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Pagan Prison Pen-pals

These are all the Pagan prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Pagan prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.

Mitchells, Virginia35Straight


My name is Adam Cunningham. I’m 6’3” and 225 pounds and I’m from the Shenandoah Valley; it’s a beautiful place in between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains in Virginia.

I’m a true outdoorsman, an artist, proud of my working class roots. A few of my hobbies are canoeing/kayaking, fishing, cliff diving, hiking and traveling. I love adventure; I’m after the experiences in...

Justin Hoyt #10852585 - Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon44Gay

My spiritual path is Asatru, which is the same religion the Vikings and other ancient tribes followed. I conduct myself in the Warrior Code, and give respect to those that give me respect. I am so much more and have so much more to offer. Though I find myself in prison, I've mainly hurt myself; it is something I do not intend to do again.

Vicious Viking Warrior is how I have been...

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Sean Barill #12B2559 - Primary Picture
Attica, New York32Straight

Greetings I am a down to earth man with a great sense of humor. I grew up in rough neighborhoods in Tampa and Buffalo where I experienced above average exposure to alcohol which ultimately led to my incarceration. Since then I've not only overcome my addiction but I've educated myself and matured.

Interests of mine are art and body modification. I've worked in shops piercing and...

Trenton, New Jersey27Straight

I love to travel and see the world. Riding motorcycles, snowboarding, camping, hiking, and fishing... Good people, good food, and cold beer. 

I've always been the adventurous type and love to meet other like-minded people. So don't be shy, hopefully, we can spark a genuine connection.

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Iowa Park, Texas26Straight


My name is Christopher Aleman. I go by Godraco. I’m 26 years old from Amarillo, Texas. I’m looking forward to mentally building with someone and gaining knowledge of the unknown.

Well I’m a very spontaneous, active and open minded person. I love to read and listen to music while working out. I listen to Rap, R&B, Country and Rock; basically all music as long as it...

Woodville, Texas32Straight

Hi, I’m Lonnie and I would like to find someone to have friendly, interesting and intelligent conversations with. I enjoy all the outdoors, got to love the country life. I listen to mostly Country and Rock music. I really enjoy and have a passion for personal fitness and have plans to get my personal trainer certification upon my release by the N.S.C.A. (National Strength and Conditioning...

Angie, Louisiana29Bi-sexual

Hey there, so, here's a little about me. I love to laugh and I'm quick to make a joke. I am currently striving to better myself through various programs. I also mentor to Self-Help classes.

I love music, anything really, but at the same time I prefer to listen to rock and heavy metal. I draw people and animation. I'm not the best, but I'm good.

As of now, I'm alone in these...

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Darryl Stinski #1250402 - Primary Picture
Jackson, Georgia36Straight

Hello ladies and gentlemen. So an elephant walks into a bar...elephant says.. "OUCH!". Either you are smiling in spite of the bad joke... or you're rolling your eyes and saying "Really!?!"...or a bit of both. Now if you are still with me.

My friends call me Cat or SC for various reasons which I would be happy to share should you, but ask. Any questions are warmly welcomed. So you might...

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Zachariah Douglas #330579 - Primary Picture
Walla Walla, Washington28Straight

Picture this!  Wake up, read, study, eat, then read and study some more.  This is what most of my days consist of with the exception of exercising.  My name is Zachariah.  I’m 27 and I’m really interested in meeting someone who I can communicate and contemplate with.  I’m interested in psychology, fitness, and philosophy.  I’m most definitely not a person who...

Overton, Texas35Straight


My name is Justin.  I do actually have a few nicknames, but most people call me Roman.  I am interested in meeting and making friends with people of similar interests or perhaps people who will introduce me to new concepts or ideas. 

I am mixed German, Italian and Spanish.  I served 9 years in the United States Army as an Infantryman, during which...

Concorc, Massachusetts45Straight

I’m Portuguese, love to draw, and am a tattoo artist. I’m born and raised in New Bedford, MA.

I'm looking for someone to talk to and get to know. I’m a super nice guy, easy to talk to, and just enjoy peoples company.

Hit me up if you would like to talk.

Bridgeton, New Jersey40Straight

A fifteen minute lapse in judgment has cost me dearly. Seven years in prison. During this state-mandated vacation, I have made every effort to make necessary improvements upon myself, uniting my mind, body and spirit.

For the mind, I’m enrolled in a college program here at the prison and I am striving toward my Associate’s Degree. This has allowed me rediscover my love for history and...

Pendleton, Oregon32Straight

Do you ever tire of friends?

