Soon to be Released Prison Pen-pals

Inmates returning home face many obstacles. Here is a list of all the prisoners on our site who are hopefully going home within the next 60 days. If you would be interested in helping a prisoner transition back to the outside world or simply corresponding with one, please select a prison pen-pal from the list below.

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Taylorsville, Illinois62

Hello there,
I am country at heart; I love life and everything in it.  I would like to find friends that know how to be a true friend.  I am open to write about anything you want.  I want to live the rest of my life in happiness.

I am soft-spoken and always there for my friend.  I love spending time with...

Tobias Aguirre #101627
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Limon, Colorado40Straight

Please stand by.  My profile text isn’t posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being.  My profile text will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it.  Please – write me today! 

Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile.

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Raymond Ramirez #01997360
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Edinburg, Texas30Straight

Aye…What’s up everybody!!

My name is Raymond Ramirez (Ray for short). I’m 29 years old from San Angelo, Texas. I’ve been gone 3 ½ years so I’m sure I’ve missed out on a bunch…I’m hoping that you can help me catch up with the world…

I’m new to the pen pal thing so please bear with me. I love to write, I love to converse, I’m easy to get along with, I’m fun, exciting, smart and...

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Joseph  Sanchez #01027013
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Tennessee Colony, Texas47Straight


Have you ever been through a gloomy period in life, that you thought would never end?  I’m sure most people have had some kind of trial they went through, that made a huge impact in their lives.  Well, this is my rock bottom.

I’m interested in meeting friends who would like to share their experiences and help guide me through the difficult circumstances currently...

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Katrina Randle #300959
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Ypsilanti, Michigan35Straight
African AmericanProtestant

Hey, my Name is Trina.  I'm 34 years old and on my last stretch of a 2 year sentence at Michigan's Women Huron Valley Correctional Facility. I'm looking for open minded friends that know and understand how the transition of incarceration is with uplifting words of encouragement; just an overall support system.

If you would like to get to know a beautiful young lady who’s new and...

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Luis Rivera #357220
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Cheshire, Connecticut32Straight

Hello, my name is Luis and I wanted to first thank you for acknowledging my page before I go any thank you lol. I'm 31 years old, Puerto Rican and black. I'm 5'6”tall with a muscular built. I have no children but I would love to have some once my priorities are in order. I do believe in a higher power so you can say I'm spiritual....

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Latonia Points #176039
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Fredonia, Kentucky55Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Single Black female, 5’3” tall, weigh 135 lbs., with brown eyes and gray hair.

I believe that women fall in love through their ears, men through their eyes!

I’m charming, funny, and family oriented. I seek a man that’s outgoing and finds humor in simple things, who has time...

DaVon Tooley #218130
Primary Picture
Beattyville, Kentucky32Bi-sexual
African American


My name is Da’Von! I draw my strength from the laughter and joy of others (smile for me!)

While incarcerated…I read to stimulate my mind, broaden my perception, feed my curiosity. I work out zealously! Sculpting my body through intensive cardiovascular routines provides me with a sense of clarity.

Having already been granted parole upon completion of a 6 month...

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Nikki Sutton #467539
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Henning, Tennessee29Straight

I am a blonde bombshell who made some poor choices and is trying to start over.  I love cooking and reading.  Please not hold my past against me.  I plan to start over somewhere new upon my release.  I have no immediate family and hope to form strong bonds through this website.

I'm an Aquarius, so I'm a...

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Ashley Innes #1015238
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Jean, Nevada31Straight

Hi Everyone,
My name is Ashley.  I am 31 years old and a super sweet BBW. I am a No Drama kind of girl and real laid back. I've learned through the years that if life deals you lemons, throw them at life and don't make the same mistake again. I roll with life's punches and will be using this "time" as an opportunity to better myself.

I have a great...

Marcus McGee #662363
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Marquette, Michigan28Straight

Mood: Content, Artist: J.Cole, Song: Change

I extend my hand in hopes to reach those who not only feel the pain of my struggle but also those who share the vision in which I embrace.

A lot of people join these sites to find love which is cool I guess. (If it happens that’s a plus) but to be...

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Donovan Jamerson #02033311
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Woodville, Texas21Straight
African AmericanChristian

You can all call me Don. I’m 21 years old, 6ft tall and about 190lbs. I like to consider myself down to earth and very intelligent. You rarely catch me not fit for an occasion; I enjoy dressing to impress and having a good time, just enjoying life. I’m a pretty laid back person, who’s easy to get along with, so don’t be shy.

