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Sandy Hook, Kentucky28Straight

Hi there,

I joined this site in hopes of meeting new people to broaden my circle of friends.

Here are a few things about me; I'm very outdoorsy and enjoy nature.  Hobbies include drawing, reading, woodworking and exercising daily.  I grew up in the mountains of South East Kentucky.  I love animals and I am mechanically inclined.  I am an easygoing guy that...

Canton, Illinois24Straight

I'm searching for one of Gods greatest creations…..a woman with honesty and loyalty as her best qualities.  I'm looking for a relationship or a friendship with as much communication as possible.  I'm a good listener, I give sound advice. I feel as if I'm a good person, a man that made a mistake trying to make right in a world of wrong.

I enjoy listening to music, reading,...

Monroe, Washington32Straight

“Are You Single?”

Are you tired of guys who lack honesty, sincerity and respect?

Well, I promise you all my attention, affection and appreciation. To always reply to all your letters…and time devoted to you alone!

I’m a muscular, confident, passionate, ambitious and open-minded guy. I spend my time in school studying small business entrepreneur, working out and writing...

James Greenfield #1065134 - Primary Picture
Lovelock, Nevada37Straight

Hi, I’m James. I’m 36 years old and I’ve been in prison for 19 years. I’m an upbeat person who loves animals and nature, books and music. I love to eat and I love cooking.

I am passionate about art, both studying and creating it. I draw in graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, ink and pastels. I paint with watercolors, acrylics and oils. It’s important to me to be productive. Putting my...

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William Baumer #E58199Primary Picture
Ione, California55Straight


I am pleased to meet you.  My name is William Baumer and I'm a California native.

Currently, I'm serving a life sentence in the state’s prison system after being convicted of assault and weapon charges.  My next parole hearing is in 2021, when I anticipate I will be released from prison.

During my incarceration, I have worked...

Robert Belz #M03225 - Primary Picture
Sumner, Illinois31Straight

Hi everybody! My name is Robert but my family and friends call me Bobby. I’m 31 years old and I’ve been incarcerated for over 12 years. Life hasn’t been easy, but I believe that I’ve learned a lot during this time. I’ve found an inner strength and resilience that I didn’t realize I had. In short, prison made a man of me. That being said, prison is a lonely and desolate place. It isn’t the...

Jay Miller #S15854 - Primary Picture
Galesburg, Illinois28Straight

Hello there, Miss Stranger Danger!

Thanks for stalking by. It's about time we met. I've been sitting here all lonely waiting for your letter for like ever now, Geeze!

The good news is, you can finally quit creeping on all these profiles trying to find your perfect pen-pal match.  Here I am!  Yay!  You found me!  Try not to look so disappointed, lol. It doesn...

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White Deer, Pennsylvania36Straight

I am an ex-white supremacist and ex-Satanist. I am a gang drop out. I want to correspond with Rastafarians. I am White but run with the Blacks, usually Muslims.

I have taken my Shahada but have not done much...

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Kevin Angell #407997 - Primary Picture
Somers, Connecticut24Straight

Connecticut, the only state I know. Though born and raised in New Milford, I have also lived in Brookfield and Canaan. I’ve gone to school in all three, as well as Danbury where I graduated from Henry Abbott Tech High School with a certificate in Autobody. In prison, I acquired a certificate in Carpentry. I’ve always been active. First sports, followed by adventures, camping, hiking, biking,...

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Wayne Caskey Jr.  #G68203 - Primary Picture
Represa, California56Straight


Hello and Good day to you!!  I’m reaching out from within, in hopes of finding a soul mate or a friend to correspond with, talk with and maybe visit with down the line.

I’ve been down for 11 years for Homicide, currently doing a life with hopes of a new day in court. 

I’m looking for a mature, secure woman that may have a little outlaw in her heart...

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Pontiac, Illinois41Bi-sexual

Hi! My name is Josh. My friends describe me as smart, self-motivated, loyal, a good friend, comical at times, polite, generous, kind hearted and humble.

I really enjoy the arts. I personally am an artist who loves to create with words, or you can simply say I’m an accomplished author and poet. I enjoy other types of art as well, especially music. My taste in music is very diverse and...

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Teague, Texas33Straight


I am Mark the artist. I draw, paint and tattoo. I believe art is the real task of my life. It solves my riddle of existence and it’s my gateway to not only one world but infinite worlds. I am also a certified auto mechanic. I am going to build race cars in days to come as a hobby and take them to the racetrack to race. I chose to get high on life and live it with a clear...

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Ross Wetterman #02071986 - Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas28

My name is Ross, I am 28 years old, 6’0”, 200 pounds. I have an athletic build, blonde hair, green eyes. I grew up in Waco, Texas on my parent’s farm. I am very much a “country boy”. I enjoy big trucks, hunting, fishing, playing in the mudd and spending lots of time with family and friends. I’d choose a bonfire in the woods over a night on the town any day.

