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Will you place an inmate profile on Facebook or similar sites?

No. never places an inmate’s information on sites such as these. Online communities like Facebook function when all parties have access to the Internet. We do not provide inmates with Internet access or anything similar to it. Our site is designed to function as a correspondence program (e.g., all of our mail is sent through the prison doors). Except for the few prisons that do allow inmates access, an inmate would have to have illegal access to Facebook using an unauthorized cell phone, unauthorized prison computer, etc. Cell phones are quickly becoming a rampant problem in prison today, and this is why you sometimes see inmates using sites like Facebook (an online site) instead of (a correspondence site). It is because they have found access to do so, and most likely without the approval of their institution. While does maintain its own Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, etc., we never post an inmate’s information directly on those accounts. It is simply to keep our own social network and audience apprised of service updates.

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