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As Federal Sentencing Consultants we provide case analysis, research assistance, and document preparation for licensed legal counsel and pro se litigants

Access to Justice Network

Canada's connection to the world of law and justice. Includes English and French site versions.

American Bar Association

The ABA is the largest voluntary professional association in the world. With more than 400,000 members, the ABA provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public. The Mission of the American Bar Association is to be the national representative of the legal profession, serving the public and the profession by promoting justice, professional excellence and respect for the law.

Benefits for Injured Trainees and Inmates

Chapter 655- Produced from material provided by the Legislative Counsel Committee of the Oregon Legislative Assembly. The official record copy is the printed published copy of the Oregon Revised Statutes.

Bureau of Prisons Consultants

Post Conviction Relief (PCR) Consultants offer consultation and document preparation services to federal defendants, inmates, and their loved-ones content with the oppressive Federal Justice System.

California Appellate Courts

This system provides case information for California Supreme Court and Court of Appeal cases. Case information is updated once an hour throughout the business day. Searches for Supreme Court and Court of Appeal case information can be initiated by supplying trial court, Court of Appeal, or Supreme Court case number or by supplying case caption, attorney, or party information. Searches for Court of Appeal cases can also be initiated by supplying court calendar date.

California Courts

The California Judicial Branch, Committed to providing fair and equal access to justice for all Californians.

California Legislative Analyst's Office

The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) has been providing fiscal and policy advice to the Legislature for more than 65 years. It is known for its fiscal and programmatic expertise and nonpartisan analyses of the state's budget. The LAO is overseen by the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC), a 16-member, bipartisan committee.

California Minority Counsel Program

CMCP's mission is to promote diversity among the state's attorney population, and thereby advance a more inclusive and just legal profession. As the state grows increasingly more diverse, it is imperative to have lawyers of different backgrounds to understand and serve the needs of these incredibly diverse communities and ensure a more inclusive legal profession.

California Secretary of the State

Site includes information about the Secretary of State, elections and voter information, and campaign and lobbing.

California Youth Authority

Website of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. We invite you to explore our website and discover the vast array of services and the high level of public and community safety this department offers. We are a national leader in providing victim and survivor services.

Capital Defense Network

The content of the FDPRC webpage is intended to help defense counsel become familiar with the issues, procedures, and practices unique to, or made unique by, capital prosecutions, and to provide guidance in working with these matters.

Center for Court Innovation-Problem-Solving Courts

Disseminates ideas about community and problem-solving justice through publications, journal articles and web sites.

Centurion Ministries

The primary mission of Centurion Ministries is to vindicate and free from prison those who are completely innocent of the crimes for which they have been unjustly convicted and imprisoned for life or death. We also assist our clients, once they are freed, with reintegration into society on a self-reliant basis.

Citizens for Legal Responsibility

Citizens for Legal Responsibility is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-partisan, public interest, membership, educational organization. Our goal is to assist in educating our members about their legal, Constitutional, and civil rights, and the legal responsibilities of the legal/judicial commercial business.

Colombia Legal Services

CLS is a not for profit organization employing lawyers and legal workers who provide legal assistance to low-income and special needs people and organizations in Washington. CLS has recently reorganized and now maintains five offices.

Commission on Judicial Performance

The State of California Commission on Judicial Performance is the independent state agency in California responsible for investigating complaints of judicial misconduct and judicial incapacity and for disciplining judges, pursuant to article VI, section 18 of the California Constitution. The Commission's jurisdiction includes all active California state court judges. The Commission also has authority to impose certain discipline on former judges and has shared authority with local courts over court commissioners and referees. The Commission does not have authority over federal judges, judges pro tem or private judges.

Contra Costa County Bar Association

CCCBA is the premier legal resource for attorneys and members of the Contra Costa County community. We strive to educate our members and the public concerning the law, the legal profession and the judicial system, and to provide a means of communication both between and among our members and the public.


CrimeLynx provides a solid starting point from which to venture out and gather the information needed without wasting valuable time trying to locate relevant links. There is a wealth of legal information out there. While some of it is useful, much of it is either irrelevant to or biased against the interests of the criminal defense community. Always current, always topical, CrimeLynx is updated daily with news and commentary of interest to the criminal defense community and journalists covering crime-related news and politics.

