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Alabama Correctional Industries

Correctional Industries exist primarily for the purpose of providing a work-training program for inmates of the Department of Corrections. Our secondary and equally important purpose is to assist all state departments, institutions, and political sub-divisions of the State in securing their requirements to the extent that we are able to supply them.

Arizona Correctional Industries

Our mission is to create opportunities for offenders to develop marketable job skills and good work habits through enterprises that produce quality products and services for our customers. ACI's vision is to successfully accomplish legislative and agency objectives while integrating and balancing strategic plans with the necessity to be security-minded and a customer-driven organization.

Arkansas Correctional Industries

ACI is a self supporting division of the Arkansas Department of Correction. All expenditures from light bulbs to salaries, rent, utilities etc. come not from general revenue funds, but from the sales of goods and services. Each purchase you make from ACI ensures that we will be able to train those who are assigned to us.

California Prison Industry Authority

The Prison Industry Authority (PIA) is an inmate work program that provides productive job opportunities for inmates in California correctional institutions. PIA's primary function is to rehabilitate inmates and facilitate their successful reentry into society, which is one of the main objectives of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). PIA work assignments support prison safety, help reduce violence, reimburse victims, provide productive activity for inmates, and produce quality products.

Colorado Correctional Industries

We are glad that you are taking the time to learn what Colorado Correctional Industries (CCi) can do for you. Our company is a combination of over 40 programs manufacturing goods and providing services to thousands of government and/or non-profit customers in Colorado. We operate businesses in the agricultural, manufacturing and service related fields. This diversity includes office furniture, metal fabricated goods, printing, leather products and much more. We are capable of meeting many needs, but most specifically - yours. Please read on to find out more about CCi.

Connecticut Correctional Industries

Correctional Enterprises of Connecticut (CEC) operates a number of inmate work programs within the walls of our correctional facilities. A major goal is to train inmates with a marketable skill and return to society as tax paying citizens.

Florida's PRIDE Enterprises

PRIDE is supported by a strong partnership with the Florida Department of Corrections. PRIDE’s work programs are designed to provide vocational training, to improve prison security, to reduce the cost of state government, and to promote the rehabilitation of the state inmates. PRIDE directly reduces the cost of state government through inmate wage deductions for room and board (Prison Industry Enhancement program workers), for victim restitution, and through revenue/profit sharing contracts with the Department of Corrections.

Georgia Correctional Industries

Georgia Correctional Industries, established 1960 as a public corporation owned by the state of Georgia, Department of Corrections. Because state inmates are used in the manufacture of its goods, GCI is restricted to sell only to government agencies. This restriction creates an inherent necessity to cultivate and retain long-term business relationships with customers. This is done by providing goods that are comparable to name brand quality at a cost efficient price. GCI offers a broad variety of products including; office furniture, institutional furniture, road signs, janitorial chemicals and print services.

Hawaii Correctional Industries

Hawaii Correctional Industries is a division of the State of Hawaii, Department of Public Safety. HCI is required by state statute to be self supporting, while providing a comprehensive work program for inmates. HCI is restricted to sell only to government and non-profit agencies. This creates an inherent necessity to cultivate and retain long term business relationships with all of its customers. This is

Illinois Correctional Industries

Correctional Industries offers quality products at competitive prices. Our products are designed and manufactured by adults incarcerated in the Illinois correctional system. ICI operates factories, farms, and service programs throughout Illinois.

Indiana PEN Products

Our mission statement is to employ offenders in meaningful jobs, to provide them with a work ethic and job skills, and to operate in a self sustaining manner.

Iowa Prison Industries

IPI, a self-supporting division of the Iowa Dept. of Corrections, employs inmates throughout the State of Iowa. The high-quality products & services produced by these inmates are available for purchase by tax-supported institutions, government subdivisions, public & parochial schools, non-profit groups and their employees.

Kansas Correctional Industries

Kansas Correctional Industries (KCI) is a self-supporting program of the Kansas Department of Corrections that provides meaningful work opportunities for inmates. Correctional Industries consists of both state operated prison industries and private prison industries.

Kentucky Correctional Industries

KCI provides inmates with a realistic work experience and teach marketable skills, which will improve their chances for securing gainful employment upon release, thus reducing recidivism and lowering the Commonwealth's resource commitment for maintaining the prison system.

Louisiana Prison Enterprises

Prison Enterprises operates a diversified group of industry and agriculture

Maine Correctional Industries

The Maine Department of Corrections operates Industries Programs in five of our Adult Facilities. Our goal is to provide quality products to the public and other agencies while, very importantly, keeping as many prisoners busy as possible. With average program revenues exceeding 1.5 million annually, Industries is primarily a self-funded operation and has been described by Washington D.C. consultants as “Unique to the Nation”.

Maryland Correctional Enterprises

Maryland Correctional Enterprises is the prison industry arm of the Maryland Division of Correction. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services, while achieving outstanding customer satisfaction.

