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All of Us Or None

Working to build unity and a program of action so we can effectively combat the many forms of discrimination that faces 30 million people who are living with felony convictions.

Alvis House

To reduce the repetition of criminal behavior in our community by working within the criminal justice system to provide services and programs which offer alternatives to incarceration and facilitate the reintegration of the offender into the community.

Bethel Ministries

Provides Discipleship Homes, Transitional living and half-way houses and is dedicated to Bringing Freedom through Christ.

Center for Alternative Sentencing & Employment

The Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services was established in 1989 when the Court Employment Project and the Community Service Sentencing Project - originally demonstration projects designed and managed by the Vera Institute of Justice - were gathered under the umbrella of a single, independent non-profit corporation. Today, with a staff of 140 and an annual budget of $9 million, CASES provides services and supervision for over 10,000 offenders a year.

Christian Inn Ministries

Christian Inn Ministries exists to bring hope, healing, and transformation into the lives of female ex-inmates. It is impossible to get an apartment, job and support system in a day - yet that is what an inmate faces upon release. God has called Christian Inn Ministries to stand in the gap for sincere women who desire a new life. The ministry provides women ex-inmates with individual treatment plans. There is less structure and more freedom, but still requirements to develop spiritually, physically and emotionally.

City of Faith

City of Faith opened its first halfway house in 1985, contracted with state and federal governments to provide a community based environment where residents could accumulate savings and establish a work history. Additional programs include on-the-job training, job procurement, basic adult education, and counseling for mental or substance abuse issues.

Community Re-Entry Program

The Community Re-Entry Program (CRP) is designed to approach the transitional problems experienced by the ex-offender, in a holistic and systemic fashion. This involves connecting community resources with the specific problems returned offenders will encounter. The program structure of the "CRP" consist of four components: Mental Health Development; GED/Vocational Training; Job Creation/Business Ventures; and Low-Income Housing Development. By connecting the specific community resources to the specific component, the opportunity for those determined to better their lives will be provided that opportunity.

Criminal Background Job Help

A web site which assists those with criminal backgrounds obtain employment in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area.

D.C. Employment Justice Center

The EJC is a private, non-profit organization with a mission to secure, protect, and promote workplace justice in the D.C. metropolitan area. We combine legal services, community education, organizing, and advocacy work to achieve justice for low-wage workers.

The primary goal of this site is to act as a comprehensive resource to those working with ex-offenders and their families to successfully reintegrate into society. Our secondary goal is to provide an effective way for members of the coalition to communicate with each other.

Helping Women Break the Prison Cycle

Article published in 1995 that discuses ways to help repeat offenders learn how to be successful outside of prison.

The National H. I. R. E. Network's Mission is to increase the number and quality of job opportunities available to people with criminal records by improving public policies, practices and public opinion

Jobs Partnership Greater Washington

Jobs Partnership, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that strives to make it possible for every church to have a jobs ministry to recruit, mentor, train, employ and support even the most challenged unemployed and underemployed citizens, inspiring them to use their skills and talents in the workplace and to achieve true wellness in their relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


Having served on both sides of the criminal justice bench, Michael B. Jackson has an intimate understanding of both sides of the issue and circumstances. In his presentations, books, and other educational tools, Jackson skillfully uses humor, reality, and insight to paint a picture of what it is like walking the line between his current life as a criminal justice professional and his former life as a heroin addict and prisoner and offers practical tools to success after prison.

Long Term Inmates Now in the Community

LINC is comprised of long-term and/or chronic offenders, parolees, spouses, other family members, friends and community volunteers. Since 1992, L.I.N.C. has aided its members in finding ways to break the cycle of incarceration and create fulfilling, meaningful lives for themselves. L.I.N.C. encourages its members to develop positive relationships with institutional and community parole officers, utilize existing resources such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous as well as to volunteer time and labor for worthwhile community projects.

Offender Aid and Restoration

OAR is the leading provider of offender services in Arlington, Alexandria and Falls Church, Virginia. Offender Aid and Restoration offers Jail-based educational, therapeutic and career development programs; Supervised community service; Professional re-entry services; Employment counseling; and a talented corps of community volunteers.

Prison to Work Project

Prison to Work for the Maryland Department of Education links workforce development and career preparation services within Maryland's Correctional Education Program. This initiative is supported by a three year United States Department of Education grant. Services were initiated during 1998 at the Maryland Correctional Training Center in Western Maryland and the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Central Maryland.

Quintessential Careers

Start your job-search here! They have the tools to help you succeed, including expert advice, career articles, and the best list of job sites on the Web.

The Missing Link

Our mission is to provide counseling and other services to incarcerated adults and juveniles to help them become productive citizens; to minister to the needs of families who have a member in prison; to provide encouragement and guidance to persons recently released from prison; to use the experience gained in such work to help guide young people from paths that lead to prison; to carry forward all of such services in the spirit of the Christian religion; and to do such other things as are appropriate in connection with the foregoing.