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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Securus Technologies: Correctional Facility Communication & Security Solutions

Securus Technologies (ST) is a web-based communications system that allows those on the outside to connect by video with inmates in 3,400 prisons, county jails, etc. Securus Technologies offers a free app for users to access the system on their phones, tablets, or computers. In addition to video calls, the platform also provides the opportunity to exchange messages, photos, e-cards, and videograms. Users can schedule remote sessions through prepaid accounts and subscriptions. Users purchase "stamps" to apply toward different services. ST's parent company is Aventiv, which also owns JPay. Inmates with access to a SecureView tablet with the app installed and a paid subscription can receive messages in the prisons participating in this program. ST also provides security solutions, such as CCTV, and data analytics for correctional facilities. However, here we have focused on inmate communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Securus Technologies:


1) How do I sign up for Securus Technologies?
To begin using Securus Technologies, you will first need to register and set-up your login.


2) What if I forgot my password on Securus Technologies?
Securus Technologies will not be able to personally assist you with this, but their system will allow you to reset your password.


3) Is there a fee to use Securus Technologies?
Yes, there are varying fees for functions on Securus Technologies. For example, calls cost .06 cents per minute through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. To send a message with a photo that includes a prepaid reply from the inmate, a user pays 3 stamps. A 30-second videogram also costs 3 stamps. The cost of stamps varies, such as $15 for 100 stamps.


4) Does Securus Technologies have an app?
Yes, Securus Technologies has Apple iOS app, Android app, and Apple iOS device browser. Access Apple app. Access android app through Google Play.


5) Can all inmates use Securus Technologies?
No. Securus Technologies must be an option at the prison or jail where the inmate is housed. While Securus Technologies currently serves inmates in more than 3,000 institutions.


6) How do I add an inmate on Securus Technologies?
Anyone with an AdvanceConnect account can receive calls from someone at a facility that has Securus calling service. They can call all authorized numbers on the account. You can also use the search feature on the web and apps. Search by state, facility name, first and last name, or ID number.


7) How do I block an inmate on Securus Technologies?
Don’t block unless you are absolutely certain you want to block this inmate. To block an inmate, log into your account, locate the person in the Inmates section, and check the box next to the individual you wish to block. Check the confirmation box that appears. To unblock an inmate, uncheck the same box.


8) How long can my message be to an inmate?
Your message can be a maximum of 4,000 characters. (Note: That is characters, not words.)


9) Can I contact Securus Technologies directly?
Yes. You can reach Securus Technologies' customer service by phone at 972-734-1111. ST also offers online support.


10) Does Securus Technologies provide video visit options?
Yes, full color video visits with audio are available using a Securus Technologies tablet. However, not every prison has this option. It is available at many facilities now and more will likely follow. Tablets are leased, and when an inmate is released, the tablet is returned to ST. There is no cost to inmates to use the tablets. Friends and family seem to prefer this option because an entire group can enjoy visitation with an inmate at one time.


11) Can I send images to inmates using Securus Technologies?
Yes. Photos saved in jpg, jpeg, or png formats can be sent using Securus Technologies.


12) How does Direct Bill work?
Securus offers Direct Bill, which lets you receive collect calls from someone. Payment is made monthly, just like a regular utility bill.


13) How can I use a coupon code for Securus?
Some institutions offer codes for one free session to allow you to try the service. This depends on the institution as to whether or not they offer a coupon code.


14) Can I send money to an inmate using Securus?
Yes, you can set up a Securus Debit account for an inmate and send up to $50 per transaction. Inmates can use these funds to spend in the prison commissary.


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