Criminal Justice Forum

Our mission is to provide assistance to those dealing with the criminal justice system and to help the victims, defendants and their respective families find the help they need. While we won't be delivering any new Justice Radio Shows, you can still listen previously recorded shows in our radio show archive.

Eastside Legal Assistance Program

ELAP is a non-profit organization providing civil legal assistance to low income residents of East and Northeast King County Washington. Since opening its doors in 1990, ELAP has assisted more than 35,000 people. ELAP's attorneys have volunteered more than 10,000 hours of legal service to community residents through its programs.

Federal Bar Association

As the professional organization for private and government lawyers and judges involved in federal practice, the FBA has offered an unmatched array of leadership opportunities and services for more than 80 years. This Web site provides a wealth of constantly updated information for law students, new practitioners, experienced attorneys, and judges from all over the country. The FBA gives its 16,000 members a chance to meet at regional and national conferences, become active in informed discussion of substantive law issues, assume leadership positions at the local and national level, and network with other professionals in the field of federal law.

Federal Public Defender for the DC

The Office of the Federal Public Defender for the District of District of Columbia was created in 1991 by the Criminal Justice Act of 1964 (18 U.S.C., sec. 3006A). In accordance with that law, a federal district court may establish a defender organization if at least two hundred persons in the district annually require the appointment of counsel. The Office of the Federal Public Defender for the District of District of Columbia represents indigent defendants before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Representation includes counsel and investigative, expert and other services necessary for an adequate defense.

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Free Parole Advice

Lawyer presenting parole arguments and interviews for convicts and criminals in TDCJ prison eligible for review by The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Experienced in TDC, Texas Department of Corrections Penitentiary disciplinary cases and rules, criminal law, Parole and House Bill HB 1433 Discretionary Mandatory Supervision. More than mere parole packets,

He Said / She Said

In recent years, frequent instances of wrongful criminal convictions and mistaken verdicts in prominent civil cases have attracted media attention, and become a matter of public concern. They have reinforced the sense that attorneys, including prosecuting attorneys, often willingly and even eagerly make use of highly suspect testimony. He Said/ She Said seeks to keep liars out of court through polygraph testing.

Hispanic National Bar Association

The Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) is an incorporated, non-profit, national association representing the interest of over 33,000 Hispanic American attorneys, judges, law professors, and law students in the United States and Puerto Rico. The HNBA invites all Hispanics attorneys to become members and represents Puerto Rican, Cuban American, Mexican American, South and Central American attorneys, as well as any other within the profession, who subscribe to the goals and philosophy of the Hispanic National Bar Association.

Innocence Project Northwest

IPNW was formed in 1997 as non-profit group of attorneys, professors, and students working to free innocent prisoners. The work of the organization is now carried out by the IPNW Clinic at the University of Washington School of Law.

Innocence Project Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Innocence Project represents prison inmates who claim to be actually innocent of the crimes for which they are incarcerated. The Wisconsin Innocence Project is a project in the Frank J. Remington Center at the University of Wisconsin Law School. The Project was founded in 1998 and is co-directed by Law Professors Keith Findley and John Pray. At any given time, approximately 20 law students are enrolled in the program. Under the supervision of attorneys, the students investigate and litigate claims of innocence on behalf of prisoners in Wisconsin and elsewhere. There is no cost to the prisoner for the Project’s services.


INNOCENT is a Manchester-based organisation which supports and campaigns for innocent people in prison. INNOCENT is made up of families, friends and supporters of wrongly convicted prisoners who have come together in order to help each other. It is an independent organisation.

Innocent Ohio Inmates

IIAO Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the rights of citizens who have been imprisoned unjustly, by revealing the truth about the court systems in the USA, and exposing the secrets behind the multi-million dollar conviction business that allows prosecutors to do whatever it takes to get thousands of citizens into the prison system.

KABA Nor-Cal

The Korean American Bar Association of Northern California has served Korean American lawyers and the local Korean American community since the mid 1980's.


The Korean American Bar Association of Southern California was founded in 1980 by a small number of first generation Korean-American lawyers in Los Angeles. It has grown to include over 1,500 members. The KABA Public Interest Fellowship will be awarded by the KABA board to a recent law school graduate who is working for a non-profit organization on a legal project dedicated to helping the Korean American community of Southern California.

Legal Advice Line

Legal Advice Line, Inc. has been serving clients over the phone and the Internet since 1997 providing state-specific legal advice.

