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Spiritual Prison Pen-pals

These are all the Spiritual prisoners we have listed on If you would be interested in corresponding with a Spiritual prison pen-pal, please select one from the list below.

Kincheloe, Michigan39Straight

I've traumatic realizations of the suffering I've caused, regrets, self-disgust, and remorse that's pulled my soul into deep water. My descent, intense pressures, and heaviness has transformed my emotional sensitivity to feelings flowing within me and others.

I feel now the psychological reflexes hiding the deepest and purest substance of life. I've found this inner light illuminating...

East Vienna, Illinois34Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

I hope this introduction finds you in the best of health and spirit. 2020 is a pivotal year for me…I’m 34 years old with many voids in life because of my difficult and delicate situation.

I’m a student of life…my passion for success, happiness and life are a part of emotional maturity but I will continuously exercise my mind trying to create a powerful and emotional impact that will...

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Waverly, Virginia32Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Attention Viewers,

To all Mother Earths: It's been expressed that a thousand miles begins with one (1) single step, so with the most genuine of respect, I hope you can find it within yourself to accept this proposal of granting me the golden opportunity to introduce myself as Dese Johnson.

I’m 31 years of age, standing at a gorgeous 6' 1", light complexion, eyes a piercing...

Rush City, Minnesota47Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Hello World,

I’m looking for a true female. I’ve been down 17 ½ years. I have 8 years to complete. I’m a true individual and I’m looking for that in a woman. I need someone to put 100% with me and give 100% on all ends. I’ve never used this pen pal site or any other before, not this whole time I’ve been down. Here are 2 pictures of me. Can I respectfully find a woman to bring in 2020...

Midway, Texas41Straight

Hello World!

I feel privileged to be able to connect with others while being sound in mind and body. I’m referred to by most but not all as Kareem (Noble/Kind).

This attribute was not given to me because of any religious thought, rather with my always eager request to assist.

So with that being said; believing in one’s self is big for me. People who invigorate me the...

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Donald B. Sawyer #237939 - Primary Picture
Buckeye, Arizona36Straight

My name is Jeremiah and I'm writing this for someone I consider my Brother. His name is Brady and I've been trying to have him get a penpal but he's been reluctant to so I'm doing this for him.

My brother is 36 years old and comes from an amazing family. Like me, he made some bad decisions and ended up losing his dreams to drugs. I've been with him for some time now and have...

Joliet, Illinois23
African AmericanSpiritual

May these words put a smile upon the face of anyone who embraces these thoughts.

My name is: Lavell Holloway.   I apologize for my present situation at this time.  With all due respect allow me, if only for a moment, to share with you a thought that comes across my mind on a daily basis appearing from the subconscious of: loneliness and solitude.

It would truly...

Jamestown, California41Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


I'm attracted to a full-figured woman who is secure with her curves and is not influenced by what society tries to say women should look like.  I am drawn to a woman who allows herself to blossom just like God created.  I'm very driven and focused on being the best man I can be for everyone I come in contact with and I balance it all with a healthy sense of...

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Aberdeen, Washington31Straight

This is my introduction to you. I’ve been in prison since I was 17 and built walls around myself that didn’t help my growth as a person. I’m taking this opportunity to meet people that will give me a new perspective and outlook for the next chapter of my life. I will be open, honest and looking forward to building a lifelong friendship.

I’m 30 years old, Laos, and was born in...

Georgetown, Delaware32Straight


I've posted this profile because since coming to prison in 2007, at just 19, it has remained important for me to live my life as normally as possible.  I want to still do the things I love, things I would be doing if I were free.  It's in that spirit that I'm writing this; I've always been a social person, forging new relationships, developing strong bonds and loving....

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Boise, Idaho25Straight


My name is Fabian. I was a bad boy but I have a good heart. I’m looking for an angel to make me a saint. Looking for positive people to help me become a better person. That’s where you come in. I enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset. “I’ve never been, but it sure does sound good”.

Look, you’ve already gotten this far, so let’s see where this goes and send me a message...

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Atwater, California47Straight

If you want a good experience, you like to write and you think you can keep up- just stop looking and hit me up.

I’m crazy and cool. I’m also thoughtful and empathetic. If you want some positive energy in your life, some fun and laughter, I’m your guy. I prefer a woman to write to,  but a cool dude that wants to brainstorm ideas and has Tech/Internet experience, likes small...

