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Suggestions for Writing Pen-pal Profiles

Profiles written as "seeking friends" instead of "seeking romance" receive an astounding 86% more mail. Many romances have formed on the site, but all start as friendships. In addition to discouraging you from seeking romance in your profile, we also recommend avoiding "thug" style profiles and pictures. Being honest, sincere and gracious in seeking friendship is how inmates achieve success in meeting new people. Many viewers report being put-off by profiles that seek romance.

Simply be honest. Unlike just about any other organization out there, we verify all of the information (e.g., photos, crimes, dates of birth) that we can before placing profiles. Pen-pals have all the tools available to research your history. This is why so many people trust and prefer

Profiles with photos get more mail. If you don’t have a photo at this time, you can post your profile and send your photo later. Your photo (or artwork) will be returned to you along with a printout of your profile. Only you can be featured in the photo. If someone else appears in the photo, please identify yourself. We will remove the other person(s) without damaging the photo. Original artwork may be substituted for a photo. (No larger than 8 ½” x 11”).

Please refrain from mentioning anyone by name in your profile. Sexual language is prohibited. No business may be conducted through your profile. Profiles must be submitted in English. Any profile we feel inappropriately represents us will be returned and fully refunded prior to processing.

All poetry must be your original work. No copyrighted work will be accepted.