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Resource Directory

Arizona Correctional Industries

Our mission is to create opportunities for offenders to develop marketable job skills and good work habits through enterprises that produce quality products and services for our customers. ACI's vision is to successfully accomplish legislative and agency objectives while integrating and balancing strategic plans with the necessity to be security-minded and a customer-driven organization.

Arkansas Correctional Industries

ACI is a self supporting division of the Arkansas Department of Correction. All expenditures from light bulbs to salaries, rent, utilities etc. come not from general revenue funds, but from the sales of goods and services. Each purchase you make from ACI ensures that we will be able to train those who are assigned to us.

California Prison Industry Authority

The Prison Industry Authority (PIA) is an inmate work program that provides productive job opportunities for inmates in California correctional institutions. PIA's primary function is to rehabilitate inmates and facilitate their successful reentry into society, which is one of the main objectives of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). PIA work assignments support prison safety, help reduce violence, reimburse victims, provide productive activity for inmates, and produce quality products.

Florida's PRIDE Enterprises

PRIDE is supported by a strong partnership with the Florida Department of Corrections. PRIDE’s work programs are designed to provide vocational training, to improve prison security, to reduce the cost of state government, and to promote the rehabilitation of the state inmates. PRIDE directly reduces the cost of state government through inmate wage deductions for room and board (Prison Industry Enhancement program workers), for victim restitution, and through revenue/profit sharing contracts with the Department of Corrections.

Georgia Correctional Industries

Georgia Correctional Industries, established 1960 as a public corporation owned by the state of Georgia, Department of Corrections. Because state inmates are used in the manufacture of its goods, GCI is restricted to sell only to government agencies. GCI offers a broad variety of products including; office furniture, institutional furniture, road signs, janitorial chemicals and print services.

Illinois Correctional Industries

Correctional Industries offers quality products at competitive prices. Our products are designed and manufactured by adults incarcerated in the Illinois correctional system. ICI operates factories, farms, and service programs throughout Illinois.

Indiana PEN Products

Our mission statement is to employ offenders in meaningful jobs, to provide them with a work ethic and job skills, and to operate in a self sustaining manner.

Iowa Prison Industries

IPI, a self-supporting division of the Iowa Dept. of Corrections, employs inmates throughout the State of Iowa. The products & services produced by these inmates are available for purchase by tax-supported institutions, government subdivisions, public & parochial schools, non-profit groups and their employees.

Kansas Correctional Industries

Kansas Correctional Industries (KCI) is a self-supporting program of the Kansas Department of Corrections that provides meaningful work opportunities for inmates. Correctional Industries consists of both state operated prison industries and private prison industries.

Maine Correctional Industries

The Maine Department of Corrections operates Industries Programs in five of our Adult Facilities. Our goal is to provide quality products to the public and other agencies while, very importantly, keeping as many prisoners busy as possible. 

Michigan State Industries

MSI will produce products and provide services that meet or exceed customer expectations while providing professional growth opportunities for staff and marketable job skills to prisoners of the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Minnesota MINNCOR Industries

MINNCOR is operating in eight institutions with 22 diversified product lines, providing products and services to government, nonprofit and business organizations.

Mississippi Prison Industries Corporation

To provide realistic work experiences to sentenced, adult offenders residing within Mississippi State Correctional Institutions by providing employment skills to support economic self-sufficiency upon release, reduce recidivism and reduce the overall costs of government operations."

New Jersey’s DEPTCOR

DEPTCOR is an entity within the New Jersey Department of Corrections. We manufacture products and render services from 23 shops located within state and county correctional institutions in New Jersey. Our purpose is to provide inmates with viable, real-world work opportunities which can lead to meaningful employment upon release and to provide quality manufactured goods and services to government agencies and public schools with the goal of saving taxpayer dollars.

North Carolina Correction Enterprises

Working within the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Correction Enterprises provides rehabilitative opportunities to inmates & produces high-quality merchandise at a savings to the taxpayer.

Pennsylvania Correctional Industries

Pennsylvania Correctional Industries (PCI) is a Bureau of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) that employs inmates to produce a variety of items that are available for sale to non-profit organizations and government entities located throughout Pennsylvania. 

South Dakota’s Rough Rider Industries

Rough Rider Industries was created by the legislature in 1975. However, the roots can be traced back to 1883 when the original Dakota Territorial Penitentiary was built. At first inmates were limited to building furniture for the new penitentiary and other state agencies but in 1892 the state legislature passed a law allowing the penitentiary to supply inmate labor to private business.

Tennessee’s TRICOR

Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in Correction (TRICOR) provides an environment where offenders learn work ethics and marketable skills which will assist with a successful reintegration into society. 

Texas Correctional Industries

Texas Correctional Industries (TCI) of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) began operations in 1963 with the passage of Senate Bill 338, authorizing the Department of Corrections to sell prison-made goods to all tax supported agencies and political subdivisions.

Utah Correctional Industries

UCI provides high quality products designed and manufactured with you in mind. Few people are aware of the numerous products and services that are offered at a cost savings to state agencies, local governments, and higher education. These products and services are the result of inmate labor and training in real job circumstances.

West Virginia Correctional Industries

WVCI is the manufacturing section of the Division of Corrections, West Virginia's adult correctional system. WVCI is a supplier of goods and services to state and local government agencies, public educational systems and organizations that receive tax dollars. We supply many of the needs of the correctional system (such as furniture, clothing, and janitorial supplies), thereby reducing the taxpayer's costs for operating the state's prisons.

Wisconsin’s Badger State Industries

Badger State Industries is the Wisconsin DOC vocational training and work skills development program. While teaching sound manufacturing and production techniques to inmate employees, BSI brings quality products and services to state, county, municipal, and nonprofit agencies.