I’m not as tough as I might look. Had you caught me only a few days ago I’d be crying to the Notebook love story. I can be bold sure, but around the ladies, I tend to get shy. Hey, I’m just keeping it real!

I’m an artist aspiring to develop a career, potentially in tattoos. I wanted to get welding under my belt but apparently fighting is against the...

Crescent City, California30Straight

How are you doing? My name is Shane. I have been in prison for 7 years. I still have a couple to go. Really looking for a pen pal, someone to keep me in touch with the real world and how it is today.

Here’s a little bit about myself. I’m from Northern California. I grew up hunting and fishing. You could say that I love the outdoors. Also, I’m a really big sports fan; American football...

Crescent City, California37Straight

Are you tired of the same old personal ads and letters? Or guys who are lacking, honesty, sincerity and respect? Who don’t shower you with attention, affection and appreciation?

Well, here are some things I promise you’ll get from me: Eyes you can look into and trust, a helping hand, a heart that understands and doesn’t judge, a supportive shoulder, a prompt reply to all of your...

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James Hartmangruber #01425773Primary Picture
Woodville, Texas29Straight

What kind of pen pal are you looking for? I’m hoping to find someone with a good sense of humor, who contemplates some of the deeper mysteries of life and who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. If you are looking for the same, then look no further!

Here’s a little about myself: My biggest passions are martial arts, studying the Japanese language and trying to write a fantasy novel...

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Amarillo, Texas38Straight

Free to loving person, one crazy, wild animal, mean as the devil.  Very territorial with extreme Alpha male complex.  Will attack everyone you know and love.  Dirty and not house broken or too smart.  Contact for info….sorry, rooster not included.  I'm really not mean and I'm semi house broken.   That’s  me and my rooster “Megatron”.   (I am...

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Ontario, Oregon32Bi-sexual

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us”.

Hey! Thank you for checking out my profile. I am a tattoo artist by trade and an aspiring musician/author in hobby. I’m looking to meet new people who share in both my interests and values.

Although I am from the city, most of...

David Bounds #T96305 - Primary Picture
Shirley, Massachusetts45Straight

I don’t have the fragile male ego, so I don’t need to constantly talk about myself. As you are aware of my plight, I'm a bit of a risk-taker.  This has let me be able to tour different state penal facilities.  Now I'm a connoisseur of awful cuisine!  Please don’t get me started on DOC’s totally and complete lack of any fashion sense!  As I'm living it!

I've a sense...

Adelanto, California30Straight

Hey, how’s it going? First off, let me start by saying that I send my absolute best wishes to anyone taking the time to read this. I hope this finds you doing amazing and with nothing but smiles.

Now let me take a second to properly introduce myself. My name is Austin, I’m 30 years old and from San Diego. I love music and I love art. I’m even an artist myself. I am currently in Federal...

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Monroe, Washington29Straight

What is there to lose when there is so much to gain?

I'm an avid artist of 17 years and I enjoy bringing light and color into the world. I spend the majority of my time educating myself and furthering myself in my craft! I love ...

Crescent City, California33Straight


Here's a little bit about myself….I'm 5 foot 11 inches tall, 200 pounds, I have hazel eyes and I have black hair.  With this pen pal service I'm seeking out friendship, new and passed, I enjoy meeting new people.  I enjoy drawing and listening to music, I'm always striving for excellence in all that I do.  Always giving my best.  I'm on a never ending journey...

Ontario, Oregon45Straight


My name is Kevin and I’m a 6’4” tall Iroquois and Irish man, easy on the eyes, clean, fit, healthy and intelligent male human.

Seeking open minded, adventurous female humans for friendship and corresponding about the deepest mysteries of the universe and the tedium of daily life. Hoping for authenticity, honesty and being self aware. Be prepared to receive the same in...

Lino Lakes, Minnesota40

Hey Y’all,

My name is Derrick.  I'm looking to meet some positive folks willing to get to know me while I begin the transition back to society.  A mentor or two would be nice and new friends are always welcome!

A little about me;  I'm pretty laid back.  Some of my interests include horseback riding, rodeos, health and fitness, fishing and things of the like...

Pekin, Illinois32Straight

I’m a 32 year old farm boy, 6’2”, muscular build and 235 pounds. I’m down to earth and easygoing. I’m a very motivated person, easy to talk to and I don’t judge a book by its cover. I love to ride horses, dirt bikes, four-wheelers, go muddin’, build old cars and trucks, fishing, camping etc. Basically I love to be outside and enjoy about anything that has to do with it. I enjoy music of all...

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