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Bryce Dutton #311671 - Primary Picture
Florence, Arizona34Straight


My name is Bryce. I’m hoping to meet new positive people through this program. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I love reading self-help books, working out, eating healthy, listening to Country music, and going to 12-step meetings. I strive to be kind, loving, and understanding. I try to be a positive influence to everyone in my life.

I’m passionate about becoming a...

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Samuel Nicholson #A543-348 - Primary Picture
Conneaut, Ohio35Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


My name is Samuel. Most people call me Sam, but Samuel is also okay. I am a Leo and I embody it well. I am certainly dynamic, loyal, thoughtful, confident, and strong-minded. Family is important to me.

I have that feel good chill personality that people want to be around. I enjoy conversations that involve humor, substance, and passion. I’m the lean and athletic type. I...

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Concord, Massachusetts41Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


Let me start by saying that meeting people online is new to me. I preferred traditional ways of meeting people, yet they say, "a person who has never failed, has never tried anything new", so here I am.

My name is David and I'm incarcerated because I fell victim to the allusion of the fast life. Yet I'm thankful for every obstacle, mistake, and heartache along the way...

Susaneville, California52

Please stand by.

My profile isn’t posted yet, so has put this up for the time being. My profile text will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it.

Please, write me today!

Thanks and please check back soon for my real profile.

Springfield, South Dakota39Straight

What’s good?

I’m Solo, 6 foot 5 inches tall, dark, tattooed and in pretty good shape.  I'm confident, strong and loyal.  I get along with everyone and keep it 100%.  I don't play games or waste time.  I am certainly not the jealous type.  I like passionate people that go after what they want.  You must have a sense of humor.  I am open minded, low key...

Woodville, Texas29Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


My name is Marquise. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends.

My hobbies are working out and reading. I like to write and share my positive energy and thinking as well. I’m very well-spoken, with a tremendous amount of love and happiness in this big heart of mine. A shoulder to lean on and an ear to talk to (without judgment) is my gift in friendship, from me to you....

Festim Shyuqeriu #403850Primary Picture
Cheshire, Connecticut26Straight

I am a fun-loving, approachable, 26 year old and I have made it my goal to make the time I spend away from my family and loved ones worth it. By that I mean I am always working on myself spiritually, mentally and physically. With a healthy mind, body and spirit, I believe anything is possible. I am looking for someone to join me on this journey, giving each other mutual support without strings...

Susanville, California29Straight
Native AmericanSpiritual


My name is Justin. I know it’s believed a picture is worth a thousand words, however, it’s not enough to truly know the person in it. I’m currently incarcerated and doing my best to make amends for my unbalanced decisions. I have gotten myself to the point where it’s important to better myself with education and as much knowledge as possible; all while staying busy with healthy...

Fairton, New Jersey40Straight


My name is Alfredo everyone calls me Freddy.  I'm from California, the San Francisco Bay Area.  I'm down to earth, I'm honest and I love music.  My hobbies are reading, working out and learning new things.  While incarcerated, I'm working on getting a college education.

I'm also taking this time to enrich my life by completing different vocational...

Lovelock, Nevada29Straight

Hi, I'm Riley! As a very close friend of Jose's, he has asked me to write his profile for him.

I have to say that it's quite difficult as I am so incredibly fond of the person he is and has become. I went to school with Jose growing up. I thought I had known him to some extent at least but it became obvious some years ago when we reconnected through letters, that I had not scratched...

Boise, Idaho27Straight


I hope all is well your way and perhaps you are having a good day!

Thank you for taking some time out of your day to view my profile.  My name is Eduardo, I'm 27 years old, most friends and family call me Eddie.  I'm currently incarcerated at the facility listed on my profile. 

On my spare time I enjoy CrossFit, sports, and anything to do with...

Somers, Connecticut32Straight

Hola,  Hi!

My name is Robert, but everyone calls me Bobby.  I joined this community to make new friends and meet genuine people, both far and close.  Everyone has a story and can learn from one another or just get motivated by one presence and vibes.

Well, let me tell you a little about myself.  I speak Spanish fluently, I'm full of energy, and I love to...

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Corcoran, California32Straight

As you can clearly tell from my picture, I hate smiling.  No, that's a big fat lie.  Please don't let this photo trick you.  I'm actually a big believer of the impact a sincere smile can have not just on our own day, but for those around us as well.

I've been down for quite awhile.  Thankfully my sanity, more importantly, my humanity remains intact.  I'm a...