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The Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates (ACFSA) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the professional growth of our nation's correctional foodservice employees.


The ACHSA mission is to be the voice of the correctional healthcare profession, and serve as an effective forum for communication addressing current issues and needs confronting correctional healthcare. ACHSA provides support, skill development, and education programs for healthcare personnel, organizations and decision-makers involved in correctional healthcare resulting in increased professionalism and a sense of community for correctional healthcare personnel, and positive changes in health for detained and incarcerated individuals.

American Correctional Association

The American Correctional Association is the oldest and largest International correctional association in the world. ACA services all disciples within the corrections profession and is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of the field.

American Correctional Chaplains Association

The American Correctional Chaplains Association provides pastoral care to those who are imprisoned, as well as to correctional facility staff and their families when requested. Where permitted, we also minister to the families of prisoners.

American Probation and Parole Association

The American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) is at the vanguard in exploring issues relevant to the field of community-based corrections. APPA provides training and technical assistance, clearinghouse services and advocacy.

Anti Defamation League

Anti Defamation League's visual Database of Extremist Symbols, Logos and Prison Tattoos. ADL fights hatred, extremism and terrorism. Our goal: to make the world a safer place. Over the past few years, we have expanded our expertise and capabilities to confront a more dangerous world.

Bust The Move

Bust The Move offers a full line of products for state prisoners. We have a 32-page catalog available for inmates, their family, and friends. Our wide selection of items includes clothing, footwear, music, and more. All items are selected with prison regulations in mind.

California Correctional Peace Officers Association

Over the years CCPOA has negotiated many Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with the state. All of which have advanced the working conditions and the status of its members.

Cell Block Visions

Cellblock Visions is a lively collection of inmate artwork, created behind bars, from county jail to death row. Men and women inmates, having no previous training, turn to art for a sense of self-worth, an opportunity to vent rage, a way to find peace. They transcend the cramped space, limited light, and narrow vistas of their prison studios. They triumph over security bans with ingenious resourcefulness - extracting color from shampoo, making paint out of M & Ms, and weaving with cigarette wrappers.

Cell Mail Greetings

You can send cards, money, letters, and photos to your inmate anywhere in the United States.

Center Harbor Food Pantry

A food pantry and organization that offers food and a teaching program for those who want to start their own business.

Convicts and Cops

Resource for understanding prisoners and the prison system. Includes points and inmate classifaction scale, prison tattoo directory, slang terms, and more.

Correctional Management Inc.

Correctional Management Incorporated (CMI) is a privately held, long standing corporation headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. We have been providing community correctional services since 1984 and currently hold contracts with over 18 branches of government from federal to local. We also provide services to private industry on a unit cost basis.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Our mission is to help protect you, your communities, and your businesses from the most dangerous threats facing our nation: from international and domestic terrorists to spies on U.S. soil- from cyber villains to corrupt government officials - from mobsters to violent gangs - from child predators to serial killers. Learn more here about our work with law enforcement and intelligence partners across the country and around the globe.


The official U.S. gateway to all government information, is the catalyst for a growing electronic government.

Get Connected US

Because we understand how important it is to you to communicate with your love ones and the actual high prices for collect calls. We have developed a new telecommunications system that allow us to offer you collect calls from jail at a very low price. Get Connected Services has created a communication system for the families that has a loved one in prison. This is the reason why we have been doing extensive research in the telecommunication industry and develop new ways to get you the lowest rates for collect calls.

Imprisoned in the USA

Blog with short stories based on my experience writing inmates from different backgrounds and sentences.

View prison profiles, prison stories, articles on prison life, and in-depth coverage on the latest prison developments.

Website run by a Correctional Officer to help not only Correctional Officers but also former inmates who can "chime in" with their stories.

Justice Concepts Inc.

JCI is a Kansas City-based firm that consults nationwide. The principals of JCI are Dr. Allen Beck and Dr. Nancy Insco. Collectively, they have more than 55 years of applied experience working with

Matthew 25 Ministries

Since 1991 Matthew 25 Ministries has been providing prison aftercare in Florida. We are now located at a facility we call " Miracle Village" because of the every day miracles we see in our resident's lives.

