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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Aglow Prison Ministry

A Web Page developed for you. It will give new meaning to the fact that we are called a "Network of Caring Women." Send us a report about your ministry and what God is doing in your Prisons and Jails and in Your Aftercare Programs.


Aleph serves Jewish prisoners and their families by regularly providing professional services to nearly 4,000 men and women in federal and state prisons across the country and their approximately 25,000 spouses, children and parents left behind.

American Bible Academy

The American Bible Academy is one of America's largest Bible correspondence programs. A.B.A. provides free commercial-quality, 120 page textbooks to inmates and an inmate's legally recognized spouse.

American Bible Academy

Provides free 120-pages Bible correspondence courses to any inmate (and an inmate's legally recognized spouse) residing in the United States. They also provide 7 English and 5 Spanish courses for inmates. Information available on this site in English, Spanish, Russian and German.

American Rehabilitation Ministries

American Rehabilitation Ministries is an ARM of the church to bring the good news of salvation to those in prison. A.R.M. ministers to more than 1.2 million people who are incarcerated in America's 1,500 state and federal prisons, and an additional half-million inmates who occupy our nation's 3,200 jails.

Becket Fund

Prisoners are at the mercy of prison guards and wardens in all aspects of their daily lives, including how and when (and even if) they worship, pray, or otherwise observe the precepts of their faith. The Becket Fund works to achieve an equitable balance between the legitimate need of correctional institutions to maintain the security of their facilities, and the fundamental human right to religious exercise enjoyed by every human person.

Bible Believers Fellowship

Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. is not a church but a nondenominational, nonprofit, nationwide Christian prison ministry.

Calvary Commission

We are an international missions sending organization dedicated to the equipping and building of the church around the world. We offer training and the opportunity for service abroad. With bases located in Romania, Mexico, Belize, and Peru. We have many places for you to plug in and labor for our King. Includes information about the Strategic Prison Ministry.

Christian Jail Ministry's

Christian Jail Ministry's mission is to serve God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit by evangelizing, making disciples, and helping men and women, especially inmates, former inmates, their families, correctional staff, and those providing services for them. CJM will seek to fulfill this mission by providing chaplains for correctional institutions (especially the Howard County Detention Center (HCDC) in Maryland) and programs that address spiritual, personal, and social needs of current and former jail/prison inmates, their families, and correctional personnel as well as training and supervision for volunteers ministering within the criminal justice arena.

Church at Prison

Serving the Department of Corrections of Vermont since 1999 by teaching Christian living to prisoners.

Covenant of the Pentacle Wiccan Church

Covenant of the Pentacle Wiccan Church (Aquarian Tabernacle Church) is an intertraditional, eclectic Wiccan circle founded in 1994, located in New Orleans, Louisiana. We aim to bring people of many different backgrounds together for worship, celebration, and learning.

Crossroad Bible Institute

Millions of incarcerated persons in North America and beyond are in the darkness and searching for a ray of hope. They need the light of God's truth. That's why Crossroad Bible Institute has been working since 1984 to reach the latest, the last, and the lost.

Crossway Ministries

Crossways goal is to help transform the lives of convicted felons, their children and their families throughout the criminal justice system. The urgent public mission of enhancing America's civil society through the gospel requires a fresh definition of compassion and responsibility, one that focuses on the consoling hand and word of someone who


Site dedicated to bringing Krsna Consciousness to prisoners around the world.

Engaged Zen Foundation

The Engaged Zen Foundation is an independent organization originally founded to foster zazen practice in prison. Meditative training alters the functioning of the mind of the practitioner and these changes manifest with the development of positive perspectives on life.

FHU Prison Ministry

The Foundation of Human Understanding operates a prison ministry that provides radio programs, spiritual counseling, books, and other materials to any prisoner or former inmate free of charge. For those who have a sincere desire to change, this may be the only means available for overcoming violet, self-destructive habits borne of anger and rage.

Fresh S.T.A.R.T. Ministry

Dedicated to sponsoromg at risk teens.

Having held crusades in more than 2,000 prisons, through 44 countries, on 5 continents, Gene Neill World-Wide Prison Ministries has reached literally hundreds of thousands of inmates.

Human Kindness Foundation

The Human Kindness Foundation is a non-profit organization which stresses a way of life based upon three common principles taught by the great sages of all religions: Simple living, a dedication to service, and a commitment to personal spiritual practice. Includes information about the Prison-Ashram Project, created to inspire and encourage prisoners and prison staff to recognize their depth as human beings, and to behave accordingly.

