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Will the inmate be given my mailing address?

Because inmates do not have access to the Internet, they must correspond through postal mail and therefore require a physical address. The inmate is given whatever address you provide so he/she can respond to your letter. You do not have to give your address if you are willing to get a P.O. Box. In most cities, P.O. Boxes usually cost approximately $24.00 annually. Also, your local church will almost always let you use their address. Churches tend to be very supportive of inmates maintaining contact with the outside world. Be sure to stop in or give them a call before doing this. When using a P.O. Box or church address, it may be possible to correspond with an inmate using only your first name. Prison policies vary on this, and you would need to contact the prison directly before doing this. Another option is to use your post office's General Delivery service. Please contact your local post office directly for additional information about this service.

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