Massachusetts Correctional Industries

MassCor is a Division of the Department of Correction, which employs offenders in the Massachusetts Correctional system to produce goods and services. Our laborers work in skilled, paid jobs in factory settings under the supervision of DOC personnel experienced in the trades. Work is performed in numerous institutions throughout the system. These jobs help prepare the offender for reentry back into the community.

Michigan State Industries

MSI will produce products and provide services that meet or exceed customer expectations while providing professional growth opportunities for staff and marketable job skills to prisoners of the Michigan Department of Corrections. Through these accomplishments, MSI will remain economically sound and will make a continuous, positive contribution to the State of Michigan.

Minnesota MINNCOR Industries

In June of 1994, the DOC created MINNCOR Industries, a centralized organizational structure of correctional industry operations. MINNCOR then became the driving force that modernized, streamlined and upgraded these programs into a cohesive business operation. MINNCOR is now operating in eight institutions with 22 diversified product lines, providing quality products and services to government, nonprofit and business organizations.

Mississippi Prison Industries Corporation

To provide realistic work experiences to sentenced, adult offenders residing within Mississippi State Correctional Institutions by providing employment skills to support economic self-sufficiency upon release, reduce recidivism and reduce the overall costs of government operations."

Missouri Vocational Entreprises

Missouri Vocational Enterprises (MVE) is a part of the Division of Offender Rehabilitative Services under the Missouri Department of Corrections. MVE utilizes offender labor, along with supervisors and administrative staff, to provide products and services to state agencies and other tax-supported entities. Great pride is taken in providing quality, efficiency and timely support to all of our customers.

Montana Correctional Enterprises

Montana Correctional Enterprises (MCE) provides employment and training opportunities for eligible institutional inmates, consistent with the mission of the Department of Corrections, to hold inmates accountable through work, skill development and restitution, while maintaining public safety and trust.

Nebraska’s Cornhusker State Industries

CSI manufactures and markets a variety of products and services produced by inmates within Nebraska state correctional facilities. We offer a tremendous range of office furniture—both stock and custom—chairs, dry goods, dormitory and institutional furniture, picnic tables, filing cabinets, signage, janitorial products, Braille transcription, laundry services, and furniture refinishing and re-upholstery.

Nevada’s Silver State Industries

Silver State Industries is the self supporting industrial program within the State Of Nevada's Correctional System. Our products are manufactured inside correctional facilities, utilizing inmate labor. All of Silver State Industries' programs are self supportive, and actually return money to the state, thus lowering tax dollars needed.

New Hampshire Correctional Industries

Correctional Industries provides inmates the opportunity to learn job skills and develop good work habits. Each Industry shop has a training component that covers such topics as safety, quality control, and skill development. Opportunities are available to offenders at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men, New Hampshire State Prison for Women, and the Northern New Hampshire Correctional Facility.

New Jersey’s DEPTCOR

DEPTCOR is an entity within the New Jersey Department of Corrections. We manufacture products and render services from 23 shops located within state and county correctional institutions in New Jersey. Our purpose is to provide inmates with viable, real-world work opportunities which can lead to meaningful employment upon release and to provide quality manufactured goods and services to government agencies and public schools with the goal of saving taxpayer dollars.

New Mexico Corrections Industries

The Corrections Industries Division (CID), an agency within the New Mexico Corrections Department, was established by an act of the New Mexico Legislature in 1978. CID enhances the rehabilitation, education and vocational skills of inmates through productive involvement in enterprises and public works of benefit to state agencies and local public bodies and to minimize inmate idleness. CID is administered without appropriated funds and is self-supporting.

New York State Corcraft

Corcraft is the marketplace name for the New York State Department of Correctional Services, Division of Industries. We are a full-fledged division of a state agency that operates as a program, but models finances and operations like a business. All revenues are returned to the General Fund of New York State. Corcraft's mission is to employ inmates in real work situations producing quality goods and services at competitive prices, delivered on time as required by the State of New York and its subsidiaries at no cost to the taxpayer.

North Carolina Correction Enterprises

There's the money that's contributed every year to the Victim's Compensation Fund from Corrections Enterprises' proceeds, money that helps individuals and families get back on their feet after the sometimes life-altering devastation of a crime. There's the North Carolina tax money saved by government agencies purchasing value-priced goods and services from Correction Enterprises. There's the tax money that isn't spent for feeding, housing and clothing inmates because of Correction Enterprises labor and proceeds. Add it all up, and you get a program that's had millions of dollars worth of economic impact on the citizens and state of North Carolina. And all of those dollars and cents are just the beginning.

Ohio Penal Industries

The mission of OPI is to assist Ohio Prisons in the management of offenders through training, by producing quality, cost-efficient products and services; thereby, contributing to their successful re-entry to society.

Oklahoma Correctional Industries

Oklahoma Correctional Industries produces an extensive line of products and services for qualified customers throughout the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma State Use Law defines a qualified customer as any tax-supported organization such as educational institutions, state, county, or municipal governmental agencies, churches and non-profit and charitable organizations. In keeping with our objective of training and putting Inmates to work, this web site was designed and is maintained by OCI staff and Inmates.

