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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

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29 | Straight | New Mexico


Hey, I'm Rushard...I'm hoping to whomever is reading this that your day is going well.

A little about myself; I'm very laid back, nonchalant, and easy to talk to. I'm very grateful and humble. I'm currently keeping myself busy educating myself in business and wealth management courses, reading as much as I can everyday, and working out to keep my body and my mind right.

I'm into…

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41 | Straight | New Mexico

Hispanic/Latino American | Catholic

I enjoy writing poems, drawing, meeting new people, and sharing ideas and views.

I am willing to learning new languages.

29 | Straight | New Mexico

White | Other

I'm 6'4, 210 lbs of steel, slim, tattooed (some face tattoos), and intelligent. I love to write, I'm into motorcycles and fast cars, and I want to see the world and make memories. I love to laugh and have fun, and meeting new people is exciting for me. I have a romantic heart that's been broken a few times, but it's made me strong. I'm looking for someone who can add to the happiness in my…

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25 | Straight | New Mexico

Multi-racial | Catholic

My name is Jeremiah King. I’m Black/Native. I’m athletically built. I love to play sports, listen to music and read.

I am not complicated, just in search of an open-minded, straight forward and down to earth female. One who is above and beyond the artificial roleplays and emotional games. If you’re out there, Your Highness, I would like to politic with you on a level of love and…

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38 | New Mexico

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian


I am taking a chance and putting myself out there in the hope of finding a good friend, so that I am able to hold intelligent conversations, which are hard to come by behind these walls. There are many ways you can communicate with prisoners in New Mexico. The best way is through the phone because mail takes 3 to 4 weeks for us to get but is sent out from us to the streets in 3…