buckeye, Arizona50Straight

Hi! My name is Timothy and I’m hoping to meet and write new friends from anywhere. When I meet people who are intelligent and make me laugh, they attract me in a valuable way and that especially magnetic to me no matter age, race, creed or whatever. I can find humor in just about any situation, even when it’s me that’s being a dum-dum!

To list all my “likes” would be exhaustive because...

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Atwater, California49Straight

Hello… Anybody out there?

I’m new to this pen pal thing so I’m not sure what to say here. Maybe short and sweet would be best.

I’m a good man that made bad mistakes. Nobody’s fault but my own. I have a lot of time to do so I’m really looking for serious pen-pals. I don’t care about race or what part of the world you live in.

If you write me, I will write you back.

Michael C. Williams #81133Primary Picture
Eagle Pass, Texas46Straight

Hello Everyone,

Here's what is new for 2020:
I am still in Texas because of overcrowding in Idaho. I miss the Rocky Mountains of my home state but I am making the most of it by staying busy.
Good news, I have been transferred to a dog training dorm to work with the Buddy Foundation. There are 8 rescue dogs here that were either...

Sean Barill #12B2559 - Primary Picture
Attica, New York32Straight

Greetings I am a down to earth man with a great sense of humor. I grew up in rough neighborhoods in Tampa and Buffalo where I experienced above average exposure to alcohol which ultimately led to my incarceration. Since then I've not only overcome my addiction but I've educated myself and matured.

Interests of mine are art and body modification. I've worked in shops piercing and...

Monroe, Washington29Straight

What is there to lose when there is so much to gain?

I'm an avid artist of 17 years and I enjoy bringing light and color into the world. I spend the majority of my time educating myself and furthering myself in my craft! I love ...

Cuero, Texas29Straight


My name is Ricardo Gonzalez (please feel free to call me Rick) and I’m 29 years old. At this point in life I am currently single with one 11 year old son. I was born in Corpus Christi and raised in Premont, Texas most of my life.

I have a lively personality to go with a great sense of humor that fits perfectly with my tall, bronze, handsome, tattooed features.


Livingston, Texas22Straight

I’m not your ordinary person writing this that’s not in the best situation at the moment. I’m more than what people think of. I’m smart, gifted, intelligent, confident, motivated, educated with goals in life.

I have a wonderful sense of humor with great character and personality. I’m a gentleman with proper manners, mature, kind, respectful and romantic. I believe in trust, loyalty,...

Herlong, California44Straight

Hello there,

If you're reading this then I must have caught your attention. So, let me tell you a few fun facts about myself.

I grew up in the country learning how to fish, hunt, and ride. Unfortunately, I started getting into trouble around the young age of 12. I was in and out of homes and juvenile until I turned 17. Then off to the city I went. Started living the outlaw...

Jeffrey Bickle #801638Primary Picture
Connell, Washington40Bi-sexual


My name is Jeff. I’m a 40 year old, bi-sexual man looking for correspondence and friendship. A friendship with someone who is open minded, funny, understanding and may help me broaden my horizons.

I’m 5’7” in height, 142 pounds in weight, with brownish-blond hair and blue eyes. I have a few tattoos and wear glasses. I’m originally from Norristown, Pennsylvania right...

John Christopher Marquard #122995 - Primary Picture
Raiford, Florida52Straight

Hi, my name is John Marquard. I was born into a U.S. Air Force family and spent my first five years in Germany where my dad was stationed. When my father left the military we moved back to the United States where we settled down in North Carolina. Except for a few excursions that’s pretty much where I grew up. When I was eighteen I decided to see the country and did so on a motorcycle. I went...

Menard, Illinois22Straight


A little about me.  Yay.   LOL   I am an African American and German 22 year old guy.  I am very outgoing and I'm honestly kind of a goofball.  LOL   I like to make someone smile.

Now that I have been gone for five years with no connection with the outside world, I want to meet someone that wants a real, no hidden motive...

Corcoran, California35Straight

Hi, my name is Forrest James, I'm 35 years old, and born & raised in San Diego, CA in a town called Pacific Beach.