I am seeking new friends to...

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Menard, Illinois23Straight

Hey! The name's Danny,

I'm a witty guy, a pretty good guy. I can make people laugh too. I know there's someone out there who would want to write to an awesome guy like me...

Let's see... I'm pretty smart, I study everything. I'm big on psychology and philosophy. I enjoy history and connecting with my ancestral roots. I practice Asatru, the religion of my ancestors, so I never...

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Holly Grigsby #42508-086 - Primary Picture
Waseca, Minnesota32Straight

Hi, I’m hoping to meet some fun, honest folks to correspond with. These walls try to keep my spirit down but that’s impossible! I continue to focus on my future and would love to add some positive influences from the outs into my life. It would make these lonely times a bit easier and it will help me grow into a better person. I work hard to maintain my humor and my devotion to loyalty is one...

Nicholaus Thompson  #184221Primary Picture
Burgin, Kentucky36

I am looking for someone that I can share thoughts with, Someone who would be interested in expression, ideas, and philosophy with me.

I am looking for a friend. I like to read and I study the language and mythology of all cultures. I love poetry in all forms. I play guitar and love almost all genre's of music. I write a lot to pass my time and work out every day. I do anything to...

Thomson, Illinois33Straight

Hello world,

My name is Andra or to most Gizzle.  I'm looking for a person I can build with and we both can go the distance.  I'm a father and I'm very ambitious.  I look to constantly elevate mentally, physically and spiritually.  I'm 6 foot tall, dark skin, brown eyes, athletic build,195 pounds.  I love music, working out, and just learning and accomplishing...

Randall Wells #210080 - Primary Picture
Sandy Hook, Kentucky30Straight


My name is Randy, I put this profile up hoping to meet new people.  I’m looking for positive thinkers to converse with.  I am very open-minded and open to any opportunities that may present themselves: work, casual conversation, friendship, etc.

I pass my time reading, (mostly nonfiction, Mythology and psychology), writing, (mainly poetry though I also...

Ft. Madison, Iowa26Straight

Hello, I’m Nick. I’m hoping to meet some new people and maybe make some new friends.

A little about me; I’m easy-going and enjoy joking and laughing with friends and family. My favorite color is lime green and my favorite food would either have to be BBQ pulled pork sandwich or some waffles. I enjoy playing video games and reading books, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy.

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Florence, Arizona44Straight

Achtung! Achtung! Attention! Attention!

Hopefully, you weren't just about to pass over my site due to my tattooed face. Don't you fret none. That's just personality in today's society of which I'm a product, proud + true. So I've grabbed your interest. Let me start by saying I'm pleased to meet ya.

A little about myself, I grew up going to punk rock shows and running amok on...

Crescent City, California33Straight


Here's a little bit about myself….I'm 5 foot 11 inches tall, 200 pounds, I have hazel eyes and I have black hair.  With this pen pal service I'm seeking out friendship, new and passed, I enjoy meeting new people.  I enjoy drawing and listening to music, I'm always striving for excellence in all that I do.  Always giving my best.  I'm on a never ending journey...

Cuero, Texas29Straight


My name is Ricardo Gonzalez (please feel free to call me Rick) and I’m 29 years old. At this point in life I am currently single with one 11 year old son. I was born in Corpus Christi and raised in Premont, Texas most of my life.

I have a lively personality to go with a great sense of humor that fits perfectly with my tall, bronze, handsome, tattooed features.


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Tehachapi, California32Straight

Hey Now!

My name is Daniel Reagan but people call me “Danny Boi”…I have been down for 5 years and have a couple more years left till freedom…I’m looking to meet someone to pass the time and get to know…Let’s face it, prison sucks and I get lonely, not to mention bored.

Anyways, I have made mistakes but I have learned some hard lessons and I am trying to live the best life I can...

Atwater, California49Straight

Hello… Anybody out there?

I’m new to this pen pal thing so I’m not sure what to say here. Maybe short and sweet would be best.

I’m a good man that made bad mistakes. Nobody’s fault but my own. I have a lot of time to do so I’m really looking for serious pen-pals. I don’t care about race or what part of the world you live in.

If you write me, I will write you back.

Larry Schinkel #K00095 - Primary Picture
Susanville, California41Straight

Hello! My name is Larry but my friends and family call me Steven; my middle name. I have been in prison since I was 20 years old. I am a nonviolent 3 striker and due to California’s changing laws to help us nonviolent individuals, I can see daylight where once there was only darkness.

I work out daily, go to self-help groups and am only a few units away from getting my degree. I am...