Humanist Collective Assembly

Humanist website. We are informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion and reason.

In Touch Prison Ministry

We are a ministry to clients through Christ for the purpose of encouraging hope, change, and a new direction in life through worship, Bible study, and prayer. The object is to link clients to a church, a church outreach program, or a prison ministry upon their release to a halfway house. These ministry contacts offer Bible studies, prayer groups, and Christian fellowship. We also help in finding jobs, clothing, shelter and transportation.

International Gita Society

Founded in 1984, the International Gita Society (IGS) is a non-profit spiritual institution in the United States that publishes and distributes, free if possible, the Bhagavad-Gita in simple and easy to understand languages, and put Gita in libraries, hotels, motels, schools, prisons and other public places.

International Network of Prison Ministries

INPM provides guests with: your Prayer request published on the front page of INPM site; Reference to Prison Ministry-related newsgroups where variety of help is available; Options to join INPM as

Jesus Christ Prison Ministries

Serving Inmates in all 50 States and around the world. Knowing truth and how to present it is key to the transforming power of the everlasting gospel. This is why Jesus stated just before leaving this earth, "teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Matthew 28:20 These lessons and this ministry are dedicated to "teaching them (how) to obey everything" Jesus taught us. That is the everlasting gospel. Teaching people how to live perfect, righteous, sin-free lives.

Jesus is the Key Ministry

We started as a prison ministry of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in 1996. At that time we were going into one of the facilities at the California Institution for Men in Chino, CA. We were only going in on the fifth Tuesdays of the month. There are not many months with five Tuesdays in them! What I am getting at is, don't be discouraged if it isn't what you would like it to be when your prison ministry first starts up. Where God guides, He will make all the provisions you need.

Outreach and advocacy agency for Jewish prisoners and their families.

Kairos Prison Ministry

Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. is the parent organization of a body of ministries addressing the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women and children, to their families and to those who work in the prison environment. Kairos sprang from the Cursillo movement and is supported by volunteers from Cursillo and those other movements that consider Cursillo as their root.

Living Praise Ministries

Living Praise Ministries was started by Les and Des Keller in 1986. God has called us to be missionaries in what most of us would consider a foreign land. This is a land with its own system of government, code of justice and indigenous language. This land is inhabited by those who have been branded as worthless, trash, reprobates, unredeemable by civilized society. We assist in encouraging, equipping, and strengthening the core of believers in Federal, State and County Prisons in the United States. As we go, we spread the ministry of reconciliation to the lost and bring the good news that Jesus has set the captive spirit free on either side of the prison bars.

Loved Ones Of Prisoners

LOOPS (Loved Ones Of PrisonerS), Inc. is a non-denominational, non-profit, religious organization dedicated to the support and restoration of prisoners and their families through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The founders of LOOPS are aware that this mission may be accomplished in various ways with various means. There are other good prison related ministries with which LOOPS cooperates so as to not duplicate another's ministry.

Miracles Prisoner Ministry

Our focus is Spiritual and on the individual looking for help. We freely offer a variety of spiritual reading materials, as well as a year-long Spiritual Recovery Correspondence Course for those in need of a more structured Program. We also offer on-site Spiritual Training Classes for those who are physically incarcerated. We utilize the Bible, the 12-Step Program and A Course in Miracles simply because that is what worked for us!

MTWT - THE ROCK: Inmate Watch USA

Attempts to end human rights problems. Rev. Ron Schulte, who heads Inmate Watch USA, is looking for volunteers in every state, especially in the Panama City, FL area.

Naljor Prison Dharma Service

Naljor Prison Dharma Service is a nonprofit organization founded that provides teachings and resources directly to men and women in prison throughout the United States and to numerous prison outreach organizations.

NewLife Behavior Ministries

NewLife Behavior Ministries non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization founded in Dallas, Texas by Dr. H.M. Motsinger in 1984. NLB has been described as a "curriculum-based" program that is constantly expanding, being updated and translated into more and more languages. The NLB curriculum is often used inside prisons, with family members of offenders, with ex-offenders and with anyone struggling to overcome an addiction. Our curriculum now consists of 13 courses, including a Children's Edition. The courses are not Bible studies but God's Word is seen as the common thread.

Operation Starting Line

Operation Starting Line (OSL) is a sweeping evangelistic outreach that links the resources of Christian organizations with believers from local churches to saturate America's prisons with the message of Christ's forgiveness and power.