MEMO Institutional Sales

MEMO Institutional Sales - Allows family and friends of currently incarcerated inmates to browse, purchase, and ship books and cds USPS Standard or Express to their incarcerated loved ones.

meshDETECT, Secure Prison Cell Phone Soluitions

meshDETECT is a patent pending technology and process platform that can be integrated into almost any environment interested in the smart management and availability of prison cell phones - which promotes improved detainee behavior and officer safety. While avoiding blocking technology expense and impracticality, prison cell phone calls can be monitored, recorded, and legitimate prison cell phone inventories can now replace contraband.

National Hepatitis C Prison Coalition

Formed to bring together organizations and individuals interested in raising awareness and providing support to prisoners who are suffering from hepatitis and HIV/HCV co infection. Our goal is to help educate prisoners and advocate for better testing, treatment and prevention of these diseases.

National Prison Hospice Association

The National Prison Hospice Association promotes hospice care for terminally ill prisoners. Our purpose is to assist corrections and hospice professionals in their continuing efforts to develop high quality patient care procedures and management programs. We provide a network for the exchange of information between corrections facilities, community hospices, and other concerned agencies about existing programs, best practices, and new developments in the prison hospice field.

National Rifle Association

Nonprofit group that advocates to preserve the Second Amendment right to bear arms, promotes public safety and law and order, and provides training in firearm safety, good marksmanship, and hunter safety.


The National Correctional Industries Association is an international nonprofit professional association, whose mission is to promote excellence and credibility in correctional industries through professional development and innovative business solutions. The NCIA is an affiliate body of the American Correctional Association, the Jail Industries Association and The Workman Fund.

New Jersey State Parole Board

The New Jersey State Parole Board's mission is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of New Jersey. The Board seeks to accomplish this through the administration of an innovative parole system. The parole system in New Jersey addresses the needs of the community, victims and offenders through responsible decision-making and supervision processes. The implementation of this system results in effective parole case management and serves to attain the important goals of the Board, to increase public safety and decrease recidivism while promoting successful offender reintegration.

October 22nd Coalition - Stop Police Brutality

The October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation has been mobilizing every year since 1996 for a National Day of Protest on October 22nd, bringing together those under the gun and those not under the gun as a powerful voice to expose the epidemic of police brutality.

Prison Blues

The Prison Blues brand was established by Inside Oregon Enterprises, a division of the Oregon Department of Corrections. It was started with a federal government grant funded by drug money seizures, and as a plan to defray incarceration costs in the state of Oregon. The state conducted a thorough study determining that Oregon Manufacturers would not suffer from a Prison Garment Industry. The Prison Blues' factory was created in 1989 to manufacture jeans, yard coats, and work shirts made by and for Oregon inmates. Marketing began to fuel interest in Prison Blues products that translated into more work opportunities for more inmates to work in the factory making our authentic, prison-made blue jean brand.

Prison Creative Arts Project

Founded in 1990, The Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) is committed to original work in the arts in Michigan correctional facilities, juvenile facilities, urban high schools, and communities across the state. Our process is guided by respect and a spirit of collaboration in which vulnerability, risk and improvisation lead to discovery. We make possible the spaces in which the voices and visions of the incarcerated can be expressed.

Prison Health Services, Inc

Prison Health Services, Inc., (PHS) is the founder of the private managed correctional healthcare field. Since 1978, PHS has delivered value-driven healthcare to literally hundreds of jails, prisons and juvenile facilities across the United States.

Prison Help Services

Prison Help is a service of Small Quality Packaging Corp. which provides institutional packaging, personalized shopping and consulting for inmates and their families. All products are in accordance with New York State Department of Correctional Services Directive as revised 03/04/1994. Small Quality Packaging Corp., was started in 1999 after it was discovered that there was a unfulfilled need for the products that are acceptable to meet with the guidelines of the New York State Department of Correctional Facilities. Small Quality Packaging, currently services a number of the bus companies and locations that provide transportation to the New York Correctional Institutions.

Prison Performing Arts

Prison Performing Arts is a 15-year-old, multi-discipline, literacy and performing arts program that serves incarcerated adults and children -- at St. Louis City Juvenile Detention Center, City Workhouse, City Justice Center, County Jail, Hogan Street Regional Youth Center, Northeastern Correctional Center (NECC) in Bowling Green, MO and Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center (WERDCC) in Vandalia, MO. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of adults and young people in the Missouri criminal and juvenile justice systems. We foster individual and social change by providing current and former inmates opportunities to participate in the performing arts as artists, students and audience members.