I love to surf, skate, and ride dirt bikes for fun or when I have free time. I'm a tattoo artist by trade both in & out of prison. But when I get out I'm shooting to open up my own shop. I enjoy being an artist & love the work doing what I love to do...

Thomas Ziebro #115763 - Primary Picture
Boise, Idaho30Straight

Hello, I'm 30 years old from western Washington, spending a 3-year sentence in Idaho prison. I'm looking for new friends to write through JPay or snail mail. When I get out I want to start my life in the right direction and meeting new people is a good start.

I want to start my own business and meet my long term goals. I'd like to meet a lady that knows what she wants, not into...

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Overton, Texas30Straight

My name is Matt, but most call me Taz. I’m a laid back country boy. I love motorcycles, tattoos, fishing and hog hunting. I’m currently incarcerated for theft of property. I have 3 ½ done on a 7 year sentence. I’m an open book so if you have questions, just ask. I don’t need money, I just want a woman to talk to and maybe build a relationship with. I prefer older and bigger women but am open...

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Lino Lakes, Minnesota30Straight

Hi, my name is Josh. I’m looking for positive people to connect with and talk to while I’m incarcerated. Help me escape my mental prison and get me out of my head if only for a moment. I have hopes of building strong, new friendships which could point me on a better path with better opportunities for my future. I’m spent most of my life beating myself into ruin without every really giving...

Charles Cousino #116782 - Primary Picture
Sterling, Colorado38Straight

Hello there, my name is Charlie or as most everyone calls me one form of Scrappy (Doo, Scrap, or Scrapnasty. I am 38 years old going on 28. 

I am full of life, energy, and an unbreakable optimistic outlook on life, no matter what obstacles or challenges life may throw my way. I tend to have a darker sense of humor, but can and do laugh with the best of them every single day....

Crescent City, California38Straight

Thank you for taking the time to look at this. I realize my rugged good looks are not enough to get your attention on their own, so I would like to tell you a little about why I’m running this ad.

I’ve matured quite a bit over the last decade and in that time I’ve come to understand that being fully immersed in prison and the private world that it encompasses is no way to live. It’s...

Fredonia, Kentucky30Gay


My name is Joe.  I have spent about half my life in prison, and was recently served out on a 16 year sentence.  Now I am close to the end of that sentence, and I want to meet people and reconnect with the outside world.  I hope to meet some interesting people on this website, and establish some positive relationships in my life before I am released.

I came...

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Rush City, Minnesota35Straight


Tired of the same old guys and lies? Look no further!

Hello ladies, I’m Greg. I’m hoping to meet some new friends from all over and learn about as many different cultures, lifestyles and perspectives as possible, including yours.

My hobbies are writing letters, working out and drawing portraits.

I’m searching for a meaningful and lasting friendship...

Joshua Williams #01686846 - Primary Picture
Amarillo, Texas30Straight

My incarceration experience has been both educational and life-changing mentally, physically and spiritually…I gave back my life sentence in 2012 so I feel blessed for the opportunity I was given. I ask that you don’t judge my circumstances as a reflection of who I am cause there is more to me than this chapter of my life! I believe the depth and strength of our character is defined by our...

Moose Lake, Minnesota26Straight

Hey, my name is Alex. I’m working towards a degree in communications while I’m incarcerated and I’m also really into physical fitness. Lately, the two take up most of my time. I’m looking for a friend that can hold a conversation and take my mind off this place for awhile! Oh and one that doesn’t take herself too seriously because a good sense of humor is a must!

I’m not looking for...

Delano, California29Straight

Please standby. My profile text isn’t posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being. My profile text will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it. Please – write me today!

Thanks and please check back soon for my real profile.

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Menard, Illinois41Bi-sexual

Hi! My name is Josh. My friends describe me as smart, self-motivated, loyal, a good friend, comical at times, polite, generous, kind hearted and humble.

I really enjoy the arts. I personally am an artist who loves to create with words, or you can simply say I’m an accomplished author and poet. I enjoy other types of art as well, especially music. My taste in music is very diverse and...