Legal Engine

Legal directory including government forms, legal forms, business forms, self-help law, business center, and attorneys.

Legal Forms Directory is a one of a kind specialized search engine that gives you access to thousands of legal forms and documents in many categories.

Legal Foundation of Washington State

The Legal Foundation of Washington is dedicated to equal justice for low-income persons. The Foundation funds programs and supports policies and initiatives which enable the poor and the most vulnerable to overcome barriers in the civil justice system.

Legal Information Institute

LII is a research and electronic publishing activity of the Cornell Law School. Popular collections include: the U.S. Code, Supreme Court opinions, and Law about...

Los Angeles County Bar Association

The Los Angeles County Bar Association has been making a difference in the professional lives of lawyers, and in the lives of the people of Los Angeles County, for over 125 years. Founded in 1878 and incorporated as a mutual benefit nonprofit corporation in 1953, the Los Angeles County Bar Association's mission is to meet the professional needs of Los Angeles lawyers and advance the administration of justice. With more than 25,000 members, over 100 committees and sections, and a score of public service projects, our association provides exceptional career resources for our members, an effective voice for the profession and vital services to the community.

Marin County Bar Association (California)

With almost 800 members, it is the mission of the MCBA to involve, encourage and support bar association members, to serve as a liaison to the Marin County courts, and to educate the community and enhance access to legal services

National Association for Court Management

NACM is committed to improving the administration of justice and promoting the interdependence of court managers and judges. As the work of our nation's trial courts becomes more and more complex, court managers and managing judges must keep abreast of modern management techniques and practices.

National Center for State Courts

The mission of NCSC is to improve the administration of justice through leadership and service to state courts, and courts around the world. Through original research, consulting services, publications, and national educational programs, NCSC offers solutions that enhance court operations with the latest technology; collects and interprets the latest data on court operations nationwide; and provides information on proven

National Center on Institutions and Alternatives

NCIA is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation founded in 1977 by Dr. Jerome G. Miller and Herbert J. Hoelter. Since that time, Dr. Miller and Mr. Hoelter have been on the leading edge of new concepts in criminal and juvenile justice, providing professional research, training and technical assistance for developing and supporting community-based programs. As a result, NCIA has developed and implemented sentencing programs in 15 states, trained thousands of public defenders and their staffs, and prepared information for more than 10,000 individuals facing sentencing in adult and juvenile courts.

National Organization of Bar Counsel

The National Organization of Bar Counsel (NOBC) is a non-profit organization of legal professionals whose members enforce ethics rules that regulate the professional conduct of lawyers who practice law in the United States, Canada and Australia.

North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services, Inc.

North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services, Inc, (NCPLS), is a non-profit, public service organization. With a staff of about 15 lawyers, ten paralegals, and seven supporting staff members, NCPLS serves a population of more than 32,500 prisoners and 10,000 pre-trial detainees, providing information and advice concerning legal rights and responsibilities, discouraging frivolous litigation, working toward administrative resolutions of legitimate problems, and providing representation in all State and federal courts to ensure humane conditions of confinement and to challenge illegal convictions and sentences.

Northwest Justice Project

NJP is a not-for-profit statewide organization that provides free civil legal services to low-income people from ten offices and two satellite locations throughout the state of Washington. Each year, NJP assists more than 18,000 people in need of critical legal assistance. Clients in need of interpreter services in order to access legal services through NJP are entitled to those services.

Orange County Bar Association- California

The Orange County Bar Association provides a wide variety of programs, services and opportunities for its attorney members, the judiciary, and the community. The OCBA is one of the largest voluntary bar associations in California, with over 9,000 members. Members meet regularly in sections and committees dedicated to various areas of law and issues of concern to the legal community.

Palidan Legal Resources

Palidan Legal Exchange was established in 1997 to create an open forum for legal employment and placement services. Our mission is to allow individuals, businesses, and organizations to find qualified job candidates for all of their temporary and permanent legal placement needs. Palidan Legal Exchange also provides attorneys and law students with employment services and counseling.

Paralegal Research Associates

Legal services for the ones that really need it. We will assist you in researching your case, preparing your motions/petitions, copying documents, and filing in the proper venue along with all of the other necessities to WIN your case. We guarantee it!

Pro Bono Net is a nonprofit organization headquartered in New York City. Our mission is to increase access to justice through innovative uses of technology and increased volunteer lawyer participation.