Prison Pet Partnership

A prison inmate, an abandoned shelter puppy and a disabled persons-- on the surface, the three just don't seem to have a lot in common. But in prisons across the United States, they are being connected by threads of kindness, hard work and the desire for a productive life with the help of Prison Pet Partnership.

Prison Pet Partnership Program

The Prison Pet Partnership Program is a model for the nation in the area of the rehabilitation of female offenders within the criminal justice system in Washington State. It began in 1981 with an idea by Sister Pauline Quinn, where inmates would reach out to help others by training special dogs that would assist a disabled person.

Prison Related Quotes

Famous quotes on prison life.

Prison Survival Manual

A very resourceful guide to surviving life in prison.

Prisoner Assistant

Prisoner Assistant is a financial concierge company designed exclusively for prisoners. It is the first and only company of its kind. Prisoner Assistant is a leader in Rehabilitation and Re-entry planning services for those incarcerated in the United States. They go well beyond the traditional approach of theoretical education and marginal preparation. They empower the prisoner, and allow them to take control of the direction of their lives. Prisoner Assistant takes a unique approach to assisting prisoners. At the heart of their service is a bank account for each of their clients. This gives the prisoner the freedom to manage their finances and teaches financial responsibility. They then provide a full range of professional services geared toward rehabilitation and re-entry planning. These services include, but are not limited to, Banking and Finance, Virtual Office, Prisoner Concierge, Graphic Design, Social Media, Credit Building and Business Development.

Prisoner Visitation and Support

Prisoner Visitation and Support (PVS) is a volunteer visitation program to Federal and Military prisoners throughout the United States.

Public Access to Court Electronic Records

P.A.C.E.R is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from Federal Appellate, District and Bankruptcy courts, and from the U.S. Party/Case Index.

Puppies Behind Bars

Dr. Thomas Lane, a vet in Florida, thought that prison inmates would make excellent puppy raisers, and started the first guide-dog/prison program. Not only do inmates have unlimited time to spend with the puppies, but they benefit from the responsibility of being puppy raisers in ways that are especially important to their rehabilitation: they learn patience, what it is like to be completely responsible for a living being, how to give and receive unconditional love, and -- since puppy raisers take classes and train the dogs together -- how to work as a team.

Soulful Chemistry

Site providing books and other works written by prisoners across the country.

Strength Tech

Strength Tech, Inc., a family owned and operated mail order institutional weight lifting equipment manufacturer, was founded in 1982 by Gary Polson. Our products are in use in all 50 states and 18 foreign countries. We have been pleased to work in the weight training industry for 18 years and are proud to have been the first weight lifting equipment manufacturer on the web.

Supermaxed is An informational and educational Website about Supermax and Maximum Security Prisons.

The Correctional Officers Guide to Prison Slang

Dictonary of prison slang provided by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

The Injustice Line

Read news stories about injustice in America, and learn what is really going on behind the claims of liberty, justice for all, due process of law, equal protection of the laws, etc. You also have the chance to submit your own stories.

The National Institute of Corrections

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Institute is headed by a Director appointed by the U.S. Attorney General. A 16-member Advisory Board, also appointed by the Attorney General, was established by the enabling legislation (Public Law 93-415) to provide policy direction to the Institute. We rovide training, technical assistance, information services, and policy/program development assistance to federal, state, and local corrections agencies.

The National Mental Health Association

Mental Health America (formerly known as the National Mental Health Association) is the country’s leading nonprofit dedicated to helping ALL people live mentally healthier lives. With our more than 320 affiliates nationwide, we represent a growing movement of Americans who promote mental wellness for the health and well-being of the nation- everyday and in times of crisis.

The National Park Service of Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island offers a close-up look at the site of the first lighthouse and US fort on the West Coast, an infamous federal penitentiary long off-limits to the public (and despised by inmates), and the historic 18 month occupation by Indians of All Tribes. Rich in cultural history, there is also a natural side to the Rock - gardens, tide pools, bird colonies, and bay views beyond compare.