New Website

On July 30th, we upgraded the website. There are still quite a few bugs we are working out, and we know a lot of you are waiting on answers and for profiles to be posted. If you wrote us, you will definitely be receiving a reply. If you submitted a new profile for an inmate, we will absolutely be posting it. We are all working seven days a week and still running a little behind. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding while we get this new site situated. We are implementing some exciting new features, and we look forward to sharing details soon.

Thank you so much for your understanding and support during this transitional time for us!

Adam Lovell


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You are aware prisoners cannot receive emails, I suggest you encourage people use

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I can't get ahold of wap staff. It's like no one is on here.. I don't even know if anyone is seeing this comment please call me at 4079023478 Or email me spam82588 [at] yahoo [dot] com I created a profile and paid 70 filed in all the questions and posted a photo. Thought I was done now when viewing profile D.C. Number x68585 it says this page is not accessible to the public. An inmate related page such as a penpal profile needs to be attached to this inmate for anything to appear publicly. I'll gladly give someone my password for them to look into what I did wrong

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Wanting too add my sons who is a inmate to write a prisoner, but cant same to figure out how
Pls help

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