Our Father's Persistent Love Ministries

OFPL is a non-profit organization in Oakhurst, NJ whose goal is to achieve reconciliation in the lives of incarcerated men and women.

Pastors to Prisoners

Pastors to Prisoners is a California non-profit organization providing ongoing financial support to ordained ministers uniquely burdened and willing to work with the incarcerated as full-time volunteer yard pastors under the direction of state chaplains in prison facilities. The goal for inmates is spiritual freedom in prison and success in society.

Piedmont Christian Ministries

I am both blessed and excited to announce that God has called me into the ministry, (1 Cor 1:26,27). The Lord, in his mercy and wisdom, has burdened Piedmont Christian Ministries' hearts for souls and particularly for America's youth, in our churches, on the streets, in the juvenile detention centers and in the jails and prisons (Matt 25:36,40). The decisions we make between the ages of 13 and 23 have the greatest impact on our life. It is our burden to minister to young men and women in this age bracket - either in the correctional facilities, or preferably before they make the mistakes that will make them part of "the system."

Prison Congregations of America

The mission of PCA is to collaborate with Christian denominations and prison officials so that prison congregations are established in state prisons across America. Currently there are ten prison congregations in eight states... PCA's mission is to have a prison congregation in every state!

Prison Dharma Network

Prison Dharma Network (PDN) is a nonsectarian, contemplative support organization for prisoners and prison dharma volunteers. Our mission is to transform lives by providing prisoners with the most effective contemplative tools for self-transformation and rehabilitation.

Prison Vision Ministry

Site is a bilingual Christian Correspondence ministry.

Prisoners For Christ

Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries (PFC) is a nondenominational Christian prison ministry based in Woodinville, WA., near Seattle. Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries is dedicated to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the jails, prisons, and juvenile centers in the Northwest. We accomplish this task through worship services, Bible studies, special concerts & performances, and one-to-one visitations.

PrisonNet Prison Ministries

Does your church have an active prison ministry? Would you like to start one? The resources listed at PrisonNet Prison Ministries will help you build an effective ministry that results in changed lives! The materials, contacts, and "lessons learned" listed are things we wish we knew when we started our prison ministry program over 25 years ago. But most of them didn't even exist then ... so we had to invent our program as we went along.

Source of Light Ministries

An independent faith mission. SLM is a world-wide, disciple making, church planting, mobilization that uses the medium of Bible lessons for all ages in both printed and electronic format to achieve its goals.

Straight Ahead Ministries

Straight Ahead Ministries is your juvenile justice resource center. We train and equip Christians to lead Bible studies in juvenile facilities as well as provide aftercare modes through our strength-based resources, curriculums, training modules and direct ministry models.

The Liberation Prison Project

The Liberation Prison Project is a Tibetan Buddhist organization offering free Buddhist books, prayers and practice booklets, practice items, video and audio tapes of teachings to over 3,500 incarcerated individuals and Buddhist study groups in over 500 prisons in the United States and the world.

The Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry

The Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry is here to love prisoners in the name of Jesus Christ, and to help them grow in the ancient faith. We welcome the participation of all Orthodox Christians who have a heart for those men and women who are behind bars. We seek the help of willing prison volunteers, mail correspondents, and prayer petitioners in bringing Christian teaching to those who seek to find comfort and faith in their present circumstances.

The Prison Project of Siddha Yoga

The Prison Project is dedicated to making available to incarcerated seekers the teachings, practices and experience of Siddha Yoga meditation, a spiritual path of discipline, of mastering the mind and senses with teachings and practices while emphasizing respect, pluralism, human rights, and individualized local action.

The Saints Prison Ministry

The Saints Prison Ministry seeks to evangelize and disciple inmates through the medium of sports. Since 1987, our athletic teams have ministered in more than 200 different correctional facilities in 16 states, playing over 1,000 basketball and softball games. An estimated 8,000 prisoners have responded to the Gospel during our half-time and post-game presentations. Today we correspond with more than 20,000 inmates across the country and around the world. Approximately 1,800 students are currently enrolled in our Bible Correspondence School.

United Prison Ministries International

The UPMI team distributes Christian literature to prisoners in the U.S. and other countries. We will continue to fulfill our mission to provide prisoners around the world with life-changing materials.

Virginia Bible Institute

We offer, free of charge, Bible correspondence courses to prisoners, that leads to a Bible Diplomas.