Oregon Corrections Enterprises

OCE’s core values are: Integrity: We hold ourselves personally accountable to be honest, fair, and ethical in our business dealings with each other, our business partners and our customers; Respect for the Individual: We value human dignity, recognize individual contributions, and encourage career and personal growth; Commitment to Excellence: We strive to offer quality products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations; Accountability: We hold ourselves and each other responsible for our actions and for producing on-time, quality products and services; and Innovation

Pennsylvania Correctional Industries

PCI is a Bureau within the Department of Corrections. As the pioneer in prison labor across the nation, the State of Pennsylvania has much to tell about teaching inmates to work. Unlike other State Agencies, PCI is self-supporting which saves tax dollars for the public. PCI assumes a vital role in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, and, in turn, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PCI's inmate work program reduces institutional management problems, provides inmates with vocational training and work experience, promotes public safety and contributes to the economy.

South Carolina Prison Industries

Prison Industries is a revenue-generated program of the South Carolina Department of Corrections. As such, PI operates like a business and all income is derived from the sale of its products and services. Profits are reinvested to improve PI and the Department of Corrections. Prison Industries provides a wide array of products and services ranging from laundry services to high-quality office furniture and is available to governmental entities, school districts and not-for-profit organizations through three program areas called Traditional, Service and PIE. PI now serves over 500 client organizations.

South Dakota’s Pheasantland Industries

Correctional Industries of South Dakota.

South Dakota’s Rough Rider Industries

Rough Rider Industries was created by the legislature in 1975. However, the roots can be traced back to 1883 when the original Dakota Territorial Penitentiary was built. At first inmates were limited to building furniture for the new penitentiary and other state agencies but in 1892 the state legislature passed a law allowing the penitentiary to supply inmate labor to private business.

Tennessee’s TRICOR

Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in Correction (TRICOR) provides an environment where offenders learn work ethics and marketable skills which will assist with a successful reintegration into society. Using sound business practices, TRICOR will manage a financially successful organization that provides quality products, services, and solutions for our customers.

Texas Correctional Industries

Texas Correctional Industries (TCI) of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) began operations in 1963 with the passage of Senate Bill 338, authorizing the Department of Corrections to sell prison-made goods to all tax supported agencies and political subdivisions. TCI's statutory objectives are found in Section 497.002, Government Code, and can be summarized as follows:

Unicor Federal Prison Industries

It is the mission of Federal Prison Industries, Inc. to employ and provide skills training to the greatest practicable number of inmates confined within the Federal Bureau of Prisons; contribute to the safety and security of our Nation's correctional facilities by keeping inmates constructively occupied; produce market-price quality goods for sale to the Federal Government; operate in a self-sustaining manner; and minimize FPI's impact on private business and labor.

Utah Correctional Industries

UCI provides high quality products designed and manufactured with you in mind. Few people are aware of the numerous products and services that are offered at a cost savings to state agencies, local governments, and higher education. These products and services are the result of inmate labor and training in real job circumstances.

Vermont Offender Work Programs

Vermont's Offender Work Programs primarily consists of VCI - Vermont Correctional Industries. VCI operates independently, much like a business, out-side of the Department's General Fund appropriation. All of the state- employee staff, the inmate workers, and the costs of production are paid from the sale of goods and services. By law, VCI's customer base is limited to federal and state agencies, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. These restrictions strike a compromise between the important goals of protecting private companies from unfair competition and providing meaningful work and job training to help offenders succeed when they return to their communities.

Virginia Correctional Enterprises

Does this word conjure up any positive thoughts? Probably not. Most of us have little sympathy for people who don't play by the rules. Today, this very minute, over 30,000 men and women are behind bars and razor wire in Virginia's prisons. It is not a pretty place nor should it be. Prison should be a place no one wants to go, yet it must not be a place entirely without hope, responsibility, fairness, and quality.

Washington Correctional Industries

As a business, Correctional Industries is committed to maintaining and expand offender work training programs which develop marketable skills, instill and promote a positive work ethic and reduce the tax burden of corrections.

West Virginia Correctional Industries

WVCI is the manufacturing section of the Division of Corrections, West Virginia's adult correctional system. WVCI is a supplier of goods and services to state and local government agencies, public educational systems and organizations that receive tax dollars. We supply many of the needs of the correctional system (such as furniture, clothing, and janitorial supplies), thereby reducing the taxpayer's costs for operating the state's prisons.

Wisconsin’s Badger State Industries

Badger State Industries is the Wisconsin DOC vocational training and work skills development program. While teaching sound manufacturing and production techniques to inmate employees, BSI brings quality products and services to state, county, municipal, and nonprofit agencies.

Wyoming Correctional Industries

The creation of a Prison Industries program was legislated in 1999 by the passage of WS 25-13-101. Members of the Correctional Industries Advisory Board were appointed by the governor and the board held its first meeting in Riverton June 2000. In their order of business board members determined these priorities: 1) to hire an industries director, and 2) to pursue PIECP – Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program. As of September 1, 2001 the Standard PIECP (Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program) Certificate is effective. This makes Wyoming only the 37th state to achieve PIECP certification.