I take interest in people that are like me who are loyal,...

Ramon Angel Quiroz #01900376
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Iowa Park, Texas24Straight


How’s it going everybody? My name is Angel, I’m 24 years old and about 5’10” in height. I heard about this website and am hoping to find and make new friends. I’m also open to any new relationships that come with it. I’m a very easygoing person. I like to laugh and make people laugh as well...

Ramon Viesca #16280585
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North Bend, Oregon28Straight

My name is Ramon Viesca. I’m 27 years young, born and raised in Umatilla, Oregon. I have a 9 year old little girl whom I have sole custody of. Upon my release I plan to get out, make good decisions so she can be raised in a healthy, strong environment and give her the life she deserves.

I enjoy making people laugh, having a...

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Justin Cox #99163
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Boise, Idaho40Straight

My name is Justin and I am 40 years old.  Ahhh...I know, I can't believe it either. Anyways, I am currently incarcerated in the Idaho Department of Corrections serving a 6 year sentence.

I was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin but grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. I love fitness, music and art.  I've worked as a paid...

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Andre Coogler #R43030
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Centralia, Illinois46Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

My name is Andre and I'm seeking a lovely female pen pal that might be interested in possibly making a connection with me through and hopefully bonding as mature adults.  I'm a single man that loves to enjoy life and to make and see everyone smile.  I love playing basketball, chess, watching movies, and doing...

Jeremy  Clark #A713-265
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Orient, Ohio30Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

How’s it going?  I'm a real polished fella with an old soul that loves reading, all music, working out, going out to eat, taking car rides and trips, laughing, and enjoying the small things.

I'm seeking some good conversation from a lady with some goals, some poise, and a sense of humor I can catch a good vibe with.

I'm jus’ a diamond in the dirt!

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Jeffrey Carouthers #A676-071
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LIma, Ohio38Straight

Hi, I’m Jeff.  I’m 5 foot nine, 180 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

I’m a country boy who enjoys camping, fishing, BBQ’s, and four wheeling.

I appear to have the “Bad Boy” image, one who has a lot of...

Jemarcus Richardson #183636
Primary Picture
Burgin, Kentucky37Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Jermarcus.  I sincerely want you to learn who I am, where I am, and why I am, so that we can hopefully meet on common ground, not allowing color, weight, age, religion, or any of the “set standards” to become a wedge between good people.


Raphael Young #01932962
Primary Picture
Brazoria, Texas23Straight

Hi there, my name is Raphael and I´m looking to correspond with people and maybe find some friends to write to.

I´m a fun person to be with and do have a great sense of humor.  I was born in St. Louis, Missouri but spent most of my life in Kerrville Texas.  My Mom is from Germany and had to return to her home...

Thomas Patrick St. Ann #01879183
Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas30Straight

Let me start off by introducing myself. I go by “Pat St. Ann”, they always mess my name up. Drives me crazy LOL. My roots come from Mexico and Canada! Anyways, I’m an intelligent person that’s kind hearted. A gentle guy who makes the best out of every situation. As for my hobbies: I enjoy reading history books and self-help topics. I’m...

Cody Oliver #01721944
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Huntsville, Texas29Straight

My name is Cody, and all of my friends and family call me “Cowboy”.  I hope as your reading this profile that you’re having a great day!  I am interested in finding new friends who are looking to correspond.  I was told how this website has a good way to meet new people.  So, here I am!

A few...

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Kolt Blackston #141199
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Sterling, Colorado30Straight

Obviously you’re looking into something that’s outside the “norm” or even deemed “acceptable” by today’s standards. Since when were we bound by what other’s think? That would mean that we are willingly forfeiting our individuality and our independence or even our humanity. If we were defined by the views or stereotypes of everyone who keep us...

Bryan Brown #02076530
Primary Picture
Colorado City, Texas30Straight

Hey Ladies what’s really good?  Just another prisoner trying to find a friend.  Honestly I really don’t have too much time left in this crazy system but I’m more than willing to shoot for the stars and hopefully meet a friend, even if it’s only one good friend, I’m kool with that.

I’m just really trying to...

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Lori Newhouse #11900-029
Primary Picture
Waseca, Minnesota39Straight

Hey y’all.  (smile)

I’m Lori and I would love to get to know you.

Some of my hobbies in here...